November 11th, 2015

Another resignation at Mizzou

But this time it was assistant professor Melissa Click:

An assistant communications professor at the Missouri School of Journalism resigned from her courtesy appointment Tuesday after she was caught on video confronting a student journalist and attempting to block him from shooting photos on a public quad.

Click faced opposition from the journalism school, and her letter of apology didn’t help her:

Earlier on Tuesday, Kurpius lambasted Click while lauding the photojournalist.

“The Missouri School of Journalism is proud of photojournalism senior Tim Tai for how he handled himself during a protest on Carnahan Quad on the University of Missouri campus,” Kurpius said in Tuesday’s statement.

“The news media have First Amendment rights to cover public events,” Kurpius said. “Tai handled himself professionally and with poise.”

Tom Warhover, the executive editor of the Columbia Missourian, a university newspaper, told the Times he was “pretty incensed” about Tai’s treatment.

“I find it ironic that particularly faculty members would resort to those kinds of things for no good reason. I understand students who are protesting and want privacy. But they are not allowed to push and assault our photographers — our student photographers.”

This was one of those situations where the video evidence was overwhelming and clear. So, unlike the school’s administrators Wolfe and Lofin, Click was forced to resign over (a) something she actually did wrong, that was (b) clearly documented, and (c) involved a basic aspect of her job, respect for freedom of the press.

21 Responses to “Another resignation at Mizzou”

  1. OlderandWheezier Says:

    Has she resigned from all positions at the school, or just from her courtesy appointment? From what I’ve read, she was never a member of the J-school faculty, but of the communications department in the school of arts and sciences

  2. sdferr Says:

    “I understand students who are protesting and want privacy.”

    That’s a peculiar understanding, no? I mean, if a protest takes place in the forest and no one is there to hear it, did it make a sound?

  3. neo-neocon Says:


    That’s a good point. Why would students protesting want privacy, of all things?

    They want no consequences for their actions except the desired consequences—the knuckling under of the administration. They want to be able to pressure people without experiencing any hint of pressure themselves.

  4. sdferr Says:

    One might say, for instance: * I understand students who are in process of raping someone and want privacy* and be oneself understood to say something coherent.

  5. Ripple Earthdevil Says:

    Her resignation is only from the courtesy appointment in the journalism department; she is still a professor in the communications department.

  6. ArtfldgrsGhost Says:

    the white males leading colleges should be afraid of what they allowed to be created and happen

    Hundreds of students, faculty and staff members, flooded Ithaca College’s academic quad Wednesday afternoon protesting I.C. President Tom Rochon and his handling of racial incidents on campus and in solidarity with campuses including University of Missouri and Yale University. Urging a vote of no confidence, protesters gathered following a month of racial tensions sparked by a number of incidents occurring since the start of the academic year. At approximately 1 p.m., students began to gather. Within 30 minutes, hundreds of students had flooded Ithaca College’s Academic Quad.

    i wonder if dems ever read frankenstein, little shop of horrors, and a lot of sci fi stories in which the monster turns on its creators… [seems russia and its games with islamics as a weapon has done similar]

    i wonder how many of the little injuns will fall (quoting septimus and his song. he also wrote listen to the mockingbird)

  7. sdferr Says:

    . . . she is still a professor in the communications department.

    Evidently someone must remain to profess the communication of fascist principle at the University of Missouri, lest it go unadvocated.

  8. ArtfldgrsGhost Says:

    of course we dont know that the leaders of things in the communist movment are all wealthy, which bella dodd said that communism was a plot of some wealthy people to control and use mankind

    MIZZOU HUNGER STRIKER Claims He’s Oppressed, Rips ‘White Privilege’ – Comes From Family Worth $20 Million

    Jonathan Butler, the University of Missouri graduate student who went on a weekend hunger strike, comes from a family worth $20 million. His father is a railroad vice president and made over $8 million last year.

    [betty friedan was wealthy, Ayers and friends were from wealthy families, and i can go on and on and on… why would a poor mans movement have nothing but wealthy children as leaders?]

  9. ArtfldgrsGhost Says:

    from the UK

    Following the forced resignation of its president and an attack on student journalists attempting to cover protests, events at the University of Missouri (MU) have escalated even further in absurdity after hysterical students created a bogus rumor that the Ku Klux Klan was roaming campus. Late Tuesday night, Twitter began to explode with students and others claiming that KKK members had been spotted walking around MU’s flagship Columbia campus. The rumors appear to have been given major life after MU’s student body president, Payton Head, made a Facebook post declaring that the KKK sighting had been confirmed

    anyone remember the famous childrens daycare in which the same kind of crazyness happened?

    McMartin preschool trial

    In 1983, Judy Johnson, mother of one of the Manhattan Beach, California, preschool’s young students, reported to the police that her son had been sodomized by her estranged husband and by McMartin teacher Ray Buckey.

    another one of those wonderful feminist family games (like my ex taking my son with her when she robbed the bank after lying to the judges for custody and ignoring the joint custody order ending my family)

    but forgetting that such things were more common then as the courts then and today were handing out freebies and telling us guys we had no rights… the mcmartin thing is a great example of how far such ideas can get!!!!!!!

    starting with a false accusation above, it ended up with:

    Some of the accusations were described as “bizarre”, overlapping with accusations that mirrored the just-starting satanic ritual abuse panic. It was alleged that, in addition to having been sexually abused, they saw witches fly, traveled in a hot-air balloon, and were taken through underground tunnels. When shown a series of photographs by Danny Davis (the McMartins’ lawyer), one child identified actor Chuck Norris as one of the abusers

    Some of the abuse was alleged to have occurred in secret tunnels beneath the school. Several excavations turned up evidence of old buildings on the site and other debris from before the school was built, but no evidence of any secret chambers or tunnels were found. There were claims of orgies at car washes and airports, and of children being flushed down toilets to secret rooms where they would be abused, then cleaned up and presented back to their parents. Some interviewed children talked of a game called “naked movie star” suggesting they were forcibly photographed nude

    the daycare people ended up destroyed , just as the people who are the targets of the kkk games are going to be destroyed..

    yes, people went to jail, careers were destroyed, and despite the crazy stuff, the jury thought that someone had to be abused.

    you will see that the KKK thing will keep going… like frankensteins monster..

  10. j e Says:

    The CV of this “professor” is laughable, and her academic interests are well beyond parody or satire, but the same is true of numerous tenured blacks in the academy; whether their degree is in Africana studies or some similarly dubious field, little or nothing that is unconnected with blackness (the slogan on Jonathan Butler’s t-shirt comes to mind) is of any consequence to them.

  11. Bill Jenkins Says:

    As a professor I can tell you that her resignation means nothing…she has resigned from one part of a joint appointment which probably allowed her to advise students in the 2nd dept., maybe have office space. But it does not affect her salary.

  12. GRA Says:

    Advice for assistant professors: Don’t do things that may be controversial until you have tenure.

  13. neo-neocon Says:

    j e:

    Melissa Click is white.

  14. Ymarsakar Says:

    The police at Waco 2 confiscated all the smart phones and reset them to factory default, in order to wipe the evidence. What you’re seeing are the discards of the Left, the lowly SJWs at work. They aren’t that competent, even at evil.

  15. Ymarsakar Says:

    If the video had been given to CBS, would people have been allowed to see it?

    It’s available for public view, only because it was on youtube and other online sites.

  16. Harry The Exremeist Says:

    Wait a minute. I thought it was up to the football team to determine who stays and goes.

  17. Frog Says:

    IIRC, Melissa Click remains an Assistant Professor in the (Mass) Communications Dept at Mizzou, an appointment she has held since 2007. She’ll be up for promotion to Associate Prof (with tenure) this year, according to AAUP rules. She will achieve her goal, I guarantee.
    GRA: assistant profs should keep a low profile only if they are not Leftist.

  18. neo-neocon Says:


    Yes, I agree. I doubt very much she’ll suffer any bigger consequences than this. Only the journalism school cares, and only because it was a student journalist who was the victim.

  19. physicsguy Says:

    Frog said “GRA: assistant profs should keep a low profile only if they are not Leftist.”

    True, but even us tenured fully promoted faculty must keep our heads down if we are conservative. They WILL find ways to get you if motivated enough. At the very least they will go out of their way to make your existence at your job miserable.

  20. Matt_SE Says:

    What does Democratic governor Jay Nixon think about this? One would think he has the power to effect some discipline. Where is he?

  21. Eric Says:

    Campus media is an influential social node in the Narrative contest for the zeitgeist of the campus activist game.

    Compared to their real-world grown-up counterparts, campus media has disproportionate effect on the campus community due to the pared down scale and few rivals. Their influence is akin to network TV and big-city newspapers 30-40 years ago.

    Campus media support is not a cure-all – no one thing is in the game – but it is an important ingredient. For counter-left campus activists, it’s key to gain helpful narrative output from campus media.

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