September 22nd, 2014

Poor, misunderstood, beleaguered…

Lois Lerner.

11 Responses to “Poor, misunderstood, beleaguered…”

  1. Cornhead Says:


    I have written many times that Congress needs to exercise its inherent constitutional powers and jail her for contempt.

    We also needs to go to a sales tax rather than an income tax. An income tax relies on honest citizens and IRS and we are well past that day. 60 Minutes again ran a story on all the refund cheating. Billions and growing and the IRS has no clue.

  2. Illuminati Says:

    Here is the passage in the article which reveals the real Lois Lerner.

    “And she’s a savvy lawyer: She studiously avoided answering fundamental questions about her role in the IRS scandal that could land her in deeper trouble with Congress.”

    Here we learn that she is not an innocent bureaucrat caught by surprise but a schemer who acted willfully and with full knowledge of the implications of her behavior. Innocence is the best defense. If she were innocent, answering fundamental questions could not possibly get her into deeper trouble.

    Incidentally, the politico writer seems to believe that breaking the law is cool so long as it is directed against conservatives and so long as you can get away with it. No wonder Lois Lerner thinks she did nothing wrong. So long as she can stay out of jail all is well in her lefty universe.

  3. Ray Says:

    It is practically impossible to fire civil service personel. If the IRS was acting to fire her they must know something or decieded they need to sacrifice her to placate congress.

  4. Geoffrey Britain Says:

    Clearly, she doesn’t see herself as a scapegoat but as a martyr for the cause.

  5. wendy Says:

    Typical lying ideolologue. Will say and do anything for their cause… wait..that sounds like taqiyya hmmmmmm…..

  6. Ymarsakar Says:

    This is why the Romans crucified rebels and had criminals fight in arenas.

  7. blert Says:

    A total apparat being interviewed by the propaganda wing of the Progressives…

    Results were baked in the cake.

    She’s re-establishing her bonafides such that she can be appointed to some board position with the Ford Foundation/ Annenberg Foundation/ et. al.

    In the meantime, her cash just keeps flowing in.

    No doubt her legal expenses will be rendered on credit until such time as a benefactor can step forward.

    Soros… is that you?

  8. parker Says:

    It all depends upon what your definition of is is. Just lie and let the msm provide ‘air’ cover.

  9. Lizzy Says:

    If only she didn’t have a history of taking delight in harassing conservatives and other politically active citizens with whom she disagreed since her tenure at the SEC.

    A lot of the comments at Politico mention that she wasn’t the mastermind of the IRS harassment, as if to say “she was just following orders.” The thing is, she was the perfect person to put in charge of this at the IRS given her experience doing this with no known WH instruction supporting her (e.g. the SEC deposition in which she repeatedly asked a person the contents of their prayer!). Lois is as unsympathetic as they come.

  10. parker Says:


    If she sinks she is not a witch… channeling Monty Python.

  11. Matt_SE Says:

    I was all over the Politico forum of that article.
    Almost 20,000 comments in two days. When the word got out about this POS article, it was flooded with anger and hate.
    Many lambasted Politico for publishing such apologetic drivel. Many more took the opportunity to tear into Lerner.
    Over time, the lefties came out with fulsome praise for their heroine.
    I’ve never seen an article get so many comments so fast, that was moved into the middle of the stack so quickly (the equivalent of shifting it to page A14, below the fold).

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