July 12th, 2014

The border: Clash of the Titan Interest Groups

This is what happens when we don’t have one America: the Democratic Party creates its coalition by catering to a diverse group of ethnic interest groups, and some day the very special interests of those very special interest groups will clash.

In the following clip, we see a microcosm of the competing groups, as well as rifts within the black community itself. My guess would be that almost everyone speaking on the video is a Democrat, although I can’t be sure. But they certainly show a diversity of opinion and a great intensity of feeling about it, too, as well as some eloquence. The Vietnam vet has a quiet firmness. I can’t always understand what the guy on the left with the white hair and curly beard is saying, but the earnest younger man in the black shirt’s “This make no sense!” comes through loud and clear.

I absolutely agree with him. Our government’s reaction to what’s happening on the border makes no sense if we ordinary people look at it conventionally. But it makes plenty of sense to Obama and others in his party who think it will give them a permanent and unbeatable majority in the not-too-distant future, as well as placate the huge Hispanic voting bloc in the present. And if their formerly reliable ethnic group, African Americans, suffers as a result—well then, what are they going to do about it anyway? Turn Republican? After Democrats’ successfully branding Republicans as racist for several decades, that would be a tough pill for many black people to swallow, and the Democrat know it.

Towards the end of the tape, the soft-spoken guy on the right in the red shirt talks the hard leftist line of “Americans have caused all the ills of the world by interfering with it.” Thank you, Howard Zinn! The young woman with the tank top with the thin straps counters him at the very end by saying the US does some good, too.

It’s a little microcosm of America, complete with the drumbeats of the Native American demonstrators who are using the occasion to air their grievances as well:

The National Review has a good article on the topic of the clash between American blacks and the new arrivals. Not only will poorer black citizens bear the brunt of the jobs competition with these illegal immigrants, as well as competing for aid, they will be the ones on the front lines in terms of the invasion of their neighborhoods. No rich white liberal (and no rich black liberal, for that matter) is going to have to live next door to a houseful of illegal alien drug runners controlled by the violent cartels.

The people in this administration seem to think that anything they do is spinnable. And why wouldn’t they? That’s been their experience so far. I wonder about this one, though. People seem very angry, and it cuts across political and racial lines to a certain extent.

[ADDENDUM: Here’s another video that’s gotten even more air time, of a woman in Houston making much the same points, with a similar frustrated intensity.]

25 Responses to “The border: Clash of the Titan Interest Groups”

  1. Doom Says:

    My name is legion for, we are many.

    Cast them into swine, even hogs know what to do with such. Ah, but these beasts are penned. Most likely they will simply eat each other. I won’t interfere, until bacon is required.

  2. Cornhead Says:

    If our politics going forward is based solely on race and tribe, we are ruined. See, the Balkans and the Mideast.

  3. Ymarsakar Says:

    See, what happens when people vote themselves into slaves and get kept on plantations like some hog or cow.

    They think they are free and will be protected, given free healthcare. Yet are surprised when the slaughter fest begins.

    They need to learn their place, if not in the universe, then certainly their place in the Democrat plantation.

  4. Lizzy Says:

    Interesting discussion. I especially like the Lefty in the red T-shirt says, in response to the other protester asking why they weren’t protesting in LA on behalf of Americans in need, that he had been part of the OWS protest. As if that had any impact on anyone other than the OWS’ers sense of importance.

    The problem is, for Lefties: protest = charity/good works.

    For the right: charity = donations of money, goods & actual man hours spent with the recipients of a private charitable organization’s services.

  5. Ray Says:

    The democrat party is composed of various victims groups that compete for government handouts. Recall the Obama campaign Julia advert where Julia receives all those free goodies from the government (taxpayers). The current victims see this new victim group going to the head of the line and receiving free goodies and they are angry.

    I can’t understand why blacks think the democrats would look out for them. The democrats were the party of slavery, Jefferson Davis, the Ku Klux Klan, Jim Crow, Bull Connors. The late senator Byrd, democrat West Virginia, was a member of the KKK.

  6. Mr. Frank Says:

    When large numbers of Cuban refugees first came into south Florida after Castro took over there was great animosity by blacks who felt displaced. In pretty short order the Cubans leap frogged the blacks.

  7. Charles Says:

    This is why I avoid most leftists – nothing but a bunch a yelling, screaming, rambling incoherently, let’s beat a drum because it’s cool, “I’m a victim” and therefore have more of a say than you, indignant fools.

    But, that’s okay, because come voting time they will pull the lever for the Democrats or not vote.

    Heck, some will even pull the lever multiple times for the Democrats in a single election!

    Just as long as they get their Obamaphone or some other gimmick they will fall for it – every time.

  8. billm99uk Says:

    Sort of reminds me of a article I read in a British paper a few months ago. The reporter was being driven by taxi through one of the areas of London recently “enriched” by mass immigration from Pakistan/Bangladesh/India by a black, female driver and she spent the entire time moaning about how this district used to be a “nice black area”. Every generation of immigrants ends up competing against those on the next boat/plane/whatever for jobs, housing and other resources and resenting them in the end.

  9. Ymarsakar Says:

    Via Bookworm and Legal Insurrection, did people know that Eric Holder was behind the US government Authorizing the forced seizure of Elian Gonzalez? Remember that?

  10. Ymarsakar Says:

    therefore have more of a say than you, indignant fools.

    You talking about your stance on abortion or are you talking about the Left?

  11. Don Carlos Says:

    There ain’t many blacks reading the National Review. Heck, probably only 1% of blacks can tell you their official unemployment rate is 11%, the actual rate being much higher than the (ahem) official government figure.
    They already have their handout benefits. It is a minority of a black minority that will find latinos competing for minimum skills employment. The rest of the unemployed browns and blacks will pig out at the benefits trough, with perhaps some jostling due to crowding, but plenty of slops for all.
    It is the rest of us who are getting screwed.

  12. Mike Says:

    Let’s hope they both get what they deserve.

  13. Matt_SE Says:

    That can only happen while there’s still money.
    When the money runs out, you’d better watch out.

    Per SeekingAlpha: “The Fed’s forecasts show a steady pace of interest rate hikes from 2015 until the fed funds rate is nearly 4%.”

    The current rate is 0.25%, and we’re currently paying $233 Billion in interest on the debt. According to the CBO, in 10 years it’s estimated that interest payments will increase to $880 Billion…or, close to as much as is currently spent on Medicare.

    That interest must be paid, before any other considerations or else the U.S. would be in debt default (instantly pushing up interest rates even higher as the new risk premium is included). As US Treasury bonds mature, they will be “rolled over” at the new, higher rate.

    Imagine what that will do to the federal budget.

    The special interest groups can argue all they want. When the money runs out, NONE OF THEM WILL GET ANYTHING.

  14. J.J. Says:

    I’m extremely sick of people arguing that the USA committed crimes in the past. This country is the first to have totally conquered countries in and then turned around and helped them rebuild. Before WWII, conquest was the normal thing and victors in battle always exacted whatever tribute in lands, wealth, and workers that they felt entitled to.

    We were the only country in the world who had the atom bomb and a means to deliver it for six years. Did we use that enormous power to subjugate other country’s? No.

    Can you be convicted of a crime committed by one of your ancestors? No. But that’s what these anti-Americans are trying to do to this country. The past is past. The only way to move forward is to learn from it and try to do better in the future.

    If this is a plan to change the demographics, it’s been working pretty well up to now. However, this child invasion gambit has ignited a fire storm. Even LIVs in my sleepy little berg are aware of what’s happening and they don’t like it. If the Repubs play their cards right this can be a major driver of a big turnout in November.

  15. Beverly Says:

    Speaking of the loathsome Howard Zinn:

    “Howard Zinn was teaching a class, but he wasn’t yet a professor and his classroom wasn’t at a university. It was late 1951, and the students who gathered for Zinn’s lessons in Brooklyn were his fellow members of the Communist Party USA.

    “One of Zinn’s comrades described him as “a person with some authority” within the local CPUSA section and said that Zinn’s class was on “basic Marxism,” the theme being “that the basic teachings of Marx and Lenin were sound and should be adhered to by those present.”

    “That description, furnished to the Federal Bureau of Investigation by a former Communist in 1957, is included in more than 400 pages of Zinn’s FBI file made public last week.

    “The FBI files demonstrate beyond reasonable doubt that Zinn — author of A People’s History of the United States, widely used as a textbook or supplement in many of our nation’s high schools and universities — was a card-carrying Communist at a time when the Soviet Union was America’s most dreaded enemy.


  16. Beverly Says:

    Said FBI file was made public in 2010.

  17. Oldflyer Says:

    JJ, your are absolutely right; and they absolutely will not listen, nor care. If the ignorant paid any attention to history, they would know that the U.S. is still criticized in Europe for being so slow to enter the two world wars. Reading some historians, one could believe that our “isolationism” was the precipitating cause in each case. Can’t win; never will.

    I am thrilled to see Blacks “getting the message”. I have no doubt, however, that it is the middle class tax payer (mostly white) who will pay the price eventually, because government will do whatever it takes to keep the “underprivileged” complacent; and never mind the cost. Still, let them fight over the spoils in the near term. Eventually, they may be fighting over the scraps.

  18. Charles Says:

    Billm99UK: “Every generation of immigrants ends up competing against those on the next boat/plane/whatever for jobs, housing and other resources and resenting them in the end”

    Except the issue in this case is that these are NOT immigrants pouring over the borders of the southern US; they are illegal aliens. period.

    They do not have respect for the US’s laws and they do NOT have the right to enter the US. Truthfully, to call them “immigrants” is something of an insult to those who do legally enter the US as immigrants.

  19. Don Carlos Says:

    I have bad news. The money won’t run out in your lifetime. There is still too much of it in private hands. Taxes and Takings will simply increase. Ruin will continue its incremental progress. The Socialists are never done with their “strivings”, never.

  20. Ymarsakar Says:

    Everything will be revealed in time, as well as who has the better forecast system.

  21. waitforit Says:

    D’Souza’s “America,” the documentary currently showing and worth viewing again and again for some great detail and analogy (for instance, the plague that afflicted medieval Europe came from Asia yet no one suggests Asia should be denigrated and humiliated resulting in welfare to Europeans, but the same is required for decimation of Central American natives by Spanish small pox and other diseases) and for the unifying theme (America is unique in how in responded to the universal practice of conquest), covers the many points raised here.

  22. waitforit Says:

    If you are free, are you free?
    The man with no time decides
    he wants time more than money
    and sooner than later dies.

    If you are free, are you free?
    Upon a beach full and clear
    the waves broke for all to see
    but no one was there to hear.

    If you are free, are you free?
    Purpose cross purpose like swords
    of one mind they cannot be
    yet Progress completes the chords.

  23. J.J. Says:

    waitforit: “for decimation of Central American natives by Spanish small pox and other diseases”

    Spain is now a poor country. No one is looking to make them pay reparations or calling them an evil country. When asked why he robbed banks, Willie Sutton replied, “Because that’s where the money is.” That’s why the U.S. is the target of the reparations robbers. Sigh!

  24. waitforit Says:

    Yeah the Spanish are good because they are poor, but they conquered Central America and yet the U.S. is responsible by association. Like the Salem witch trials. The Europeans outran the Americans ten to one there, but you wouldn’t know that by reading history and watching Hollywood.

    Let’s take our revenge by living large and happy, not enjoying soccer, and yelling out loud “Texas” every now and then. (I would say yell “Jesus” because that really gets attention, but, that is just too much fun. Us puritans must be careful of that emotion.)

  25. blert Says:

    I’ve never heard of Spanish small pox before, Spanish flu, yes.

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