July 21st, 2014

Perry ordering National Guard to border

The federal government refuses to take any responsibility for solving the border problem. In fact, we know the Obama administration considers the flood of illegal immigrants a feature, not a bug—except for the fact that it’s been so overwhelming in recent months that it’s actually drawn more attention than was planned. The influx was supposed to come in under the radar.

Meanwhile, Rick Perry continues to be the only person doing what he can to stem the tide at the border. About a month ago Perry announced a surge of state law enforcement officials to guard the border, and now the Guard:

Hinojosa did not have details of the effort, but an internal memo from another state official’s office said the governor planned to call about 1,000 Texas National Guard troops to the Rio Grande Valley — at a cost of about $12 million per month.

But neither Perry nor the Guard can change the basics of the situation. They can’t send the newcomers back, they can only apprehend them and hand them over to border guards. That won’t mean that most of the children or families will be going home; we already know that’s highly unlikely. What it does mean is that more drug dealers might be identified and deported rather than slipping through the cracks. And that Texas will be footing the bill.

[ADDENDUM: But you know what? Turns out that Obama still hasn’t done enough for the new arrivals and the illegal immigrants already here. Why, some are even afraid he might deport a few (although I see no evidence that their fears are justified). The most radical—and there are plenty of them—will not rest until fully open borders are achieved.]

16 Responses to “Perry ordering National Guard to border”

  1. A_Nonny_Mouse Says:

    Well, HOT DAMN!

    I’ve read several articles saying that Perry was “just grandstanding” when he said Obama should send the National Guard to the border, since as Governor of Texas he is FULLY AUTHORIZED to call them out.

    Maybe SOMEBODY in this country is really getting serious about the border invasion?????

    I certainly hope so.

  2. Cornhead Says:

    What if a dozen other states helped out and sent their National Guard troops to the border?

    I volunteer Nebraska. I am sure the Cornhusker state will be glad to help our former brethren in the Big 12.

  3. Ymarsakar Says:

    Texas footing the bill is also a feature, probably.

  4. OldTexan Says:

    This could become interesting real fast if the Feds start trying to get goofy with the National Guard Folks here in Texas. Texans tend to think they should have home field advantage in their own state so I am looking forward to seeing how this latest development will play out.

  5. n.n Says:


    Immigration reform a la Obamacare.

  6. Lizzy Says:

    I would think this would at least be a deterrent to the smugglers, knowing that there’s a greater likelihood that they’ll come in contact w/US soldiers. Except the current immigrants seem to want to come on contact with authorities now that Border Patrol has been converted to refugee care duties. So, maybe not a deterrent.

    I suppose it depends on what these troops are allowed to do in defense of the border.

  7. kit Says:

    Good for the Duggars. May their 19 white, non welfare, wholesome American kids and counting all have 19 white, non welfare, wholesome American kids and counting. We are being invaded by illegals who will drain our life’s blood.

    I cannot understand why the Texas National Guard cannot stop them from coming in. How do you say Go back home, in Spanish? Turning them over to Obama’s agents is useless,

  8. Matt_SE Says:

    They can’t deport them because that would be doing the federal government’s job, which the Supreme Court already struck down in Arizona’s case.

    I was going to suggest indefinite detention, but Texas doesn’t have the resources to house this many people. So that’s out.
    The only solution left is to refuse to allow them entry to begin with. Stop them at the border…shoot them if you have to.

    You can’t fight lawlessness at this level by playing by the rules.

    For those who aren’t comfortable with this idea, here’s my prediction: any lawful proposals you suggest with come to naught, because the rule of law is dead to Washington D.C.
    They won’t play be the rules, so why should we?

  9. Mike Says:


    Let Obama send in the military to stop him.

    Like every bully, Obama will cower before an actual challenge. Only Sarah Palin and people like Perry have the courage to do it.

  10. A_Nonny_Mouse Says:


    Yes, I’m afraid SOMEBODY is going to have to do something “unconventional”, since our traitorous FedGov absolutely REFUSES to defend our borders.

    And SCOTUS should all go hang themselves. A state whose borders are being overrun *DOES* have the right -AND THE DUTY- to defend those borders, even if a bunch of Beltway JD’s claims otherwise.

  11. parker Says:

    The revolt against the DC behemoth must begin in the states, and small town America. The current manufactured crisis at the border is rapidly spreading into ‘blue’ states that already have massive problems with gangs. The flooding of their metro areas with violent hispanic youth is a wonderful thing. Chicago will see its weekly gun shot/stabbing victim totals double or triple. Turn the blue state metro areas into dozens of Detroits!

  12. blert Says:

    “You can keep your border, if you like your border.”

  13. Mike Says:

    Jefferson wrote somewhere that the ultimate “Law of the Land” was the people.

    President, Supreme Court, Corrupt Congress are NOT and should not be considered to be our lawgivers, or superiors, or moral guides.

    Relative to the People they are nothing. After the Texas National Guard actually “guards” the border, we should send the other States National Guards to Washington to arrest a few people and toss out a few tens of thousands.

  14. Wm. Lawrence Says:

    One way to retard the flow of illegals into the country would be to bill their respective governments for all of the resources and services used to support them. If they won’t pay up take it out of their foreign aid packages or confiscate any assets held in this country. If you can’t determine their nationality just assume they are Mexican since they seem to be facilitating the problem.

    I think the state of Texas should back charge all of the costs they accrue by performing the fed’s job to the US treasury. If they refuse to pay sue them.

  15. Wm. Lawrence Says:

    The left has been successful in influencing our citizenry not to reproduce in numbers large enough to maintain population growth. The aging of the population along with the stagnation of the growth of younger population segments is leading to a collapse of the left’s precious social entitlement programs.

    As a remedy for that state of affairs we might consider interning most of the younger (pre-MS13 age) unaccompanied children and placing them in boarding type school facilities. They would be taught English and given a conservative education emphasizing US values, history (no Zinn), civics, economics, math, science etc. equivalent to what they would have learned up to the 8th grade prior to the DOE. At any time a family member could reclaim them, but would be required to take them back home. When they reach majority they could. Be given the opportunity to test for citizenship or return to their home country. If we are doomed to support these kids anyway better they should be more like Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz and less like the Tsaraevs. This leaves open the possibility that some portion of them might actually be turned into productive citizens instead of Democrat parasites.

  16. Artfldgr Says:

    mexico is shooting at our people with .50 cal guns

    i wonder if they are the first products from chavez signing a contract with russia to build these things in south america, making smuggling unecessary

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