April 21st, 2014

Bob Shrum gives Republicans advice

Bob Shrum is going for his ninth presidential campaign loss. The first eight were in his capacity as Democratic political consultant. The ninth will be as unofficial advisor to the GOP in 2016.

This long-term partisan and dedicated Democrat is sharing some of his wisdom with Republicans in an article entitled “Why the GOP Needs a Return to the Bush Leagues,” the gist of which is that the Republicans have no good alternatives for 2016 except Jeb Bush. Not because Bush is so great, but because everyone else is so exceedingly dreadful.

Shrum’s piece falls into that particular genre of political writing I think of as “helpful hints from your enemy.” Does he really imagine that anyone in the GOP is listening to him and would take his advice? If so, they’re even dumber than I think they are.

What’s the point of Shrum’s writing such an article? To raise Jeb Bush’s profile in the public mind. To put down all the other possibilities. To bring a smile to Democrat faces.

16 Responses to “Bob Shrum gives Republicans advice”

  1. parker Says:

    Its interesting that Shrum assumes Hillary has the nomination locked up. So although I am not a political consultant, I offer free advice to dems, which is do not nominate HRC. The fawning public that was in a frenzy to elect the first black president will not be as frenzied to elect the first woman president in the form of HRC. She will not be swooned over by young or black voters. If she’s the ‘best’ they’ve got they ain’t got much.

  2. Roman Says:

    I would feel much better if he were advising a D candidate, instead of writing to “help” the R. I don’t think it falls under the category: ” Be careful what you wish for.”

  3. I Callahan Says:

    I think the internet term for what Shrum is doing is called “concern trolling”.

  4. Don Carlos Says:

    Shrum’s not writing to help the (R). In eight presidential elections, Shrum’s (D) candidates have never won. He is a loser, a member of the over-the-hill gang at age 71, a leech who has sucked the blood that supports his existence from the Left, a really fine Democrat.

  5. Oldflyer Says:

    Thank you Mr Shrum.

    Please do not be offended if your advice is ignored.

  6. vanderleun Says:

    And while I’m at it, the linked article by the clearly bitchdip CYNTHIA SASS…. as in “Sass my ass!” — is obviously packed so full of merde that it alone makes any reasonable person want to take that schmuck CYNTHIA SASS out for a free ass kicking if she doesn’t buckle down and make her man a sandwich toot sweet!

  7. vanderleun Says:

    And I note it is again about two hours past my lunch time and I still can’t get out of the house….

  8. Cornhead Says:

    The only thing one needs to know about Shrum is that he doesn’t know how to drive a car.

  9. Tonawanda Says:

    The Republican Party is inept, using the most charitable least “judgmental” adjective.

    But they do not give absurd “advice” to their (supposed) opponents.

    Maybe it is stylistic only.

    Giving advice to the guys you professionally hate is an admission of guilt.

    The political judgment involved, in this case, is probably a correct assessment of reality.

    Stupidity is vastly more beneficial than insight.

  10. M J R Says:

    [ bored sigh ] Stuff it, Shrum.

  11. FOAF Says:

    Okay, let’s take a look at Shrum’s “advice”:

    1) He’s a Dem, obviously he is trying to “trick” Republicans into nominating Bush so they shouldn’t do it


    2) Republicans know he’s a Dem and won’t take his advice and he knows it so he’s trying to throw Republicans off the track and therefore they *should* nominate Bush


    3) His real advice to his own party is no good. Now we’ve got a triple negative and once again Republicans should NOT nominate Bush.

    Do you follow my logic? I can hardly follow it myself.

  12. southpaw Says:

    “What’s the point of Shrum’s writing such an article?”
    Ans: Because Karl Rove is priming the pump with that very suggestion. Rove isn’t interested in who wins; he’s running a consulting business, and he wants candidates who he can bring in the cash.
    I hate Jeb Bush and Karl Rove, but I will bet money that you soon see Karl on Fox News extolling the virtues of practical, electable conservative (tranlation: not conservative) Jebby Bush.

  13. Nick Says:

    I don’t think people give this kind of advice disingenuously. Both sides do it, and they do it legitimately to help, but they only show that they don’t understand the other team’s thinking. Republicans call for moderate Democrats; Democrats call for moderate Republicans. Everyone says they want both parties to be competitive and reasonable, but they subconsciously want both parties to match their own most liberal and conservative beliefs. The exception to this is the extremist who wants the obliteration of his opponents.

  14. Nick Says:

    “Everyone says they want both parties to be competitive and reasonable, but they subconsciously want both parties to match their own most liberal and conservative beliefs.”

    Let me unpack that a bit. The conservative-leaning person will say that he wants to see the Democrats return to being the party of Kennedy. He wants a Democratic Party that cares about the poor but is pro-military and socially conservative. The liberal-leaning person thinks the same thing from his side, wanting a “sane” Republican Party that hearkens back to Goldwater except for the principles that made Goldwater who he was. Both commenters really want an opposition party who will keep a check on their impulses but will cooperate in governance. The problem is you don’t get to pick your adversaries.

  15. Don Carlos Says:

    So your point, practically speaking, is what, Nick? That people are spending a lot of time in la-la land because they don’t get to pick their adversaries? they wish for reasonable, reasoned, and reasoning opposition–opposition, as in “to oppose”?

    We have to accept that we have real problems in real time, and those come from totalitarian Democrats. I do not wish a softer opponent tasked to “keep me honest”. I’m capable of modulating myself and certainly do not wish to empower my opposition to “keep a check on (my) impulses”, no way.

  16. Nick Says:

    My point isn’t practical at all. It’s about motivations.

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