July 28th, 2014

Obama and the Christians of Iraq

The Christians of Iraq in the areas controlled by ISIS are being persecuted and either killed or driven from places they’ve occupied since the dawn of Christianity. Not that Obama could stop it at this point (although he probably could have nipped ISIS in the bud when it started to take strength), but as far as I can discern he has not even spoken out against it.

I guess those Christians don’t look like his imaginary sons, or something like that. Or perhaps he’s simply checked out of his job, as so many have suggested.

I don’t think it’s the latter, though; if he cares about an issue he’ll still rouse himself on it. I don’t think he ever cared a bit about the plight of any Christians vis-a-vis the Muslims who are persecuting them. And IMHO that’s not because he’s a closest Muslim, either. My reading on Obama is that he is not a religious man at all—either Christian nor Muslim—but that his pose of being a Christian was always for political purposes, even way back when he first joined Reverend Wright’s church.

Virginia Congressman Frank Wolf has accused Obama of not speaking up about the plight of the Christians in Iraq:

…[T]his meets the official test of genocide.”

Asked if President Barack Obama has spoken out against this atrocity, Wolf said he has not.

“No, the president hasn’t said anything, the State Department hasn’t said anything,” he lamented. “Frankly, nobody is saying anything.”

Asked what the United States could do about the situation in Mosul, Wolf listed several options.

“There is a lot we can do,” he said. “One, the President of the United States can urge the Kurdish government to continue to guard and protect the Christians.”

“Secondly, we can give some of the foreign aid that we are already giving, give it to a group like Catholic Relief or World Vision or a group like that, to provide relief – water, food, clothing,” he continued. “Thirdly, we can tell the Maliki government to start protecting the Christian sites and the Christian communities. [Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-]Maliki flew out – all the Shia were flown out of Mosul – and they left the Christians there to die.”

“And lastly,” Wolf concluded, “every person who is listening should call their congressman and their senator and insist that they insist the White House do something.”

Unfortunately, the White House, freed of its need to stand for election again, could not care less about public pressure on this or on any other topic. You might have better luck contacting your Congressional representatives, depending on who they are.

14 Responses to “Obama and the Christians of Iraq”

  1. ConceptJunkie Says:

    With a supine Congress, we really have absolutely no recourse here. Obama can do anything he wants, and we’ll just have to suck it up, at least until January 2015, perhaps January 2017.

  2. blert Says:

    A practicing Muslim would be deemed irreligious by most Jews and Christians.

    Their ethos is that alien.

    For example, hiding behind civilians — especially children — would be deemed amoral by Jews and Christians.

    For fanatical Muslims, this gambit is the way of the faithful.

    By the rules of Islam, Barry is a Muslim, period, stop.

    1) He’s the son of a Muslim,

    2) He swore allegiance to Mo’ as a child,

    3) He was educated in the rites and rules of Islam by an imam,

    4) He even goes quite some length to reassure Muslims that he’s of their faith.

    Of these efforts, NONE are publicized by the American MSM. You only ever find out about them from the foreign press — which highlights them and praises them.

    5) He’s so indoctrinated that when speaking (and fatigued) he fell back to “the 57 states.” (of America) As a child he memorized that there are 57 MUSLIM states in the ummah.

    6) In an unconscious moment he slipped up and said:” My Muslim faith.” Such a cry of the heart is dismissed by Westerners who just can’t bear the thought that Barry’s ethos is as alien as it truly is.

    They also can’t bear the thought of the pervasive power of the Islamic ethos in driving rage and paranoia against the infidel. This impulse is seen every second across the Muslim world.

    By praising and codifying deceit, Mo’ has engendered perpetual paranoia in his disciples.

    This is so extreme that Saddam used Christian bodyguards. No-one trusts a Muslim, least of all Muslim tyrant.

    This dynamic runs HUGE in the veins of al Maliki.

    Barry, and every other Muslim, live in a win-lose mental space. Win-win is strictly for the kafir.

    This underlying dynamic totally explains the day to day contests across the ummah. Unity government (by fusion) is not something that a Muslim can do. It’s against the entire ethos of Mo’ and his hadith.

    Which goes more than a little ways as to why Barry totally stiff arms the GOP. Punching back twice as hard is the only politics he knows.

    It is in this sense that Barry is a disciple of Adolf Hitler — another famous “my-way-or-the-bullet” tyrant. He was also predisposed towards attacking the citizenry, generally; with special interest against disfavored victim groups. Lest we focus on European Jewry, Adolf had an entire punch list of genocides that he was working down.

    Both tyrants were/ are obsessed with shaping their polities — genetically.

    Barry’s racism is primarily directed against old White guys. Like Adolf, race is so important to Barry that he’ll set aside better politics to “go after them.”

    Hence, the Orphan Grinder atrocity.

  3. Ymarsakar Says:

    Hussein’s US allocated funds for the Syrian insurgency, partially or just totally went into training ISIL fighters.

    So why would he end ISIL when he could? They didn’t Build That.

  4. parker Says:

    Perhaps the messiah has dreams of ruling the caliphate once it is reestablished?

  5. Mike Says:

    It’s Ethnic Cleansing. Period.

    This is what Islamists do. It is also what Democrats do in less drastic form.

    Palestine shall be Judenrein; as shall Iraq, Mecca, and in many many places in the Muslim World.

    They shall also now be Christianrein.

    And America, for Dems, shall be Oppositionrein.

    Actually, America for Dems shall be Americanrein, which is why they view decent Americans as enemies (Obama’s very word) who need to be vanquished and utterly defeated.

    It is not that Dems are bad people. It is just that they do bad things.

    Right. The Dems: Good people who do bad things. Islamists: Good religious people who do bad things.


  6. Geoffrey Britain Says:

    I’m not at all confident that Obama isn’t a closet Muslim for a variety of circumstantial reasons, many of which blert mentions. Beyond reasonable doubt, probably not but the preponderance of the circumstantial evidence does IMO indicate that possibility. At best, he’s sympathetic to a degree that borders upon endorsement. At worst, he is a closet Muslim practicing Muruna. The Sunni version of Taqqiyya, that exceeds lying with permission to violate any Muslim stricture, as long as the motivation is to benefit the Ummah.

    The Rev Wright’s sermons confirm that Obama is not a Christian, no more than Wright is…

    As Congressman Wolf points out, there are things Obama could be doing to at least aid to some degree Christians in Iraq, that he does not is revealing of much about the man.

  7. parker Says:

    Bho’s lust for continued power is founded upon zombies walking around the kaaba. He welcomes Iran into the club of nuclear states. The only question is is he sunni or shia?

  8. Liberty Wolf Says:

    This is just a crime, not just that they are doing it, we know they do this, and yes, it is genocide – the Jihadists, but that is expected – but that Obama is doing NOTHING. And his State Deparment NOTHING. I am not surprised, but when you point out the horror and the enormity of their – nothing, it is startling and really a crime against humanity and the world. A crime of not doing… yet — revealing the blackest of voids.

  9. Beverly Says:

    Obama said on ABC that he IS a muslim: when he told georgie staphlococcus that “John McCain has not made an issue of my muslim faith,” and Georgie hastened to say “of your Christian faith,” and Hussein gave a curiously dismissive “of my Christian faith” as if it were of no importance.

    Could he really, by any stretch of the imagination, be meaning to say “John McCain has not made an issue of my Christian faith”? Of course not. Does he put his butt in the air five times a day? Who cares? the guy clearly sees himself as one of them in a cultural/tribal sense, and hates Christians and even more hates Jews.

    Look at the case of the Christian lady married to an American citizen, imprisoned in the Sudan for “apostasy” and “adultery” for marrying a Christian and refusing to renounce Christ, even under the threat of a death sentence. What did the Hussein Administration do for her? Not Jack S**t. The ITALIANS had to get her out of there, and thank God they did.

    Meanwhile, Hussein moves heaven and earth to keep illegal alien foreigners in our country; sides with the worst elements of the moslem world (and gave NO help to the Iranian pro-democracy protestors, not even a kind word); has helped install the moslem brotherhood everywhere, and generally aided and abetted the moslem reconquest as far as he dares.

  10. Beverly Says:

    Here’s some more information from the intrepid Walid Shoebat, who says “of COURSE Obama’s a moslem!” and is amazed that Westerners just refuse to believe it.

    “We obtained several videos from Middle Eastern sources. In one, President Obama’s uncle Sayid, about whom we’ve reported in the past, about his dealings in Saudi Arabia being in bed with Wahhabist madrassas. Here he was assuring the Middle East in this rare interview that the whole Obama family are “all Muslim”, everyone.

    “We assembled the following clip (unedited versions are linked to below) never before reported in Western circles until now. Of course, no one in the U.S. media wants to even address the sensitive issue of President Obama’s Islamist connections; it’s a taboo:


    And, also, the [not Christian himself, actually but heretic] Jeremiah Wright, when asked if he’d converted Hussein from moslem to Christian, just smiled and said, “I wouldn’t go THAT far.”

  11. Beverly Says:

    Here’s more:


    The head-hackers are putting people’s heads on pikes. Hussein is in Martha’s Vineyard doing God knows what….

  12. Ymarsakar Says:

    Even if Americans can’t touch Hussein, they can break his tools and subordinates.

  13. Eric Says:

    Liberty Wolf: “This is just a crime, not just that they are doing it, we know they do this, and yes, it is genocide – the Jihadists, but that is expected – but that Obama is doing NOTHING. And his State Deparment NOTHING. I am not surprised, but when you point out the horror and the enormity of their – nothing, it is startling and really a crime against humanity and the world. A crime of not doing… yet — revealing the blackest of voids.”

    This goes to why I’ve long advocated for setting the record straight on the Iraq enforcement. Not only for its own sake, historical fussiness, or Bush’s legacy, even though the truth is summarized as ‘Bush was right on Iraq’, but because the public judgement of Operation Iraqi Freedom continues to influence, even guide, our foreign policy.

    The fundamental premises of American leadership were invested in OIF and the prevalent false narrative of the Iraq enforcement is patient zero for the wrong turn in American foreign policy. Correct it so the public judgement is that OIF was right on the law and justified on the policy, and we can set about correcting the course of American foreign policy.

  14. Ymarsakar Says:

    but that Obama is doing NOTHING. And his State Deparment NOTHING.

    Untrue, Hussein funded AQ in Libya, AQ in Syria, and that’s where ISIL got most of their fighters and training from.

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