July 10th, 2014

Kirsten Powers states the liberal position on the border influx

I happened to catch this on TV the other night. Powers is pure emotion on this issue. I’ve featured her talking about it before, here, but if anything I think she’s gotten more feverish about it:

Powers is no dummy; she’s an intelligent woman who can at times be very articulate. Something about this issue makes her short-circuit. This seems to be fairly common these days, and not just for Powers. Here are some of the things that seem to completely escape her and others who hold a similar position:

(1) Countries have borders for a reason, and they have a right and an obligation to set up rules and standards for immigrants in order to protect themselves.

(2) The US doesn’t have an endless supply of money.

(3) This is not a spontaneous refugee situation; it is a crafted and organized one.

(4) Christianity does not require that either a person or a country take on all comers and support them.

(5) If you take in huge numbers of people who’ve broken a basic and important law (we’re not talking about a traffic violation here) you will get people who are lawbreakers in other important ways.

(6) Rewarding a behavior encourages more of the same. If you want to see the floodgates really open, just keep on accepting these people.

51 Responses to “Kirsten Powers states the liberal position on the border influx”

  1. kit Says:

    Well stated, Neo, If our borders are not secured and our laws enforced, we are not a country, just one big playground for illegal aliens.

    I dont even know how this can be an issue. The law says they must go back and back they must go. I read it is 99.5 percent cheaper to fly them home than to hold them here.

    Congress controls the purse. They must cut all funding for all of this. No money. No welfare. No nothing.

    This is abominable

  2. kit Says:

    And would Powers like to contract antibiotic resistant TB. Now, is her big chance. Let her house one or two of those adorable little gang members in her home. So sweet.

  3. blert Says:


    The demographic trend is being blown UP wards.

  4. blert Says:

    BTW, the above projections DON’T include ANY population increase due to illegal immigration.

  5. holmes Says:

    She is somewhat newly Christian and probably here is a fusion of her politics with her new convictions. But she doesn’t live where these people are coming in. She lives in a nice area far removed from it. I don’t doubt her charity, but she’s not exactly down on bended knee dealing with a person infected with scabies.

    And charity here does not require that we let people in. We treat them well, take care, and deport them.

  6. whatclaptrap Says:

    Except that is not really the “Liberal position”.

    It is rather another position altogether.

    To whit:

    Import thrid world voters to destroy the white middle class, and whites in general, and replace the nation with a permanent, communist one party state.

    (Those illegals with remain in Texas, BTW, and help turn it blue in 2016. It is a direct attack on the people of Texas.)

    This woman may indeed be a useful idiot, and may well believe what she says, but she is hardly offering the “liberal position”.

    Until we see the so called GOP leaders calling this out for what it is, then the LEft wins.

    The points 1 thru 6 here are valid, but they are really beside the point.

  7. Beverly Says:

    Wow, what an idiot. This woman is extremely childish: she has no adult understanding of costs and consequences, and swats logic and reason away with angry petulance. I could only listen to half of it. You’d have to stuff a gag in her mouth and Force her to listen to reason, but it would just make her madder.

  8. Mr. Frank Says:

    It’s the old story of the life boat. If you let too many in, they all sink. Let all these kids in, and schools crash, public health suffers, and crime explodes. At some point poor blacks are going to figure out it is their jobs, schools and communities that get hammered.

  9. Alan F. Says:

    You’re right: “Powers is no dummy; she’s an intelligent woman who can at times be very articulate.” She also courageously takes some non-liberal positions. But I have never seen her so distraught. Her sympathetic emotions blind her (and those like her) to your logical argument.

  10. Paul in Boston Says:

    In Jewish law, charity begins in the home. You’re expected to be charitable but you are not expected to impoverish yourself nor do yourself any harm by performing an act of charity. Bringing this new wave of refugees into the country now in these large numbers will endanger us all with their nasty diseases and make employment even more difficult for the poor, the unskilled, and eventually small tradesmen.

    It just goes to show what contempt the Democratic party has for its own constituents. It’s also remarkably schizophrenic. If large corporations were publicly exporting jobs overseas at this rate they’d be in high dudgeon about how they’re hurting the American worker. Since the illegals are going to stay here and vote Democratic, it’s all OK.

  11. Alan F. Says:

    blert, thank you for throwing Numbers USA’s articulate presentation iabout the harm of absolute numbers of humans. He makes the point, also, about not blaming the immigrants themselves.hell, if I were an illegal immigrant, I would not want more like myself to compete with.

  12. Geoffrey Britain Says:

    When intelligent people don’t get the self-evident, they don’t want to get it. Neo’s points are self-evident.

  13. Ray Says:

    It is indeed not a spontaneous situation. The president of Mexico signed an agreement with the presidents of Honduras and Nicaragua to allow their citizens to transit Mexico. I wondered how all those people were traveling thru Mexico unimpeded. Normally Mexico has the army guarding their southern border.

  14. artfldgr Says:

    the new man
    He also has lost any nationalist sentiments, being Soviet rather than Russian, or Ukrainian, or any of the many other nationalities found in the USSR

    you see… open borders are one of the final goals of a world united under one communist flag, a world of no nationalities…

    you see… by resisting obama and the open borders, in the socialists mind you are all Nazis – socialists who want nations.

    but how can you eradicate war, if there are nations.
    if there are no nations, how can there be a war between them?
    [the same thinking applies to guns, sex, babies, women, etc]

    the news people dont know the history and if they do, are not necessarily free to open cans of worms on the tube abusing the position given to them by their employers.

    he meaning of a New Man has widely varied and various alternatives have been suggested by a variety of religions and political ideologies, including communism, liberalism, fascism, and utopian socialism.

    Utopian socialists such as Henri de Saint-Simon, Charles Fourier and Robert Owen saw a future Golden Age led by a New Man who would reconstruct society

    the open borders is part of this cathedral process of building this utopia (front), and dictating its definition (one purpose).

    but common core is another part of molding new socialist man, as is his wifes trying to change eating habits. after all, new socialist man would not poison his body…

    what you all are looking at is the old odd soviet things without reference, and in a different language avoiding people connecting the phrases and ideas with the paraphrases

    rather than start with the catechism, and the rules and all that, they first teach the vales and principals without attribution.

    all a collection of things they believe would make the new socialist man… and erase the old culture…

    the problem with hitlers attempt was that his changes were done so fast, that people lived that remembered what it was, and so it culturally snapped back. the problem with stalins attempt was that it tried to use force to make that man… then there is the chinese way, similar to moscow, but has its differences… and last you have the british fabian project, in wich, over time, as people die out from eugenics and euthanasia by administration, the people who are educated in the old culture the old traditions and all that, will be gone.

    this american version has been a long walk through the instutitions, but other than me, i know no one who has read gramci’s nine volumes. but if you instill the premises the rest of it logically follows, and so if the premises and values are right, people will WANT communism and so will change their own country to such, with a bit of nudging and civil war to heat up the world to hammer it in to shape (see fabians)

    the more obama lets them overrun the border… and so bring in a beholding thug class which every revolution of the sort needs (see article of children confessing that back home they kill people for hire), the more the residents will appear like racists!!!!
    not only that, but the more selfish they will appear as well!!!

    and the point is to make things appear correct to the world view that is the one the left has so that it cant relize the reality of it just the cargo cult appearance of it.

    the arguments of the pundits become “not even wrong” in terms of the actual stuff going on, so in essence can serve no more than a diversion, just as endless inventing things in conversation is, at best, a diversion.

  15. Matt_SE Says:

    I think Powers’ response reflects the knowledge of the impending collapse of the liberal agenda.

    Take any recent issue. It’s over-the-top hysterics, not at all justified by whatever situation you’re discussing.

    This is the outward manifestation of cognitive dissonance: Obama is the messiah, but he’s the worst president in the modern era.

    Too much more of this and we’ll start seeing smoke shooting out of their ears.

  16. artfldgr Says:

    (1) Countries have borders for a reason, and they have a right and an obligation to set up rules and standards for immigrants in order to protect themselves.

    to the left: this is because they are fascist racist states that do not know that is what they are. the only reason for borders is selfishness…

    (2) The US doesn’t have an endless supply of money.

    to the left: yes it does once it drops the monetary system. when money is not needed, then an endless supply of it is what you have… the new socialist men and women will wake up, love their work (and i guess, given Marx, wandering around doing things cause they stay at holiday inn), and provide for the society (like in thos happy soviet posters)

    (3) This is not a spontaneous refugee situation; it is a crafted and organized one.

    [of course… nothing happens by accident in washington was said long ago… its point is to show the world how racist the US is and prove the thesis to the leftist that serve as an unpaid unrewarded army for the people using them]

    (4) Christianity does not require that either a person or a country take on all comers and support them.

    [to the left: irrelevent as god doesnt exist. and socialisms in its idea or ideal stage before it has to become totalitarian to keep power and fore world view… ]

    (5) If you take in huge numbers of people who’ve broken a basic and important law (we’re not talking about a traffic violation here) you will get people who are lawbreakers in other important ways.

    [yes. but a key component to change is a thug class… like the polar bear hunters in the knock out game, or later, people like that given jobs because of their skin differences and so, are a thug army… the revolutions went so far as to release criminals and give them state posts and police jobs]

    (6) Rewarding a behavior encourages more of the same. If you want to see the floodgates really open, just keep on accepting these people.

    to the left: is told this is not true, and they trust the people telling them abour reality. tough, ultimately, the point is irrelevent and also not even wrong. the people coming over the border are just being used.

    the way you use a diamond to cut a diamond… (hegelian)

    the old selfish racist white male culture has to go. so their women will reject them, they wont breed more, the influx will mix them out makign diversity homogenization, and on and on.

    if you know these basic things about the ideology, you know why all this stuff is part of building that cathedral taking 150+ years

  17. artfldgr Says:

    “The Unknown Citizen”
    W. H. Auden – 1939

    He was found by the Bureau of Statistics to be
    One against whom there was no official complaint,
    And all the reports on his conduct agree
    That, in the modern sense of an old-fashioned word, he was a
    For in everything he did he served the Greater Community.
    Except for the War till the day he retired
    He worked in a factory and never got fired,
    But satisfied his employers, Fudge Motors Inc.
    Yet he wasn’t a scab or odd in his views,
    For his Union reports that he paid his dues,
    (Our report on his Union shows it was sound)
    And our Social Psychology workers found
    That he was popular with his mates and liked a drink.
    The Press are convinced that he bought a paper every day
    And that his reactions to advertisements were normal in every way.
    Policies taken out in his name prove that he was fully insured,
    And his Health-card shows he was once in hospital but left it cured.

    oth Producers Research and High-Grade Living declare
    He was fully sensible to the advantages of the Instalment Plan
    And had everything necessary to the Modern Man,
    A phonograph, a radio, a car and a frigidaire.
    Our researchers into Public Opinion are content
    That he held the proper opinions for the time of year;
    When there was peace, he was for peace: when there was war, he went.
    He was married and added five children to the population,
    Which our Eugenist says was the right number for a parent of his generation.
    And our teachers report that he never interfered with their education.
    Was he free? Was he happy? The question is absurd:
    Had anything been wrong, we should certainly have heard.

  18. waitforit Says:

    Relying on altruism is cruel. Relying on gov’t is stupid. Relying on others is risky. Relying on yourself is obvious. Relying on God is necessary.

    The predicate adjectives above may be close to reality to some, not so for others. But when the right mix is realized. well, then you had America.

  19. NeoConScum Says:

    I agree, Neo. I like the Girl and have been quietly impressed with some of the grit she’s shown this year about Obam-bam. And, I caught this exchange on Bill’s show the other night… WHEW…Total EMOTION. Sorry, Kirsten, you’ve set my careful fan membership back several notches. On the other hand…. Yer Yummy… Okay, Neo, I had a T-Rex Guy “slip”. My Bad.

  20. rickl Says:

    Mark Levin spoke at length tonight about how the leftist Hispanic labor organizer Cesar Chavez was adamantly opposed to illegal immigration, because it threatened the wages of the farm workers in his union. That’s another bit of history the Left prefers to gloss over.

  21. CV Says:

    “Refugees” is clearly the approved description now, and the MSM seems to be dutifully regurgitating the latest talking points.

    This morning I watched Steve Rattner on Morning Joe use charts and statistics to sell the “analysis” that escalating crime rates in Central America explain the influx of “refugee” kids.

  22. Ymarsakar Says:

    If Powers is in a Christian community led by Leftists, then she’s in a cult, not a Christian community.

  23. waitforit Says:


  24. Ymarsakar Says:

    Megyn’s more of a real liberal than Powers is.

    Why do people praise fake diamonds.

  25. J.J. Says:

    Hannity just aired his show. He is on the border. Had an interview with Governor Rick Perry, Border Patrol Agents, landowners on the border, and others. Governor Perry showed and told how the border could be controlled. But it will take manpower, high tech, and money. The Governor’s meeting with President Obama sounded like Obama made some favorable noises, but made no commitments. (He has to find out what Jarrett and her bosses [Soros, Steyer, the Ayatollahs, etc.] want first 🙁 )

    According to the Governor and his aides there have been over 642,000 crimes committed in Texas by illegal aliens in the last few years. They talked more about the dangers from the drug runners, the gang bangers, and Middle Eastern (al Qaeda?) illegals than about the children. Perry is satisfied that, if the children aren’t able to cross the Rio Grande and have to turn around, the word will get back to Central America pretty quick. (The magic of modern communications!)

    Texas cannot afford to put 1000 National Guardsmen on the border for the next 24 months. That’s what Perry is asking Obama for. Will he honor the request? My gut says, NO. We’ll see.

  26. Beverly Says:

    Mr. Frank, some poor blacks already Have figured it out:


  27. waitforit Says:

    Sew it with landmines. Build a moat. Install artillery. Whatever it takes. But why has it failed in the first place? It is not resources; it’s treason against our country.

  28. Beverly Says:

    Oh, and Artful, for once I think you’re giving the Reds too much credit: they don’t want US to have borders. THEY have borders, all right!!! and THEN some.

    (So much the easier for the Reds to invade and rape the Free Nations, you see.)

  29. Ann Says:

    Peggy Noonan has a good piece on this up now at WSJ.

    Kirsten Powers would do well to read this:

    Here it must be said that those who live comfortable lives can afford to roll with the historical punches. But people who are not affluent live closer to the ground, and closer to the country’s deterioration. The rougher America becomes, the more they feel the abrasion. They’re not protected.

    And they know no one wants to be in charge, wants to seize this thing and take responsibility. The mind-boggling fact is that everyone in charge more or less suggests they’re powerless to do anything. And the children keep coming.

    And instead of tearing into O’Reilly, Powers should put the blame where it lies:

    There is every sign [Obama will] let the crisis on the border build to put heat on Republicans and make them pass his idea of good immigration reform. It would be “comprehensive,” meaning huge, impenetrable and probably full of mischief. His base wants it. It would no doubt benefit the Democratic Party in the long term.

    The little children in great danger, holding hands, staring blankly ahead, are pawns in a larger game. That game is run by adults. How cold do you have to be to use children in this way?

  30. rickl Says:

    waitforit Says:
    July 10th, 2014 at 11:29 pm

    Sew it with landmines. Build a moat. Install artillery. Whatever it takes. But why has it failed in the first place? It is not resources; it’s treason against our country.

    Sow, not sew. But this.

    No new laws are necessary. Simply enforce existing laws.

    But neither the Communist Democrats or the Chamber of Commerce Republicans want to do that, or else they would.

    It is treason. A government that refuses to defend its borders is an illegitimate government. The Declaration of Independence applies.

  31. Matt_SE Says:


    “Congress controls the purse. They must cut all funding for all of this. No money. No welfare. No nothing.”

    That ship sailed last year with the budget deal. Establishment Republicans unilaterally disarmed by funding the government into 2015. Good luck clawing any of those funds back.
    This is why poor leadership is so damaging: they couldn’t rhetorically defend themselves, so they surrendered rather than take a beating in the press.
    Now there’s no way to cut off the funding. Although, let’s be honest: it’s not like establishment Republicans were willing to go to the mat on this to begin with (see: Chamber of Commerce).

    “And would Powers like to contract antibiotic resistant TB?”
    Perversely, that’s about the fastest way this would turn around: if a pandemic started spreading from the border. Public support would instantly collapse.

  32. Matt_SE Says:

    Also, if the Q2 economic data is horrible in the first print at the end of the month.
    When facing another bad recession, I think the public’s willingness to tolerate this crap will go out the window.

    Otherwise, like the minefield comments above, somebody’s going to have to die before the illegals start rethinking their plans.

    Something’s gotta break before it will get better.

  33. neo-neocon Says:


    “Public support would instantly collapse”? But there is already very little public support. The support comes only from the left. And the left wouldn’t even abandon their support if there was an epidemic. But other than from the left there’s very little support to abandon.

  34. Matt_SE Says:

    Well, in my mind I was picturing something akin to the 1918 Spanish influenza. Bodies stacked like cordwood, etc.
    If that happened, Obama would be lucky if he weren’t lynched…racist overtones or not.

    In that case, even the illegals would be seen less as victims and more like plague rats. The backlash against them personally would not be pretty.

    But however little support you think there is, it apparently isn’t enough to spur action. For that, people need to change from pity or apathy to anger. And I guess we’re just not there yet.

    Americans really have quite a high threshold for pain.

  35. Matt_SE Says:

    Oh, wonderful.
    I just looked up the 1918 pandemic on wiki.
    It was 10% to 20% fatal, and resulted from the H1N1 virus…that same virus that was confirmed in at least one illegal recently.

    500 million were infected, and 50 to 100 million died; 3 to 5% of the world’s population at the time.

  36. M J R Says:

    Ann, 11:43 pm — “Peggy Noonan has a good piece on this up now at WSJ.”

    And among the comments following Noonan’s piece, there is this vignette (paraphrased first by the commenter and then slightly by M J R):


    Following a something of a paraphrase of a Douglas Adams (Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy) vignette:

    Alien lands in Iowa, walks up to the first guy he sees, says “Take me to your lizard”.

    Farmer says, “Don’t you mean take me to your leader?”

    Alien says “Well aren’t your leaders lizards?”

    Farmer says “Goodness no, are yours?”

    Alien says “Of course”.

    Farmer says “Isn’t that terrible?”

    Alien says “Yes, really terrible”.

    Farmer says “Why do you put up with it, do they rule you by force, with weapons?”

    Alien says “Goodness no, we live in an enlightened democracy with free elections.”

    Farmer says “So you are not ruled by force, you vote democratically, you hate lizards, and you keep voting for lizards? For god’s sake why?”

    Alien says “Well of course because we wouldn’t want the wrong lizard to get in!”

  37. M J R Says:

    Following IS something of a paraphrase . . .

  38. blert Says:


    My Granduncle was one of (2) American survivors at the original US Army out break in Kansas: Fort Riley.

    Contrary to Wiki, the US Army medical corps — at the time — considered Fort Riley to be ground zero. It had not even registered as a disease before that.

    He had such a tearful tale that I don’t have space and time for here.

    But the camp looked like Buchenwald in short order…

    Again… ONLY two survivors out of thousands. Quarantined, naturally. He and his buddy (co-survivor) buried all of their buddies — hour after hour — day after day — ….

    After which they both were subjected to every medical test — with new ones being devised by the hour.

    The phlebotomy stopped when all of his veins collapsed.

    Enough blood was drawn to keep both bed-ridden for months on end.


    We now know why they survived: Delta 32.


    ( My Granduncle just about had a nervous breakdown when the topic came up. My Grandaunt told me it had not come up for thirty-years straight. He died nine months later.)

    Much of his account has never been published. It’s too embarrassing to the US Army and its medical corps.


    In “The Deadly Years” Lt. Chekov is subjected to the same pattern of intense medical speculation that my Granduncle endured. D.C. Fontana must have read something about Fort Riley’s travails.

    It’s a small world out there….

  39. blert Says:

    People wonder why Boner is so amiable with Barry.

    If Barry is impeached — Congress is sure to dump Biden, the drunken fool.

    So, any impeachment must rocket Boner into the Oval Office.

    Somehow this fact is overlooked by the punditry.

    Boner is trying to be — and remain — acceptable to the Democrats as a fall back president.

    Should he become as contentious as Speaker Newt Gingrich the prospect of impeachment evaporates.

    Get it?

    The charge is going to HAVE to come from Palin, et. al.

    Boner HAS to be the reluctant president.

    ( The Founding Fathers never anticipated this cross flux. )

  40. Roman Says:

    It seems to me that the Border is the ONLY thing that the left does not want to control. They will tell you how to lead every part of your life and not question their motives as they are pure. What they propose has not worked and will never work, but the intentions are what counts.

  41. Richard Saunders Says:

    Much as I find myself surprised to be saying this, I’d rather have an old drunk ward heeler as President than that sophomore in your dorm room who thinks he knows everything.

  42. Ymarsakar Says:

    Perversely, that’s about the fastest way this would turn around: if a pandemic started spreading from the border. Public support would instantly collapse.

    Homosexuals spread HIV around and made it a pandemic via hybrid vectors in the US.

    Is homosexuality’s public support collapsed already?

  43. Ymarsakar Says:

    It’s Hussein that needs to be deported, btw, over and above anyone else.

    Hussein or migrant workers? Which is more dangerous? After Hussein’s gone, how about deporting and stripping citizenship from Democrats. Who is more dangerous, Democrats or migrant workers that will be used by Democrats?

  44. Geoffrey Britain Says:


    If Obama was impeached and removed from office, upon what Constitutional basis could Congress ‘dump’ Biden?

  45. blert Says:


    Biden has Agnew’s ‘disease.’

    At any time his corruption stats could be proffered.

    Once the log rolls, everybody gets wet.

  46. Geoffrey Britain Says:


    So you’re positing that after impeaching and trying Obama, that enough corrupt democrat politicians will then vote to impeach and try Biden, another corrupt politician and essentially vote to hand the Presidency to the Republicans?

    Sorry, for me, that’s too tough a pill to swallow.

  47. Ymarsakar Says:

    The US can’t think 1 step beyond the Left, and people wonder why the country is losing.

  48. Harry the "Extremist" Says:

    Great post Neo.

  49. Matt_SE Says:

    “Homosexuals spread HIV around and made it a pandemic via hybrid vectors in the US.

    Is homosexuality’s public support collapsed already?”

    Did HIV result in “bodies stacked like cordwood?”
    A non-parody version of Monty Python’s “bring out yer dead” like the 1918 pandemic?
    ‘Cause I must’ve missed that.

  50. neo-neocon Says:


    A post I wrote that deals with the flu epidemic.

  51. blert Says:


    MOST of the fatalities were folded into the official war dead tally.

    They are the back drop for “Doctor Zhivago” — as his main duty during the war was to contain the Spanish flu. It’s not specifically spelled out, however.

    The reason that August 8. 1918 was “the Black Day” of the German Army was that the Spanish flu was running wild at the front. (both sides) It caused a wholesale collapse in German morale — as the Americans kept on coming on.

    Sgt. York’s exploits turn entirely on Spanish flu. The outfit he attacked was riven with Spanish flu. The Germans that were captured were totally demoralized and in ill health. (You wouldn’t know it from the movie.) They were practically all that was left of an entire German division that was on strictly defense awaiting fresh replacements for flu fatalities.

    Adolf Hitler missed all of this. He was in his sick bed during the height of the Spanish flu.

    The result was that Adolf (and Hess) could not IMAGINE what had happened to German military morale during their stays in the hospital.

    Spanish flu also largely dictated events in Poland and Russia over the next few years.


    And in other great news: a fool at the University of Wisconsin is messing around with Spanish flu — RIGHT NOW.

    It died out of its own accord. No cure was ever discovered.

    It has a severe racial bias: the only protection appears to be to have Delta 32 genes… which are White genes. Delta 32 mutation is not known anywhere else in the human species.

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