March 20th, 2014

Does the White House get news conference questions in advance?

Maybe, although Carney has denied it.

It certainly wouldn’t surprise me if it happened. And Carney’s disclaimer is more or less irrelevant; he has no credibility left. However, it hardly matters if they get the questions ahead or not, because the MSM is so in league with this administration that the White House pretty much knows that it’s not going to really be challenged, either with difficult questions or with follow-ups to the answers it provides. The press is almost wholly under the administration’s thumb anyway.

So in essence, as a leading light of the Democratic Party would say, “What difference at this point does it make” whether they get the answers in advance or not? It would be merely a slight intensification of something we already know to be true.

3 Responses to “Does the White House get news conference questions in advance?”

  1. blert Says:

    I thought understudies were always supposed to receive their copies of the script.

    And no-one studies less than the WH press staffers/ aka Journolistas.


    An emperor who scarcely speaks off-the-script — drone of TOTUS — would insist on pre-scripting panting, press parley and pitching pundit points up the back channel.

  2. blert Says:


    Sharyl spells it out.

    I’ve seen the duopoly at work in the Islands.

    The state senator — chairmen of the Ways and Means Committee was able to orchestrate a three-channel camera shut-down by the merest inflection of her hands!

    All three affiliate cameras were shut down within seconds — and the crews started wrapping up their equipment while public testimony was under way!

    It cost her her office. An audience member spent the next nine months unseating her — and did.

    She was the only senator to be defeated that November.

  3. Beverly Says:

    Of course that young and naive reporter was telling the truth. As Rush pointed out, what reason would she have to lie? She’s young, she’s eager to make an impression, she sounded excited to be on the WH junket: she’s the last kind of person in the world to make Them look bad!

    Her mistake was reporting something that she was told was off the record.

    But it’s no surprise to hear how completely corrupt the Lickspittle Media and the Banana Administration really are. God, I hate these people for what they’ve done to my country.

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