January 12th, 2015

Lessons in love

How to Fall in Love with Anyone, 101.

Let me just say it wouldn’t work with anyone. But it could be a good way to fast-track a relationship with someone to whom you’re already attracted. At the very least, an interesting parlor game.

4 Responses to “Lessons in love”

  1. Artfldgr Says:

    old hat…
    go learn from the PUA community..

    there are around 28 steps people take to be together in bed… staring into the eyes causes love (as the article points out)… if someone likes you, their pupils will get large (ergo women of the french court using beladona), and on and on it goes.

    there are tons of such things… but note, its easier for a woman to get a man to stare into her eyes, than it is for a man to get a woman to do that… and the prettier the woman, the harder it is… which is why you have to use the “dis”.

    feminists have been up in arms on this subject, for several reasons. the biggest is that they didnt like that you could press buttons and get almost any woman you wanted… IF you were willing to press the buttons, of which many men are not

    note that a lot of men use it to just meet women, in that the not so programatic ways dont work. ie. you like her, you want to meet her, and not be taken on the “two free meals (for her) and dump train”, you end up learning how to get her, then forget the techniquies once you do. there is whole other group that just does this for fun, gain, and the milk the cow rewards.

    though the predilection of women for “bad boys” that cause drama, and give them excitement, leaving the boring good guys for marraige untended (and being poached by asian and other foreign women, pissing off the women who thought that AFTER the fun bad boy, they would “settle” for one of these NICE earners.

    read ladder theory… its interesting…

    and things like this:

    My Interview With a Professional Pick Up Artist (and Why Some Men Can’t Make It Past the ‘Chase’)

    I told her about the freeze-out, and she almost threw up with horror that she had fallen for it. (The freeze-out is when a guy completely shuts down and ignores a girl when she says no to having sex with him — turning his back on her, checking his email, calling a friend, turning on the lights and the TV, etc. He essentially “freezes” her out until the discomfort and pain of rejection is so horrible for her that she begs him to sleep with her).

    [the bigger question is why would he have to do that and why would she respond to it? over time you figure out that the reason chapperones were de riguer is that not being the object of the game, they could prevent the game and so help have a more honest pairing… also would prevent the exciting loser as an option, and ALSO would negate the idea of “i can handle it” when the person saying it doesnt know that biology will circumvent her handling it to insure procreation – ie. the ones tha fall for such programming games had more kids as they had more sex!!! (thusandering the bigger question above)]

    from the article”
    Men are rarely taught what to do to nurture, pursue, or grow a relationship. But they are taught — through their culture, social groups, media, and society — that they need to be an alpha male in order to succeed in life.

    not true… they dont need to be taught… they can see the kind of women ugly men with bad issues and all sorts of ills get IF they are alpha or act it…

    feminism says they are taight, but no one teaches them. even less now than ever before because more homes dont have males in them and only women. and the boys are treated as objects and with little distinction (all men are rapists), and so they learn to objetify the others, as what else is there to do with someone in a club who sees you as a provider of free drings, free cover, and two free meals if you bail before the third sex date

    Ross believes a majority of the men who turn to the seduction or PUA community (apparently these terms are interchangeable) had no good male examples growing up — or they had male role models who were abusive — so they associate dominance and being male with being abusive and don’t want to behave that way, but as such, don’t know HOW to behave with women

    WRONG… while that may cover the sociopathic types… it is not a truthful thing. but remember, its a woman writing about something that she really doesnt want to know about.

    after you spend thousands of dollars providing $15 dollar drinks, $25 dollar cover, and expensive meals for a liberated woman who wont pay her half, you start to want to find more successful methods… if she can get pregmant to rope a guy, whats wrong with a guy learning how to seduce her so that he dont waste his assets on people using him.

    and THATS the key. this woman does not know how women objectify men… i know, as i was the “intellectual whore” of many women who i had as wingladies as i went out clubbing trading my being their body guard… they all had the same attitude… they dont pay, and men they dont care about but like them, are the ones privleged to pay for them and be dumped.

    if a guy has one date a week, he spends a fortune a year… but given feminism, he cant earn more to have more cash to do that, and in the same fields and levels, women earn MORE (but dont pay. they may claim to, or say so in pubi,c as they are image concious, and will lie to show it knowing no one is going to follow them or crack their bill book).

    eventually, losing 10k or 15k a year or more and not meeting someone you can see more than twice, wears them down and turns them into the kind of person the women WILL date but no longer are the nice guy that makes for good relationships!!!! ie. the ladies make their own beds by how they behave. starting in high school, since women date men that are older, a lot start by abusing the guy who is too young for them but sincerely likes them. dont take very long to get a shell from that.

    The majority of single women WANT men to approach them. But when they do, many women are rude and brush them off. The majority of single women WANT men to pursue them, but when they do, have strict rules which don’t allow for a man’s possible lack of understanding in how to build a relationship. I believe that we need to learn how to encourage (the right) men to approach us in an authentic way. I believe that we need to learn how to encourage (the right) men to pursue us in a healthy way. (We also have to learn how to stop falling for the wrong men, but that’s a whole other article).

    when the clutsy guy who stutters around you asks you to dance. pretending he doesnt exist and looking through him, destroys him… to what end? do that to a number of men and you leave a trail of what behind you tha tother women think is how men behave. no, its how men who are slammed learn to be once they learn that liking someone gets them slammed.

    or how my uncle put it…

    never try to pick up some one you like…
    if you do, your going to get hurt a lot.
    picking up someone that you dont like dont hurt when she pulls some stunt like that for her convenience (ie. disproportional behavior to prevent a second attempt EVER)

    interesting thing… but the psych people are way behind the pua guys… who use psychology and so on… the reason that psychs are behind the curve is that they refuse to beleive what it is, and that its mostly a feminized feminist science domain full of crap in every corner that is riducious, but feministically politivally correct…

  2. Nick Says:

    The lab provides a filtering system, as does the pre-existing relationship in the article. The big reason why people don’t approach each other so honestly is that you can’t be sure what the other person has in mind. My guess is that if you got two people who would agree to sit down with a stranger and go through this questionnaire, barring some catastrophic mismatch, they’d find themselves compatible and attracted to each other.

  3. Matt_SE Says:

    To believe the premise of the article, you would have to believe that most people are similar. Sometimes that’s true, sometimes not.
    I’d bet that this experiment would fail with most of the readers here as subjects.

  4. parker Says:

    We both fell in love at first sight, 46 years later we are still in love. Love is a mystery and no one can know why it blossoms and lasts or why it ignites and then fizzles out.

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