April 28th, 2014

Wall Street Republicans

I don’t know much about the agenda of the authors of this Politico piece entitled “Wall Street Republicans’ dark secret: Hillary Clinton 2016.” I’m going to assume they have one, though, and that it’s not to help the 2016 Republican candidate, whoever he/she may be.

It’s a fascinating article, with its innuendos that Wall Street Republicans secretly support Hillary Clinton, and its lack of actual evidence that they do. The goal (I would guess) is to further the discord and split in the Republican Party between the conservatives and the RINOs, a canyon that is already Grand-sized as it is.

The idea of the piece is that the big money donors are unhappy with Tea Party candidates, and that if they can’t get their guy—Jeb Bush—in, they’ll lie back and let Hillary cruise to victory because they don’t mind her all that much.

Perhaps that’s even true, and if so not really much of a surprise.

To me the most interesting thing about the article is its downplaying—amounting to almost no mention at all—of Scott Walker as a possible GOP candidate. He’s given less time in the piece than Christie, Bush, Cruz, Rubin, and even Kasich, although I see Walker as very much in the 2016 game.

This isn’t true just of this particular article, either. I’ve noticed it time and again in almost everything I read about the 2016 possibilities. Unless the piece is explicitly about Walker (such as, for example, this recent NY Times article that focused on some old and supposedly racially controversial emails exchanged by a couple of Walker’s staffers, or this one from February that stirred the email pot as well), he is ignored, pooh-poohed, played down, and considered basically irrelevant.

Except, of course, for the fact that he is sometimes attacked. After all, the email bit worked against Christie, so why couldn’t the same work to discredit Walker, just in case?

But my guess is that Democrats fear Walker more than they let on. That’s why their m.o. is to give the basic message of “run along now; nothing here to see,” combined with “and furthermore, he’s a corrupt racist who, by the way, never graduated from college because he either dropped out or was forced out.”

As for those (unnamed) Wall Street Republicans featured in the Politico piece, my guess is that for most people on Wall Street, politics is about what you’ve done for me lately or might do for me in the future rather than any other principle.

12 Responses to “Wall Street Republicans”

  1. Lizzy Says:

    So…..their source for this Politico story works for the Hillary! 2016 campaign & they’ve crunched their latest poll data and determined that Jeb Bush will be a breeze to beat?

  2. parker Says:

    The left would like to see JEB as the nominee. It should be easy to beat him. His position on “act of love” illegals will doom him with many repub voters staying home on election day. I would vote for JEB, but very reluctantly. JEB is the worst possible candidate IMO. Amnesty will create legions of new dem voters.

  3. Matt_SE Says:

    I presume these Wall Street Republicans for Hillary! 2016 are the same Republicans that Nancy Pelosi knows and who tell her about the party’s secret racist meetings.

    OTOH, if they are actually real then they are cronies. We don’t need people like that in the party if they can’t be relied upon. It’s like counting on mercenaries for your national defense: not a good idea.

  4. Geoffrey Britain Says:

    I can’t discount the Politico proposition that “Wall Street Republicans” and other Republican big donors won’t quietly refrain from contributing if another RINO is not nominated by the GOP. They completely support amnesty, which will result in the democrats permanently ruling, so how opposed to a one party State can they be?

    Scott Walker is running below the radar and that’s a good thing. Still not sold on him, as I’m not completely clear on where he stands on some issues but I’m open to persuasion. That he never graduated from college is a good thing, demonstrating that his competence is genuine.

  5. J.J. Says:

    Since the Rs are mostly in favor of lower taxes, the Wall Streeters who favor lower taxes call themselves Republicans. They like the idea of lower taxes on capital, but are in favor of big government giveaways to the proles, and also favor unrestrained use of illegals to do the grunt work. Good for the bottom line and all that. In many ways they are just as ignorant and self-serving as the progressives. Too bad their money buys so much influence.

  6. Oldflyer Says:

    The Democrat house organs and fellow travelers would like to pretend that Scott Walker doesn’t exist.

    I think the so-called Wall Street Republicans are a figment of someone’s imagination. They are just “Welfare Queens” (Queens used in a gender neutral sense) in fancy clothes, who will support anyone who advocates for corporate subsidies and bailouts. They also like the idea of unlimited cheap labor that doesn’t speak the language very well, and is thus easy to control. Imagine their surprise when all of that labor becomes legalized, and unionized, by Spanish speaking community organizers.

  7. southpaw Says:

    It makes perfect sense for big “Republican” donors on Wall Street to back Hilliary. Why waste donations on campaign funds for Jeb, when you know he’s going to lose and there’s no difference between them on issues they care about.
    They would only back him if somebody came along in the primaries on either side, who could beat Hillary. From their point of view, which is to promote corporate welfare and make money from it, they will take either one. They’re only going to get involved if somebody comes along to derail the status quo – like a conservative who threatens to quit printing money.

  8. Ymarsakar Says:

    The first illusion that comes up is where a candidate stands on issue. They have no standing.

    The only proof is what they have done, not what they say they will do.

  9. Bea Witten Says:

    Neo! ‘Whoever he may be’ is an adjective clause relating to ‘candidate’ not ‘help’. The verb needs its subject! We like Walker too.

  10. Cornhead Says:

    Walker is from flyover country.

    We don’t count.

  11. Beverly Says:

    Walker is running, and Walker is the real deal. He’s been to NYC too, to meet the money bunnies.

    I noticed that Rick Perry isn’t getting much “ink” either. But he could be an interesting dark horse as well.

  12. Artfldgr Says:

    I swing trade and i will tell you the market has been completely wacky given ukraine… they are prepping for WWIII… on odd days, its down… slamed as they try to move to other stocks, on another day, its up..

    granted… i turned 13k into 50k so far (next month is six months)… but thats only cause i know what the heck is going on and been playing it – while watching people here get it wrong (mostly)

    just to let you know…
    if you get it right
    you can translate it into cash…
    if you get it wrong, you can watch what you have evaporate…

    a long time ago, the dems discovered and realized that there was no oaths of party… so they decided to run on republican tickets.

    i said this a decade ago, and pointe dout that if you control both sides of an issue, you control the issue and the whole thing, barring opportunists and those who are there but out of the loop, is just a show like wrestling was… with everyone claiming its real and believing good cop bad cop

    the way its going the war will start before his term ends – and he will pull a lincoln, suspecning habeus corpus, posse comitatus, and so on… including the next election – as it would be unsafe and unwise to switch leaders in the middle of a huge conflict.

    too bad imagination of unreal never stopped anything
    but i guess, like masturbation, most find it more fun

    anyone have something witty?
    nothing like a good joke to make the trip to hell a bit lighter…

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