April 22nd, 2014

Separated at birth?

I know, I know; the actress in the first photo is a bit older than the actress in the second.

But still…

64th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Arrivals


23 Responses to “Separated at birth?”

  1. M J R Says:

    Fraternal twins at best on this one, not even identical twins. Luv ya, neo — but no cigar here.

  2. neo-neocon Says:

    M J R:

    Well, since one is older, I’m not even really saying “twins” at all (although I know the title implies it).

    I just think they look a lot alike. Maybe older and younger sisters?

    Confession: I saw the first one on a TV show and thought it was the second.

  3. OlderandWheezier Says:

    I know I’ve seen the first several times on television or in movies, not so sure about the other. Can’t come up with either one’s name.

    ID, neo?

  4. Doom Says:

    While there were probably some native similarities, I have to wonder how much cosmetic surgery has to do with similarities. Definitely among women, though too among even the newer crop of male actors. Oh, sure, there are some people who do look very similar.

    Further, if you were a young actress, just what would you do to get parts. A very powerful thing would be to step into the shoes of an actress who already has face recognition. Only the Hollywood-philes would do more than seemingly recognize the face. Built in face recognition. Perhaps even subtle voice coaching, something they might well do anyway, but in a specific direction.

    Just a thought.

  5. neo-neocon Says:


    I wrote about that sort of thing here.

  6. Ann Says:

    There is definitely a resemblance between the two that I never noticed before. Much of it has to do with their toothiness, I think.

    The older one is Christine Baranski, and she plays Leonard’s mother on the Big Bang Theory.

    The younger is Cheryl Hines. She played Larry David’s wife on Curb Your Enthusiasm.

  7. neo-neocon Says:



    Toothiness, nose, and eyes, IMHO. Face shape is a bit different; Hines’ face is thinner.

  8. Gringo Says:

    I have not idea who those blondes are. They inspired me to find a blonde joke.

    A young blonde was on vacation in the depths of Louisiana. She wanted a pair of genuine alligator shoes in the worst way, but was very reluctant to pay the high prices the local vendors were asking.

    After becoming very frustrated with the “no haggle” attitude of one of the shopkeepers, the blonde shouted, “Maybe I’ll just go out and catch my own alligator so I can get a pair of shoes at a reasonable price!” The shopkeeper said, “By all means, be my guest. Maybe you’ll luck out and catch yourself a big one!” Determined, the blonde turned and headed for the swamps, set on catching herself an alligator.

    Later in the day, the shopkeeper is driving home, when he spots the young woman standing waist deep in the water, shotgun in hand. Just then, he sees a huge 9 foot alligator swimming quickly toward her. She takes aim, kills the creature and with a great deal of effort hauls it on to the swamp bank. Lying nearby were several more of the dead creatures. The shopkeeper watches in amazement. Just then the blonde flips the alligator on its back, and frustrated, shouts out, “Damn it, this one isn’t wearing any shoes either!”

    Let’s finish it off with Julie Brown: ‘Cause I’m a Blonde. I know that I am getting brighter as I age because as a young child I was a towhead, as a young adult a dirty blonde, and as an old geezer, brown-haired. My sister had a similar trajectory.

  9. br549 Says:

    Same plastic surgeon more likely.

    OK, I’ll get my coat, I know where the door is.

  10. Doom Says:


    Yes, yes you did cover it. What is interesting, as you noted, it isn’t just robots. But when humans themselves go beyond a certain point, they… cease being quite human, or… something. It’s a waste land between real and artificial.

    Wait until they can genetically manipulate, even appearances, and not just from birth. The mistakes will be monsters, but so will many of the “successes”. You know, an economic collapse seems as right as the real reasons for The flood. My wonder is… how far are we truly into… modifications already? Natural selection, but are governments… suggesting passively, unnatural selection? And, beyond of course, genetic and other manipulations.

    Oh, just… spook stories, probably, mind you. Probably. *grin*

  11. M J R Says:

    neo-neocon, 4:37 pm — “Well, since one is older, I’m not even really saying ‘twins’ at all (although I know the title implies it). I just think they look a lot alike. Maybe older and younger sisters?”

    Oh, yes. That’s why I went with “fraternal twins” [fully accepting that one was a picture of a woman who was older than the other woman]. No controversy!

  12. Tonawanda Says:

    Have not the faintest clue who either are.

    Just mention for whatever. The value of cluelessness probably.

  13. Ymarsakar Says:

    I think women merely have genetic advantages in color recognition, taste differentiation, and pattern recognition. Facial recognition would fall under pattern.

  14. parker Says:

    I am quite certain they are a Cherokee mother and her daughter, they have high cheek bones just like Elizabeth Warren.

  15. Don Carlos Says:

    Neat blouse fabric on #1.

  16. CapnRusty Says:

    In the world of the future, where every woman is beautiful, and every man is handsome, what basis will society utilize to make some people more admired than others?

  17. Doom Says:


    Money, power, access, the usual other suspects, for those who marry as a business interest.

  18. kcom Says:

    You’re losing it, Neo. Even though they might have a similar “look,” they don’t look similar. Just my opinion, of course, but it’s the right one. :)

  19. kcom Says:

    I don’t know if it’s the right time or place to make this point but this got me thinking about the time I started as a Peace Corps teacher in Africa. I had never taught before and my first semester I taught seven classes with about 30 students each, meaning I had to learn the identities of 210 people, many with completely unfamiliar names based on the tribes they came from (but not all) and completely different looks (except for the eyes, ears, nose, and hair part) than what I was used to. It was a big challenge at first. But after awhile I started noticing how more and more of my students reminded me of specific people I knew from back home. And it wasn’t personality, either, exactly. It was physical but in a non-straightforward way since my students were black Africans and most of the people they reminded me of were white Americans. I could never put my finger on why that was so, but it was true.

    Over time I also realized I was using different visual cues to tell people apart than I used growing up over here. For instance, there were no blondes, or brunettes or redheads, so that hair clue goes out the window. But people’s hairlines varied a lot in shape and contour (mostly talking about the guys here) and that was something that distinguished them. Anyway, maybe this my long roundabout way of saying the two women don’t look that much alike to me because their faces seem noticeably different in shape and layout (except for the eyes, ears, nose, mouth basics).

  20. vanderleun Says:

    Nah. Not close. Not even sisters of different mothers.

  21. CV Says:

    Baranski is over 60, actually quite a bit older than Hines. I think she looks amazing…if she has had “work done,” it’s obviously working for her.

    I think Hines became more well-known because of her role as Larry David’s wife on his show Curb Your Enthusiasm, but she’s been in the news in recent years because she was (or still is?) dating Robert F. Kennedy Jr. at the time of his (ex?) wife’s suicide.

  22. neo-neocon Says:


    Baranaski is 13 years older than Hines.

    I’m not sure when either photo was taken, however, and in the photos it looks to me like the age difference is about 10 years. “A bit” to me is less than “a lot,” and I don’t consider 10 years or so “a lot.” Others may disagree with me, of course.

  23. Toni Says:

    Christine Baranski plays an interesting character on The Good Wife. She is an attorney with her own law firm that falls in love with a conservative that is a firearms expert. In one episode she is in a restaurant with her paramour and friends come to the table to say hello. The friends find out right away (I cannot remember how) that her friend is a conservative and they stumble and awkwardly excuse themselves from the conversation and leave not-fast-enough. There are other scenes in the series that show him being normal, caring and thoughtful. She sees it and is at first perplexed that she enjoys his company and is attracted to him despite his political leaning. I find this writing interesting and the subject that is always the elephant in the room with liberals. My experience with meeting a conservative and getting to know him and now we are partners was very similar. I was perplexed and confused that I found his conversations intelligent and logical. I was amazed that a conservative could have such good taste in modern decor. I was charmed that he read Jane Austen with me. I was thrilled when he paid the restaurant check. None of these traits could be found in the politically correct dates I had experienced before him. Huh.

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