July 3rd, 2014

Fun facts about illegal immigrants

Want to see how stupendously, destructively, and deliberately messed-up our immigration system is?

And don’t forget that the background to the following information is that for years the federal government, which is in charge of enforcement, has refused to effectively police and/or fence off the border to reduce the numbers of new illegal immigrants we’re dealing with. And then, as the following statistics make clear, it refuses to discourage them from staying or to make any serious effort to track them once they’re here. Au contraire.

First, we have the fact that although some illegal immigrants file tax returns, the feds refuse to do anything to catch them. Apparently the desire to get their taxes (and it’s not at all clear how much tax they pay) trumps the desire to deport them:

…[T]he Social Security Administration estimates [I wonder on what basis or how accurately] that 75% of undocumented immigrants are actually on formal payrolls and are paid by check just like anyone else. They get on the payroll by using fake or fraudulent social security numbers or social security numbers of the deceased, which are easily available from counterfeiters for a couple hundred dollars. A growing number of undocumented immigrants now file their income taxes using Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers (ITINs). ITINs are issued by the IRS for filing purposes only and do not provide permission to work. According to the most recent estimates, at least 3 million unauthorized immigrants filed income taxes using ITINs in 2009. (NOTE: the IRS does not report undocumented immigrants to the Department of Homeland Security.)

On the topic of how much tax could be extracted from illegal immigrants:

…[T]he incomes of migrants [sic] working in the informal economy are generally so low—less than $13,000 per year, according a recent UCLA study—that most would ultimately be exempt from paying income taxes or have extremely low tax liability even if they did file and claim cash income.

And then there’s Mexico, our friendly and helpful neighbor to the south:

The United States receives constant criticism from the Mexican government for its efforts to curb illegal immigration. And United States officials criticize Mexican officials for passing out handbooks on how to cross the border, saying Mexico is trying to avoid political and governmental reforms at home by encouraging its citizens to leave.

You probably already know that Mexico itself has a Draconian policy for dealing with illegal immigrants. Apparently it’s “Do as we say, not as we do.”

And here’s a ream of factoids for you to ponder (the site where I got them says that these statistics are based on Federal Bureau of Investigation and Department of Homeland Security reports, but it doesn’t give exact links, so I can’t account for their veracity. I almost hope they are exaggerations because they reveal such a dreadful picture):

83% of warrants for murder in Phoenix are for illegal aliens.
86% of warrants for murder in Albuquerque are for illegal aliens.
75% of those on the most wanted list in Los Angeles, Phoenix and Albuquerque are illegal aliens…
29% (630,000) convicted illegal alien felons fill our state and Federal prisons at a cost of $1.6 billion annually
53% plus of all investigated burglaries reported in California, New Mexico, Nevada, Arizona and Texas are perpetrated by illegal aliens.
50% plus of all gang members in Los Angeles are illegal aliens
71% plus of all apprehended cars stolen in 2005 in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada and California were stolen by Illegal aliens or “transport coyotes”.
47% of cited/stopped drivers in California have no license, no insurance and no registration for the vehicle. Of that 47%, 92% are illegal aliens.
63% of cited/stopped drivers in Arizona have no license, no insurance and no registration for the vehicle. Of that 63%, 97% are illegal aliens
66% of cited/stopped drivers in New Mexico have no license, no insurance and no registration for the vehicle. Of that 66% 98% are illegal aliens.
380,000 plus “anchor babies” were born in the US to illegal alien parents in just one year, making 380,000 babies automatically US citizens.
97.2% of all costs incurred from those illegal births were paid by the American taxpayers.

Still curious about the accuracy of the above statistics, I went to the current 10 Most Wanted List for Los Angeles, just as an example. Strangely enough, the page only lists seven most wanted, and it doesn’t state their immigration status—except for one man, whom it lists as a citizen with dual US/Guatemalan citizenship believed to have fled to Guatemala. But all seven are indeed Hispanic.

This seems well-sourced (Pew) and very disturbing: as long ago as 2008, 1 in 12 births in this country were to people who were here illegally. Of course, their children born here automatically become citizens. I have no problem with that law for legal immigrants, but for illegals it’s wrong and counter-productive. Illegal immigrants have higher-than-average birthrates, too. You can see how it is that California turned blue so quickly, after having been a red/purple state for many years.

In 2009 it was found that “79%, of the 5.1 million children of illegal immigrants residing in the U.S. in 2009 were born in the country and are therefore citizens.”

Those of you who hate Lindsay Graham, please note this curious fact (the article was written in August of 2010): “Late last month, South Carolina Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham announced his support for reconsidering automatic U.S. citizenship for babies born to undocumented immigrants. He said the status quo enticed people to enter the country illegally and have children to qualify for U.S. benefits.”

What happened? This:

Legislation to amend birthright citizenship stalled when it was introduced in the past decade in the House. It would require a vote of two-thirds of the House and Senate, and would have to be ratified by three-fourths of state legislatures.

Proponents of amending the 14th Amendment, which was enacted in 1868, say it was intended to guarantee citizenship to freed slaves after the Civil War, not the offspring of illegal immigrants.

Amend that, and you would begin to have truly comprehensive immigration reform. I don’t see that it will ever happen, though, because we’re already past the tipping point. There are too many liberals who are against it, and the longer it’s delayed the more numerous the “against” votes will become.

In fact, “tipping point” is the operative phrase here. We’ve not only reached it, we seem to be long past it. Obama is merely focusing our attention on that fact. It will be “interesting” to see what his promised executive action on “comprehensive immigration” might be.

And although citizen actions such as this one in Murietta, California, are encouraging, right now the only result they have is to persuade the feds to release the illegal immigrants into the populace at some other venue. Unless every single community gets wind of what’s happening and effectively blocks it, isolated protests such as Murietta’s will be an inconsequential speedbump along the road.

32 Responses to “Fun facts about illegal immigrants”

  1. Oldflyer Says:

    I commented on a report documenting that Gov Jerry Brown has signed a law allowing an illegal driver’s license for aliens, despite the fact that he had ranted against the government dumping Vietnamese refugees in California back in 1975. I noted that a fellow, using the name Lewis Carroll, once wrote a fantasy about a young girl who passed via a looking glass into a bizarre world in which nothing made sense.

    I wonder just when we, as a nation, passed through that glass.

    I applaud the people of Murietta. I am sure they will pay a price.

    Pelosi went to the border and declared “we are all Americans”. We should all stand and state that we are “Muriettans”. But, I suspect that we are too comfortable to do that.

  2. raincityjazz Says:

    Interesting that the most common nationality or ethnic designation for Washington State’s official most wanted list is Hispanic. Strangely, though, Hispanics make up only 5% of our population. Also, the overwhelming majority, 90 – 95%, of those wanted by the State Patrol for serious crimes are Hispanic. Insiders claim that almost all of new and/or often moved public school students are Hispanic. Of course our state doesn’t allow the schools to check the citizenship status of these budget-busting newcomers.

    Seattle is a “Sanctuary City” and pays a huge price, making it even less desirable as a home to mainstream Americans.

    Anyone can walk into an emergency room and estimate the “ethnicity” of the majority of patients waiting for care here. Of course the medical personnel don’t check for citizenship; they just patch up the problems as the law requires them to do, and pass the cost along to the insured and the taxpayers.

    Here, as in most places, our leftist overlords most quickly blame the Tea Party, Right-Wing Fanatics, and/or Religious Zealots for any and all problems. Try to point out that we could save a huge amount of money on crime, welfare, medical services and education by aggressively identifying and deporting the illegals, and you are reflexively condemned as racist and ignored henceforth.

    Leftists hate America and any citizen who is truly patriotic. They must be stopped. We are running out of time to save ourselves, if it is not already too late.

  3. Sgt. Mom Says:

    I actually do find the listings cited for illegal alien crime to be horrifying AND quite credible.
    This administration aiding and abetting more of the same is every bit as horrifying, as it is quite obvious that as well as importing a whole new dependent voting bloc, the administration maliciously intends to injure ordinary working Americans in every possible way. Openly flout every kind of civil law, drive hospitals out of business, flood the schools, start epidemics, make deathtraps of streets and highways, and slums out of working and middle-class suburbs.
    Yep, the ruling class, especially Obama despises everyone who is not a dependent or a toady – and so I am certain they are gleefully looking forward to crashing our systems.
    Remember the three-part story that I linked to last week – all about what happens with regular, hard-working Americans get fed up with being run roughshod over by a criminal-political alliance?

    “The image of a ‘vigilante’ most usually implies a disorganized mob; lawless, mindlessly violent, easily steered but ultimately uncontrollable. The Vigilance Committee was something much, much worse than that. They were organized, they were in earnest, they would not compromise … and they would not back down.”

    It’s been a long time since a Committee of Vigilance cleaned house, but I am certain that historians and patriots have not forgotten how it works.

  4. Ann Says:


    That California driver’s license for illegal immigrants is set to go into effect next January, but there’s been a hiccup. Seems the design of the thing doesn’t pass muster with the Dept. of Homeland Security because it’s “not distinguishable enough for security purposes from permits given to citizens”.

    But not to worry — “Immigrant-rights activists have vowed to fight proposals that would make them look significantly different from other licenses. The activists consider conspicuous markings to be a kind of scarlet letter.”

    Wish I could say surreal, but what are the odds Homeland Security backs down? Maybe they already have since the linked article was from this past May.

  5. Mr. Frank Says:

    The open borders crowd seems oblivious to the truism that large numbers of unscreened illegal immigrants have an impact on the receiving area. When people move they take their culture with them. When southern blacks moved north after WW II they transformed places like Cleveland, Chicago and Detroit.

  6. Matt_SE Says:

    I suppose we could have a race war.
    That’s one solution.

  7. parker Says:

    Blacks, bho’s chosen racial identity, are harmed the most by the rising tide of illegal aliens. Those who actually want to find work are disadvantaged by aliens who will work off the books for just a few dollars. Black inner city gangs are already at war with latino gangs and this causes a great deal of inter-racial violence to cascade into urban schools. The irony of all the damage he has done and is doing to blacks seems to escape 99% of blacks. I guess they see bho as their homie president sticking it to ‘the man’.

  8. Sgt. Mom Says:

    Parker – that’s what I already heard and begun to see various crime stories.My daughter’s cynical take on it all is, “Hey, you think white people have done a number on you? Wait until you get a load of what the Hispanics will do…”

  9. blert Says:

    Mr. Frank…

    I don’t know where or how the meme got started…


    WWII defense contractors paid their own agents to comb the rural southern countryside for tractable (Black) labor. They then paid all their expenses – up front – to move and reside in Detroit, Cleveland, etc.

    This mass displacement during wartime was justified by the reality that Whites were being drafted and sent to the front.

    With rare (and now famous) exceptions, Blacks did not serve in the front lines during WWII. Black casualties during the conflict were accordingly nil.

    Even the Tuskegee airmen were deliberately kept away from intense fighting with the Nazis. (This was not always successful. On a few occasions the Germans showed up and waxed their tails in very short order. Lacking any replacements in the pipeline, the airmen were diverted to milk runs after each debacle. Eleanor did not want her favorite military formation destroyed in combat.)

    The recruited Blacks triggered mass riots in Philadelphia (transit strike) in the summer of 1944. (IIRC)

    The recruiters did NOT sign on the girl friends — usually. Due to wartime pressures, the typical southern (Black) recruit was housed in segregated, bachelor quarters until he could find something better. As you might imagine, the typical recruit was flat broke and housing near new war plants was in short supply. All of this was ultimately paid for by the US Taxpayer. (Cost Plus contracts)

    The surge in Black family formation after the war was possible as the GIs moved into Levittown and its clones leaving the old neighborhoods behind. Now that the war was won, the (Black) gals moved north to find husbands — who now had a house/ apartment of his own.

    It was WWII that caused Oakland to turn from (massively) Irish to Black. (Oakland, not San Francisco, became the main USN port in the bay. — and Alameda )

    Wartime policing and restrictions meant that Black crime — as we think of it today — was suppressed. Once liberalisation hit during the Fifties, Black crime rates took off. The ghetto became a no-go zone for most cops.


    Barry is simply doing what FDR did.

    He does not tote up the damages to native American Blacks.

    They’re in his hip pocket — true proles.

    Think of them as ‘vote-broken,’ as sheeple.

  10. Cornhead Says:

    No need to amend the constitution to get rid of automatic birth citizenship.

    A brave state AG could position a case today for Supreme Court review. No problemo.

    But how would King Kennedy rule? Only his vote counts.

    I’ve read the birth equal citizenship cases and they aren’t close to what is happening today. Did you know that there is citizenship birth tourism? Chinese woman fly into the US to special birth hotels just for the purpose of citizenship.

  11. Cornhead Says:

    The key to understanding why the 14th Amendment doesn’t confer automatic citizenship to everyone born in the United States is knowing that none of the American Indians born in America after 1865 were US citizens until much later when Congress passed a law.


    While the Indians were born on US soil they were not born under the sovereignty of the US. They were subjects to their sovereign Indian Nations.

    Same deal with the anchor babies. Their parents are interlopers still loyal to their home countries.

    Law review scholarship is the source of the above.

  12. jon baker Says:

    Regarding taxes-Earned Income Tax credit, unlike traditional refunds, means many people can get back MORE than they pay in…..hence hundreds of returns going to the same residence… There were stories about this a few months ago…congressional investigation revealed this after members of the IRS went to congress to report their bosses were forcing them to approve questionable returns…

  13. Richard Saunders Says:

    Any “immigration reform” bill should include a 10% withholding tax on remittances out of the country. If they want it back, they have to file tax returns — real tax returns. If they don’t, the Treasury collects money that will. to some extent, offset the costs of having them here.

    Although, to be honest, to some extent illegals are offsetting their costs – Social Security is being kept afloat by the withholding taxes on millions of Ramon Gonzales’s and Maria Fuentes’s, Social Security Nos. 123-45-6789, who will pay in, but never collect, Social Security.

  14. Matt_SE Says:

    To expand on raincityjazz’s point:

    I grew up in Yakima, WA. The community is economically organized around fruit growing; apples, cherries, hops for beer.

    “Migrant farmworkers” were winked at for decades. Everyone knew they were illegals from Mexico that travelled north to pick fruit. The problem was, they brought all sorts of unsavory characters with them.

    Yakima became the hub of drug distribution throughout the state, owing to its central location and the human networks established by the migrant farmworkers.

    The city’s crime stats soared, and many satellite communities ended up being overrun by Mexicans, until whites were the minority and they moved out.

    The leftists, safe in their enclaves in Seattle, never had to live with the Mexicans or the consequences.
    Limousine liberalism, very similar to California…which increased when Californian liberals started migrating in-state about the 1990’s.

  15. Matt_SE Says:

    The only more dysfunctional ethnic group were the Yakima Indian Tribe.

    I worked for a stint as a security guard at a social services office in a satellite community. I was told to “watch out” on certain days: the days that the local tribe got their disbursement checks.

    On those days, all sorts of weird, drunken shit would happen. Violence, public urination/defecation, sex in the office’s restrooms, vomiting, patrons passing out…

    I also had a friend that was a social worker attached to a hospital. She used to deal with child custody matters that involved the tribe.
    She said that the tribe would rather have an Indian baby assigned to an abusive Indian couple than have it go to a stable white family.
    And the judges that decided these matters would back the tribe up.
    Sad, and disgusting racism.

    But what do you expect from a people that have been run as socialist utopian guinea-pigs for generations?

  16. Matt_SE Says:

    On another note, I read that illegal immigrants cost California $25 billion per year, when the state’s budget is only about $100 billion.
    It’s estimated that they pay only about $3 or $4 billion in taxes.

    The majority of the expense, around $14 billion IIRC, comes from public education.

    The idea that illegals pay more into the system than they take out is A FLAT OUT LIE, AND A FRAUD.

    With Obamacare, which we were promised illegals wouldn’t qualify for, the budget would explode. Now, we find out that as many as 1/8 of the original enrollees may have been illegals.

    That’s how they made it to 8 million…by cheating. Again.

  17. Matt_SE Says:

    I tell you, the more I think about it, the more sure I am: for at least the “business” community, illegal immigration represents the return of slavery. And they stand to benefit greatly.

  18. Beverly Says:

    The reason Jackass Jerry Brown “had ranted against the government dumping Vietnamese refugees in California back in 1975” was simple.

    Some 97% of the Vietnamese refugees, like all the other refugees from Communist Prison Planets, voted REPUBLICAN.

    Against the Left, which they rightly loathe. And the Vietnamese had a special reason for hating the Dimwits: they were the ones who had pulled the rug out from under the South Vietnamese, ensuring their enslavement by the Communist dictatorship and leading to hundreds of thousands being butchered by same, plus hundreds of thousands more fleeing by boat to Hong Kong (anyone remember the “Boat People”?). Many of those died as well.

    Yeah, Jackass Jerry, the _______, sure didn’t want any of THOSE people in California.

  19. Beverly Says:

    Yep, big business has allied with the Leftist scum to import millions of SCAB laborers, and FOIST the cost onto us Americans.

    We are so screwed.

    By the way — B.O.’s approval rating among blacks has actually slid, according to today’s Quinnipiac poll, to 75%, which is amazing: that means that at least one-fourth of them are so fed up they’ll tell a pollster.

  20. Matt_SE Says:

    It’s slowly dawning on some of the black community that importing lots of illegals won’t work out so well for them.
    Maybe they saw how Charlie Rangel’s primary fight went.

  21. blert Says:


    What can I say…

    You nailed it.

  22. blert Says:


    You might be shocked…

    Of all the North American natives, the Yakima tribe has one of the highest Caucasian blood quantums. (DNA is 25% ‘X’ on the male haplogroup. (not a reference to the X chromosome, X is a European branch of the human genome that indicates that Solutreans pre-populated the Americas about 10,000 years before the native American Asiatic tribes.

    (All native (American) tribes trace their DNA to Kazakhstan. Crazy,… I know. { except European DNA.} The ONLY viable explanation is an ancient/ semi-modern a genocide/ race war — first espoused to ridicule by Thor Heyerdahl. With every passing discovery, Thor is proving to be a genius — up with Darwin and the rest.)

    Heyerdahl insisted that oral Peruvian legends spelled out the war in explicit detail. ‘Modern’ (liberal) ‘scientists’ repressed such tales.

    Do examine the following video illustrating the collapse in stone craft.


    It boggles the mind. ^^^

    If there is ONE thing that the Solutrean culture is famous for it’s stone work. Their art was incredibly sophisticated — hard to replicate even in the modern day by PhDs.

    In the video footage one sees that the stone wall is actually a figure of art. It’s not a plain wall at all.

    It’s so sophisticated that it would challenge modern engineers.

    Something HAD to happen to kill off the culture that produced this art work.

    A race war largely explains the cliff dwellings in Colorado.

    Decades after the original discoveries/ research — the locals have admitted that a horrific race war was at the bottom of the buildings — and that their creators were utterly destroyed by the Red man.

    The Red man knew ALL about White men. Legends about Europe are riven through native American culture — to include the Cortez expedition.

    The superiority of the Whites was a ‘given’ based upon Aztec legends. THIS is the reason that Cortez was able to get away with his astounding expedition.

    Ditto Pizarro.

    The Incas were pre-primed when Spaniards showed up. Even gun powder and horses were not enough. The Incas really did regard the Spaniards as ‘gods’ bent on revenge.

    This race war echo is exactly why Pizarro was able to do the (otherwise) impossible.

    He was regarded as having Captain Kirk powers.

    The guns, armor and horses simply sealed the deal.

    At no other time in history could a mere company of men conquer a nation of MILLIONS.

    Everyone remembered the race war legend. It was THAT fresh.

    (Far from being the innocents, the Incas, themselves, were as bloodthirsty as any Nazi or Soviet. It’s no wonder that the proles rebelled — en masse.

    Most of the Inca legacy is now known to pre-date them. The Inca empire was astonishingly young. The Incas had nothing to do with Machu Picchu — apparently — it was abandoned when they came to power. (!)

    None the less, Machu Picchu is STILL termed an Incan site. (!)

    (It was rediscovered only about a century ago! Think about that.)

  23. Cornhead Says:

    Another solution is that every city of 10,000 or more could adopt the ordinance that Fremont, Nebraska did. Landlords can only rent to people here legally. The 8th Circuit approved it.

    Illegals won’t have anyplace to live. They will then self-deport.

  24. Matt_SE Says:


    That won’t be enough. The illegals will form communities of 9,999 persons, and then move on to the next one.
    Ineffective by itself.

    I prefer going after the employers, hardcore. After a couple of hundred businessmen are frog-marched on TV, there will be no jobs for the illegals, which is what they’re here for.

    Of course, the border must be sealed tight. I personally wouldn’t mind a one-mile wide minefield (with signs in Spanish).

  25. Matt_SE Says:


    I never assumed they were victims of their genes, per se, but more like victims of socialism.

  26. Cornhead Says:


    Things can be done, but nothing whatsoever is done.

    If Obama appeared in TV and radio commercials in Central America and told them to stay home, it would work.

    Or buy outdoor billboards with Obama on them and the following text: Stay home!

  27. Cornhead Says:

    TV ad released yesterday per Breitbart. Should have been done six months ago.

  28. Ymarsakar Says:

    Black gang violence, Latino wise gang violence, will be used to make law abiding American citizens disarm and obey the evil of the US Regime.

    It’s like it was intentionally setup to afford the statistics.

  29. J.J. Says:

    Matt_SE, one of my friends is a retired Yakima cop. His tales of police work in Yakima align perfectly with your descriptions.

    Eastern Washington is a hotbed of illegal immigration. Where I’m located in the Skagit Valley with all its berry and potato farms, there are plenty of illegals as well. Much of the crime reported in the local rag indicates people with Spanish names are the major perps.

    The farmers, meat packers, landscapers, and a few other businesses want the illegals here. It’s true that there aren’t enough seasonal workers here to get the crops in no matter what the farmers pay. The old Bracero program worked pretty well to meet the farmer’s needs. That program was ended because of agitation by the United Farm Workers Union headed by Cesar Chavez. In spite of that, the illegals kept coming to pick crops and the farmers hired them. But a lot of them, instead of going home at the end of the harvest as they did under the Bracero program, began to just stay. Then Reagan agreed to an amnesty in 1986. Since that time the allure of work, anchor babies, ever increasing benefits, and the possibility of another amnesty have attracted many more illegals. It has been a growing cancer on our society as the cost of them being here outstrips the benefit they provide. At some point it has to stop and the first step is to control the border. A fence would work. It works well for the Israelis. Ending the anchor baby entitlement would help – less incentive to come. Ending medical benefits would help as well. The only way to get to that point is to vote for candidates who want to control the border first.

    blert, interesting stuff about early American cultures. If two different ethnic groups came here at different times and only one lasted – well all we have to do is look at the continuous rounds of invasion, conquering, enslavement, and genocides in Eurasia from 400 AD until the 30 Years War in the 1500s to see that such an outcome would be pretty normal for the times. The American Indians were not the “Noble Savages” they have been painted as by many of the blame White America first crowd. And I say that as person with 1/16th Pawnee blood. American Indians were just like all humans of the time. Conquering other tribes, taking slaves, and trying to wipe out entire tribes was pretty standard stuff. In those days might meant right. As humans we’re still trying to extract ourselves from that mind set. Not there yet, but we’ve come some distance.

  30. Ymarsakar Says:

    Going to need to go back to might makes right for a time.

  31. Liberty Wolf Says:

    I have heard of Hispanic gangs in LA trying to wipe out the blacks in the area, whether they are gang affiliated or not. I mean, going on a crusade to kill blacks and drive them from Los Angeles. Apparently, this is succeeding as many parts of LA that were once majority black like Compton or Watts, have become majority Hispanic. And, yes, many are illegals and not simply from Mexico, but from other areas.

    Every hard lefty I know in the Bay Area — and many elsewhere, believe that the illegals should be allowed in. It is anathema to say otherwise. Of course, they chalk anyone who thinks people should not cross illegally as a “racist”. These folks don’t seem to get it that in the countries the illegals come from, the “undocumented” if you will – they don’t accept people just climbing over the border either. No one has the right to just walk into someone else’s country. As usual, this is lost on so many otherwise intelligent and often grad degreed folks.

  32. Liberty Wolf Says:

    It is also very hard for these same folks to understand that I am not on the side of illegal immigration. My father, when he retired from the military, was in immigrations and he is Hispanic. However, his family was annexed by the USA (he’s from Taos New Mexico) and they were not immigrants. But to many lefties we are all the same. I find this somewhat irritating.

    Certainly legal immigration is another thing altogether but it is not surprising that lawlessness is pronounced among illegals as what they did is illegal to being with. It is like starting a marriage by having an affair on your spouse first. I mean, marrying the person you are cheating on your wife with — (after divorcing her once the affair is underway). How could your new spouse trust you not to do the same to them?

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