April 9th, 2014

Knives are making a comeback

Some things never go out of style:

A 16-year-old boy “was flashing two knives around” when he injured 19 students and a school police officer who eventually subdued him with the help of an assistant principal at a high school near Pittsburgh on Wednesday, a police chief said…

Officials said a 17-year-old boy and 14-year-old boy were in critical condition, a 17-year-old boy and a 16-year-old boy were in serious condition, and a 17-year-old boy and two 17-year-old girls were in fair condition.

Five patients had been discharged, including three 15-year-old boys, a 16-year-old girl and an adult…

The chief said someone, possibly a student, pulled a fire alarm after seeing some of the victims being stabbed. Although that created chaos, he said, it also resulted in students running out of the school to safety faster than they might have otherwise.

So this could have been much worse but for the quick thinking of the fire-alarm-puller.

When you have a disarmed population, as in a school (or for that matter, today’s army bases), you have an opportunity for someone to flout the rules with a weapon and do a great deal of damage. Knives can be very good for the purpose, although it’s more difficult to do quite as much damage with them as with guns because knives necessitate getting closer to the victims. However, where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Schools represent a knotty problem. I don’t think it makes sense to allow students to arm themselves. But having a completely disarmed school is not solution, either. Right after the Sandy Hook massacre there was a lot of discussion—including on this blog—in favor of the possibility of arming a few well-trained teachers and/or administrators. Increasing the security detail at schools would probably be too expensive for most school systems. But leaving the students and teachers defenseless is not a good idea, either.

The unidentified student who pulled the fire alarm was being creative. I’m also wondering why, with a knife-wielding assailant, a bunch of students didn’t jump him in unison to try to stop him. But perhaps they did, and he managed to slash at them and wound them.

[UPDATE: Some heroic tales emerge:

An assistant principal and several students were hailed as heroes today for their quick thinking during a stabbing spree inside a Murrysville, Pa., high school.

Thomas Seefeld, the Murrysville police chief, said at a news conference that an assistant principal at Franklin Regional High School tackled the 16-year-old suspect, who is now in police custody.

The assistant principal has been identified as Sam King...

A student, Nate Scimio, pulled the alarm during the attack in order to alert students to leave.

"He knew what was happening... and he wanted the people to get out," Alyssa Finch, a senior at the school, told ABC News.

Scimio suffered two cuts to his arm in the process.

Seefeld said pulling the alarm was a smart move...

Finch told ABC News she also heard that yet another student helped subdue the assailant.]

36 Responses to “Knives are making a comeback”

  1. Ymarsakar Says:

    Most kids and youths have never been morally or physically trained to risk their lives or to find anything worth loving enough to kill or die for.

    Their problem is not merely tactics, but guts, lack of a spine, and heart problems.

    This goes all the way back to what people here were talking about at the last incidences, such as Ft. Hood, Virginia Tech, Columbine, etc.

    A free human individual has the power to decide his own fate, especially how he dies and what he is going to kill for. A disarmed population is equivalent to a bunch of sheep and pigs, ready to be slaughtered at the behest of the owner, the Farmer.

    So people first must choose who they are going to be. Are they going to be slaves and just Obey whatever Authority tells them? Are they going to be independent and autonomous HUMANS?

    As for the kids, they suffer from all kinds of problems, but that’s why adults are supposed to protect kids, until the kiddies grow up and figure stuff out. That’s not going to work when the kids leak blood by the gallon tons from various cuts on the neck and what not.

    Australians told me that they would rather have their kids stabbed, like in China, but survive, rather than in the States where people get shot and killed.

    Well, gonna have to choose. Which is it going to be, freedom and potentially getting killed or being a livestock and killed when the Authorities deem it time?

  2. Ymarsakar Says:

    Oh right, this is a good chance to promote Tim Larkin’s recent entrance into the mainstream culture and political setup.

    I was wondering how to insert that issue.


    He was featured on Katie Couric’s interview as well. I was amazed he didn’t trigger their interrogation and zombie defenses.

    There’s no guarantee for life and death conflicts. There’s no magic cure or panacea like free healthcare. If you want to live, you must decide what your life is worth and how you will risk it, whether you will just run for the hills and leave all your social circle behind to be eaten by the bear, and so on. Automatons, zombies, sub humans, they don’t get this choice. They sold their soul so that the Regime here can tell them what to do. If the Regime says die, you die. If the Regime says you get aborted and used as fuel for Hussein’s air warm up in DC, you’ll get it. If the Regime says spread your legs and get raped by Hollywood elites like Polansky and “Rape Rape” Woodies and Vision aristos, that will become the new reality of Diversity.

    The point is, if people want guarantees, they can always sign unto Islamic Jihad’s guarantee of virgins. If people want liberty, they’ll probably need to put more than their shirt on the line for this bet.

  3. T Says:


    I could not agree more. Our entire culture encourages passivity in the face of danger.

    Your comment puts me to mind of an old Star Trek episode in which the Enterprise visits a world which no longer wages war but simulates it on a computer. The number of deaths caused by these simulated attacks are calculated and victims are chosen by lottery to willfully go to their death.

    The logic is that if war was physically waged people would die anyway, at least the simulations avoid damaging the infrastructure.

    Kirk’s response was that in this sterile system there is no reason to not wage war. In reality war’s brutality and carnage is precisely the reason to avoid it except as an absolute last resort.

    You make this point, and Neo asks this question, only regarding a more localized incident.

  4. Steve57 Says:

    There were no chairs or any other furniture they could have used to subdue the guy?

    You’re never really disarmed. There’s usually something lying around you can use as a weapon. Or a shield. The real weapon is between your ears.

  5. neo-neocon Says:


    For some reason, I got the impression the attack occurred in the halls. No chairs (or much of anything else) available in the halls. It would take time to get chairs from a classroom, and by that point the attacker might have moved on, or the alarm may have been pulled by then.

  6. roc scssrs Says:

    Most people’s perfectly natural reaction is to run for their lives. Don’t forget, we’re talking 14- and 15- year-olds here too. Pre-Columbine, even police officers were not instructed to go in and shoot to kill–you were supposed to secure the area and call for backup. Though I do remember that cop climbing the tower alone in Texas to kill the sniper (1964?).

  7. Geoffrey Britain Says:

    “Increasing the security detail at schools would probably be too expensive for most school systems.”

    Perhaps but consider that the US average* spent on students is $11,824.00 x 21 students per classroom is $248,304.00 per school year. Most schools were built decades ago, so fixed costs are low. I suspect an administrative top heavy structure along with bloated administrative salaries is where the bulk of the money goes. After all, it’s not going to teacher salaries… right?

    *Per-pupil educational expenditures adjusted for regional cost differences

    Then, there’s one other issue. Does the gun control crowd really want school slaughter to stop? It’s by far their greatest propaganda coup and effective deterrence of school attacks would dispel that propaganda. I strongly suspect that the more cynical among gun control advocates, view kids killed in school shootings to be merely the necessary sacrifice for a gun free world.

  8. Ymarsakar Says:

    A youth population indoctrinated to watch porn, do sexting, and go wild on girls in orgies and public sex parties is going to be able to put up a fight armed or disarmed?

    Those are weaklings. I expect nothing from them. If they could suck C and live, they would do it. And that’s for the so called “males” there.

    A warrior that is taught to ride straight, shoot straight, and to always despise lies, may be able to terminate a flasher with their stupid dual wielding knives without arms. Literally, without arms. The odds for anyone else, taken by surprise, is pretty close to zero.

    A bunch of people that will happily sit by, watch as two girls are forced on stage to kiss each other because the Administration says so, and passes around photos of their nekkid girlfriends and other girls… those are pathetic weaklings. They will much to improve and atone for, if they wish to become warriors capable of protecting their own life, autonomous humans that have a say in their own destiny, or soldiers entrusted with obedience to law and protection of civilization.

    The mind is the WMD for humanity, but without a spine and some bone to carry the fight, not much can be done physically.

    A centralized reaction force, such as a police officer with a gun can only deter such incidents. His reaction time will still be slow enough that somebody will get it stuck in.

    I have a personal dislike of the current male generation in teenage wonder. I saw one black kid on the street threaten a girl with a big stick, by waving it in front of her face. I despise these swaying around weaklings that think they know the True Fury of violence. They know no such thing. They can neither protect themselves, their homies, their white boys, their girlfriends, or their families.

    The fact that most people don’t mind being weak, if the state can take care of them, is why they deserve being despised. The weak of this world have often wished for power. Not often do you see weaklings that take pride in how they are protected by other people’s blood. Victimhood is another case of the weak getting high on the power that victimhood confers upon them. They will never become truly strong so long as the crutch of victimhood lets them do as they wish.

    Neo’s scenario of the halls being the place of the attack may be correct. Depending on the population and time, those halls can be jam packed, shoulder to shoulder, and without the noise of a gun people just might think there’s a normal fight or pushing contest going on, forcing people in towards the center and not allowing them to escape.

  9. Ymarsakar Says:

    Btw, anyone know how many kids Yeeland’s gun smuggling has killed once those guns were sold to Californian gangs and mobsters?

    Well, we aren’t supposed to talk about that right, only RIGHT WINGERS want kids killed in schools…

  10. Ymarsakar Says:

    I could not agree more. Our entire culture encourages passivity in the face of danger.

    Ever hear stories about older brothers jumping in front of their smaller sisters, and protecting them from a rabid and dangerous dog?

    Ever hear stories about an older sister protecting her younger brother against a serial killer by shielding him with her back?

    Most humans wish to obey cultural and social limits and rules. Most humans are also weak and cannot live on their own, for their own. They fear death, they fear dying alone exiled from society, they want to “fit in”.

    So how is American society telling them it is to “fit” in”? Do some wild orgies, Girls Gone Wild, PORN, and you’ll fit in. That’ll be Really Useful fighting off a serial killer and rapist, sure.

  11. Doom Says:

    As to why they didn’t gang up? I have to think it has to do with the force presented to them against any sort of self defense. They are taught, harshly, to just take whatever they get, from anybody, and let the authorities handle it.

    This whole notion is one very strong reason, and it hasn’t really changed, only being talked about more as an anti-gun tool, probably anti-knife now perhaps, to not send your kids to be looked after by incompetent people. Teachers, for the most part, if they aren’t violent or sexual predators (and that is no given), are incompetent to deal with violence. If they aren’t burying their heads in the sand, they are choosing the bullies over those that are being predated upon.

    Public, even private, schools, in this area, suck rotten eggs. I would not send my children to a place that doesn’t know how to keep them safe, and refuses to even inculcate the notion that they are good enough to deserve safety nor develop in them self defense capabilities. It is asking for trouble, trouble no one wants to deal with, or can deal with, given the givens.

  12. neo-neocon Says:


    Remember this courageous teacher? He did the very best he could with the tools at hand (which was pretty much no tools at all).

  13. Ymarsakar Says:


    Gotta love those school officials and teacher’s unions. They get a girl, during an emergency alert, outside in the freezing cold in her bathing suit, don’t let get in a car, so she can freeze her toes off because only her classmates gave a F for obeying authority.

    But the video is the one about Chinese happenings.

    There’s no hope for the teachers, they have no authority, they merely do as they are told by the Leftist unions and admins. They are beneath contempt. The useful teachers that seek to fulfill their duty to protect the kiddies, are disarmed and made powerless, so they get killed, conveniently letting the unions hire more obedient storm teachers.

    If kids or teens want to live, they’re going to have to find a way on their own or with the help of someone who loves them, like their parents.

    How’s that for distrusting adults and raging against the machine?

    All it takes is some stormtrooper zombie like in the Chinese video to kill kids. Kids killing kids. Teens killing kids. Teens gang raping other girls at the school.

    This is the Left. This is what happens when you let them populate the Earth.

  14. Sam L. Says:

    There are likely no chairs in the cafeteria that could be picked up and used as a weapon or protection, and likely none in the school rooms, too.

  15. Minta Marie Morze Says:

    Thanks, Neo. I will add the name of Uanis Kanidis to my hero collection. That is an extraordinary story.

    I am reminded of a professor at Virgnia Tech during the shooting there. His name was Liviu Librescu, and he saved lives at Virginia Tech. During that day, I saw the reports of the shooting, and was deeply impressed by Librescu, who had been sent to a Nazi labor camp as a child and then lived under the USSR, before he was allowed to emigrate to Israel, and then invited to Virginia Tech to teach.

    His story can be found at the MentalFloss blog by Miss Cellania, at


    (with the name of the shooter taken out by me):

    “Professor Librescu heard the shots and closed his classroom door. He instructed students to go out the window. Several students urged Librescu to come along, but he held the door shut as [the un-named monster] tried to enter. [The un-named monster] then shot through the door four times, killing the professor. The gunman entered the room and killed one student; the rest had escaped through the second-story window.”

    Also, see Daniel Greenfield’s Sultan Knish blog,


    where he wrote:

    “. . . Virginia Tech Professor Liviu Librescu blocked the door with his own body so that his students could escape through the windows. The 76 year old man held the gunman back long enough to allow all but two of his students to reach safety. And then he died on the same classroom floor his feet had paced energetically for so many years.

    “One escaping student, in a letter sent to Professor Librescu’s wife, writes of looking back at the professor through the other side of the window from the ledge. ‘I saw your husband still standing there. He was holding the door closed and looking over his shoulder to make sure everybody else was safe. It was the bravest thing I have ever seen and I will always remember his courage.’”

    I always think of Librescu at times like this. He deserves to be remembered and thought about.

    In 2007, a few days after the shooting, when I found out about his background, and how much he had faced in his life, I wrote a poem about him.

    Liviu Librescu (1930-2007)
    By Minta Marie Morze

    He wrote of his life a Melody,
    The notes and rhythms set to golden themes
    Within his heart.
    With him, the Melody was pure—and,
    In this, his final act,
    It sounded forth that all might hear.
    It matters not the measure now of Wealth or Fame—
    Criteria the world itself so often claims—
    His Melody was made of finer Stuff than this.
    Upon a slate that bore the mark of all his hours;
    Lit by the flame that burned within his soul
    He wrote in silence deep,
    Each note and tempo sign bespeaking of his worth
    In measurements created there by God.

    A Giant lived among us.
    He recognized the Evil that had come
    And set his height and breadth and depth
    Against the door

    And held.

  16. neo-neocon Says:

    See my UPDATE to the post.

  17. PA Cat Says:

    you have an opportunity for someone to flaunt the rules with a weapon and do a great deal of damage.

    Neo, I don’t like to be a nitpicker about usage, but I do believe you meant “flout the rules,” don’t you? Even if the assailant did flaunt a knife. . .

  18. neo-neocon Says:

    PA Cat:

    You’re right. I’ll fix it.

  19. Steve57 Says:

    neo, admittedly it’s been a looong time since I’ve been in a high school.

    “A student, Nate Scimio, pulled the alarm during the attack in order to alert students to leave.

    …Scimio suffered two cuts to his arm in the process.

    Seefeld said pulling the alarm was a smart move…”

    Given the empty-headedness of today’s zero tolerance policies (chew your poptart wrong, go to jail) I’m almost surprised this brave student isn’t getting suspended for misusing a fire alarm.

  20. Randy Says:

    “I’m also wondering why, with a knife-wielding assailant, a bunch of students didn’t jump him in unison to try to stop him.”

    That was my thought. A person holding a knife is in some ways at disadvantage in a tussle, provided of course you can control his arm to some degree and not get stabbed. When I was in high school, a punk pulled a knife on me, my hand was cut, but I left him on the floor.

  21. rickl Says:

    Improving security is schools is trivially simple. Just allow selected adults to carry. It could be anybody: teachers, the principal’s secretary, the janitor, or the nurse. Anybody who is interested and capable, who could take a basic course and qualify for a concealed carry permit. Maybe they could rotate carrying duty so nobody would know who is carrying on any given day.

    It wouldn’t be 100% effective in all cases, but it would at least let would-be wrongdoers know that schools are not gun-free zones.

    Today on a local radio show, a guy was saying that there should be metal detectors in every school. I thought, shit, why not staff them with the TSA while you’re at it? Get the kids to learn unquestioning obedience to authority at a young age.

  22. Richard Aubrey Says:

    Problem with jumping the guy is…you have to know what’s happening. And you’ll more than likely be screened by those nearer. So you won’t know immediately. So you approach, ,”coming through!!!” but you have to pull somebody out of the way who isn’t listening. In that time, a guy with two big knives (caveat, the current report) can have stabbed two or three people.
    And that’s after enough has happened to start the ruckus you heard to which you responded. That means two or three stabbed before the two or three who were stabbed when you were on your way.
    You have to be well-trained to handle a guy with a knife, and especially well-trained to close with him unarmed.
    But you yell to get his attention, he stabs one more and turns to face you. Than, maybe, somebody can tackle him from behind, if they aren’t hindered by the victims.
    Remember school hallways? You thought it was hard to move when things were calm, right?

  23. rickl Says:

    Yes, it’s easy to say “jump the guy”, but it’s not so easy when everybody is startled by what is happening and can’t quite believe what they’re seeing. And it happens so fast.

  24. Doom Says:


    An exception does not a rule make. For every one that might be heroic, there are scores, or more, who are just as I suggest.

  25. J.J. Says:

    In this type of situation – a knife attack – almost all men have belts. They are quickly available and can be handy in attacking someone with a knife. I always wear a leather belt with a heavy metal buckle when I fly. That’s my weapon of choice if I have to confront a hijacker. Even a shirt can be wielded as something to divert or blind the knife wielder. Bats are good weapons against knives, but are usually not quickly available. The problem is you have to have thought about what you can do in various scenarios and be ready to act when the time comes.

    I’m not trained in martial arts like Ymarsakar, but since I travel by air quite a lot, I have thought about situations I might find myself in and made my decisions. I also try to maintain some semblance of fitness so I won’t be a complete sitting duck.

  26. J.J. Says:

    Post script: Did not want to leave the impression that ye olde belt is a miracle worker. Nothing much works very well against a gun except another gun and sure marksmanship. That’s why the 2nd Amendment is important.

    Having a few trained, armed personnel (retired police/volunteer teachers/???) on school premises would seem to provide some deterrence to the psychos who, at this time, know it’s a gun free zone or shooting gallery for long enough to do a lot of damage.

  27. Beverly Says:

    When I was 26 and decided to move up North to Big Ole Scary New York, I decided something else — to take a women’s self-defense course.

    A woman was in our town, from LA, who taught us “dirty street-fighting tactics,” some of what they now call Krav Maga. These tactics do NOT rely on being stronger: it was geared toward ordinary women, not black belts.

    The first thing she made us do was revealing: we stood in a circle in the gym, and each one of us had to jump forward in an aggressive boxer’s stance and roar as loud as we could.

    Honey, it was pathetic — and frightening. We’d all been schooled to be Ladies in the old-fashioned sense, and being aggressive and loud was so taboo that None of us could manage it! Little embarrassed squeaks, embarrassed giggles, did I say we were embarrassed?

    When it was my turn, I was mad. I thought, “Dammit, I WILL holler.” But to my astonishment, I couldn’t yell worth a tinker’s damn.

    The instructor grinned at us and said, “By the end of the week, you WILL be able to yell. But now you know what you’re up against — your own conditioning.”

    It was an excellent course, full of hardheaded survival advice: “If they come for your purse, throw it as far away sideways as you can, and RUN.” “If someone gets you on the ground, your legs are your strongest weapons: keep kicking, and keep your legs and feet between you and the assailant.” “If someone grabs you by the throat and starts choking you, whether from in front or behind, splay your fingers out and drive them through his eyeballs, because either popping the eyeball or dislodging it is actually easy.”

    Oh, and it only takes 40 lbs of pressure to break a knee joint backwards: for that kick, lift your own knee up and kick out from that stance (not like a soccer kick, more like a punch) through the kneecap.

    There were some other tricks she taught us, like how to immobilize someone — for good — if you’re stranded in the woods with them.

    Lastly, she said to us, “You won’t get any brownie points from a killer. It’s you or him, to the death. You must not hesitate, and you have to go all out, 150%.” (That is, if you are cornered and have to fight.)

  28. Beverly Says:

    Anyway, they should teach kids basic self-defense skills, especially the boys.

  29. Beverly Says:

    Minta, that is a magnificent poem. You brought tears to my eyes.

  30. Richard Aubrey Says:

    Don’t start with the belts. In about three months, there’ll be harness straps with two-pound buckles sharpened to a razor’s edge on every punk’s waist.
    Somebody will be expelled for making a gesture as if he were wearing a belt.
    That said, a couple of instructors have said that swinging something, a jacket or whatever, at the knifeman, over and over, around in a circle as fast as you can, works because about the fifth time it comes around he’ll start trying to knife it instead of a person.
    But to the current case, this was in a crowded hallway where people who could see what was happening couldn’t get away and those in a position to get away didn’t know what was happening or that there was a reason to get away. And if you’re shoved in a hallway, you might automatically shove back if you don’t know the shover is fleeing for his life. That’s a traffic jam. Hell of a set up for a guy with a knife. Beats chasing kids around a classroom. Bet this guy didn’t break a sweat or get even a little winded.

  31. J.J. Says:

    All good points, Richard.

  32. Minta Marie Morze Says:

    Beverly, thank you.

  33. dtrumpet Says:

    All I want to know is whether the knives used were automatic or semi automatic? How long is it going to take before people recognize that “gun free” and/or “weapons free” zones are an invitation to those who would do damage to others? I would like to see people held responsible for creating the conditions for these things to happen. It might be good to stop blaming things and start blaming people for their actions.

  34. Ymarsakar Says:

    Dt, they were high magazine knives. With a high rate of fire.

    Aka, assault knives.

  35. Ymarsakar Says:

    Humans are a tool using species. The means or methods don’t matter, since if there is a will there is a human. Except for those slaves that have no will, they also have no way.

    So what matters is your goal. The goal of evil is to use force to destroy or enslave humanity. What’s your goal then? If it’s, let’s have a chat and negotiate with people so we can come to a bipartisan agreement….

    Without the video, it’s difficult to produce a timeline for the events, even for those like Richard that has seen or experienced similar incidents. Remember Zimmerman? A lot of stuff got “cleared UP”, didn’t it, when we saw the video of the reproduction and simulation. Before, we were relying on “words”, the words of incompetent or inexperienced or mis remembering witnesses and reporters.

    Martial arts were originally individual or family produced works, specialized for certain bloodlines and certain types of people. If you needed to modify it, you would go and form your own school, like making your own business if you hate how your boss does things. How many businesses are in America? That’s how many schools of martial arts and techniques there were in existence in the ancient days (counting pop proportion). But instead of trying to copy the ancients, one should merely duplicate their efforts, given that firearms wasn’t exactly something they could train for back in the day of paper armor and bows.

    I have my own personal tools I like to train with and use. But they are of little to no worth to somebody else, merely because personal skills are just that, personal skills. They aren’t like credentials we pass along that make us smarter by having it.

    In the old days, if you weren’t tall, heavily muscled, or with a lot of buddies or stamina, you could easily be tortured or killed. These days we have the firearm that equalizes the difference between child and man, woman and male. We also have invented some other things that the Ancients never needed or thought of. Metal detectors.

    We still haven’t invented a way to kill evil on sight or the perfect deception detector. We have invented WMDs, Weapons of Mass Deception, courtesy of the Left.

    The really disgusting thing about the American sheep and wolf set is that they think I should get myself killed so that laws that favor them and their usage of tools, can be created to tyrannize the politically unconnected. Well, it’s somewhat difficult to kill some people vs others, so they generally go after the weaklings or the powerless. Women, children, teens without a backbone, old people in heat waves, people needing welfare, healthcare, childcare, etc.

    Like criminals that go after the perfect victim, the Leftist Regime of America wants perfect slaves to play with.

    Generally terrorists, criminals, and Leftists target the weak parts of society, the stuff that hasn’t been hardened. And they, like homosexual and child predators, will attempt to instigate and condition the victim to the act so that the victim doesn’t get help and doesn’t struggle. So no matter how hardened a centralized authority can make our civilization, it cannot cover all the weak parts. That’s where individual training comes in.

    Since I see techniques as less important than principles, what people use as their technique won’t be something I talk much on. The proof is in the pudding. It’s like the Left’s mass criminals have technique. Did Bill Clinton and Woody and Polansky have good sex techniques? Did the shooter have good marksmanship techniques? What matters is the soul and the intent, not all this superficial stuff people plaster on like the Hollywood whore awards.

  36. Ymarsakar Says:

    Beverly, I think the girls would have more use of such things. The boys tend to participate in too much knock out games and inter male aggression, although people who pull fire alarms in the presence of Death, can be specially qualified for the training. However, not often their hapless peers. Only the top 3% are different from the masses, and the normal social behaviors don’t include them. What the boys should be getting is a full scale philosophical and cultural indoctrination course and brainwashing rehabilitation de tox.

    JJ, there’s all kinds of things you can take on board past metal detectors. I prefer H2H or bare hands, mostly because I don’t have many opportunities to simulate scenarios with tools in hand. Whereas I do live every hour awake using my arms and legs for something. Although purely as a coincidence, balancing, athletic, gymnastic, and kung fu feats I mostly still hold even as I get older. I can no longer jump 3-4 feet and land on a fence or truck, but those kinds of externally powered abilities aren’t necessary for destruction of humans to begin with. Gymnasts may need it, but I don’t.

    Also, it’s a lot easier to counter strip searching, legal writs, or TSA molestation squads with metal detectors and anal probes if the bulk of your strategic and tactical tool box can be kept safe from prying eyes and bureaucrats.

    Remember that Gurkha guy who stabbed to death a few hoodlums in a Paris/French sub train? The hoodlums were armed with guns but that didn’t seem to matter. The good old classic Paris Muslim rape squad didn’t work out as well as people thought.

    Because an autonomous human has to make the decision and take the consequences themselves, hesitation is a big problem. If you are just taking orders, you can just turn the brain off and obey. It’s easy to rationalize your guilt by saying somebody else will take the fall or that someone else is responsible for thinking. Not so for individual warriors and agents. This can be good, since individuals don’t generally kill children like at WACO. For every Ft. Hood’s Hasan, there’s 99% of the rest of the sane species going out and lynching him. Or at least that’s how it should be.

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