June 3rd, 2014

Snowden, the movie…

…meets the perfect director.

No doubt Stone will bring all his legendary attention to detail and historical accuracy to this latest project.

5 Responses to “Snowden, the movie…”

  1. Artfldgr Says:

    he is hoping to be included withe such great films as:

    Dziga Vertov’s “Three Songs about Lenin”

    Sergei Eisenstein’s “Battleship Potemkin”

    or even Danièle Huillet, Jean-Marie Straub’s 1984 classic “Class Relations”

  2. Tonawanda Says:

    The funny thing is, JFK was a very entertaining movie despite the total baloney.

    The acting was amazing.

  3. Steve Says:

    Tonawanda, a much more interesting movie about JFK is called ‘JFK: The Smoking Gun.’


    I wonder if Stone has the stones to go after Obama. Somehow I doubt it. Gutless wonder that he is.

  4. Beverly Says:

    Oliver will never go after President Composite-Girlfriend. Never.

    Realwest, who used to post at Little Green Footballs back when Chuckles was still on Team America, told an anecdote about Stone that I’ve never forgotten.

    Realwest was also a Vietnam veteran. He said there’s a particular bar in midtown (NYC) that a lot of the vets used to hang out in, including Stone.

    Then “Platoon” came out. Stone went to that bar not long after — and every veteran in the joint saw him, stood up, and turned their backs on him, in silence. Stone looked at them for a moment, turned, and walked back out. Realwest said he never saw the SOB in the joint again.

    They were bitter and angry that Stone had painted them as a bunch of psychos in a loser war.

  5. Don Carlos Says:

    Anyone who pays to see a Stone movie is a moral chucklehead, an enabler.

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