May 27th, 2014

100 years is a lot of years…

…but Dorothy Custer seems to sail right through it:

I missed it when she became a sensation on the Leno show in 2011. I just came across the above video recently, and I thought I’d check to see how she’s doing today. Still alive and kicking, and about to celebrate birthday #103. I also learned that her sense of humor isn’t just a case of being amiable and fun; she’s been a comedian (an amateur, but performing) for much of her life.

There’s a set of the very old who seem to be impervious to many of the ravages of age, keeping their mental abilities and vigorous life force till the day they die. They look old, but not as old as they actually are. It’s as though the aging process goes only so far in them and then it stops, or remains on hold for a while.

[NOTE: In an odd coincidence, the subject she talks about at the beginning of her interview resonates with this post I wrote earlier today.]

5 Responses to “100 years is a lot of years…”

  1. Artfldgr Says:

    there is research on this…

    the short of it… most live lives that are normal and normal is bad, and so, decline slowly to death with lots of things along the way… while those that have healthier lives (not necessarily what medicines fad of the decade says is healthier), tend to look great and then decline very very fast in a short time.

    think of it this way…
    you maintain the car, and it works very well up until the engine fails after 200k miles… it looks great and such along the way too… needs fewer repairs and goes on almost forever til it cant…

    the car that is borderline maintined, takes a long expensive route to the same end at an ealier time. it doesnt die of catestrhophic failure of the engine, it dies from thousands of dings together… in fact, often its engine is still good for other things!!!

    i (sadly for me) come from a long lived family… some smokers, some not… men living to their mid 80s, and women living to late 90s and more… my wife has the same… (we would be “howards” if that existed)

    oh… complainers live longer than the nice…

    nice people internalize more and die of it
    and are not really liked more for it either

    you will also find that a majority of them have evil heteronormative families around them and friends… that is, if they are long lived, their families usually are in some way and the families support each other.

    but feminism, with its destruction of family, shortens their lives, or makes it lonely and miserable in a room of their own…

    in fact this will end up being the new EPIDEMIC in which we must do somethign for women… you can see them gearing up already…

    in fact this is a subject that someone with aspergers would know very well:
    All the lonely people

    The loneliness epidemic
    Attractive, successful – yet for years EMILY WHITE felt profoundly alone. Why can’t we be more honest about a problem that blights so many lives?–years-EMILY-WHITE-felt-profoundly-Why-honest-problem-blights-lives.html

    That’s the way things were with me then: if I didn’t go out to the shops, it would just be me and my cat alone in my flat.

    and getting toxiplasmosis gondii is not helping!!!

    there is even an epidemic of these people using autopay to pay their bills then dying in their homes and being their for 5 or 10 years drying out and thats that…

    huff post is on it
    Loneliness May Become An Epidemic By 2030 Unless Action Is Taken

    theyt even have a woman for the image and all that

    but they collect a lot of money from the women they did this too that should have grandhchildren, and family around and all that… no?

    ultimately, living longer will be a providence again of the wealthy who do not follow feminisms bs and have lots of kids while telling and facilitating others not to!

    by the way, when dannon yogurt tried to show its product was part of getting very old…

    everyone… and i mean everyone… misses that the people we see like this have the social networks that the left and liberalism has now destroyed.

    after all.
    i knew my great great grandother, a few of my great grandmothers, my grandmother and grandparents, my parents, and uncles and such… and i am 50, meaning these people were born before modern medicine..

    family was the key…

  2. Oldflyer Says:

    Living to very old is a mixed blessing. At the home where my Mother-in-Law spent her last years, both ends of the spectrum were in evidence.

    One gentleman, who was in his 90s, had to have chores to do every day; and he was content. The staff insured that he would, otherwise he would make up his own. One day he was missed, and then found hanging up side down, caught up in the rungs of a ladder. He had been in the hay loft of the little barn where they kept animals for a petting zoo type of arrangement. No harm done; and he was undeterred.

    Another lady, the mother of a dear friend lived past 105. You never saw her that she did not have an open book. She was deaf, and not at all social. In fact her daughter described her as “mean”. She cracked up the community when she turned 100 and told her daughter to tell the staff to quit walking her up and down the drive for exercise. “Nancy, I have been walking for 100 years, and I am not going to walk any more.”

    Other individuals had failed, either physically or mentally, much earlier in life; and many of them were neither engaged, nor content.

    I do not think that I want to live past the time that I can care for myself. Of course, that milestone has a way of sneaking up on one.

  3. waitforit Says:

    Well, I needed that. I needed that. 🙂 It’s been some time since the laughter and good feeling was natural. And that did it.

  4. Beverly Says:

    What a great gal. Hanging onto her brand new hat!

  5. Bob From Virginia Says:

    A 105 year old was asked if she had anything good to say about being that old. She answered “no peer pressure”.

    A 95 year old great grandmother was asked by her great granddaughter how she was? She answered “still alive dammit!”

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