January 6th, 2015

Boehner retaliates?

According to Randy Weber, R-Texas, Boehner has already begun to retaliate against those who voted against him. Weber claims he’s been removed from sponsorship of a bill, but Boehner’s office denies the allegations of targeting.

Who’s telling the truth? We don’t know. But I don’t much care, and it may not be for the reasons you think. I don’t care because I accept that politics ain’t beanbag*, and when you strike at a king you must kill him (metaphorically, that is). In other words, if try to remove a Speaker of the House and fail, you must be prepared to experience some negative consequences.

We (and I include myself among this “we”) might like it to be otherwise. It would be awfully pleasant if, after a factional war like this, the parties within the party could kiss and make up. I’ve written many times on this blog about my own wish for party unity against the more dangerous opponent, the left. But I’m not unrealistic enough to think it will happen; I understand why it won’t. The two sides of the Republican Party—let’s call them the moderates and the conservatives—are at odds both philosophically and in the practical sense. That is, they disagree in their political beliefs and they each want to seize power. Why would they not play hardball with each other, even if it sometimes seems as though the leftists are the ones who benefit most?

[NOTE: That famous “politics ain’t beanbag” quote is from an 1895 column by Finley Peter Dunne, with the words placed in the mouth of his fictional Irish-American character Mr. Dooley. The full quote is as follows::

Sure, politics ain’t bean-bag. ‘Tis a man’s game, an’ women, childer, cripples an’ prohybitionists ‘d do well to keep out iv it.”

Couldn’t get away with that today.]

[ADDENDUM: Amy Miller observes at Legal Insurrection, after quoting Charles Krauthammer’s “the days of hiding under Harry Reid’s desk are over”:

This is important, and it’s not a point that should be ignored by conservatives. Starting today, we’ll be holding accountable not just a newly-minted leadership, but a President who now finds himself in the minority after six comfortable years of playing pen-and-phone politics.

…I’m not saying we should treat the new Congress with kid gloves, but as the new session begins, we should take time to remember how we felt during the last week of October, when we were running on no sleep while campaigning for new candidates we claimed to believe in. Democrats will be playing defense for the next two years as bill after bill lands on Obama’s desk, and it’s our job to make this as miserable a time for them as possible.

This is not the moment to waste time eating our own. It’s time to pile on the Obamas and Reids of the world who made progress next to impossible, then turned around and blamed Republicans for the terrible policies that did manage to make it into law.

We didn’t stumble upon this majority; we earned it. Let’s make the most of it.]

38 Responses to “Boehner retaliates?”

  1. skeneogden Says:

    I don’t see much in McConnell & Boehner that gives me much hope. Craving for power is what drives everything these people do. I now embrace term limits as a way of moderating our elected royalty.

  2. Orson Says:

    The “moderates” are corporate welfare statists who are are deeply entrenched interests opposed to the working and middle class strivers.

    They filete then nation’s wealth to give us bread and circuses as the ship of American liberty keeps sinking further down below the water-line until the nation is no longer recognizable.

    My metrics are 20th in world economic freedom and falling; 47th in press freedom and falling. GET OUT NOW – GET OUT EARLY!

    But early there are many people who don’t believe persistent, repeated numbers. Good luck with that!

  3. J.J. Says:


    And where are you going to go? You do realize that it isn’t easy to immigrate permanently to any other country don’t you? You might be accepted if you are bringing in a sizable stash of cash or a new, profitable industry, or have important political connections in the target country. Otherwise, your only way to GET OUT is illegally. It’ll be hard, but we’ll struggle along without you. Bon Voyage.

  4. parker Says:

    There is no sanctuary Orson. For me and mine there is one inalienable right that stands before all others, the state recognizes the right of the individual to possess and bear the weapons of personal self protection and weapons to resist tyranny. This right exists without any restrictions that I am willing to accept. We have 80% of that most basic right. Elsewhere, its 50% at best.

    There is nowhere to run. It is here where liberty will make the last stand against the forces that wish to subjugate all in order to feed their desire for total control over every aspect of the lives of the peasants. There is nothing but suffering and humiliation to be gained by surrender. Do not go meekly.

  5. Steve Says:

    Sharyl Attkisson discusses her lawsuit against the Obama Administration – video


  6. carl in atlanta Says:

    Parker: Preach it brother! There is no place else to go and no reason to leave. We just won a series of elections (at every level) that is virtually unprecedented. All we need now is to hold what we’ve gained plus have a few years in control of the executive (and the will to pare down our monstrously large administrative state).

  7. Geoffrey Britain Says:


    “try to remove a Speaker of the House and fail, you must be prepared to experience some negative consequences.”

    There was a time, not so long ago, when magnanimity in victory was a given. Is a decision to vote for a new direction in leadership, so egregious an insult that personal animus is appropriate? Retaliation may well give pause in the future but it will unavoidably and greatly widen the gap between factions. This alone demonstrates Boehner’s lack of sagacity.

    “The two sides of the Republican Party—let’s call them the moderates and the conservatives—are at odds both philosophically and in the practical sense. That is, they disagree in their political beliefs and they each want to seize power.”

    If by “they each want to seize power” you mean neo to assert that each want to seize power for personal gain, I strongly disagree. If what is meant is that the conservative side seeks power in order to save this nation, then I agree wholeheartedly. Those who assert that the ‘moderate’ side simply disagrees on tactics but seeks the same goals, are IMO profoundly mistaken and, I see no other explanation than willful denial for such obtuseness.

    “Why would they not play hardball with each other, even if it sometimes seems as though the leftists are the ones who benefit most?”

    Two important qualifications; it is the moderates who have been “playing hardball” and it is the conservatives, who seek to stop the Left.

  8. Geoffrey Britain Says:

    “Democrats will be playing defense for the next two years as bill after bill lands on Obama’s desk” Amy Miller

    I await the “bill after bill” landing on Obama’s desk with bated breath. Unfortunately, the GOP has been sending signals that they plan a careful, cautious approach, which will only see those bills arrive on Obama’s desk that he will have difficulty vetoing. Since political considerations are no longer a factor for him and, he has just demonstrated his lack of concern for fellow democrat’s political fortunes, the only bills that he will be reluctant to veto will be those with which he substantially… agrees.

    “All we need now is to hold what we’ve gained plus have a few years in control of the executive (and the will to pare down our monstrously large administrative state).” carl in atlanta

    I must reluctantly remind you carl that the last Republican President and Republican Congress of 2000-2002 substantially expanded “our monstrously large administrative state”. Yes, Obama made Bush look like a piper but what evidence convinces you that this time will be different than from 2000-2002?

    If the GOP can ignore it’s own base and overwhelming public opinion with amnesty and ObamaCare, why would they be sensitive to conservative outrage at our monstrously large administrative state? Especially when 49% of Americans receive government entitlements?

  9. Charles Says:

    “retaliate against those who voted against him.”

    That’s politics, it has always been that way, and most likely always will.

    Quite frankly, by voting to remove someone you show that you don’t like the way he is doing his job, so why should he think you will follow through with his leadership’s plans? Why should he put or keep you in a position that requires you to remain loyal? You just demonstrated that you are NOT loyal.

    If you voted FOR someone wouldn’t you expect some reward in return? What kind of idiot thinks that disloyalty also gains rewards?

  10. Southpaw Says:

    King Boner. I’m sure the White House is dreading future confrontations with the Barny Rubble of Capital Hill.

    I’m going to speculate that Obama will get tired of slapping the tangerine man around like a cat gets tired of torturing a helpless mouse to death. The best he can hope for is nobody will notice the humiliation.
    But Obama isn’t the type to let Boner simply compromise and do his grand bargaining, he’s going to make Boener his bitch.

  11. neo-neocon Says:

    Geoffrey Britain:

    No, I don’t mean they want to seize power for personal gain. Although some do, of course (and believe me, conservatives are not all immune to that particular motivation, among others).

  12. rickl Says:

    It’s not moderates vs. conservatives. It’s statists vs. Constitutionalists.

  13. parker Says:


    Not sure that what has been won is enough. What has been won is meaningless without brave hearts leading the way. Boehner is not a brave heart, he is a Quisling. I think the same applies to o’connell. I will wait only so long to see the likes of Gowdy and Cruz in positions of leadership. 70 is on the horizon, and I’ve seen this same old same old for too many decades. Gop has quickly ticking minutes to demonstrate they actually want to keep a republic.

  14. KLSmith Says:

    Southpaw: Boehner is already his bitch. I didn’t get to see his speech today, did he cry? He’s good at crying.

  15. NYer Says:

    I can’t believe no one quoted The Wire…this was running through my head the minute I heard Boehner didn’t get dethroned.

    When you come at the King, you best not miss.

  16. Illuminati Says:

    This comment is slightly off the subject, but when you think about it, statistically, the increased Republican majority made it much more difficult to remove Boehner. Since all of the Democrats all vote for their candidate, the majority to elect the speaker have to come from the Republican side. If the Republican majority were only 2 then defections by 3 Republicans would throw the election into a second round. With the present large Republican majority 24 defectors weren’t enough.

  17. ErisGuy Says:

    Boehner doesn’t wish to seize power, he wishes to retain his position and power in the Obama-Reid-Pelosi axis.

  18. Geoffrey Britain Says:


    Nor did I mean to suggest that all conservatives are on the side of the angels. Looking out for #1 knows no political boundaries.

    As Jefferson, Webster and Heinlein pointed out, the most basic criteria is whether you desire to control others. The GOP’s leadership, it’s big donors and many republicans absolutely want to control others. Unlike the democrats they are not ideologically motivated to seek control through the nanny state but control is necessary to their agenda. They are at heart monopolists, to be ‘the only game in town’ and seek to maintain that control within a highly regulated, crony capitalistic system.

  19. Clarityseeker Says:

    “The days of hiding under Harry Reid’s desk, are over”

  20. Artfldgr Says:

    Boehner’s Obamacare-related investments trace back to 2009, when the Obama administration was pushing the Affordable Health Care Act through Congress

    Peter Schweizer, in his 2011 book on Washington corruption, “Throw Them All Out: How Politicians and Their Friends Get Rich Off Insider Stock Tips, Land Deals, and Cronyism that Would Send the Rest of Us to Prison,” noted on Page 20: “Congressman John Boehner, who was leading the opposition to Obamacare in the House of Representatives, may have been fighting John Kerry on policy matters, but he was entirely allied with him when it came to investment decisions.”

    On December 10, 2008, Boehner bought numerous health insurance company stocks, including tens of thousands of dollars in Cardinal Health, Cigna, and Wellpoint. On the same day, Boehner purchased shares in the Big Pharm companies Amgen, Johnson & Johnson, Forest Labs, Covidien, and Pfizer. He also bought shares in CareFusion, which provides systems for countering infections. Just days later, on December 15, the Washington Post declared that the ‘public option’ was officially dead.

    Schweitzer drew a causal link, noting that Boehner’s heavy investment in Obamacare stocks meant his political opposition to the legislation was undermined by his personal interest

    Health insurers breathed a sigh of relief. So too did pharmaceutical companies, who feared that a government health insurance program would lead to price controls. When Boehner bought Wellpoint stock on December 10, the price was about $56 a share. Within a month it was trading at $66 a share. Cardinal Health was up approximately 10 percent by the time President Obama signed the health care bill. In early 2010, Boehner bought yet more shares in Cardinal Health and Pfizer, before President Obama signed the health care bill.
    Boehner has continued to profit from health-industry investments tracing back to 2009: Wellpoint Inc, which he bought at $56 a share, is now trading at $124.37. Cardinal Health, which he bought when it was trading at approximately $30 a share in 2011, is now trading at $80.44; and Pfizer which was trading at under $20 a share in 2010, is now at $31.06.

  21. Artfldgr Says:

    Congress passed the Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge (STOCK) Act, which was signed into law by President Obama April 4, 2012

    Quietly, Congress passed and President Obama signed in April 2013 a new bill that indefinitely suspended the filing requirements of the STOCK Act for 28,000 executive-branch employees. The exemptions included senior executive service members working on the staff for members of the House and Senate. The bill opened up a back door to congressional staffers to engage once again in investment activities that for public investors would be grounds for possible criminal violations.

    Prior to the passage of the STOCK Act, members of the House and Senate were exempt from SEC regulations on insider trading, allowing them to trade freely on privileged information obtained while conducting their official congressional activities.

  22. Geoffrey Britain Says:

    Well, that explains part of how they greatly increase their wealth, if not already they all end up millionaires.

  23. Steve Says:

    I have read that Boehner now wants to pass bills without the members having read them. That is just perfect. Time for a new party.

  24. Truth Unites... and Divides Says:

    Q: Boehner retaliates?

    A: Yes, he did.

    Consequence: I have seen a number of commenters on various sites who have said that they will no longer support the GOP.

    For the record I support the impeachment and removal of Obola. Cowardice to do the morally and Constitutionally right thing then necessitates my advocacy of the removal of Bonehead as Speaker of the House. Obviously, that’s not happening either.

    So what’s left for this marginalized Constitutionalist Conservative to do? First, I do not go along to get along. I will not facilitate or enable liberal-leftism, nor their RINO aiders-and-abetters. I willingly stand outside that majority axis of power.

    A marginalized remnant will simply remain faithful as a marginalized remnant. That is what I will do.


  25. Artfldgr Says:

    Geoffrey Britain
    this dovetails with the other thing i said about niche technology… until 2010, a solar cell did not put out in its lifetime as much energy as it took to make it!!!! ie. when they tout the energy it produces, they do not explain that most of the time, its not generating any energy if one does full accounting, its just replacing the energy that was used to mine material and manufacture it!! (you can look it up). each of the newer tech that has recently been mandated, has similar things. tungsten lights are environmentally save, mercury lamps no. i learned all that stuff when my family worked for Phillips of Holland, the inventor of the CFL and the years they spend playing games with the politicos. (it was osram who blew the consortium agreements by coming out with LED lighting and so broke the CFL game)

    see mercury production by country

    it was always a kick back scheme. and it favored communist countries productive materials over ours.

    the five countries with the biggest uranium reserves
    Australia, Kazakhstan(russia sphere), Russia, Canada, Niger

    the US is not allowed to use its reserves given the socialist communist groups protesting and blocking things.

    the politicians like MR B know that russia, and china, control the protest movements in the US and are in cahoots with some of the billionaires, Tom Steyer, George Soros, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Jeffrey Epstein, and others.

    this is why things dont make sense from any position they speak of!!!!

    but hey… i have no room to detail things, and i can detail crap that would make your toes curl.

    take keystone XL… obama is in cahoots with steyer, and buffet… steyer gets the greens to provide protest and action, buffet collects the cream… how? easy… obama blocks keystone, and the oil moves on BNSF rail, which buffet bought 100% of in 2009 and has been one of the most frequent visitors to the white house to see obama… Berkshire stock went from 100k, to 200k… so if you had a billion in berkshire, you ended up with 2 billion worth of shares which each puts out huge dividends.

    all you have to do is see what they are invested in…

    and you may notice that each of those giants they have a lot in, are in every one of the mandated techs!
    want CFL, see GE, Phillips, Seimans, osram, westinghouse… want oil… those guys are in oil too… want wind power? who makes the turbines?

    its not thta hard to work out! whats hard is getting smart people to take time out of their lives to ignore the zeitgeist and go look it up rather than argue against it from their common knowlege!!!!!!

    so far i have made 6 figures in the past year working this out… i hope to make it seven by end of next year…

  26. Artfldgr Says:

    Truth Unites… and Divides

    so your ok with Biden as president over Obama?

  27. Geoffrey Britain Says:

    “I will not facilitate or enable liberal-leftism, nor their RINO aiders-and-abetters.” Truth Unites… and Divides

    In the general election, not voting for the “RINO aiders-and-abetters” results in greatly facilitating and enabling liberal-leftism. But voting for the RINO aiders-and-abetters, maintains the nation’s slow march to oblivion.

    Either way it’s going to happen. Either way tyranny will arise when the SHTF. The only reason not to vote for the RINO aiders-and-abetters is because that way when the revolt against tyranny erupts, conservatives can successfully argue that they did not contribute to the mess.

    The great truth that liberals and LIVs are in willful denial of is that socialism unavoidably leads to the tyranny of the State over the individual.

  28. AMartel Says:

    Now that Boehner’s got real power, thanks in no small part to conservatives, he’s going to exercise it to protect himself and his establishment just-right-of-center corporate cronies. Remember, this the party of Thad Cochran. And John McCain (last seen purging conservatives from the ranks in Arizona). Etc. Weepy orange Boehner is yesterday. Vengeful orange is the new Boeher. They were right to try to get him out of power while they could. Too bad about all those MIA Dems.

  29. AMartel Says:

    Yeah, but let’s all pull together, in the Republican spirit. Big tent, y’all. C’mon down, give some money, vote the ticket. Then get out, savages.


  30. AMartel Says:

    rickl said “It’s not moderates vs. conservatives. It’s statists vs. Constitutionalists.”

    Yet somehow the Constitutionalists are always described in the media as “far” or “hard” right. Imagine that! Being in favor of constitutional government is just so EXTREME.

  31. Geoffrey Britain Says:

    Constitutional government and its advocates are labeled extreme because it is rightly perceived by the left as their gravest threat.

  32. Beverly Says:

    “Conservatives” are really the last true Americans.

    “Liberals” are really Leftists: pinkos and Reds.

    BTW, has anyone noticed that it’s been years since the Reds have been noisily outraged when their “patriotism” is questioned? They shifted to openly making American patriotism a dirty word.

  33. Truth Unites... and Divides Says:

    Artful Dodger: “Truth Unites… and Divides

    so your ok with Biden as president over Obama?”

    Absolutely yes! Yes! YES! YES!!

  34. Truth Unites... and Divides Says:

    Geoffrey Britain,

    I held my nose in 2008 and 2012 and voted for McLame and Masshole Romney.

    I’d rather that the country hit the rocks after driving over the cliff at 30 mph with a RINO than to hit the rocks at 80 mph with a Lib.

  35. Geoffrey Britain Says:


    As did I, though I don’t think that Romney is anything but a decent human being. He’s a businessman not a sociologist/historian/philosopher.

    Unless the cliff is hardly worthy of the name, it doesn’t work that way. Given any kind of height and, we are constructing a very high cliff… driving off the cliff at either 30mph or 80 mph makes no difference, the force of impact will be the same. Galileo was the first to experimentally prove this counter-intuitive fact.

  36. Truth Unites... and Divides Says:


    There’s these two things about Romney that stained his standing with me:

    One, Mass was the birthplace of gay marriage and it occurred under his watch.

    Two, the progenitor of ObolaCare was in Mass, once again under his watch.

    I do want to give him credit for his work on the Olympics. And him being Mormon didn’t bother me. FWIW, did you know that Harry Reid is a Mormon too?

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