July 28th, 2014

John Kerry: treason then and now

I was going to write a post on John Kerry’s outrageous conduct in the negotiations over a Gaza ceasefire, but Bookworm has already written much of it for me, comparing Kerry’s current appeasement of Hamas with his long-ago attempts at cozying up to the North Vietnamese:

Looking at Kerry’s recent disgraceful performance in the Middle East, it’s clear that this is what Kerry does. He sides with murderous totalitarian regimes against his country and her allies. When it comes to Kerry’s embrace of Hamas, he is just acting true to form.

I will add a couple of things, though, to the points Bookworm made. John Kerry was treasonous then for his Paris meetings with our enemy while he was still in the US Naval Reserves:

…[H]e met on the trip with Nguyen Thi Binh, then foreign minister of the PRG and a top negotiator at the talks. Kerry acknowledged in that testimony that even going to the peace talks as a private citizen was at the “borderline” of what was permissible under U.S. law, which forbids citizens from negotiating treaties with foreign governments.

Now Kerry is acting similarly in helping our enemies and hurting our allies and the US—only this time he’s doing it as the agent of the US president in his capacity as Secretary of State, not as a rogue freelancer. That’s progress for you.

Israel is not the only ally he’s hurting here, either. There’s Jordan, Egypt, the Saudis, and the PA (which isn’t exactly an ally but is the group of somewhat more moderate Palestinians) who have been shut out of the negotiations by Kerry in favor of Hamas’ sponsors Qatar and Turkey.

Kerry and Obama seem to be a better and more naturally simpatico team than Obama and Hillary ever were. Kerry is even more supremely narcissistic than she, and although Hillary had little problem playing along with whatever Obama ordered her to do, every now and then her instincts probably chafed and wanted to defend our allies and take a harder stance against our enemies. For Kerry, doing the opposite comes naturally, and he was doing it even earlier than Obama and equally audaciously.

The Israeli newspapers are beside themselves at what Kerry has done. This Times of Israel piece is well worth reading in its entirety; it outlines the perniciousness of Kerry’s actions, and why they so stunned the nation. But the most shocking thing of all to me was when I saw that leftist Israeli journalist Barak Ravid, writing in the leftist peacenik Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz, absolutely excoriated Kerry for his actions during the negotiations.

And remember that Ravid previously liked Kerry. But Ravid is so shocked at Kerry’s recent actions that he’s reeling. He cannot bring himself to imagine that Kerry did this with malice aforethought, and so he finds it necessary to ascribe Kerry’s actions to the “fool” rather than the “knave” category. Here’s some of the flavor of it:

The draft Kerry passed to Israel on Friday shocked the cabinet ministers not only because it was the opposite of what Kerry told them less than 24 hours earlier, but mostly because it might as well have been penned by [Hamas leader] Khaled Meshal. It was everything Hamas could have hoped for…

The secretary of state’s draft empowered the most radical and problematic elements in the region – Qatar, Turkey, and Hamas – and was a slap on the face to the rapidly forming camp of Egypt, Israel, the Palestinian Authority, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates, who have many shared interests. What Kerry’s draft spells for the internal Palestinian political arena is even direr: It crowns Hamas and issues Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas with a death warrant.

It’s not clear what Kerry was thinking when he presented this draft. It’s unclear what he had in mind when he convened the Paris summit. It can only be seen as surreal…

Kerry isn’t anti-Israeli; on the contrary, he’s a true friend to Israel. But his conduct in recent days over the Gaza cease-fire raises serious doubts over his judgment and perception of regional events. It’s as if he isn’t the foreign minister of the world’s most powerful nation, but an alien, who just disembarked his spaceship in the Mideast.

It is a big mistake to imagine that Kerry is acting on his own, either. Obama has not denounced what he said or did, and it is highly unlikely that he will fire him or ask him to resign. They are on the same page about this, although Kerry provides Obama with some cover to not be blamed directly. Whether Kerry is following Obama’s specific and detailed instructions it’s hard to say (Obama would have to be paying a lot of close attention to do that, and there’s no indication that he is). But there’s no reason to believe that the general and even some specific outlines and goals for the talks hadn’t been ironed out and clarified and agreed on between them before Kerry even left Washington.

53 Responses to “John Kerry: treason then and now”

  1. Cornhead Says:

    Good point. Kerry is doing Obama’s bidding on this, but it won’t get pinned on Obama.

    What this shameful behavior really means is that Israel will be forced to act directly against Iran’s nuke program as Obama never will.

    How could things be any more screwed up?

  2. Wolla Dalbo Says:

    Not to be outdone, Hillary is doing her bit to help out Hamas too!

    In a recent TV interview Hillary justifies Hamas placing and concealing rockets in schools and other civilian areas on the basis that, since Gaza is so small and so densely populated, Hamas has to use every available space it can to conceal its rockets and to place its military facilities.

    Here’s the video (http://www.breitbart.com/Breitbart-TV/2014/07/28/Hillary-Gazas-Small-Size-Justification-for-Hamas-Housing-Rockets-in-Schools) .

    And they say she has no brain damage.

  3. parker Says:

    Kerry is following orders from VJ. Bho is to busy goofing off to pay attention to all the boring details of ‘diplomacy’.

  4. Wolla Dalbo Says:

    P.S. Hillary prefaces this insane justification by pointing out that “she is no military planner”–a justification she used previously to deflect questions about reinforcing our facility in Benghazi prior to the attack–“but it seems to her that …”

    One would think that, as we contemplate who might be a good next Commander in Chief, her remark and justification alone would disqualify Hillary.

  5. Don Carlos Says:

    Ravid does not sufficiently despise Kerry: “Kerry isn’t anti-Israeli; on the contrary, he’s a true friend to Israel.” Ravid is devoid of reality-testing, proof that the Left is insane, regardless of its location. This is way worse than cognitive dissonance.

    I believe Kerry is flying solo; Hussein al-Hawaii, Jarrett, et aliis can’t be troubled; there is nothing in it for them; no golf, no contributions, no useful propaganda, no nothing. If our Grand Emir is quiet, he lets the rest of the anti-Jewish world do the talking.

  6. Ann Says:

    You should watch more of that Hillary interview on Fusion TV, in which she paints herself as the grand negotiator re Israel and Hamas. Part of the interview was also about immigration and the border crisis and she tries to extricate herself from past statements.

    Please, please tell me this person is not going to be our next president.

  7. Ymarsakar Says:

    Evil is what evil does.

  8. J.J. Says:

    John Forbes Ketchup. He was a fool and a traitor in the 70s. He hasn’t changed. The man is a living, breathing example of Quisling. I despise him even more than Obama.

  9. BurkeanMama Says:

    I am glad the Obama administration is so obviously anti-Israel. Israel friendly administrations have pressured Israel into caving to terrorist demands in the name of the peace process. W. supported Israel, but his 2nd Secretary of State insisted Israel not be allowed to attack Iran’s nuclear program. Who can forget Condoleeza Rice saying she “thinks” she knows Palestinians want Peace? The pro-Israel administration have gotten Israelis killed following their roadmaps to peace.

    At last Israel knows there is nothing but hostility from the US State Dept. They are on their own and must do what the can to save themselves. It is better for Israel this way.

  10. David L. Says:

    Kerry appears to have considerable support within the administration for his anti-Israel, pro Hamas stance. This U.S. News & World Report article describes administration staff as livid that Israeli media dared to criticize Kerry and that the Israeli government dared to reject the “truce proposal”
    I can only think that the masks have come off, and we have an administration determined to do as much damage as it can to America’s allies and America’s standing in the world during its remaining months in office.

  11. NeoConScum Says:

    I’ve loathed John Boy Kerry for 44-years. I was very active in the anti-Vietnam War movement when I began loathing that piece of Human Garbage. Never bought his crap for a moment.

    So, the malignant Kerry working with the malignant Obama=Bibi and Israel are on their own. But, unlike the first two mentioned, the latter two are Warriors rather than Vast Testicular Concavities.

  12. Don Carlos Says:

    I have loathed Ketchup Kerry for as long as NeoConScum, and I was pro- Vietnam war. Glad we can come together on this!

  13. Mike Says:

    “comparing Kerry’s current appeasement of Hamas with his long-ago attempts at cozying up to the North Vietnamese.”
    Can a leopard change his spots?
    Once a Duffus, always a ….
    Just Obama and his minions fundamentally changing the country and the world one catastrophe at a time 🙁

  14. Geoffrey Britain Says:

    Kerry is a whore for fame. He’s focused on the Palestinian/Israeli conflict because it is by far his best chance for a Nobel Prize. He has no other concern nor principle than self-advancement.

    I agree with ‘Cornhead’ that, “Kerry is doing Obama’s bidding on this, but it won’t get pinned on Obama”. Obama is not a details guy but he does set his administration’s general direction and objectives. I suspect that all major strategic foreign policy moves go through him for approval.

    Unfortunately, I cannot agree that, “Israel will be forced to act directly against Iran’s nuke program”

    Israel lacks the conventional resources to effectively do so and, a nuclear first strike by Israel against Iran’s nuclear weapons facilities is a political non-starter.

    I emphatically agree that Obama will never attack Iran militarily, they know it and nothing less than a credible threat will dissuade the Iranians.

  15. Sgt. Mom Says:

    Add me to the quorum of Kerry-despisers. I despise him on account of how he slimed the military – and I was in the military early enough to have served with many Vietnam-era and Vietnam vets. I despise him also because I worked Vietnamese refugee resettlement in 1975, when the middle-class and pro-American Vietnamese whom Kerry sold out – came flooding into refugee camps after the fall of Saigon. And finally, I despise him for the manner in which he tried to pose as the honest American veteran patriot in his bid for the presidency — little remembering or caring how he so gravely insulted those very same veterans through Winter Soldier. He is – above all – the tone-deaf political aristocrat, completely oblivious to the effect that his words and actions have had on ordinary people over the years, while firmly believing that he is nobility and the rest of us are merely serfs who should just obediently troop along in response to his lordly command.

  16. Ray Says:

    Kerry made up accusations against his fellow Vietnam Veterans when he spoke before the Senate Intelligence Committee and claimed they committed atrocities. He never provided any proof that his accusations were true, and later said that his accusations were “over the top”. Over the top must mean phoney.

  17. Ymarsakar Says:

    Ray, the proof may be that Kerry himself was engaged in atrocities. He thought everyone else was just like him.

  18. waitforit Says:

    Medieval Swordsman

    I have put behind me words
    and carry the black born blade
    of outrage. Aimed at the lords,
    my neighbors and kinsmen made.
    I hope fortune and I pray
    for a good death and so may
    pass quickly into the next
    day of song and dance and play.
    If you see me in torture
    remember and look away;
    your heart cannot be troubled.
    In the end, your gaze will stay.

  19. NeoConScum Says:

    The World is on Fire much of it due directly to America’s weakness of the past nearly 6-years. Nobel Peace Prize, Mr. President? Right. Uh-Huh. You got it in-advance and are earning now at those back-to-back fund raisers…broken only by golfing & vacations,’Yo.

    Pathetic, loathsome, inexcusable, hyper-destructive, unforgivable and VTC*.

    (*VAST Testicular Concavity*)

  20. Don Carlos Says:

    If we think as we do about Kerry, what do we think of the people of Massachusetts, who kept him in the Senate and so made him marriage material to Teresa?

  21. M J R Says:

    Don Carlos, 10:12 pm —

    Hey, man. Easy on those Massachusetts types,

    They voted for The One, they voted for Teddy K, they voted for Fauxcahontas.

    Stoopid is as stoopid does.

  22. J.J. Says:

    waitforit, your poem reminds me of the Battle of Bannockburn, June, 1314. Robert the Bruce (Braveheart) defeats the much more numerous English. FREEEEEDOM!!! Such sentiments are unknown to slimy traitors like John Forbes Ketchup.

  23. Wise Cave Owl Says:

    all this handwringing about Mr. Kerry-Cohen is irrelevant. Without even being asked, 100 out of 100 “American” Senators just sat up on their hind parts, barked joyfully, and sent Israhell another $billion debtbux to pump up it’s current massacre of Palestinians. Now that’s real Power. But be aware Zionists, it’ll last only so long as does the debtbuck. When it goes, goodbye Israel, hello Palestine. Perhaps you neoneo-con keyboard commandoes might want to do something more useful: like send your Jewish friends in Palestine a good pair of running shoes.

  24. Monday evening round-up and Open Thread Says:

    […] John Kerry’s history repeating itself. I don’t want to give anything away. Just go and read what she has to say, making my original germ of an idea much richer and more […]

  25. Artfldgr Says:

    compared to the history of others, i barely know Kerry and so forth… certainly nothing worth mentioning

  26. waitforit Says:


    One of the greatest battles in history with immeasurable results. I’ll have to look in VDH’s book to see whether or not it is include in his great 12 battles of history. I believe not because it was fairly regional, but it should be for the power of the love of freedom.

  27. waitforit Says:

    The intriguing thing now is that there are so many who do not care and do not know they are about to become fodder.

    Mohammed’s millions, yes, we know they are fodder. Awful. Regrettable. We trust their precious lives will live again. Those children are not to blame.

    Progressive’s millions, yes, killed in the womb and then killed with depression. Awful. Regrettable.

    But not Hindus, not Christians, not Orthodox Jews or Israeli Jews. We will fight. We will win!

    (Sorry reformed and conservative Jews–you won’t survive the next Holocaust. Your Muslim and Progressive friends AINT really friends.)

  28. Oldflyer Says:

    Who is this Wise Cave Owl? From under what rock did he crawl?

    Besides trying to stir up a squabble you near sighted bird of the night, you are just stupid. Israel has a nuclear arsenal and the means to deliver it. I know that if I had those weapons under my control, and the apocalypse were imminent, as you so gleefully predict; I would unleash them on every Muslim Capitol within range. If extinction of the Jewish race were at hand, I would ensure that it go out amidst fire and destruction; and that its tormentors would find the gates of Hell standing open to receive them.

    Do you think for a minute that those in Jerusalem/Tel Aviv are a softer bunch than I?

    Your Palestinian and Arab friends had best walk softly and carry a relatively small switch. They are given a certain latitude in the sand box; but, there are limits. Israel knows what they are; others can only guess.

    As for Kerry; Ralph Peters stated on Megyn Kelly this evening that he did not think that he (sic) had malevolent intent. (Paraphrasing) “He is just a small man”; and, “When International Leaders gather, he is not the smartest in the room.” I agree with Peters to a point; but, since Viet Nam I will never trust his intent. I detest the little man.

  29. neo-neocon Says:


    Wise Cave Owl is the sort of troll who comes by with great regularity whenever there are posts about Israel. There are groups of anti-Semitic anti-Israel propagandists who troll around for just that purpose. Some do it just for fun, some are paid.

  30. J.J. Says:

    Wise cave Owl’s blog is a litany of lies/half truths about the Jews and WWII.

    Any sentient human knows that Israel has a right to exist.

    The “refugees” in Palestine are mostly the children/grandchildren of the Muslims who left Israel before the 1948 war to get out of the way of the Muslim armies that were going to drive the Jews into the sea.

    Since the 1948 war there have been 6 declared wars and 6 periods of prolonged fighting of terrorist operations from neighboring countries. During this period (1948 – 2014) Israel has become a modern, wealthy democracy. An island of productivity in a retrograde neighborhood of people who could have used all the Western aid they received to improve their lot. Instead they have simmered in a caldron of hatred and revenge, wasting their aid money on weapons, war, and terror attacks which have gotten them nowhere. The definition of insanity is repeating the same unproductive actions over and over. By that definition, the Muslim world is definitely insane.

    Israel, the tiny country surrounded by enemies has no choice but to continue to fight. If the Muslims would leave Israel alone, there would be peace. Until the Muslims give up their insanity, there will be war.

  31. Beverly Says:

    I think Comrade Hussein probably said to Comrade Ketchup, “Break those damned Jews’ necks. And if you see one hiding behind a tree, kill him.”

    Amazing that Ravid thinks this creep is a true friend of Israel. Like the man said, denial ain’t just a river in Egypt. I wonder if he will see the light?

  32. Matt_SE Says:

    Leftists in general, but narcissists like Kerry and Obama in particular, are friends of no one but themselves.
    How many loyal followers has Obama thrown under the bus now? I’ve lost count.

    Obama would sell out Israel for a plug nickel, and so would Kerry. The only fool here is the Ha’aretz writer.

  33. FOAF Says:

    “sent Israhell another $billion debtbux”

    Right, the poor Arabs have nothing except trillions of dollars they’ve extracted from Western technology for a mineral they couldn’t even get out of the ground without our technology.

  34. FOAF Says:

    extracted from the West

  35. Lord Squirrel Says:

    If, as you say, Kerry is on the same page as Obama, then he really doesn’t need to take orders from Obama at all. He is able to execute his master’s bidding *without* any instruction whatsoever. The same thing is true of Obama and Holder, and Obama and Lois Lerner for that matter. Obama’s underlings are picked specifically because they *already know* what Obama wants and can then execute his will without any direct orders from the White House. The ultimate in plausible deniability.

    This is one of the most insidious powers of the groupthink mentality prevalent among leftists. They act almost as if they have a hive mind (they aren’t called “collectivists” for nothing, after all).

  36. Mike Says:

    Wise Cave Owl ignorance is obvious. The best way to treat trolls like this is to simply ignore them.
    His posting shows how his mind is like a desert, no growth and no life. His loss, not ours.

  37. blert Says:


    Lest we forget…

    Immediately after WWII, the British let all know that a partition of British occupied Palestine would entirely turn around a fresh census.

    This immediately triggered an Muslim Arab confab wherein all of the emirs and sheiks agreed that they would ‘encourage’ every ‘faithful’ Muslim to move into British Palestine.

    And with that, there was an Arab version of the Oklahoma land rush. Take a look at the fantastic surge in Palestine’s population immediately prior to 1948.

    In a variation of the Muriel boat lift, the Arabs emptied their jails and tents of ever poor Muslim to hand — and forceably ejected them. (or paid their way) Many came from as far away as Iraq. Egypt vectored the homeless out of Sinai and more — hence the existence of the Gazans. There was no economic base for this Arab influx.

    It was immigration jihad, plain and simple. The flow was intended to over balance the fantastic flood of Holocaust survivors.

    It’s not for nothing that these Arabs fled the fighting that soon followed. They had no roots in Palestine, none at all. They were census proles at the nexus of census jihad.

    (A variation of this is now underway across our southern borders.)

    Padding the census was done then — and even later. It’s now very apparent that the PLO/ PLA has been padding West Bank census figures going back to day one.

    Census jihad has never really let up.

    We even see this with Muslim claims that their ethos is the ‘worlds fastest growing religion’. (sic) Purported population growth is used as a media weapon/ agitprop for a triumphalist creed. (Whenever it lacks momentum, the press department creates it, ab initio.)

    Without census jihad, the 1948 partition would’ve been strikingly different, particularly in the south and Negev. These areas had no agricultural economy at all. They also could not sprout additional grazing for the goat armies that would’ve been required to sustain the new wave Arab Muslims.

    Once the fighting began, there was a mass evacuation of these areas — into Gaza — just about the only spot that had even semi-potable water.

    This is how modern Gaza was born. At all times prior, it was the arm pit of the area. The land was (militarily) ceded to the Israelis because it was a wasteland. And this is how and why all of the southern borders between Israel, Egypt, Jordan and the southern West Bank came to be defined.


    BTW, the West Bank is exactly where most ancient Jewish events took place — because that’s where the water is and was. Rather than being an appendage, the West Bank is the classical heart of Israel.

    Rocket warfare has fulsomely revealed that Israels borders are too close to Tel Aviv.

  38. Eric Says:

    Sgt. Mom: “I despise him for the manner in which he tried to pose as the honest American veteran patriot in his bid for the presidency — little remembering or caring how he so gravely insulted those very same veterans through Winter Soldier.”

    That’s my take on Kerry. I could have allowed for Kerry’s Vietnam War history if he had represented it honestly or at least ignored it in his presentation, but to actually represent himself as an honorable war hero was disgusting. Made more disgusting because I volunteered for Wes Clark in the Democrat primaries, who was an actual war hero passed over for Kerry.

  39. Artfldgr Says:

    Who is this Wise Cave Owl?

    i dont know..
    but the WALRUS is paul…
    says so in the song

  40. Artfldgr Says:

    FOAF: for a mineral they couldn’t even get out of the ground without our technology

    their oil does not need to be pumped like ours, and so THATS why they dominated the early years… they could get lots of oil without complicated technology – now, we are pulling out oil from more difficult places using more complicated technology, and so on… (note fracking has been a practice going way back, its only recently that its costs were no longer in the way when compared to easier to get oil)

    the scary thing you should watch is their desire to mine the hydrate fields… one wrong move, blurp, and millions and millions of tons of methane come to the surface in one large deadly and partially flammable cloud… (like what killed people in bopal india, but not manmade… more like the african lake the burped)

  41. Artfldgr Says:

    Lord Squirrel – your one of the few who “get” the game of ideology vs command and control… those looking for the commander, do not realize that its commands are embedded in the ideologies as a general missive. this avoids the leaders complicity in anythig they dont directly do.

    ie. kill whitey is general enough that anyone who takes it up need not be proved connected to a larger mass of such believers.

    same with kill the jews

    Now is it ok for me to point out that we are in the midst of shoa II… and the liberals have yet to realize the jew haters are nazis, not the people nazis call nazis…

    ie. they dragged a jewish man from his home in paris yesterday… jews and chrsitans are now being crucified again…

    the target has been expanded to hide the target within… the way you blow up a building to get to the target inside… and jews are white males inside the greater building

    the thing cant be unraveled withotu the history, otherwise you think that are natural when there is large information and admittance that things are often orchestrated or inserted into the public mind.

    all ignored…
    we all agree to pretend that trillion dollar budgets mean nothing… and yet complain about how influential million dollar commercials are…

    kind of nutty
    but entertaining if you get it and stand apart
    a kind of crying laughing kind of thing

  42. Ymarsakar Says:

    Fing Kerry is like this nosferatu or zombie. You think you got rid of em, but they’ll be back.

  43. Ymarsakar Says:

    Does anyone have a crucifix shaped in a W, a C, and an O?

  44. Kyndyll Says:

    I have been knocking around the electronic debate world since before there was a consumer-accessible Internet, and I have never seen such levels of Jew-hate. Whether it’s couched in “I’m not an anti-Semite, I just hate Zionists” verbiage, or classic anti-Semitism, it’s become freakishly rampant in the last year or so. While I’m not Jewish – or even Christian – it’s more than a little unsettling. It’s like rabies … we know how this ends.

  45. neo-neocon Says:

    Lord Squirrel:

    Yes, I’ve asserted that about Holder from the start. A Vulcan mind-meld.

  46. blert Says:


    From what I’ve come to witness, no small measure of the vitriol is actually state sponsored — as in KSA and Kuwait.

    Trolling against world Jewry is deemed honorable jihad by the fanatical imams of KSA and elsewhere.

    Towards that end, they even sponsor it financially.

    You would not BELIEVE the number of KSA ‘college graduates’ (sic) whose expertise is the Koran and Islam — and nothing else. Their careers consist (now) of trolling the Internet, waging cyber-jihad.

    One campaign is of particular note: 9-11 Trutherism. I found (personal research — it was painful) that virtually every truther ultimately ‘fessed up to being a bilingual Muslim — and that their exertions were their personal jihad against the kafir.

    They spend hour after hour polluting YouTube threads with trutherism.

    As you might imagine, deflecting righteous blame away from KSA is evermost in their thoughts and screeds.

  47. Artfldgr Says:


    i said that SHOA II was coming and now is here.
    why? because the ideology that is socialism equates jews with capitalism (and christians) and without extrerminating them, you cant stop capitalism.

    ergo ipso facto..

    Since they love france i will use that..

    Geofry of britain, you have yet to choose an end for me! there is no room for unequal people like me, so please choose, showers, ovens, etc

    France, 1815-1914: The Bourgeois Century
    By Roger Magraw

    immigrant blacklegs were denounces as hottentots, kaffirs. Bordeaux, hit by the shipbuilding slump, boasted a league for national labor headed by the mergiant marine officer ch. dupon, which preached import controls, a ban on capital export, expulsion of spanish workers and war on cosmopolitan jewish capital

    it got support from jourde, the local marxist leader who was in the ligue des patriotes!. the latent anti-semitic streak in french socialism accentuated the dangers of such trends. socialists like MAlon and chirac continued the tradition of proudhon and blanqui in linking usury, and finance capital with jews. even jaures was sometimes guilty of the linguistic shorthand which equated jew and capitalist.

    until the dryfus crisis of 1898 socialistists were linquistically slipshot, too blaze about the perils of anti semtitism. Socialist anti clecrialism made them view judaism as superstios and retrograde.

    essentially the target remained, for such socialists, capitalism rather than jews, wheas the new right was seeking to divert workers agger against jews to protect french capitalism. even chirac, who habitually used jewing as a synonym for parasitic usury, instisted that its main practitioners are christian

    but thats is verbal diarhea…

  48. Artfldgr Says:

    and since the left LOVES Heidegger

    Heidegger’s ‘black notebooks’ reveal antisemitism at core of his philosophy

    New publication shows highly influential philosopher saw ‘world Judaism’ as driver of dehumanising modernity


    n Germany, one critic has argued that it would be “hard to defend” Heidegger’s thinking after the publication of the notebooks, while another has already called the revelations a “debacle” for modern continental philosophy – even though the complete notebooks were until now embargoed by the publisher.

    lets see.

    if you set the same conditions, and follow the same people, why are you suprised the outcome is the same as before?

    “World Judaism is ungraspable everywhere and doesn’t need to get involved in military action while continuing to unfurl its influence, whereas we are left to sacrifice the best blood of the best of our people”. – Heidegger

    Trawny, who is also director of the Martin Heidegger Institute, said he was “shocked” when he discovered the antisemitic passages a year and a half ago, but decided to go ahead with their publication in spite of the potential damage they could cause to the philosopher’s legacy. “I still think you can engage with Heidegger constructively,” he said. “These revelations will help that process.”

    you cant remove the foundation and have the edifice still stand..

    while birth control and abortion kill lots of blacks, and others… the main contribution of feminism was to convince very smart jewish women to exterminate theior family by their own actions…

    who could they blame then?

    Halakha and Feminism
    Traditional Judaism can–and should–embrace feminism to allow for greater equality in Jewish religious life.
    Originally published in the early 1980s, its depictions of the state of feminism in general, and Orthodox feminism in particular, are somewhat dated. Nevertheless, this classic essay captures many of the important issues at the core of the encounter between feminism and Jewish tradition. Specifically, Greenberg argues for retaining an allegiance to Jewish law while also shaping it to be more inclusive of women and responsive to women’s ethical claims.

    Jews and the Jewish Birthrate
    Low fertility and high intermarriage are pushing American Jewry toward extinction.

    but hey! you tell them and they dont listen. even neo dont believe THAT is the purpose… but if you put the points down of all these thigns they converge on one target, even if “by other means”

    A new report by Tom W. Smith documents the first of these tendencies. Entitled ewish Distinctiveness in America: A Statistical Portrait1, it marshals considerable evidence for the relatively advanced age of the American Jewish population. Among religious groups, only liberal Protestants exceed Jews in this regard; among ethnic groups, only Americans of British ancestry do. Among Americans of all kinds, moreover, Jews have the fewest number of siblings, the smallest household size, and the second lowest number of children under eighteen at home.

    Smith’s study also makes plain why the Jewish age structure has become so skewed. For one thing, as the 2000-01 NJPS confirms, Jews marry later than other Americans, with the greatest disparities occurring in the age group between twenty-five and thirty-four.

    For Jewish women in particular, late marriage means lower rates of fertility compared with other Caucasian women ― who themselves are barely producing babies at replacement level (figured at 2.1 children). The fertility gap is especially enormous among Jewish women under the age of thirty-five; even though the gap narrows considerably over the course of the next ten years, at no point do Jewish women attain the fertility levels of their non-Jewish peers or bear children in numbers sufficient to offset population losses from natural causes.

    Economic advancement, the availability of birth control, and rising educational achievement caused Jewish fertility to start dropping as long ago as the middle of the 19th century in Europe and later in other modernizing societies like the United States. Nor, as is well known, is the phenomenon limited to Jews, or to the U.S.; in contemporary Europe and Japan, it has reached proportions that threaten catastrophe

    funny… but marrying later isnt that a feminist trope?
    going to school and doing business, isnt that a feminist thing too… and

    oh no.. a cats ass trophy!!!

    hard to have support if your dying out, and have no one to stand for you… think the mexican immigrants will save jewish peoples the way gentile europeans did? how about muslim immigrants?

    Jewish women in the United States are significantly less fertile than their white, Gentile counterparts. To explain this fact, the demographer Frank Mott has pointed to the extraordinary rates of educational achievement among Jewish women, who spend significantly more time than their Gentile peers in programs of higher learning. For many of them, still more childless years follow as they work to advance their careers.

    yes Virginia… feminisms point is to exterminate the jews… denude them of their “white male husbands” and help liberalize the society to realize that without them, capitalisms demise becomes possible

    you really shouold read more..

  49. blert Says:


    As merely a technical point: Chevron (Well #7) was the discoverer of Saudi oil. All prior wildcats had been total busts.

    In fact, Chevron almost gave up. The Saudi geology was so far away from their prior experiences.

    Nothing was much done for YEARS. It was quickly discovered that Saudi crude was so acidic, so harsh, that NONE of the current (1930s) equipment could survive it. It rusts everything out like crazy.

    It took Chevron YEARS to figure out new technology that could tolerate that acidic crude oil.

    FYI, the crude is processed almost as soon as it comes out of the ground to bleed off the acids and neutralize them. A DC voltage has to be applied to the entire (metallic) pipeline to stop galvanic corrosion, even still. On a day to day basis this is a never ending task.

    However, once solved, it no longer makes the news. It hasn’t been an issue since the 1940’s. That technology was then used whenever Americans ran into acidic crude oils. The general public knows nothing of the matter, of course.

    You’re right about the Saudi fields being largely self powered. Well #7, IIRC, is STILL flowing from natural pressure. It’s the world’s record holder in that regard.

    IIRC, water flood has been underway in KSA for decades in various lesser oil fields.

    Virgin oil field exploration has not occurred in KSA for generations. No-one knows what might be found, not really.

    It’s been the Saudi official position that further oil discoveries actually suppress current market prices. Indeed, the announcement (1958) of the staggering size of the Saudi reserves triggered a price collapse (1958) which led Venezuela to co-found OPEC with Iran. OPEC was founded to counter the monopsony conditions of the Seven Sisters!

    It took fifteen-years for OPEC to become widely known. At all times prior, it had been toothless.

    OPEC is largely losing its control over oil prices. Based upon current trends, America may well entirely pick up the slack from both Libya and Nigeria. Both are in the hurt locker right now.

    Likewise, the European refiners are blowing up, financially. Over thirty refineries have had to close up shop. Our Texas refineries are shipping in finished goods (middle distillates and gasoline) like we’re the Red China of petroleum.

    Seeing America become the essential refiner for Europe is making the Saudis go spastic.

    Our MSM has not a clue about any of this, of course.

    Putin is more than a little bit frantic that Kiev is ramping up all drilling across Ukraine — with American technology. It’s a game changer. (All prior Ukraine deposits were punched by Russian drill rigs. This is a critical reason why Putin does not want Kiev to hook up with American and European technology.)

    He’s sure to lose a big captive market.

    The boy thinks like a Frenchman!

  50. Henry Bowman Says:

    John Kerry was a rat in the 60’s , and he continues to be a rat. He is a seriously despicable character. Calling him Lurch is a kindness.

  51. blert Says:

    Reading accounts in the Times of Israel… indicates that the IDF is STILL stuck on stupid.

    The IDF still is befuddled as to how to handle the tunnel rats. (!)

    I’ve yet to see any indication that the IDF is prepared to flood Hamas out.

    (Water flood was used by the American special forces back in 2001 to capture John Walker Lindh.)

    I pitched this tactic to a retired US Army sergeant circa 1990. He just happened to be the ranking sergeant in II Corps in Vietnam and a big shot in the Pentagon by the end of his career. If you’ve seen Apocalypse Now, then you’ve seen this sergeant’s digs during his Vietnam days. He was the ranking sergeant inside that Lt. General’s HQ. He made his bones running the VCR and other presentation media. The General would never let him get outside the wire.

    He was impressed. I think it stuck a nerve.

    The rest of my audience consisted of the top ranking sergeant from I Corps — a Marine, of course. His duties consisted of being the whip hand of a Marine Lt. General. He knew simply everybody in the Corps.

    He was impressed, too.


    1) The IDF needs to cut Hamas in two.

    The first penetration should be southwest of Gaza City going all the way to the sea. This penetration is to become a permanent addition to Israel. It’s to be a Muslim free zone. Border crossings totally under IDF control are to be erected to each side, creating North Gaza and South Gaza.

    Sea water is to be tapped through this gap and pumped inland to raise the water table all around North Gaza and South Gaza.

    The second penetration should be right along the Egyptian border, going all the way to the sea. This penetration is also to become a permanent addition to Israel. Egypt will no longer be a decisive factor in Gazan trade. More sea water is to be pumped across this land bridge, too.

    2) Rather than wasting any more lives playing tunnel games, the IDF is to flood out every deep structure. The tunnel rats lack suitable sump pumps.

    Israel has more than enough fresh water at this time to supply all of Gaza — north and south.

    Until the hostilities cease, Gaza will have to make do without electric power, and liquid fuel imports. Everything’s within walking distance, anyway.

    3) Anyone willing to make the transit to Libya (etc.) is free to leave. Let the Turks provide transit to Syria for any inspired jihadis. Transit to the West Bank is out of the question: any such jihadi is going to be vetted by the PLA. That would be interesting.

    Qatar and Turkey are going to be loathe to pass up die hard jihadis — so much in need in Syria… and Libya.

    4) Any frustrated Gazan jihadi has to look upon Libya or Syria as elysian fields: pretty hard to resist.

    As any military historian could tell you, always leave a back door for demoralized and besieged troops. It’s easy for Hamas to ask for total sacrifice — so long as there is no escaping the battles to come.

    It’s a whole ‘nother thing when the wife and kids can depart for revolutionary Libya or Syria. Even the entire population of Gaza will not tilt the scales in those hot zones.

    The Turks need only show up with (IDF vetted) landing craft to rescue the Gazans.

    It’s not as if there’s anything that can survive the compelled fight to the finish that must come in Gaza.

    Tunnels + rockets = the Gazan end game.

    Hamas HAS TO GO.

  52. blert Says:

    Flooded rockets are worthless.

    It’s unnecessary to blow them up.

  53. Gringo Says:

    “comparing Kerry’s current appeasement of Hamas with his long-ago attempts at cozying up to the North Vietnamese.”

    Add the Sandinistas to the list.

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