August 26th, 2014

It’s time to boycott AP history

The left has staged a coup.

40 Responses to “It’s time to boycott AP history”

  1. Don Carlos Says:

    So it goes.
    I’d call it a win, not a coup. nothing was overthrown. Hell, it’s being and been done everywhere for years already. They just posted a selfie.

  2. Mike Says:

    The coup is 30 years old.

    The counter offensive needs to start soon.

  3. J.J. Says:

    More revisionism that explains why Communism didn’t work and why capitalism, as practiced by the USA is so eeevil.

    Advertisements against Communism in the ME? Oh my! How could we?

    It turns everything upside down. It wasn’t world Communism that was constantly trying to subvert non-Communist governments and bring new Communist nations into being from 1946 to 1992. Oh no, it was the dastardly USA who was punishing countries by trying to keep them out of the Communist orbit. Up is down. War is peace.

  4. Orson Says:

    As one who nearly joined the guild teaching US history at the university level – and who’s best friend actually did in 1980s – I am not surprised. It is always about preaching to the choir, i.e., the Myths of the Left.

    Another friend of mine, not yet 30, but whose books I edit – finished his MA in political journalism. I began by helping him with his heretical MA thesis on the political morality of capitalism in America.

    Just yesterday he told me that his poll sic prof on Congressional politics told him that after the civil rights era, the Republican party became the party of segregation and racism – despite the facts the refuted the notion (i.e.,only 15 years later, these Believers went and voted Dem for Carter and Congress). Despite facts that disprove his “thesis,” he continued to teach the Leftist revisionist Big Lie – Republicans are racist.

    My historian buddy at the University of Alabama confronts this Myth all the time – and refutes it with great and compelling depth. But he was refused tenure at UNLV for being (sotto voce) “too conservative” for their history Department.

    Recall bestselling historian Arthur Herman, from my alma mater (UNiversity of Minnesota, but Johns Hopkins for his PhD), was also rejected at George Mason University for the heresy of writing a history of Senator Joseph McCarthy that was too honest.

    My conclusion? Academic history was fully corrupted between the 1990s and the past decade. This is merely it’s vulgarian fruition. The Truth – even soundly disputed Truth – will not be allowed in classrooms.

    Sending your children to universities today is worse than a waste – it is paying to propagandize against America. Dinesh D’Souza was correct in “America” (documentary film and book). Skip it, unless you want to reward those making the US worth abandoning because its Decline is no accident – it is failure that’s intentional

  5. Geoffrey Britain Says:

    At what point does delusional criticism become active treason? These people are not merely engaged in critical free speech, they are not just providing aid and comfort to an enemy, they have joined the enemy. Just as surely as Americans who have joined ISIS. The difference being that they hide behind the very liberties they seek to destroy.

  6. parker Says:

    Teach your children and then your grandchildren history. Immunize them against the utopia – nihilism of the left.

  7. rickl Says:

    The current educational establishment needs to die. It has become corrupted beyond repair. Public school curricula turn kids off from reading and mathematics, and the universities are hotbeds of hedonism and leftist propaganda.

    As a taxpayer, I am forced to subsidize schools that teach anti-Americanism. Elementary and high schools do their job so poorly that colleges must offer remedial courses.

    At the college level, government financial aid is nothing more than a subsidy to the educational establishment. Without it, colleges would be forced to lower their tuition rates to what students and their parents could actually afford to pay. Once upon a time, it was possible for students to work their way through college by taking various menial, entry-level jobs and saving their money. In today’s high-cost environment, that is nearly impossible. And many menial jobs are being taken by illegals, to boot.

    Something even more insidious that is going on is the student loan scandal. Young people in their twenties are graduating with an insurmountable mountain of debt, far in excess of what was seen in previous generations. And student loan debt cannot be discharged by bankruptcy. They are entering a horrid job market. In many cases their degrees don’t prepare them for useful employment. They were basically lied to by academic advisors who told them that they needed a degree in order to amount to anything.

    They are being turned into indentured servants. How in the world are they supposed to buy a house or start a family under those circumstances? That is the insidious part. They are learning the hard way that the American Dream is forever beyond their reach. I do not believe that this is an accident. How can we expect them to learn respect for private property when they can’t afford it for themselves? This situation is guaranteed to generate resentment.

    Some of the solutions are to eliminate teacher’s unions, affirmative action, and student aid. Teacher’s unions protect the poorest-performing teachers, affirmative action forces the hiring of unqualified teachers, and student aid basically subsidizes the disciplines that are most involved with Marxist indoctrination. Without that subsidy, colleges would not only be forced to lower their rates, they would also have to cut out the dead wood.

    In the meantime, parents and students should seriously explore alternatives to the current paradigm, such as homeschooling, online courses, and trade schools.

  8. Geoffrey Britain Says:


    Excellent summation.

  9. parker Says:

    You hammered the nail rickl. Parents should encourage their children to shun higher education and instead learn a trade that has currency in the real world of everyday life. I want my granchildern to grow up to be carpenters, plumbers, welders, heavy machinery operators, surveyors, machinists, master gardeners, and so forth. Lets drink to the salt of the earth.

  10. neo-neocon Says:


    Actually, I don’t agree.

    If kids want to do that, fine. There’s nothing so wonderful about academia, and it’s good to get out into the real world. But if someone is academically inclined, why leave the field to the left? It seems to me that the way things are going, many people will be needed to set up alternative colleges like Hillsdale, and to fight against the influence of the left in academia. It’s difficult, but leaving the field to the left does not seem to be a good solution to me.

  11. LTEC Says:

    I think it is important to see samples of the actual text, as follows below. There was clearly no attempt to even hide the fact that this course is propaganda.

    “The liberalism of President Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal drew on earlier progressive ideas and represented a multifaceted approach to both the causes and effects of the Great Depression, using government power to provide relief to the poor, stimulate recovery, and reform the American economy.”


    “Although the New Deal did not completely overcome the Depression, it left a legacy of reforms and agencies that endeavored to make society and individuals more secure, and it helped foster a long-term political realignment in which many ethnic groups, African Americans, and working-class communities identified with the Democratic Party.”

  12. neo-neocon Says:


    Well, you can’t argue with the fact that the New Deal did cause ethnic groups such as blacks to start to ally with the Democratic Party.

    But the trend didn’t really get going till later.

  13. Beverly Says:

    The communist rot runs deep.

    Whittaker Chambers on creeping socialism in 1952, from “Witness”:

    “The simple fact is that when [1948] I took up my little sling and aimed at Communism, I also hit something else. What I hit was the forces of that great socialist revolution, which, in the name of liberalism, spasmodically, incompletely, somewhat formlessly, but always in the same direction, has been inching its ice cap over the nation for two decades.

    “This is not a charge. My opinion of that revolution is not at issue. It is a statement of fact that need startle no one who has voted for that revolution in whole or in part, and, consciously or unconsciously, a majority of the nation has so voted for years. It was the forces of that revolution that I struck at the point of the struggle for power.

    “And with that we come to the heart of the Hiss Case and all its strange manifestations. No one could have been more dismayed than I at what I had hit, for though I knew it existed, I still had no adequate idea of its extent, the depth of its penetration, or the fierce vindictiveness of its revolutionary temper, which is a reflex of its struggle to keep and advance its political power.

    “It was the force of this revolution that had smothered the Hiss Case (and much else) for a decade, and fought to smother it in 1948. These were the forces that made the phenomenon of Alger Hiss possible; had made it possible for him to rise steadily in Government and reach the highest post after he was already under suspicion as a Communist in many quarters, including Congress, and under the scrutiny of the FBI.

    “Alger Hiss is only one name that stands for the whole Communist penetration of [America’s] Government. He could not be exposed without raising the question of the real political temper and purposes of those who had protected and advanced him, and with whom he was so closely identified that they could not tell his breed from their own.”

  14. Beverly Says:

    So, Chambers was talking about the horrible socialist revolution “inching its ice cap” over America more than 60 years ago.

    Vindictive nature — noted

    Will to power — noted

    Mendacity — noted

    Ruthlessness — noted.

    Coulter was right: it is demonic.

  15. parker Says:


    I was not commenting about your grandchildren, I was commenting about my advice to my grandchildren. 😉 Imo the future belongs to those who can fix what is broken and create necessary tools at a lathe or a blacksmithes fire, those who mine coal or suck up oil, those who can grow and preserve food, and those who can properly heal wounds and grow antibiotics. All other considerations will be meaningless in the years ahead. Imo.

  16. Doom Says:

    Boycotts don’t work. People have to change with whom, and how, they do business, associate, and allow to have power. If more people homeschooled, if more people pulled away from this and forced their school admin to reject this sort of stuff, through the state if nothing else, that would be something.

    People have to change what they do, or they end up munching the same stale yellow nutritionless grass they have been munching by default for most of their lives. Even knowing it is garbage. The thing is, it’s too hard for most, honestly. So they boycott, for a while, at least they say they do, and then they take a nap and go right back to it.

    Choices. Most people seemingly are completely incapable of making them. Evil only has the power it is given or can take. Choices.

  17. ErisGuy Says:

    It is not a coup. It is part of an ongoing cultural transformation as profound as Christianizing the Roman Empire.

    The future that belongs to the technologists who can make lathes, shoe a horse, wire a house, etc. has already been dreamt: “The Shape of Things to Come.” And that future according to its dreamers is even more socialist than the dreams for the professors of what is laughingly called the humanities.

    Nearly all the technologists I know are hard-Leftists, some worship the state, some oppose it, but all accept Leftist mores, morality, folkways, and goals.

    For the socialist technocracy to succeed, America, Christianity, Judaism, and “the West” must be destroyed. And that program is ready to say “mission accomplished.”

  18. blert Says:

    Let’s just put Winston Smith in charge!


    That this gambit has gotten this far is actually depressing.


    I don’t believe that Moscow central has really put the pieces together.

    Should America REALLY become a Leftist nation — it must inevitably become a militant, aggressive nation, beyond anything seen before.

    Think about it.

    Such an America would not become Moscow’s tool. It would HAVE to become Moscow’s arch-enemy — just as Beijing (CCP) and Berlin (Nationalist Socialist) became.

    There is absolutely no prospect that America would be come the wingman for Moscow. Nothing like that has ever happened in all of history. The reverse is much more likely to be true.


    And in a similar vein, Islamism is almost certainly going to tackle Moscow before it tackles Washington. It’s a case of proximity and demographics.

    There’s no prospect that the Ummah can hold off its hyper-jihad for the day when it reaches critical mass in North America.

    The atrocity cascade will surely start before then.

  19. Artfldgr Says:

    President Barack Obama

    Anagramed to:

    An Arab Backed Imposter

    A Tamaracks Bribed Peon (tamerak is a golf course)
    A Tamarack Ebbed Prison
    A Tamarack Robbed Spine
    A Maraca Robbed Pinkest
    A Adamant Bicker Probes
    A Panama Cribbed Stoker
    A Panama Briber Stocked
    A Panamas Cribber Toked
    A Barbarian Pecked Ms To
    A Barbarian Dock Em Pest
    A Barbarian Mock Ed Pest
    A Cabana Bed Merits Pork
    A Cabana Bed Remits Pork
    A Cabana Bed Merit Porks
    A Cabana Bed Smoker Trip
    A Cabana Imbeds Perk Rot
    A Cabana Bored Term Skip
    A Cabana Robed Sperm Kit
    A Cabana Robed Term Skip
    A Cabana Bodes Perk Trim

    there are tons more..
    got good ones..
    but wouldnt want to spoil the fun

    Berserk Maniac Bad Atop
    Biden A Casaba Term Pork
    Biden A Macabre Park Sot
    Biden A Barrack Same Opt

    Biden A Earmark Scab Top

    lots and lots of fun for the bored..

  20. Artfldgr Says:

    if someone is academically inclined, why leave the field to the left?

    cause they will hammer you, destroy your life, leave you abandoned by others who dont want to be hammered, and thats that.

    i am never to have a raise or promotion for the rest of my life… its worked out alread… no matter what i do, what i achieve, i can never get a raise.

    so.. my life will decline slowly, like a plant not watered quite enough. my friends have abandoned me, as i am now a “loser” cause you cant explain this stuff – comes off as a whiney excuse

    so why leave it to them?

    well. you can go, be like me, and now wait to die having no future, no hope, no family (cant afford), and lots of other no’s

    hoping someone will shoot me. there is an accident, or some idiot beats me to death…

    all better than being part of academia if your not a protected class idjit.

    here’s to wishing you were dead..
    a good reason not to be there..

  21. Don Carlos Says:

    “if someone is academically inclined, why leave the field to the left?”
    Because non-Leftists simply do not have the staying power for the Long March required. We are by nature not worker bees or ants, which are merely instantly replaceable cells with legs in a mobile hierarchical organism. We have already lost, but some of us do not know we are already dead. The Zuckerbergs and the Bill Gateses and the other oligarchs are in firm control. We are being dumbed-down from above, not by accident but purposely. Worker bees should not be intelligent; they should do or die…the essence of Leftism.

  22. Severely Ltd. Says:

    I ran across this excellent article this morning and thought or you, Neo. It’s not out of place in the comments here. Recommended for all:

  23. Severely Ltd. Says:

    “of you”, of course. You need an edit button.

  24. Don Carlos Says:

    A sample of what we’re dealing with WARNING: WILL MAKE YOU PUKE

  25. Ymarsakar Says:

    The Left is at war. Do people think they were having a picnic at Martha’s Vineyards?

  26. Ymarsakar Says:

    Coulter was right: it is demonic.

    They aren’t called Demoncrats for nothing, Beverly.

  27. Artfldgr Says:

    a bit of a history lesson about academics…

    If the intellectuals in the plays of Chekhov who spent all their time guessing what would happen in twenty, thirty, or forty years had been told that in forty years interrogation by torture would be practiced in Russia; that prisoners would have their skulls squeezed within iron rings;1 that a human being would be lowered into an acid bath;2 that they would be trussed up naked to be bitten by ants and bedbugs; that a ramrod heated over a primus stove would be thrust up their anal canal (the “secret brand”); that a man’s genitals would be slowly crushed beneath the toe of a jackboot; and that, in the luckiest possible circumstances, prisoners would be tortured by being kept from sleeping for a week, by thirst, and by being beaten to a bloody pulp, not one of Chekhov’s plays would have gotten to its end because all the heroes would have gone off to insane asylums

    given that they are rewriting history, they are actually going to avoid what will be too nasty to tell and so welcome it back…

    if you were invisable, you could walk carefully into a bank, and remove all the cash you wanted… you could go anywhere, as long as patience was yours.

    making the horrors of socialism invisiable, it goes where it wants… it does what it wants… it does NOT follow the ideas of the intellectuals, other than the total control part…

    Ive had met this form of intellecutalism all my life. the reasonab,e the so understanding, the person that could not comprehend such behavior as being normal… normal to the point of common practice.

    their world is one of niceity, and back stabbing in secret silence and only a figure of speech, not literal.

    what they do not realize is that the idea of fomenting class hatred and favoring prisoners is how you create a “brutal class” that will be your police and your strong arm to the future

    they cant take such truths and see them as “slander against a bright future” they believe is always around the corner, akin to tony singing about whats coming to happen in west side story…

    There’s something due any day;
    I will know right away,
    Soon as it shows.
    It may come cannonballing down through the sky,
    Gleam in its eye,
    Bright as a rose!

    Who knows?
    It’s only just out of reach,
    Down the block, on a beach,
    Under a tree.
    I got a feeling there’s a miracle due,
    Gonna come true,
    Coming to me!

    With a click, with a shock,
    Phone’ll jingle, door’ll knock,
    Open the latch!
    Something’s coming, don’t know when, but it’s soon;
    Catch the moon,
    One-handed catch!

    was he singing about the girl, as everyone assumes, or the future that was cut short by the fight in the park?

    these same lines could be used in a play as to the “revolution”… i dont know, what it is, but it is, got to be great… the air is humming, and somethig good is coming…

    Is it not still more
    dreadful that we are now being told, thirty years later, “Don’t talk about it!”? If we start to recall the sufferings of millions, we are told it will distort the historical perspective! If we doggedly seek out the essence of our morality, we are told it will darken our material progress!

    you talk of innocence and guilt and those terms no longer apply… they are outdated and outmoded said the author…

    To stand up for the truth is nothing!
    For truth you have to sit in jaill -Fastenko

  28. Artfldgr Says:

    what you guys are complaining about or discussing was long ago decided by several treaties, agreements and such…

    but why read the past when you can make up a better story now?

    America’s Latest Education Fad
    By Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt

    A complete listing of the many shocking exchange activities taking place as a result of the 1985 and 1988-1991 agreements would require volumes. A few concrete examples should suffice to convince the reader that all proposals called for in the agreements are being faithfully and fastidiously carried out

    The American-Soviet Textbook Study Project began in 1977, was suspended in 1979 when Soviet troops invaded Afghanistan Afghanistan, and resumed in 1985 under the Geneva Agreement. At a conference held in Racine, Wisconsin in November 1987, the U.S. representatives acquiesced in the Soviet insistence that American textbooks should present a more “balanced” (i.e. friendly) discussion of Lenin and should give the Russians more “credit” for their role in World War II. A.M. Rosenthal of the New York Times, said in a 12/8/87 editorial “American educators solemnly discuss with Soviet educators the mutual need for textbook revision, just as if the state did not censor every single book published in the Soviet Union and the Russians could write as they pleased. That is comedy, if you like it real black.”

    The question Americans must ask themselves is: Why, when the Soviet Union is an economic, political, moral, and social basket case, militarily superior, but internally on the verge of collapse, does the United States seek its assistance in improving our educational system?

    bet you guys didnt even know about this funding, the treaties, the law changes and all of the related stuff. .. the funky thing is that most are not interested, completely incurious until something that they realize is not right, flies across their view, until another distraction takes their attention and needs made up explanations (to replace or fill in the hole left by not reading the past or studying).

    Full text of “Anatoliy Golitsyn Perestroika Deception”

    ‘It was not in 1985 but in 1958 that the Communist leaders accepted that their economic system was ineffective and lagging behind the West in productivity. It was then that they decided that it would have to be revived through the introduction of market incentives.’

    ‘It was then that the Communist leaders realized that Communism could not be spread abroad against a background of fear and mass repression and that world Communist victory could only be achieved by transforming the Soviet and other Communist regimes into a form more attractive to the West.’


    ‘The development and execution of the strategy over a thirty-years period has strengthened Soviet power militarily, politically and, with Western help, economically….


    For the USSR

    (a) ‘Restructuring’ and revitalization of the Soviet socialist economy through the incorporation of some elements of the market economy.

    (b) ‘Restructuring’ of the Stalinist regime into a form of ‘Communist democracy’ with an appearance of political pluralism [= ‘democratism’, or false democracy].

    (c) ‘Reconsructing’ a repressive regime with a brutal face into an attractive socialist model with a human façade and seeming similarity to the Swedish social democratic system.’


    For the main US alliances

    (a) ‘Splitting the United States, Western Europe and Japan.

    (b) Dissolution of NATO and the US-Japan security pact, and the withdrawal of US troops from Western Europe and Japan.’


    For the United States

    (a) ‘To neutralize the influence of the anti-Communist political right in the American political parties and to create favourable conditions for a victory of the radical left in the 1992 US presidential elections (In this context, Clinton’s stay with top Communists in Czechoslovakia and the Soviet Union during the latter part of the Vietnam war has profound and disturbing implications—TTS).

    (b) To ‘restructure’ the American military, political, economic and social status quo to accommodate greater convergence between the Soviet and American systems and the eventual creation of a single World Government.’

    The paramount global objective

    ‘The paramount global objective of the strategy of ‘perestroika’ is to weaken and neutralize anti-Communist ideology and the influence of anti-Communists in political life in the United States, Western Europe and elsewhere—presenting them as anachronistic survivors of the Cold War, reactionaries and obstacles to ‘restructuring’ and peace. Anyone who warns about Moscow’s true objectives is automatically branded a ‘Cold Warrior’, even by people who have doubts about Moscow’s motives.’


    Lenin advised the Communists that they must be prepared to ‘resort to all sorts of stratagems, manoeuvres, illegal methods, evasions and subterfuge’ to achieve their objectives. This advice was given on the eve of his reintroduction of limited capitalism in Russia in his work ‘Left Wing Communism, an Infantile Disorder’.


    In the new worldwide Communist federation the present different brands of Communism would disappear, to be replaced by a uniform, rigorous brand of Leninism. The process would be painful. Concessions made in the name of economic and political reform would be withdrawn. Religious and intellectual dissent would be suppressed. Nationalism and all other forms of genuine oppositions would be crushed. Those who had taken advantage of détente to establish friendly Western contacts would be rebuked or persecuted like those Soviet officers who worked with the Allies during the Second World War. In new Communist states—for example, in France, Italy, and the Third World—the “alienated classes” would be reeducated. Show trials of “imperialist agents” would be staged. Action would be taken against nationalist and social democratic leaders, party activists, former civil servants, officers, and priests. The last vestiges of private enterprise and ownership would be obliterated. Nationalization of industry, finance, and agriculture would be completed. In fact, all the totalitarian features familiar from the early stages of the Soviet revolution and the postwar Stalinist years in Eastern Europe might be expected to reappear, especially in those countries newly won for Communism. Unchallenged and unchallengeable, a true Communist monolith would dominate the world.’

    that was 30 years ago…
    hows that reset button working?

  29. CapnRusty Says:

    It will have been important to keep history books and encyclopedias published prior to 1970. Perhaps it will have been important to have hidden them.

    When all of our knowledge of history is digitized, and the only source for that knowledge is the internet, it call all be re-written with a keystroke.

  30. CapnRusty Says:

    Dang! “can” all be re-written

  31. neo-neocon Says:


    I know people on the right in academia who are still fighting the left there, and they are able to have careers. It depends where you go. I agree that it’s very very hard. Note also that I said it is a good idea to work to build more colleges such as Hillsdale, which are not leftist. A professor on the right can find a home there and be quite comfortable. I don’t think ceding the field is a good idea, which is not to say I don’t understand the problems of someone on the right trying to make it in academia.

    I have gotten emails from people all over the world who are in academia and on the right, and they feel they must go incognito, so I’m quite aware of it.

  32. Ymarsakar Says:

    Neo, vouchers and adopting a privatized system would allow more competition, and support for home schooling.

    This is exactly why the Left has a strategic objective to destroy vouchers and dismantle home schooling.

    Japan seems to have a lot more private schools, so they can adapt and transform school policy based upon the students and area they serve. Without federal interference, since the money is not in federal or gov hands.

  33. Ymarsakar Says:

    And of course, the elites in the US only have their children go to private schools or those with high status like Ivy League. But they intentionally block people in public schools from moving, by denying Vouchers. That’s why Hussein’s two children go to private school in DC, not public. It helps keep the riff raff out of American success and the halls of power.

  34. neo-neocon Says:


    Home schooling will never be practiced by more than a small percentage of the population. It is way too labor intensive, and one parent has to be home.

    Private schools and vouchers would have more of a chance.

  35. JKB Says:

    It is useless to try to fight at the university or high school. Those are lost, the kids will pass the class, but deep inside, they know it is all BS. Not unlike when I was in school 30 years ago. No one paid but passing, as in grade, attention to English class after 9th grade because it was all BS.

    But we have the technology to expose those who have some ability to learn to the truth. Being exposed to another narrative will give them a place to learn by contrasting and comparing.

    I just read a great book that summarizes our government and out heritage very well. I learned a lot, so that tells you how worthless history education has been for 30 years.

    Civil Government in the United States by John Fiske.

    Fair warning, you may suspect him of being a Tea Partier even though he died in 1901.

    But if we Americans were to set about giving to the state governments things to do that had better be done by counties and towns, and giving the federal government things to do that had better be done by the states, it would not take many generations to dull the keen edge of our political capacity. We should lose it as inevitably as the most consummate of pianists will lose his facility if he stops practicing. It is therefore a fact of cardinal importance that in the United States the local governments of township, county, and city are left to administer themselves instead of being administered by a great bureau with its head at the state capital.

  36. G Joubert Says:

    “Home schooling will never be practiced by more than a small percentage of the population. It is way too labor intensive, and one parent has to be home.”

    I profoundly disagree, if for no other reason than mortar and brick schools are a so obviously a thing of the past, like a lot of things the Internet fossilized. And that’s without even getting to and considering the ubiquitous multitudes public education failures. Online learning is in the process of transforming primary education. Kids learn more in 2 hours or less online what they sit through in class all day to supposedly learn.

    Merely being a publicly-paid babysitter won’t be enough to save public education.

    Private schools as we know them are too expensive for most people.

    Vouchers seems like a good idea, until you wrap your head around the fact that if we allow Christian schools and Jewish academies to be paid by vouchers, then by virtue of the 1st Amendment we cannot stop Islamic madrassas from also receiving them. Quite frankly, that all by itself completely chilled me on the idea of vouchers.

  37. Don Carlos Says:

    Private schools are no more protected by their high costs than the Ivy league is from the Left. High costs do not purchase freedom from Leftism. Private schools just ease the path for aspiring elites, of which my kids were some.

  38. GA Says:

    Problem with such travesties is the way it’s taught, not merely the content.
    The implication–sometimes it’s explicit–is that the old way, the myth, is the redneck version, the jingoisitic version, the Know-Nothing version.
    Knowing the new stuff makes you superior to those unwashed masses. They were pulling this stuff on us in college in the Sixties. So, to unlearn the propaganda is to put oneself with the great unwashed. This, I submit, amounts to a fortress protecting the individual’s erroneous view of history. Can’t afford to give it up because it’s more than facts.

  39. Ymarsakar Says:

    Home schooling will never be practiced by more than a small percentage of the population. It is way too labor intensive, and one parent has to be home.

    And that’s why the system is failing.

    The people don’t deserve better education and they know it.

  40. Ymarsakar Says:

    Private schools are no more protected by their high costs than the Ivy league is from the Left. High costs do not purchase freedom from Leftism. Private schools just ease the path for aspiring elites, of which my kids were some.

    The fact that Leftists intended this be so, is part of the package. And it’s what those kids pay into it and get out their credentials.

    It has absolutely nothing to do with private costs and the economic system, just as the Left is not about economic principles nor is it about capitalism or anti capitalism.

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