June 4th, 2014

The Bergdahl scandal and public opinion

There’s a growing sense that, at least for now, the Bergdahl prisoner exchange and its fallout has the left spooked.

Maybe Obama will weasel out of this mess, too, either by way of the same tricks that have extricated him from so-called “scandals” such as Benghazi, or by distracting us in some new and horrific way. Or maybe there will be a hurricane somewhere that can provide a serendipitous photo-op to impress those Americans who have political attention-deficit disorder.

But at the moment this story, probably more than any other story of Obama’s presidency, is one that makes him look bad. It seems to simultaneously expose his disregard for the safety of America and Americans, his sympathy for fundamentalist Islamist governments, his failure to do his homework, his drive towards greater executive power, his disregard for Congress (including some members of both parties) and the law itself, his mendacity, and the stupidity and collaboration of his advisors in all of the above.

I may have left something out, but you get the idea.

The military men and women who served with Bergdahl and on whom Obama counted to keep their mouths shut are (unlike the diplomats in Benghazi) speaking up and telling what they know. The NY Times and Time and other organs that normally can be counted on to carry Obama’s water are spilling it all over the place. That leaves lonely folk such as TNR’s Brian Beutler and Esquire’s Charles P. Pierce doing their level best to convince the world that it’s only vile Republicans complaining about the swap, and that their carping is motivated by petty politics and a cold attitude towards the suffering of prisoners of war.

But it’s not taking too well so far, not as well as during previous dustups. Obama and his advisors may be surprised at that because they may not have understood the feelings this story would tap into. Peter Wehner understands that this story has had a visceral effect, shocking even some people who didn’t think themselves shockable anymore about anything Obama might do:

My response to what has occurred is not just intellectual but visceral. I consider what occurred, when everything is taken into account, to be substantively indefensible and morally dishonorable. The president, in my estimation, has rendered a great service to our enemies, and they know it. (Mullah Omar, the head of the Taliban, hailed the release of the top five Taliban commanders from Guantanamo as a “great victory” for the mujahideen of Afghanistan.) The president’s decision may well endanger American lives down the road. And his administration has elevated an apparent deserter–one whose actions were reported on in the past (see this 2012 Rolling Stone article by Michael Hastings) and who is responsible for the death of fellow soldiers who tried to rescue him–into a hero.

This strikes me as morally grotesque…

In this case, it’s the president and I who occupy different worlds, including different moral worlds.

This story, unlike some of the others, is neither hard to understand nor difficult to follow. It seems awful on its face, and many of the American people are reacting on that same visceral level. For how long they will react that way, however, and to what effect, I do not know.

As evidence of the revulsion towards what Obama has done and towards Bergdahl’s actions, I present Facebook’s “Bring Bowe Bergdahl Back” page and its fellows:

A number of individuals who initially supported the page’s mission are now having second thoughts as troubling revelations continue to emerge…

The page, which is nearly five years old, has about 34,500 likes as of this writing. Other pages, including one called ‘Bowe Bergdahl is a Traitor,’ have already attracted nearly as much attention in just the past 48 hours.

Administrators of that page are sharing anonymous comments by self-identified soldiers who offer a glimpse into their knowledge of Bergdahl and the circumstances of his ostensible capture by the Taliban.

Comments on the page show an overwhelming shift in public sentiment regarding the prisoner.

When Chris Matthews and Diane Feinstein are among the critics, Obama knows he’s got a problem. Jon Stewart, an Obama supporter who was already angry at the Obama administration over the VA hospital scandal, is at least as unhappy about the prisoner exchange, too.

All of this indicates that there’s something about this one that—at least temporarily—is achieving a level of disgust with Obama that doesn’t seem to have been reached previously. But the only obvious remedy, impeachment, seems to still be politically unavailable. I repeat a question that’s been asked before: what would Obama have to due to trigger a real possibility of impeachment in the House leading to actual conviction in the Senate?

[NOTE: Here’s a good summary of the Bergdahl scandal so far.]

63 Responses to “The Bergdahl scandal and public opinion”

  1. CapnRusty Says:

    Maybe it’s finally time for me to contact liberal ex-friends and relatives with whom I have not spoken since 2008. Perhaps there’s a crack in the edifice. But what should I say?

  2. M J R Says:

    CapnRusty, 1:16 pm —

    Don’t bother. He’s still ‘waay better than Bush.

  3. vanderleun Says:

    There will be no impeachment. Ever. Under any circumstances.

  4. Molly NH Says:

    Yikes! capnRusty I can relate to your predicament.
    Obama support along with support for his party’s other elected officials has caused a *coolness* between me & my older son. The younger son, who although he was
    an Obama voter, has been much more amenable to listening to how much of a *putz* Obama is. Plus a healthy dose of, “liberals want to take away the Bill of Rights & ignore & hate the US Constitution”
    He especially *enjoys* anti Obama humor. I don t go overboard just little pokes at how poor a leader Obama is, he belly laughed at that string of juxtaposed photos of Obama vs Putin, that someone posted here. Try emailing his fans that !

  5. M J R Says:

    “There’s a growing sense that, at least for now, the Bergdahl prisoner exchange and its fallout has the left spooked.”

    Hardly. Those who detest this country and who are reveling in its newfound imbecility are eating-drinking-making-merry.

  6. M J R Says:

    “But the only obvious remedy, impeachment, seems to still be politically unavailable.”

    In the end, it was the Republicans who told Nixon to get his sorry butt off the stage. Sez M J R, it is now up to the Democrats to remove their Nobel Peace Prize – winning Anointed One.

    Sigh. What are the odds of *that* ever happening?

  7. Ymarsakar Says:

    Nixon resigned because he was a patriot. Not because of Republicans.

  8. Mr. Frank Says:

    What would it take to lead to impeachment? It would have to be something like the Edwin Edwards standard of being found in bed with a dead woman or a live boy.

    I’ve noticed that Obama’s approval ratings seem to have a floor of 40% no matter what he does. You’ll see it now with the VA scandal and the prisoner exchange. He won’t go below 40%. He gets a sure 10% from blacks and 30% from lefties. Admitting you were wrong is tough for Obama voters.

  9. Bill West Says:

    After a few opening sentences telling the audience why he was inclined to remain in the position to which he was elected, Nixon said in his resignation speech, “In the past few days, however, it has become evident to me that I no longer have a strong enough political base in the Congress to justify continuing that effort.”

    He then said how important it was for a President to have the support of Congress.

    If President Obama has expressed this sentiment, I must have been paying attention to something else at the time.

  10. Tonawanda Says:

    Short of incontrovertible proof that he was born in Kenya, hard to imagine what could get BO impeached, and probably that would not.

    Beyond the political calculations of both parties, which would similarly abhor the idea of impeachment, the country across the spectrum would simply not have the stomach for it.

    The word “visceral” as used in the post is a good one. For the time being, at least, folks are paying attention and are feeling nauseated. Here’s hoping they make a retrospective connection with Benghazi, another sickening episode.

    Not a fan of O’Reilly, but I came across a clip from last night where he claims to have spoken to a Whitehouse “insider” who told him something fascinating: BO has realized that his administration cannot accomplish anything more, and thus public opinion has become irrelevant.

    O’Reilly continues, because public opinion is irrelevant BO feels free to do what he wants and that is exactly what he is going to do, regardless of the negative backlash it may cause.

    O’Reilly specifically included the five enemy commanders for one deserter trade as BO doing what he wants.


    I believe BO is willing to be detested and that scares me.

  11. Harry the "Extremist" Says:

    Well it looks like the science is settled on the whole “Evil genius”/”incompetent ideological knave” argument. He really, really, really doesnt get it.

  12. waitforit Says:

    Impeachment is too good for Obama. What he deserves is what he has done: mockery, slander, marginalization.

  13. Geoffrey Britain Says:

    “what would Obama have to do to trigger a real possibility of impeachment in the House leading to actual conviction in the Senate?”

    A videoed racist rant ala Rev Wright? Perhaps…

    A videoed series of bribes with money exchanged? Maybe…

    Nothing less than publicly shooting children… that’s what it would take, something on that scale.

    In other words, it’s not going to happen. Congressional democrats place leftist ideology far above anything but personal survival. They are Americans in name only.

  14. Ann Says:

    About those Democratic Congressional critters: Looks as if they’re starting to hear from their voters — the top-ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, calls this a “dangerous precedent that puts all Americans at risk throughout the world.”

  15. PCachu Says:

    Silly Geoffrey.

    The only thing that could get Obama impeached and convicted at this point is if he publicly announced he had switched parties and become a Tea Party Republican, and would begin mass bureaucrat firings in all non-defense departments by week’s end.

  16. RickZ Says:

    Geoffrey Britain Says:

    A videoed racist rant ala Rev Wright? Perhaps…

    Why do you think the LASLimes buried deep in the bowels of their building that Rashid Khalidi tape?

  17. Don Carlos Says:

    Anyone recall the rants against Ted Cruz by alleged Conservatives? Even on this site?
    Now they contemplate impeachment of the Emir? To what end? To elevate Biden? That’s truly a nutty exercise.
    It will be far far better to seek electoral victory in November and to use Bergdahl and the price paid for him as electoral bullets.

  18. Roy Says:

    By November this whole affair will be mostly forgotten.

  19. Paul A'Barge Says:

    It’s the desertion, 100%. Why?


    Israel has several times exchanged literally hundreds of Palestinian monsters for one (1) Israeli soldier. One.

    Had Bergdahl been captured and had he not deserted at best and collaborated (traitor) at worst, there would be precisely zero blow back. Zero.

    It’s the desertion.

  20. parker Says:

    There wil be no impeachment and conviction of the 2nd black president. The 1st black president was impeached and look what happened then. The House holds the purse strings, they need to hold them tight and cut off funding for all BHO initiatives. No funding for cap and trade, etc.

    “By November this whole affair will be mostly forgotten.”

    This one may have legs and allow the spotlight to be redirected to some of the previous crimes. BHO fears he will be a very lame duck after the November elections. This Bergdahl travesty is the act of a desparate narccissist. Heck, I even have believe there is a good chance that Joni Ernst can take Tom Harkins seat. 🙂

  21. L.B. Says:

    “what would Obama have to due to trigger a real possibility of impeachment in the House leading to actual conviction in the Senate?”

    Forget about the real stuff. He would need to commit an uncool act, something socially unacceptable at the High School level. It would have to be something that would jeopardize the DemProgs’ (ie the cool kids) standing causing them to ostracize him so as not to be associated with him… but at that point impeachment wouldn’t be worth it for the R’s. Maybe he looses his drawers and exposes a tiny weeny.

  22. neo-neocon Says:


    You wrote:

    BO has realized that his administration cannot accomplish anything more, and thus public opinion has become irrelevant.

    O’Reilly continues, because public opinion is irrelevant BO feels free to do what he wants and that is exactly what he is going to do, regardless of the negative backlash it may cause.

    But that is not new. Obama felt free as soon as he won his second term.

    Not to brag, but I predicted as far back as 2010 that this would happen if Obama were to be re-elected in 2012:

    And then, and then—voila! Four more years! Four years in which he won’t have to answer to the electorate at all. He will be unleashed to do whatever it is he really wants. And does anyone think that would look moderate at all?

  23. Steve Says:

    Now that the troops feel free to speak their minds about Bergdahl, maybe his father will be seen in a new light. I bet he was treated with sympathy before. I hope he loses his job at UPS now.

  24. Tonawanda Says:

    Neo: brag away! Great foresight.

    But then the discussion about clueless-ness and tin-earitis is superfluous.

    BO is just being BO, unleashing his non-moderate desires.

    Which is what makes the most sense to me.

    He is getting away with whatever he can, and boy it is and will be ugly.

  25. Eric Says:

    Harry the “Extremist”: “Well it looks like the science is settled on the whole “Evil genius”/”incompetent ideological knave” argument. He really, really, really doesnt get it.”

    I disagree.

    Sure, there’s a PR backlash, but it’s not as though Obama is running for President again. The public wind will bluster and blow and die out, with any lasting effect contained by left-allied media and activists.

    Meanwhile, Obama has cemented more (no longer) radical course changes in real terms of conditions, precedent, and policy. Our norms.

    For example, whether or not you’re a historical fan of their liberal internationalist choices, Wilson and Truman both left office as highly unpopular Presidents, yet they paid that price in order to cement fundamental course changes for US foreign policy that set our route for decades moving forward.

    ‘Community organizer’ activists think ahead to the horizon and beyond, not just what’s in front of them. They play the long game. At least I did. When I was an activist, I willingly took the short-term hit for the long-term gain. You really think Obama “really, really, really doesnt get it”?

  26. waitforit Says:

    That’s a good argument, Eric, especially concerning Wilson, not so much Truman, but that debate isn’t really valuable at this point.

    Obama transcends even Wilson in his hatred of the Constitution and Christianity.

  27. Don Carlos Says:

    Anyone who thinks Hussein doesn’t get it is measuring with a delusionally wrong metric, the projection of American standards onto an antiAmerican. Hussein is and has succeeded brilliantly, brilliantly I say. The country’s been harmed, is being harmed, and will be harmed, irreversibly? Bingo! That’s Transformation!
    He’s getting it done while we stand on the sidelines and point our fingers at flagrant fouls which are not called, so he scores again. And again. And again.

  28. waitforit Says:

    Don Carlos, it ain’t nothing that bad yet or else could I do this:

    Hey Obama, sniff my butt, yeah, my butt. You know you want it.

  29. Eric Says:

    CapnRusty: “Maybe it’s finally time for me to contact liberal ex-friends and relatives with whom I have not spoken since 2008. Perhaps there’s a crack in the edifice. But what should I say?”

    M J R responds: “Don’t bother. He’s still ‘waay better than Bush.”

    CapnRusty, that’s your answer, except do bother.

    If the window to their hearts and minds is possibly loosened by a crack, then now is the time to drive a wedge with a direct Obama v Bush compare-n-contrast.

    Recall: http://pjmedia.com/blog/no-statute-of-limitations-on-bush-bashing/

    The false narrative of strawman-Bush remains the Dems’ default, proven reliable strategy when Obama can’t stand on his merits. Remove that piece and the field will open.

    Rehabilitate Bush’s legacy only on foreign policy if you’re not a fan of Bush’s ‘compassionate conservatism’. Break the Democrats’ pegging defense of ‘no matter what, Bush was worse’.

    Then, don’t stop there.

    Follow up by flipping the script: Expose the Dems as bamboozlers who knew that Bush was right and, moreover, he reacted normally to 9/11, but the Dems sold out the national interest and opted to use the national emergency instead to trick the American people – specifically your friends and relatives – for partisan gain. To the Democrats, your friends and relatives were no more than marks ripe for the con.

    Third, highlight the compounding harms that have resulted from the Democrats’ self-interested deception and Obama’s deviation from Bush.

    Fix the popular narrative on Bush v Obama, and maybe, we can still re-right our foreign policy. Maybe.

    Note: At minimum, you’ll need to be able to explain to your friends and relatives that Bush was justified and right on Iraq.

  30. KLSmith Says:

    “….. what would Obama have to do……?”
    He would have to kill babies (yes, plural) in broad day light in public with his bare hands, and white babies don’t count.

  31. waitforit Says:

    Cheerleader in Texas: Obama, he’s a bad thing. We need to make sure the world is safe from the Obama’s. Hooray, hooray! (This is good USA.)

    Here’s the beauty of the Obama numbers v the Bush numbers. Bush’s were less, that’s true, but only because the information influenced information people, which were Bush supporters. That the information turned out to be propaganda is unfortunate, but in the final reckoning, irrelevant to this issue. If it had been true, as accepted, the Bush ignominy, let us posit (as in the case of Nixon,) that those who hold truth and law paramount (conservatives) demand consequences from their leaders. They will be stopped before the ugly results.

    Progressives do not do this.

    They demand blood from their enemies. If their leaders give this, their leaders are fine and the progressives dine. On the corpses of their enemies. This is who the Islamists and Progressives are.

    Remember this.

  32. Yancey Ward Says:

    You can already see the plan taking shape. Today, the NYTimes started the campaign to discredit the accounts of Bergdahl’s former comrades. After a week’s worth of stories casting doubt on the soldiers’ accounts of their efforts to find Bergdahl, Bergdahl himself, who has been carefully prevented from speaking out, will be sent forth to the talk shows. My prediction is that he will out himself and claim his colleagues are lying because he is gay. I think Oprah will get the first interview.

  33. Tonawanda Says:

    I am a total idiot.

    In case there is one person who does not know this, neo has a series called “A Mind Is A Difficult Thing To Change.”

    I have not read it all or even a lot of it, just enough to see the brilliance and fascination.


    So far, I am realizing that basically there is nothing I have thought of that she has not already thought of.

    And if you all are familiar with this series, forgive me.

  34. Eric Says:

    Yancey Ward,

    Yep. The narrative contest of the activist game. You can also see the Dems/Left narrative smoothly taking shape in the comments here:

    If they could spin the Iraq mission, with its long, open-source background, they can spin anything.

    The activist game is the only social-political game there is.

  35. Eric Says:


    Indeed. That’s a big reason I comment here. I haven’t read the whole series, either, but enough to know Neo gets it. My view of Walter Cronkite was revised by Neo’s posting on his instrumental role in the Vietnam War.

    How any of Neo’s readers can be familiar with her foundational series and yet persistently underestimate the Left, the power of Marxist-method activism, and the utter need for the Right to match the Left’s activism generations ago let alone today, I don’t know.

  36. Don Carlos Says:

    Yancey: Interesting thesis. I just hope futtbuckers will demand performance from the outted Bowe. I do feel sorry for him as a child of his revolting parents, though. He never had a chance.

  37. Cornhead Says:

    Immune from impeachment due to race.

    He just needs to be rendered completely impotent.

  38. waitforit Says:

    It’s what got me Tonofwanda. It was just so right on, so to my heart, that first start. Funny that. I want to jerk Neo to the smoke shed, but that has not happened. She has usually prevailed; I cannot complain because the result redounds to my favor.

  39. waitforit Says:

    I made the ferry it was not fear the ocean threw the mayor and around was sound:


  40. Steve57 Says:

    You might think the Obama administration might have learned something by now.


    You would be wrong.

    Every once in a while you run across a bad actor like Bergdahl, but in general you can’t go wrong with putting your faith in the troops. It’s why you can launch knowing, if you need them, your ejection seat and your parachute will work as designed.

    I guess they still think they’re dealing with frat boys doing keg stands, instead of serious individuals who are adults at 18 and act like it.

  41. Ymarsakar Says:

    After 9/11, I read Neo Neocon and Dr. Sanity and the rest, because of my interest in psychology.

    They weren’t particularly political or military blogs at the time.

  42. Ymarsakar Says:

    Israel has several times exchanged literally hundreds of Palestinian monsters for one (1) Israeli soldier. One.

    One dead corpse.

    You forgot to notice that.

  43. Ymarsakar Says:

    Also, the Israelis are only trading prisoners at that exchange so they can buy votes from religious Jews or fundamentalist Jews.

    In the past, the exchange ratio was something like 3 for 12. Or 5 for 50. They’ve debunked their currency.

  44. southpaw Says:

    The narcissist in chief will not go quietly into the night – the vindictiveness after his party loses control of the senate will shock even his hardcore supporters. The first black president will also be remembered as the most childish and petty president in history, as it becomes clearer his grand vision of transforming this place he hates into a third world collectivist crap hole is an epic fail.
    Impeachment would just make his temper tantrum worse.

  45. Beverly Says:

    My NYC union Democrat bellwether, Vinnie, has been a staunch support of Barry O: she thinks he’s a nice young man; “poor Obama, he tries so hard — it’s just all those rotten people [especially Repubs, of course] in Washington” (my best example of the Limbaugh Theorem in action).

    But she’s 65, was brought up as a patriot, and has been gulled and lied to for decades by the TV “news.” (No cable, just broadcast.) Even so, even she exclaimed spontaneously just last fall, “This whole country’s going COMMUNIST!”

    I asked her, “So why do you keep voting for the Democrats?”

    She replied, with bottomless disgust, “Who am I supposed to vote for — the other one?”

    So anyway. Fast forward to today: I asked Vinnie if she’d heard about Bergdahl, and she said, a bit bewildered, “Yeah, I heard about that.” I told her he was a deserter, that the other men in his squad had been ordered to keep silent; and that the Taliban guys who’d been released were “top guys!”

    “Oh, I don’t know … ” she said, sounding like she Really didn’t want to.

    “Well, I do: at least one of them is wanted by the International Criminal Court for war crimes and murdering thousands of people! And you KNOW they’re going to get right back out there and start killing our boys! What was he thinking???

    She asked, with an edge of anger and shock, “There were FIVE guys released?”


    At first she said she didn’t know how Obama had allowed this to happen, but I said, “Vinnie, he ordered this to happen.”

    “Yeah, I know,” she replied, miserably.

    I bet you dollars to donuts that there are a Lot of people doing a Lot of rethinking about the Creep. This is too big of a pile of ordure to step over, even for the Low-Information Voter. And it sure looks terrible for the Government Numpties to get up there and slander our fighting men when they tell the truth about it.

  46. Eric Says:

    Beverly: “you KNOW they’re going to get right back out there and start killing our boys!”

    Also remind her what they’re going to do to Afghanistan and the Afghan people, especially anyone who committed their life and their family’s lives to the American promise.

    “This is too big of a pile of ordure to step over, even for the Low-Information Voter.”

    Don’t underestimate the proven narrative capability of their propagandists and the reach of their activists, especially with people like you’re friend who wants to believe and extend the benefit of the doubt for any plausible alibi.

    As I’ve said, if they could spin the Iraq mission, with its long open-source background, then they can spin anything.

  47. Eric Says:

    * your friend

  48. Eric Says:

    Note that Obama didn’t turn the Taliban leaders over to the custody of Afghanistan or even transfer them to a 3rd party while working in careful concert with Afghanistan. He released them with light and limited conditions.

    I wonder how close this action is to an act of war of the US against Afghanistan.

  49. Promethea Says:

    Steve57 . . .

    “I guess they still think they’re dealing with frat boys doing keg stands, instead of serious individuals who are adults at 18 and act like it.”

    Ultimately everything boils down to:

    1. liberals: childish, believes the government can solve all problems like weight control, unwanted babies, self-esteem issues

    2. conservatives: adults, believes that people have to work hard to achieve their particular dreams, self-control, work toward personal goals

    It’s time for the adults to find ways to take back the United States.

  50. Beverly Says:

    Steve57, great video.

    I blame Hussein Obama for the subsequent deaths of our Seal Team 6 guys at the hands of the Taliban:


    Did you know the Army claimed they “lost” the chopper’s black box?

    Did you know that the helicopter’s landing zone was not properly vetted for threats nor protected by gunships, while commanders criticized the mission as too rushed and the conventional Chinook chopper as ill-suited for a dangerous troop infiltration?

    Every day, Charlie Strange, the father of one of the 30 Americans who died Aug. 6, 2011, in the flash of a rocket-propelled grenade, asks himself whether his son, Michael, was set up by someone inside the Afghan government wanting revenge on Osama bin Laden’s killers — SEAL Team 6.

    “Somebody was leaking to the Taliban,” said Mr. Strange, whose son intercepted communications as a Navy cryptologist. “They knew. Somebody tipped them off. There were guys in a tower. Guys on the bush line. They were sitting there, waiting. And they sent our guys right into the middle.”

    Read more: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2013/oct/20/families-suspect-seal-team-6-crash-was-inside-job-/#ixzz33jfAwHHS
    Follow us: @washtimes on Twitter

  51. Beverly Says:

    There is an Enemy of the Nation in the White House.

    The facts, at this point, admit of no other interpretation.

  52. gracepmc Says:

    Watching the video of Bergdahl’s transfer, with the helicopter leaving off in the distance, the Taliban knew it was over and they had won.

  53. Promethea Says:

    Beverly Says:
    June 5th, 2014 at 12:26 am
    “There is an Enemy of the Nation in the White House.

    The facts, at this point, admit of no other interpretation.”

    Yes. What you said. We have a Traitor in the White House.

    Unlike, neo-neocon, I have a poor memory for relevant details. However, I can be brilliant in recognizing the Basic Underlying Idea.

    We Have a Traitor in the White House, and the adults will have to take care of business.

    The frat boys and pajama boys will have to be dealt with.

    Congresspeople need to do their jobs or suffer the ugly consequences. The French Revolution was a great example of what life is like under mob rule. It’s time to become adults.

  54. Don Carlos Says:

    Beverley, that Enemy is far more than one man. It is the Democratic Party and their voters. Yes we have an Emir, but it’s his court that makes this happen.

    This country is facing a schism as it did in the 1850s.

    Bergdahl is great because he solidifies the young soldiers (e.g. the non-applauding West Pointers) against the regime, those same young soldiers who the LIVs thank for their service, unlike the 1970s. We need events to provoke a coup. Martial law in the right hands.

  55. ZION'S TRUMPET » The Blatant, Open, In-Your-Face Disregard for Law and Anything Good Says:

    […] neo-neocon | The Bergdahl scandal and public opinion […]

  56. physics geek Says:

    I repeat a question that’s been asked before: what would Obama have to due to trigger a real possibility of impeachment in the House leading to actual conviction in the Senate?

    Nothing. You could have incontrovertible video evidence of Obama robbing charities so as to guild the frame on a real Kenyan birth certificate and the Democrats would still circle the wagons and not vote to convict.

    Back when Clinton was president, Sen. Moynihan was on (maybe) David Brinkley’s show and was asked point blank if lying about sex -under oath- with an intern was an impeachable offense. He didn’t even pause and said “Yes”. When it was pointed out that Clinton had just admitted to the affair, Moynihan looked like he had just eaten a rotten lemon and he muttered something unintelligible. Not long after, he was among the unanimous Democrat votes in the Senate to not convict. The party uber alles mentality has only gotten worse since then. There is no crime that Obama could commit that would force the Senate Democrats to commit an even graver offense: willingly giving the opposition a victory.

  57. Eric Says:

    physics geek: “The party uber alles mentality has only gotten worse since then.”

    This is a major factor in why social politics is an activist game that operates on the principles of military maneuver, not HS debate club – politics as war by other means.

    In an activist setting, even something that seems self-evident like the harmful, norms-breaking nature of the Bergdahl exchange, or need to resolve the festering Saddam problem, can be rationalized in the narrative contest.

    In the activist game, the reasoned truth is just one more competing narrative. Or, said another way, competing narratives are elective truth.

    It’s not enough to prove your case, no matter how obvious it seems. You need to win your case, and that requires a lot more than a fact pattern.

  58. ceejby Says:

    Joe Biden, the ultimate impeachment insurance.

  59. Eric Says:

    ceejby: “Joe Biden, the ultimate impeachment insurance.”

    Is that still the case?

    To what degree of harm to nation and people does Obama have to reach before Biden can emerge as a better option than Obama?

    As much as they’re symbiotic and Democrats have sold themselves to the Left activist social movement, there is still a ghost of separation. Inasmuch there remains a separation, Biden is a mainline Democrat more than a leftist.

    The difference may only be a wisp at this point, but comparatively at this point of Obama’s presidency, I wouldn’t be so quick to proclaim that Biden is automatically a worse choice for America than Obama.

  60. Eric Says:

    Don Carlos: “It is the Democratic Party and their voters.”

    Who are corralled, bred, trained, and put to work by the Left and their activists.

  61. neo-neocon Says:


    I would much much rather Biden than Obama. And that’s saying something, because I think Biden would also be a disaster. But not quite as big a disaster as Obama. Not as malevolent, basically.

  62. Ymarsakar Says:

    Biden’s a white privilege puke. He has more vulnerabilities than the Left’s current BLack baby God of lowering seas.

    Also people think Hussein is smart, and that Biden is dumb. With the equivalent assumption that dumb a people will do more damage.

    That, in itself, is the height of stupidity.

  63. Ymarsakar Says:

    The LA releases Taliban leaders so that they can rape girls, acid burn the faces off little girls, and kidnap little girls like Haram.

    That’s what you need to pin on them, and then you need to take that original sin and guilt, and stick it to your Democrat friends. Only when they feel the hate they ought to have felt, will they begin breaking the abused wife syndrome.

    Otherwise, they come back in a few days, their wounds regenerated, and says “Hussein still loves me, he’s still better than other men”. “You just got to give him more time, he’s trying”.

    Meanwhile, as the LA is doing this overseas, their demon spawns from Democrat neighborhoods, families, and environments, are busy killing American kids. Right now.

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