July 8th, 2014

To deport or not to deport, that is the question

For the last couple of weeks, President Obama has been doing virtually nothing about the border crisis and giving out mixed signals about his intentions. The mixed signals are themselves intentional, meant to throw a few fish to each side while he goes about trying to achieve whatever his real goals might be.

An educated guess at the latter would be (a) placate his base, which very much includes advocates of virtually open borders (b) convince the rest of America that he’s really trying very hard to solve the problem and wants to deport most or all of the illegal newcomers (c) send an overt message to Central America that the influx must stop, but a covert one that it can continue (d) say it’s the Republicans’ fault; and (e) make sure most of these people stay and ultimately become Democratic voters.

That’s not so hard, is it? And mixed messages, as well as delay, suit the purpose quite admirably.

Meanwhile, why doesn’t Congress act? It doesn’t need Obama to do so. Why doesn’t at least the Republican-controlled House pass a bill repealing the 2008 law that treats Central American illegal immigrants with kid gloves? One representative is attempting to do exactly that, as early as next week:

An Arizona Congressman is set to propose legislation that would allow federal authorities to immediately return Central American illegal child immigrants apprehended at the U.S. border back to their home countries.

U.S. Rep. Matt Salmon will introduce the bill early this week, according to the Arizona Republic.

If passed, the bill would undo a part of a 2008 law that requires U.S. Customs and Border Protection to turn over unaccompanied immigrant children from countries that do not border the U.S. to the Department of Health and Human Services.

“I think the first step to fix it is to give our CBP guys the authority to immediately repatriate them back to their countries,” Salmon told the Arizona Republic.

But what about the bill’s chances? Without the Republican leadership behind it, will it even clear the House (and of course Harry Reid can easily just ignore it in the Senate)? Boehner has been mouthing support of “comprehensive” (i.e. what the Democrats want) immigration for quite some time, so there’s no real reason to trust him. However, oddly enough, it was in late June, when the immigration crisis was already heating up, that Boehner empowered Salmon by appointing him to a group making recommendations on what to do about the situation:

“Let’s face it: I’ve been a thorn in leadership’s side,” says Arizona Republican Rep. Matt Salmon, sitting at his desk in the Rayburn House Office Building.

Earlier that day, Salmon had just been named by Speaker John Boehner to a special “working group” on the crisis at the southern U.S. border, where tens of thousands of unaccompanied children are streaming into the country with hopes that President Obama will grant them amnesty.

Salmon is the most conservative member of the new group, and his selection by Boehner is surprising, to say the least, given that the Arizonan has been a leading critic of House leadership.

“Probably nobody was more shocked than me, but I was pleasantly surprised,” Salmon says.

What does this move mean? We can only guess at Boehner’s motives and his true intentions. Is the crisis making him see some opportunity for support for what ought to be the Republican point of view (expedited deportations)? Or is this just a way to make it seem as though he’s taking things seriously when he has no plan to do so?

Harry Reid’s position, on the other hand, is no mystery.

It’s not as though what Americans want is a mystery, either. Even before this current crisis, they’ve been clear for many years that their priority is to seal the border first. It would have been a winning hand for Republicans if they had strongly emphasized that’s what they’re for, and one would think that was in their own interests too. But it hasn’t been that way for the most part, almost certainly because their money comes from businesses who want the illegal immigration flood to continue. Thus, both parties (Democrats more than Republicans, but both parties) seem to be conspiring to thwart the will of the American people.

And the people are well aware of that:

29 Responses to “To deport or not to deport, that is the question”

  1. Yancey Ward Says:

    While I think the Democratic goal is a full amnesty for all the illegal residents (and millions of new voters within 5-10 years), I think the administration and Democrats have been deeply surprised by the crisis at the border. Unless they are really, really stupid (can’t be discounted!), there is no way this was engineered in order to produce a crisis that would lead to Congress or Obama acting to “legislate” an amnesty. You can see the surprise by Obama’s unwillingness to do a photo-op at the border. Worse for the Democrats is that the mainstream media is starting to cover this, even if their coverage is still slanted. For the media, they well may be too stupid to see that this crisis undermines the amnesty push, and undermines Democrats in the coming election.

    I expect the endangered Democrats will, by next month, start to run against the Obama Administrations immigration policies just to have any hope of winning in November. Keep your eyes on Hagan, Pryor, Begich, and Warner.

  2. nkbay99 Says:

    I’m afraid that the Administration is “too stupid”. Take a look at the Request for Proposals issued by DHS in January. It requested “escort services” for 65,000 unamcompanied minor illegals. No surprise in June – They knew it was coming.

    We have to start referring to these people as Undocumented Democrats.

    Why is the United States the only country that has no enforced border? The steps that have to be taken are to SEAL the border; line the border with the National Guard or the Army; send anyone who makes it through immediately back to Mexico; eliminate any foreign aid to any country that permits this migration; demand that Mexico implement and enforce a 5 mile buffer zone on their side of the border; Mexico should ensure that no one can board a bus to a border town without a visa

    These steps may seem draconian but when you are in a ditch, the first step is to stop digging.

    Here’s a thought – We can’t impeach Obama (would you want Uncle Joe to take over). How about an effort to impeach Harry Reid?

  3. Richard Saunders Says:

    You mean “unescorted minors” get free hookers at the border? Aren’t they a little young for that?

  4. Geoffrey Britain Says:

    President Obama’s … real goals might be are to (e) “make sure most of these people stay and ultimately become Democratic voters”.

    Obama’s border ‘crisis’ is a manufactured crisis whose purpose is to give the Democrats and RINOs the political cover needed to pass Comprehensive Amnesty for 11-33 ‘undocumented democrats’. Cries of “something must be done for the children” will be the promoted meme and rationale.

    100,000+ illegal immigrant children isn’t going to make that big a difference, not even adding their parents and siblings will be decisive. But 11-33 million new ‘undocumented democrats’ is a mortal blow. Once Amnesty with an ‘expedited path to citizenship’ is in place, its all over.

    The Republican leadership is “conspiring to thwart the will of the American people”… “because their money comes from businesses who want the illegal immigration flood to continue.”

    62% of Romney’s 2012 campaign donations came from big donors…

    Boehner just indicated that he expects to have the votes after the 2014 election to pass Comprehensive Amnesty for 11-33 ‘undocumented democrats’.

    Since this will result in permanent one-party rule in America, RINOs value money over patriotism but in selling out their country, they directly destroy their country and thus they commit treason by any other name.

  5. nkbay99 Says:

    You all might want to read “Barack Obama’s Rules for Revolution” by David Horowitz. It is a scary description of what has happened; what is happening; and what will happen in this country

  6. Sgt. Mom Says:

    To me, the scary part is – the secrecy imposed on the various places where these “kids” are being warehoused. From some accounts, many of them are late-teenage males, which any law-enforcement expert will tell you is the dangerous age. And the rest, or even a substantial overlap – are riddled with all kinds of Third World diseases, from scabies through body lice, the usual childhood diseases which most American children have been inoculated against (unless their parents are idiots) all the way to drug-resistant TB and swine flu … and god knows what. And the general plan of the Obama administration seems to be to turn them loose … to anyone making a claim of kinship, or shipping them to red states, if they are not already in red states.

    It would seem that this influx are the 21st century and human equivalent of diseased corpses thrown over the wall into a besieged city. Sorry to be so harsh, but there it is. Paranoid? With this administration and it’s well-demonstrated malice towards anyone or any organized party demonstrating fidelity to the Constitution … well, you can never be too rich or too paranoid. This is all deliberate, but I am not entirely certain they expected the potential for horrific epidemics, though.

    Or maybe they did. Perhaps they also want to see it all burn.

  7. Ymarsakar Says:

    Sgt Mom, perfect scenario for Zero Patient, in Zombie Apocalypse. Creation of new virus for mankind.

  8. Ymarsakar Says:

    We can’t impeach Obama (would you want Uncle Joe to take over)

    If you can’t do something against the Left, what does it matter what the negatives are? It’s just an excuse people tell themselves as a consolidation prize for winning. Dozo, here’s a tissue, congrats on not winning.

  9. Yancey Ward Says:


    The crisis didn’t start last month. It has been ongoing since the end of last year. The media only started to pay attention in June, which is when more Americans first started to hear of it.

  10. neo-neocon Says:

    Sgt. Mom:

    I’m in complete agreement about the secrecy. One of the worst aspects of the whole thing: a stealth invasion, perpetrated by the federal government on the states and the people.

  11. Ymarsakar Says:

    Democrats have been importing in slaves and making sure they can’t get off the plantation since before 1860.

  12. kaba Says:

    It is a concern what else might be coming across our border while our border agents are occupied playing nurse maid and changing diapers. It would seem a perfect opportunity for some group to import a WMD.

  13. Matt_SE Says:

    In related news, ISIS is now in control of 2500 chemical weapons captured in Iraq.

  14. Lizzy Says:

    Sgt, Mom – According to an internal DHS report posted at Breitbart Texas 47% of these non-Mexican unaccompanied minors are boys age 14-17 (and I’m sure none of them are older but lying to be considered a minor). Not exactly the doe-eyed toddlers that Obama admin & MSM use tug at our heartstrings.

    Pair this with the secrecy and the fact that these young men likely were escorted to our border via established drug trafficking routes and it looks a lot more sinister. Is this just drug cartels getting their people I place to support their business, or is this potentially worse, such as a more organized force/gang looking to fight for La Raza? I know, crazy, but it’s not like the administration has been open about it’s role in this surge and it’s intentions in dealing with it.

  15. Sgt. Mom Says:

    Thanks, Lizzy and all, for instantly grasping the point – this has all the hallmarks of something deliberate, but also of getting out of hand in short order. And that our federal government appears to be inimical to everyone in the US outside of groups useful to them.

    A horrific epidemic which can be traced to this bit of Cloward-Pivening has fateful implications for this administration, and very likely much more than they had ever contemplated when they thought up this nasty little plot.

  16. Matt_SE Says:

    Insensitive of me to say this, but a pandemic that killed 10,000 U.S. citizens might be getting off cheap.
    That would be a tiny price to pay if it meant overthrowing the corrupt government we now have.

    But that one is in God’s hands, not mine.

  17. J.J. Says:

    Sgt. Mom, “this has all the hallmarks of something deliberate,”

    One thing that strikes me is the fact that it costs money to have the coyotes ferry you across Mexico. These illegals are not hitchhiking their way to the border. There is a lot of money being paid to coyotes and Mexican police to get them to the border. Where is that money coming from? All these poor illegals are fleeing from abject poverty, yet they have $12,000 per person to get here? This should be an issue of inquiry. The Border Patrol agents or some other law enforcement officer should be questioning these perps as to exactly how they got to the border and who paid for it. There has got to be a connection to the U.S. Those Central American countries don’t have that kind of money to pay people to come here.

    Without border security we cannot truly be a sovereign nation. This is, without any doubt dereliction of the C-in-C’s duty to protect the country.

  18. nkbay99 Says:

    Great conspiracy theories(probably mostly right) but what concrete steps should the Feds be forced (somehow) to take?

  19. J.J. Says:

    nkbay99: What concrete steps? National Guard on the border to assist the Border Patrol. Patrol the Rio Grande so that no boat can make it across. Obama could issue an order to set aside the law passed in 2008 that allows children to stay once they are here. He could encourage Congress to change the law post haste, but an executive order would do it in the meantime. Stop all financial aid to the countries where these illegals are coming from. Including Mexico. Get Congress to appropriate the money to complete the fence – all 1700 miles of it. Complete with high tech cameras and infra red detection systems. Keep enough agents on the fence to insure few illegals can get over or under.

    Unless we can control our border, we are just another Banana Republic. And that is what we’re starting to resemble.

  20. Don Carlos Says:

    If vigilantes do not rise again, that will be further proof the USA has tipped into weeniedom. 140 shootings(!) in Rahm’s Chicago over the long weekend but the CHIcops don’t frisk and search because of civil rights “concerns”. I guess if urban blacks, a fairly violent demographic, don’t strike back like rural mexicans have done against the narcos ( and private guns are illegal in MX), the game is surely up for us sorry-ass talky-talky white folks. A nation of gutless weenies is what we’ve become. Our hollow words strike forceful blows, no?

  21. Ymarsakar Says:

    The concrete step must be to break the power of the Left, which means the feds now that the feds are part of the Left.

  22. Ymarsakar Says:

    To me, the scary part is – the secrecy imposed on the various places where these “kids” are being warehoused. From some accounts, many of them are late-teenage males, which any law-enforcement expert will tell you is the dangerous age.

    Hussein’s civilian security force stronger than the US military? Armed by DHS and ATF’s weapons that couldn’t be shipped to terrorists in the Middle East or Mexico? Trained in the FEMA camps that were said to be intended to house Americans “involuntarily”? Trained in Common Core and Common Killing?

    Perhaps. Nothing is unimaginable, to those who have working imaginations.

  23. Mike Says:

    “Unless we can control our border, we are just another Banana Republic. And that is what we’re starting to resemble.”
    Given the lack of respect and concern for the citizens of the US by both the Democrats and the French Republican leadership, I think we are already a Banana Republic. 🙁
    I guess it is sort of like being shot and nicking your Femoral artery. If you don’t get to the emergency room, you are a walking dead-man. So my question is, do you see any qualified ER doctors that can fix the problem? While we conservatives will always fight on, there comes a point in time when the grasshoppers simply overwhelm the working ants.

    While I agree “instant deportation with no chance to immigrate to the US” is desirable,it just isn’t going to happen. Maybe with regards to the kids on the border, I think if they simply said that all kids coming across are “wards of the state” and have no family ties that will permit their parents to come to the US it may slow the Tidal Wave. Do I expect it to happen? No :-(.

  24. RickZ Says:

    Sgt. Mom Says:

    Thanks, Lizzy and all, for instantly grasping the point – this has all the hallmarks of something deliberate, but also of getting out of hand in short order.

    Of course this invasion is deliberate. President Hissy Fit planned this out months ago (the government placed ads for escorts for these illegal children back in January). Of course this will get out of control. The reason for that is simple: Owebama thought he could encourage this invasion and get away with it (as he has gotten away with every other crime he’s committed as president), but his narcisstic hubris allowed him to think he could control the crisis, too. He’s finding out he can’t.

    Once the shooting starts, and I firmly believe it will, between La Raza types and close the border patriots, things will quickly get radically out of control. Then Owebama’s true tyrannical colors will come out. What happens after that is anybody’s guess.

  25. Don Carlos Says:

    Anybody’s guess, but worth thinking about. Kinda like your own war game.

  26. RickZ Says:

    Oh, and I’ll add: The shooting will start once an American or Americans burn the Mexican flag or flags. Of course, the alphabet soup ‘news’ networks will decry such ‘racism’. But I honestly believe once the tit-fr-tat flag burning happens, the tit-for-tat shootings quickly follow. If the government brute squads (thank you The Princess Bride!) side with the La Raza types, then it will be no holds barred game on: We the People versus everybody else. And We the People have them surrounded.

    Don Carlos,

    Yes, it’s war gaming out scenarios, in order to be prepared. I guess my ‘excuse’, besides being an Eagle Scout and playing chess and go, is all those strategy and tactic board games, with the little cardboard square playing pieces, I spent many an hour ‘fighting’ way back when. Games like Frigate: War in the Age of Sail or Turning Point: Stalingrad, to name two. Playing such military strategy games teaches some very good lessons, even if one doesn’t join a corps of cadets or go to one of the service academies. And those lessons are now more important than ever what with a commie rat bastard president #occupying the Oval Office and having declared War on America.

  27. blert Says:

    0bama has torn up the US Constitution — de facto.

    This sets the table for ex post facto laws.

    Namely, President 45 will have an open door towards ejecting the recent arrivals.

    Their existence and status will be of record — and so many records too.

    In extremis, expect to see citizenship cancellations — en masse.

    This kind of thing has happened many times in prior history.

    The other group to receive citizenship cancellations are the instant American Chinese vacation babies.

    Their acculturation is zero. It’s flagrant.


    With a larger view: America is attracting high IQ ‘flakes’ from Red China, India and all other points via this route.


    The constant refrain for slavery reparations may be resolved by deporting Blacks, en masse, back to Africa — with a life time annuity…. starting with felons.

    Such a program would surely be folded into foreign aid to African despots.

    It would actually create a Peace Corps that would actually work — for Africans.

    For the cultural fact is that Africans just don’t readily accept White (living habits) advice.

    My Nephew was in the Peace Corps in South Africa. Most of his efforts fell on deaf ears. He’d have had to stay much, much longer, be quite a bit older (young college grads have zero rural credibility) and be Black before the locals would adopt any Americanisms — such as rudimentary hygiene.

    Barry’s attempt to bring in more Muslims is destined to backfire because of his proxy armies in the Middle East.

    ISIS has been spawned by Barry’s attempt to create a mirror to the Hez and Hamas. It was supposed to go after Assad. Instead it turned right and went after Maliki.

    You’ll note that ISIS is a cross sabres with AQ/ al Nusrah.

    That split all turns on money: ISIS is being funded by KSA, Qatar and Kuwait precisely BECAUSE it went rogue from AQ.

    Note the timing of that split.


    It’s another John O. Brennan/ BH0 improv…

    This connection is only being made outside the American MSM.

    Is it ANY surprise that Barry took the jihadist movement to the LEFT of AQ?

    Lest we forget: AQ and the rest are more Communist than Islamic. Their Communist spew is totally suppressed by our MSM and kin.

    Remember: Islam has no ECONOMIC solution for modern societies, no working theory beyond robbing camel caravans.

    So the jihadis have folded retreaded Communism in to their policy stew.

  28. Ymarsakar Says:


    one thing people should realize is that the NSA and SS have a lack of analysts, thus without human intel or word algorithms, they can’t parse the data they have on people. Thus if a former US military person writes on facebook something dangerous about Obama, they can pick it up if they want to. But if you change the name of Obama to Hussein and be a little bit more vague or ambiguous, it can fly right past them.

    That’s how computer word programs are. It’s also why people tend to talk in code or every day speech but are referring to something else entirely.

    Rome Total War was a better military simulation than watching Cronkite’s Tet Offensive coverage or the MSewerM’s Iraq war coverage.

  29. Ymarsakar Says:

    I did estimate that the Democrats can create 20 million fake votes in the next election or two. The people who were talking about elections here, when I presented them that quandary and Difficult Task, had no answer for what to do about it. They ignored it.

    Well, going to be hard to ignore the Shooting down South, eh.

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