April 8th, 2014

Remind me…

…never, never, never to appear at a function wearing the same dress as Kate Middleton.



32 Responses to “Remind me…”

  1. Mrs Whatsit Says:

    Oh dear. Poor lady, who would have looked just fine in that dress if not for the competition. All of Great Britain’s dress shops need to maintain a registry of What We Have Sold to Kate — something like the registry my daughter and I consulted at the prom dress shop some years ago, to make sure nobody else from her high school had bought the gown she was considering.

  2. Sam L. Says:

    What she said!

  3. Maxwell Says:

    I’d take it one step further. Kate fills a photo frame like no other beauty on Earth. “Never ever be seen in the same picture frame with Kate.”

  4. parker Says:


    Never appear at a function wearing the same dress as Kate Middleton.


  5. kaba Says:

    Probably didn’t come off the rack at Walmart. You think?

  6. Ann Says:

    “Never ever be seen in the same picture frame with Kate.”

    I don’t think they were really standing anywhere near each other — see here.

    Looks like Photoshop/paparazzi/tabloid fun and games.

  7. neo-neocon Says:


    No, they were not standing near each other. Those are two photos.

    But they did attend the same function in the same dress, and the papers did a comparison.

  8. chuck Says:

    I’m fortunate, I neither wear dresses nor am likely to appear at a function that Kate Middleton is attending ;)

  9. kit Says:

    Neo, you could pull it off just fine. No problem.

    The blonde lady would do better if she had someone style her hair, accessorize her outfit and taught her to carry herself like she owns the place. She;s cute! But she look tentative in that photo and Kate looks very sure of herself.

    And thanks for the laugh. I think many women have a dread of showing up in the same dress.
    I just think it is funny and they should say to each other, “I love your dress.”

  10. stu Says:

    My wife would die if that ever happened to her.

  11. Don Carlos Says:

    ‘Many women’ is not Kate, who radiates an enthusiasm for life which is being satisfied. I agree with kit.

  12. mike Says:

    I’m with Kit. I think you’d rock it, Neo.

    Any woman trying to look her best around Kate is subject to the same withdrawal cringe as men in the same room with, say, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

    “It cahn’t be helped.”

  13. Francesca Says:

    It’s not a dress; it’s a coat. Same problem, though.

  14. J.J. Says:

    Inequality of appearance? Does Obama know about this? He fights against inequality, you know. This just will not do. :-)

  15. Matt_SE Says:

    Oh, my Lord! I own that same coat!

  16. waitforit Says:

    What is not seen is the raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabit on the rail.

    Ayyyy, what’s up Doc?

  17. Beverly Says:

    Carriage and deportment: the girl at the right is nice looking, but she doesn’t know how to wear a dress with grace and assurance. Kate does.

    You can see this with the current crop of younger actresses: they need to learn how to walk like Grace Kelly, and put in some time walking down the stairs while balancing a heavy book on their heads (don’t smile; it works).

    Oh, and if you know your picture will be taken, for Pete’s sake put on some stockings! (Bare legs are something only the tanned and under-25 can pull off).

  18. Ymarsakar Says:

    Beverly, in Japan there’s a somewhat understated expectation that girls will wear skirts in the winter, supported by heavy stockings.

    It must be quite chilling. There’s gender bias roles.

    The Scottish and Irish though, they were drinking stuff to warm up. That’s why their stuff didn’t need stockings.

  19. handworn Says:

    …and never to wear that particular one in any case. It looks like it was stitched out of a blanket at the last minute in desperation.

  20. Oldflyer Says:

    Poor Dear.
    She clearly spent a lot of money, and never knew that she was about to become an object of scorn or pity. Equally bad.

    If only she had the confidence to stand tall, smile at the camera, and compliment Kate on her good taste in coats. And Kate, if she is the girl I hope she is, would have returned the compliment.

  21. DNW Says:

    “…never, never, never to appear at a function wearing the same dress as Kate Middleton.


    I agree with others that you could probably get away with it.

    And I am not saying so merely in order to worm my way back to the adult’s table after offending with my unappreciative remarks about Greer Garson, or whoever she was.

    Also, I have one, sort of “fashion story”, to offer of my own.

    Though, as it concerns men, it’s not particularly edifying or interesting.

    Since I don’t want to taint my own blog with it, I’ll leave it here.

    Fifteen or twenty years ago we were working at the IMTS Chicago for a few days. Obligatory and traditional carousing, or at least over-eating and drinking downtown, always followed as a matter of course. The cabbies know all the good places.

    One night we were out at – I don’t know where, couldn’t have been Gibsons since it was a waitress – someplace a good distance from McCormick, when the server walks up to us in a restaurant filled with other men in suits, and matter of factly asks: “How’s the show going?”

    We laugh and say “huh?

    She looks at us and says knowingly: “You guys are with the show, aren’t you.”

    We look at each other puzzled, and as no one has been talking about spar profiling or gear grinding, we ask her what made her say that.

    “You’re all wearing the same ties”

    “Us? Our ties?” (Mine’s blue, Jack’s and Andy’s are other colors)

    “No” she says. Then pointing to one, “That kind”

    Foulards. We’re all wearing bloody foulards.

    She’s detected that there are two thousand business suited thirty-something or older guys in Chicago for the week on exactly the same business, because they’re all wearing foulard ties.

    Somebody might as well have stamped our foreheads with “Five axis airfoil grinding” or “Live tooling chucker”.

    I felt like I was wearing a brown suit and black shoes to a United Nations dignitary reception. Though I’ve never really been to a United Nations dignitary reception, and they may very well wear brown suits to them for all I know.

    Anyway, thank gaia, or whatever, I had a rep tie or two along for use the next day …

    That way, I avoided growing up to be John Boehner.

  22. OlderandWheezier Says:

    The unidentified lady reminds me of an American actress, Shirley Knight, who has appeared as a guest star on many television series.


  23. Ray Says:

    It’s true, if two guys are at a function dressed the same they compliment each other on their good taste.

  24. neo-neocon Says:

    To all who said I could get away with it:

    First, my humble thanks.

    Second, a correction of my error: it’s apparently a coat.

    Third: I don’t think I (or most women) could get away with this particular coat. Note that on Kate it’s very closely fitted, much like a sheath dress. On unidentified-woman-on-right it’s looser. She’s wearing it that way because she’s a bit heavier than Kate (isn’t everyone?) and probably would look a wee bit sausage-like if the coat were as fitted as on Kate. But if it’s not really closely-fitted, it looks sort of dowdy and disheveled. So I think I’d look more like the lady on the right—though with better posture, and never a white clutch purse. Also, the color’s not for me.

    But I appreciate all the votes of confidence.

  25. Mrs Whatsit Says:

    Research pays off! She’s worn the coat before. It’s apparently by the designer Missoni, so definitely NOT from Wal-Mart.
    Somebody out there thinks that unlike Neo, women want to risk wearing the same clothes that Kate does.

    Too bad that poor nice lady didn’t check Google first.

  26. Mrs Whatsit Says:

    (scroll down on the Kate-loves-coats page to find OUR coat.)

  27. Mrs Whatsit Says:

    Oh for heaven’s sake. Wrong link. Trying again.


  28. Nick Says:

    You’ve got to have a lot of money to be a woman of child-bearing age and buy a coat that fits that snugly.

  29. Charles Says:

    Go ahead and wear the same dress.

    Kate, doesn’t hold an apple to you, Neo!

  30. Maggie's Farm Says:

    Thursday morning links…

    Scientists Seek A Burp-less ‘Cow Of The Future’ More Moms Stay Home With Their Children – A Pew study claims a decades-long trend has reversed. Why the Gender Gap Won’t Go Away. Ever. Women prefer the mommy track. THE WORLD’S LARGEST FLYING MA…

  31. the gold digger Says:

    put on some stockings!

    Amend that to “put some stockings on if you are rich and can afford to spend $10 a day on your pantyhose, because they rarely last more than a day, unless you get the really ugly ones, which are cheaper and look like crap.”

    Thanks, I’d rather show my bare legs and have an expensive coffee instead.

  32. Nobody Atall Says:

    No doubt, Kate had that garment, like everything she wears, custom tailored before ever she wore it in public. The blond woman looks to be wearing it right off the rack, NTTAWRT but it does look different.

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