November 12th, 2015

Demonstrators want a black-only “healing space”

So they ask their white supporters to leave:

Prominent Black Lives Matter activist Johnetta Elzie seemingly confirmed those with Caucasian skin were asked to leave the area, tweeting that the group had created a “black only healing space for the students to share, decompress, be vulnerable & real.”…

Mark Kim, another reporter for KOMU who was at the scene, told TheBlaze that he spoke with some people around the area and confirmed white individuals had formed a separate group upstairs.

“White allies are upstairs in their own breakout group,” he said in a tweet.

The news comes after the Concerned Student 1950 group had blasted the “white media” earlier this week for not “respecting black spaces.”

The obvious response is to comment on the irony of it all. But this is nothing new; many people have noticed for decades that integrated schools have produced a fairly large amount of racial self-segregation.

The earlier goals of the civil rights movement of my youth (1950s) involved a color-blind society in terms of equal opportunity and equality under the law. But there have long been separatist movements, going back to the 19th century (for an overview of the history see this; later, Malcolm X was the most popularly known advocate during the 60s).

The separatism of the black students at Mizzou can be seen in that context, or as a temporary touchy-feely effort to “share, decompress, be vulnerable & real” away from those prying white eyes, even of supporters.

[NOTE I: Johnetta Elzie, the prominent BlackLivesMatter activist quoted in the article, doesn’t appear to be a Mizzou student (there’s a January interview with Elzie here). And yet she seems to be some sort of leader at the university, allowed to organize and direct the student groups in this manner. She’s not the only Ferguson activist heavily involved, either; see this.

Little did Michael Brown know he’d become such an inspiration when he attacked police officer Darren Wilson.]

[NOTE II: You might wonder why I’ve written so very many posts about the University of Missouri. What’s happening there, and at Yale, has struck a nerve that’s been vibrating in me for decades, even back when I was a graduate student myself: demands by students that an entire university and all its administrators, faculty, and students, cater to their needs and their feelings, and never let them know a moment of grief or fear or even mild upset. I encountered the attitude for the first time in the early 90s; for all I know, it was established even before that, but that was my first personal experience of it as a witness to it among the undergraduates I saw. At the time, the topic wasn’t racial; it was what a particular student perceived as sexual harassment. But it was an ominous development then, and it’s an ominous development now, whatever the topic.

I wrote an earlier post on that graduate school experience of mine; here’s an excerpt:

I experienced this personally (as an observer, not a target) in the early 90s when I returned to school for a Master’s degree. The trend was already quite highly developed and deeply entrenched at the time, much to my surprise, even though it had escaped my notice till I returned to campus life.

But I discovered it when the young women in an undergraduate class I was required to take for my Master’s—a class which, being in the social sciences, consisted almost entirely of women—were virtually all in favor of a definition of actionably offensive speech that went something like this: “speech that offends any person in the subjective sense, rather than speech that is in fact objectively offensive.” In vain I stood up in front of the 100-or-so students, most of them around twenty years younger than I, to ask what the limits of this might be, to suggest that it was wrong to allow the most sensitive among us to dictate what was unacceptable, and to speak up for free speech in general. I was met with uncomprehending stares and impatient dismissal, a fossil in my own time.

I realized that something was terribly, terribly wrong. Not one person appeared to agree with me, or if they did they weren’t saying so publicly or privately. And the professor, a woman just a couple of years younger than I, was clearly on their side. I have never forgotten it, and although at the time I didn’t put it in a political left/right context (that came later), I realized it was a frightening development and it made me feel very, very uneasy and quite alone.

Things have only got worse, with the advent of the internet, social media, and twenty-five more years of student marination in leftist memes.

In my research on Mizzou, the other day I came across some videos of the student movement there. I plan to write about them in the future; viewing them told me something about the emotional component of the fight going on there. I don’t know if I’ll get around to it, but that’s my plan.]

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  1. MollyG Says:

    The news comes after the Concerned Student 1950 group had blasted the “white media” earlier this week for not “respecting black spaces.”

    The white media as embodied by that notorious loudmouth Tim Tai?

    Let’s hope it’s true that tyrants wilt under ridicule:

  2. n.n Says:

    These children have been exploited and led astray by people with a god complex.

  3. carl in atlanta Says:

    Neo: Imagine if you had been a man in that class; I doubt the negative reactions would have been so restrained.

    Just my $0.02.

    These developments (the OWS, ‘War on Women’, campus rape hysteria, Black Lives Matter and SJW movements) are all indeed deeply disturbing. An ugly (and dangerous) aspect of human nature can be seen in these movements and in the attitudes of their adherents, and it doesn’t help that liberals and the Left continue to encourage and enable it.

    It’s like a toxic combination of rabid Puritanism, the Chinese Great Leap Forward, Jacobinism, and 1960’s style radicalism all cloaked in phony and self righteous Civil Rights era rhetoric.

    Time for a major preference cascade to show up among the adults in the room ( if there are any left).

  4. Molly NH Says:

    Just us average Joes, need to talk up the First amendment, take opportunities to say casually,
    “we have freedom of speech, ya know”
    ” First amendment Freedom of Speech”
    “That’s the bill of Rights, Freedom of Speech”
    Apparently these Children of Helicopter Parents
    never studied US History. The special snowflakes never heard of the Bill of Rights !
    Do some educating on the fly !

  5. T Says:

    . . . suggest that it was wrong to allow the most sensitive among us to dictate what was unacceptable, and to speak up for free speech in general. [Neo]

    And this is what we’ve come to; one single person with a grievance can cause any organization or process to grind to a halt.

    Any organization which permits itself to be defined and restricted by its weakest members is doomed. As such behavior multiplies (you get more of what you reward) it eventually causes implosion.

    Are we now seeing the beginning of such implosion at Missouri and Yale and in the due process lawsuits brought against universities?

  6. T Says:

    Carl in Atlanta,

    A preference cascade. Yes, indeed!

  7. J.J. Says:

    So much agony and chaos to arrive at desegregation. Yet, it has never worked as intended. Back in the 70s I was living in Boulder, CO. Had a few occasions to go on campus at C.U. I was struck by what I always saw at the Student Union cafeteria. All black students sitting together – self segregated.

    Calypso Louie and the Black Muslim movement, the Black Panthers, Reverend Wright and his black liberation theology, and now the BLM. They don’t want to be integrated.

    That desire for self segregation is being used by the Soros paid agitators to stir up the trouble. It’s not trouble that can be satisfied by meeting their demands (which are mostly unrealistic), but only by submission. As David Horowitz says, “With the Left the issue is never the issue. The issue is always the revolution.” Whatever the grievance it is only an opportunity to advance the real cause, which is the accumulation of power.

  8. Ripple Earthdevil Says:

    I’d say let them segregate. If they’re so continually oppressed by evil whitey and his evil white privilege and structural racism, they should just go far away where the white man won’t be holding them down and do things their way. For starters there are dozens of historically black colleges and universities for them to attend.

  9. Molly NH Says:

    I read this analogy offered courtesy of Starbucks:
    Coffee to go, where that evil white lid is holding down that steaming hot black liquid below !

  10. neo-neocon Says:


    It was already well in place by 1990.

  11. Oblio Says:

    Post-modern oppression: to feel oppressed is the key to power.

    And it’s all about power. If they ever get it, you will find their oppression is distinctly old-fashioned.

  12. ArtfldgrsGhost Says:

    Kind of funny that after they got segretation over, the women AND blacks want segregation, separate but equal.

    since they want separate healing spaces, how about separate schools, separate lunch counters, and separate fountains? the girls are now fighting for separate schools, as this mixing is causing bad grades for both sexes compared to that other time.

    so after fighting to desegregate, they want to segregate

    so how do you do all that femniist arguing that separate but equal cant ever exist?

  13. ArtfldgrsGhost Says:

    The new left is feminine, feminist, and now, the whole of them act like victorians..

    what your seeing is feminine vapours..

    the extreme fainting and emotional outbursts designed to get male sympathetic response.

    The term referring to illnesses known as the vapours (or vapors) is an archaic form for certain mental or physical states, such as hysteria, mania, clinical depression, bipolar disorder, lightheadedness, fainting, flush, withdrawal syndrome, mood swings, or PMS, ascribed primarily to women and thought to be caused by internal emanations. This is related to the similar term female hysteria.

    Fainting, emancipation and the ‘weak and sensitive’ sex

    In the Victorian era, it was considered feminine and appropriate for young women to faint. Women with a frail and weak appearance were even considered to be ideal beauties. This fashion obviously did not apply to young men, who were expected to be strong and healthy. Some say that the corset women wore in order to supposedly slim the body and make it conform to a fashionable silhouette by reducing the waist and thereby exaggerating the bust and the hips was the cause of their tendency to faint. ‘Tightlacing’ with extreme waist constriction was thought to impede venous return.

    Although the position as well as the clothing of women has changed dramatically since the Victorian era, fainting is still considered a disorder mainly affecting women. This assumption is correct. Among medical students a prevalence of 40–45% of fainting episodes in females compared to 25% in males has been reported


    but the feminine (now feminist) putting on airs of outrage is pretty much the same thing… oh, and so is retireing to a room alone to heal

    that the world is so extreme whats a lady (or black person) of clinical sensitivities to do but retire to a healing space and make everyone else sit and worry about her and never make her upset again…

  14. Baklava Says:

    The only way we’ll see change is when these businesses (yes colleges and universities are businesses) see a hit to their pocket book. How many will enroll at Yale and Mizzou next year. If parents and students reward these businesses for allowing a climate that negatively impacts learning. … then nothing will change.

    If the opposite, then the businesses pocket books will be affected. You need to ensure that order and remove those not dedicated to order but to escalation of grievances.

  15. physicsguy Says:

    Go scan Drudge, Breibart, etc right now. The madness, as I said and predicted, is spreading like wildfire to other campuses, from large schools and the small. The calls to dismantle the 1st Ad. are growing, and most of the administrators are caving in.

    With reports of students arming themselves with tasers and pepper spray, this is going to get ugly fast. It’s going to be a very bad tomorrow and weekend.

    Meanwhile BHO is deafening in his silence, which just tells me he is supporting all the insanity.

    So Parker, is this the beginning of CW II? From small sparks, large explosions happen.

  16. neo-neocon Says:


    Obama has not been silent. Josh Earnest issued a statement of support for the Mizzou demonstrators a couple of days ago. Don’t have time to search for it now, but I read it at the time.

  17. parker Says:


    I carry concealed where and when I choose. I consider jumping through bureaucratic hoops a trap. Over the years I have culled my collection down to 6 rifles, 1 shotgun, and 3 handguns. What is the point of people like me undergoing background checks or seeking permits to bare arms? What is the purpose of anyone doing so?

    When millions of illegal aliens and megatons of drugs are allowed to cross the border, millions of firearms will also be smuggled in if there is a market. Illinois has very strict firearm and ammunition regulations, that doesn’t stop the chicago street gangs from slaughtering 9 year old kids.

    My permit is the 2nd.

  18. Rufus T. Firefly Says:

    Baklava, Yale will have many, many times the number of qualified applicants as they can accept next year, and the year after, and the year after…

  19. parker Says:

    Back to the topic at hand… brace yourself for weather underground 2.0.

  20. SLR Says:

    It has been in use by adults outside of colleges when it comes to guns. The anti gun ownership side has been playing on absurd feelings as an argument for quite some time. Re: images, talking about, let alone having one around are all scary and make them feel threatened… and this is an argument in their opinion for why they (their image, or even discussion of them) should not be allowed in public. Once allowed it keeps spreading to via other no valid argument / logic demands. Like no gun stores by schools (why??? logically?).. and such. Now its a crime just to have ammo in your car when driving to kids school in California. Absurd…

  21. snopercod Says:

    So is it safe to talk about race now on this forum? I posted what I thought was an innocuous comment about reverse discrimination a couple of weeks ago only to have Neo delete it. Of course I used the banned phrase “white people”, so that must have been the problem…

  22. physicsguy Says:

    Neo, I missed that, but not surprising he would miss a chance to throw some gasoline on the fire.

  23. Mr. Frank Says:

    Black students who attend white schools do so precisely because they are white schools. Demanding that such schools act black subverts the whole effort.

  24. sdferr Says:

    Race has an identical ontological character to phlogiston. But then, wasn’t that precisely the problem? Why then must those who insisted to escape the chains of a falsehood now demand the existence of that falsehood for themselves, rather than reject it properly? Confusion? Or a determined opportunism, having seen the injustices caused and an inherent usefulness remaining to their own benefits — so-called or mistaken “benefits”, to the extent that doing injustice is seen to be a benefit over against suffering injustice?

  25. Harry The Exremeist Says:

    What if you identify as black? Then what? Could Rachel be a part of that group?

  26. Ymarsakar Says:

    So Parker, is this the beginning of CW II? From small sparks, large explosions happen.

    For people who have seen the history of the US CW 1 before it was reconstructed by pro slavery Democrats, the timing is perhaps ironic.

    The threat posed by anti-slavery organizations and their activity drew violent reaction from slave interests in both the Southern and Northern states, with mobs breaking up anti-slavery meetings, assaulting lecturers, ransacking anti-slavery offices, burning postal sacks of anti-slavery pamphlets, and destroying anti-slavery presses. Healthy bounties were offered in Southern states for the capture of Garrison, “dead or alive”.[10]

    In the fall of 1835, a mob of several thousand surrounded the building housing Boston’s anti-slavery offices, where Garrison had agreed to address a meeting of the Boston Female Anti-Slavery Society after the fiery British abolitionist George Thompson was unable to keep his engagement with them. The mayor and police persuaded the women to leave the building, but when the mob learned that Thompson was not within, it began yelling for Garrison with cries for his lynching or tar and feathering. The mayor managed to sneak Garrison and an assistant out a window, but the mob pursued, captured him, tied a rope around his waist, and dragged him through the streets of Boston. The sheriff rescued Garrison from lynching by arresting him and taking him to the Leverett Street Jail for his own protection.

    From the wiki article about these abolitionists.

    These tactics remind people of something perhaps?

    Notice the date.

    The Canning of some abolitionist Congressman was pretty close to 1860 though.

    After that was the Firing on Fort Sumter by pro slavery Democrat forces, looking to justify a short victorious war to prop up their secession and PR.

  27. parker Says:

    The first ‘gun control’ laws were aimed at denying blacks the right to possess firearms. The 1968 gun control act mirrors the 1938 nazi gun control act in its wording. The 1934 National Firearm Act was based on a SCOTUS decision in which the defendant was dead and thus unable to present a rebuttable to the feds argument. This morphed BAT to BATF. I could list many more attacks on the 2nd, but this should give you a start.

    BTW, JPFO is the most righteous and hard line pro 2nd organization in the country. (Jews for the Preservation of Firearm Onwership)

  28. Eric Says:

    physicsguy: “The madness, as I said and predicted, is spreading like wildfire to other campuses, from large schools and the small.”

    Like I’ve said, the only thing that can counter (student) activism is (student) activism.

    The reason “the madness … is spreading like wildfire” is the dearth of counter-left (student) activism that’s needed to stop it and push it back.

    As competitors, of course the SJWs will push to gain as much as they can until they’re countered. It doesn’t matter how weak or strong their movement is on its own merits if there’s no viable competition against which to pit relative strengths.

    If the people of the Right continue to refuse to muster the (student) activists necessary to counter the SJW push, then of course, they’ll just keep right on pushing and gaining ground.

    I mean, what else are they supposed to do as competitors? Stop themselves in the absence of viable competition and wait collegially and patiently for the Right to catch up as activists ? Of course not. As competitors, the SJWs will keep taking ground on the unobstructed open field.

    The GOP can’t engage this. Administrators can’t engage this.

    The only people that can stop this and push it back are competitive Right (student) activists.

    This is America. There is nothing more essentially American than the activist game. Our nation was founded by activists. The American Revolution was the founding fathers’ activist game.

    As always has been, at least for our nation, the activist game is the only social cultural/political game there is.

  29. neo-neocon Says:


    I have no idea what you’re referring to. Sometimes comments go down the rabbit hole; the spam filter has a mind of its own. Ordinarily, unless a comment is spam, when I delete one I “unapprove” it, and I have a record of it. There is no record of any “unapproved” comments of yours.

  30. Eric Says:

    Neo: “But it was an ominous development then, and it’s an ominous development now, whatever the topic.”

    Having played it and burned out, I know it’s not a pleasant game, whatever the topic. But for social cultural/political stakes, it’s the only game there is.

    The commentary is full of dire portent on societal and generational scale.

    Yet all I see is simply a team running up the score at its leisure because their presumptive opponent insists on jeering and groaning and complaining to the refs from the sidelines instead of strapping on the pads, wading into the mud, and playing the game to win.

    Believe me, the game looks less ominous when you win.

  31. J.J. Says:

    Does anyone remember the 60s-70s protests? Remember the race riots in LA, Baltimore, Washington DC, Chicago, and other cities around the country?

    I lived through them. I saw them up close and personal. I was an object of protest on campus. I flew over both Los Angeles and Baltimore when they were in flames. Spent layovers in hotels where the lobbies were guarded by police in riot gear carrying automatic weapons and with German Shepherds at their sides. Avoided being assaulted outside the Palmer House Hotel in Chicago by minutes. Another crew was waiting at the curb for their transportation to O’Hare. They had been attacked by a gang of blacks with chains and baseball bats. We came out of the hotel to see the gang racing down the street with our compatriots laying on the sidewalk bathed in blood. Fortunately, no one was killed or permanently injured. We no longer stood outside waiting for transportation in troubled cities. And so it went for several years. Finally, the blacks ran out of gas (many dead or in prison) and the War in Vietnam ended. Things settled down, but the Left has been lying in wait for another chance to tear the fabric of society apart.

    The authorities (College administrations, police, politicians, etc.) did not meet these “protests” head on. Instead, they kept making noises about academic freedom, racial healing, and other empathetic nonsense. That was the equivalent of Obama’s foreign policy. It only encouraged the anarchists and revolutionaries.

    It is an American tradition to peaceably protest injustice, bad working conditions, bad laws, etc. However, when the protest begins to interfere with the rights of others, it is no longer legal or peaceful. And that is when the proper authorities need to step up and enforce the law. It usually requires some force, blood letting, and loss of life before order can be restored especially when things are as widespread as they are becoming right now. Without a firm resolve, things will get worse and worse. In the end, delaying the proper actions will only exacerbate the property damage, injuries, ruined careers, and loss of life that is going to occur. Unfortunately, we need a President who will back the governors and police in enforcing the laws on these useful idiot students. This is going to get worse, much worse.

    As a last note, here is a link to a video of a black brother who has done his math. (HT – Vanderlueven):

  32. Beverly Says:

    In the 1968 DNC riots in Chicago, young Communist agitators led the charge against the police, and they brought baggies of urine and feces to throw on the cops.

    Of course, the media lickspittles did NOT report this; they just focussed on making the cops look bad.

    And so it goes, and so it goes….

    Neo, kudos to you for standing up like Horatio at the bridge and defending our rights and our liberty, in that grad class!

  33. Richard Aubrey Says:

    My problem is…it’s hard to believe.
    We spent a million years coming up the hard way. We’re H. Sap. Many of the major predators which pestered our ancestors are gone or on the endangered species list.
    In the last four years, however, our offspring have proven themselves unable to take a sharp look from a Cub Scout without soiling themselves.
    I find this difficult to believe.
    Is it a conscious act the grownups have chosen to pretend to take seriously?
    Is it a “thing” that The Kids think they need to impose on themselves to the extent they actually believe it?
    If they get something ridiculous out of a university admin by pouting and fainting, do they go off and pee themselves laughing?
    Here’s the thing: My eight-year-old granddaughter is tougher-minded than these clowns seem to be.
    I don’t get it.

  34. NeoConScum Says:

    50-Years of The Great Society Catastrophe at work.

    45-Years of AFFIRMATIVE Action at work.

    Wimps. Wussies. Cry Babies. Pathetic Twits.
    Are we not Blessed, America?

  35. snopercod Says:

    Neo: Thanks for checking. I’d hate to think I was on your #### list. Sure, I’m a curmudgeon, but I try to be a friendly curmudgeon (grin).

  36. physicsguy Says:

    Eric, you miss the reality those of us who are conservative and a VERY tiny minority in academia face. To be an activist is to put your family and livelihood, and recently even your body, on the line with no help from anyone else. Take a look at Lopez’s situation just summarized this morning:

    They have the power. It will take an outside agency to break it down. The change will not come from inside.

  37. Eric Says:


    I appreciate your position as a faculty member.

    That’s why I emphasize that in the campus activist game, game-play must – must – be spearheaded by students.

    When the core and character of the campus campaign is established as a student-led movement, then faculty and alumni can take up their roles (with administration, trustees, fellow faculty and alumni, etc) as co-stars working on the foundation of student-established conditions.

    There’s a lot of adaptation in the activist game, campus version or otherwise. Game play is organic and iterative. But in the campus version, the iron-clad start-up condition is it must – must – be spearheaded by students.

    Now, how a professor or alumnus might undertake the pre-condition of inducing likeminded students to spearhead a campus campaign is a good question. And it’s a question that has been answered successfully.

    “Whatever the topic” (Neo) is just a hydra head for the same campus activist game played by the Left.

    Which sets up this recommendation for you and likeminded professors and alumni:

    Look up this recent successful counter-Left campus movement and seek out the advice from their faculty and alumni activists.

  38. ArtfldgrsGhost Says:

    . . . suggest that it was wrong to allow the most sensitive among us to dictate what was unacceptable, and to speak up for free speech in general. [Neo]

    in the eighties what started in the 1960s started to be noticed.
    mention of it can be found in:
    Criminological Theory By Marilyn D. McShane

    The movement wanted to change the legal definition of “reasonable man/woman” concept because being socialists they wanted the statistical outcomes of court cases for women to change. Often when a case came up for tort, it tended to be negated, and so, oppress the woman who wanted “justice”.

    you can read about it in things like:
    Cornell Law Review Volume 77 issue 6 September 1992 Article 6
    Looseness of Legal Language: The Reasonable Woman Standard in Theory and Practice

    The reasonable woman idea basically went up against [censored] theory, and so, had to be changed as it denied the individual woman recompense or justice under the oppressive idea that she was not as reasonable as other women.

    the movement has been knitted into everything everywhere and its effects are all over, and there is literally almost nothing that they have not commented on, or in effect changed. from family structure, belief systems, religiosity, law, entertainment, literature, how you get on in your bedroom, what bathrooms are like given building codes, what you can or cant say, and its so large, you will get censored for mentioning it too much. their size being so much that like air, its all around and you dont notice it. – that is until like neo, you get into a situation that you can compare in time.

    in her case, past experience, compared to current experience… like living far from your parents and visiting and being able to notice how they age, when you dont notice it with your husband/wife

    The ideas were not to change the standard just for judges, but for juries, and for juries you have to change how the product of schools think, and start from an early age. This also had to coincide with removing laws preventing teaching communist thought and ideas, so that young teachers who got degrees, would then teach the change to young people who would then believe and follow it.

    they grow up in a different time, where neo was not exposed to that game as she is older and the schools were not fully completly dominated by the ideology because it had not yet kicked out over 90% of men in teaching places for “fear of pedophilism” in which the female teachers have shown themselves quite able too but in the words of the vagina monologues “if its rape then its a good rape”

    so neo returns, and sees the product of this educational change, which most people dont. the same is true of things like bank loans, business loans, business assistance, taxes, access to school, raises, rules, and on and on…

    in one way this is why all you older people are the most threatened. because you know a different set of values and can cogently argue against the pablum that redefines the world to their ways by gaming children.

    the movement thinks its to make the future, the real deal is that it makes the whole so weak its ripe for being attacked and losing and not being able to defend itself, make good deals, and function in the real world of global politics which is always a shadow peering down on the society from every other society as we look at them.

  39. physicsguy Says:

    No Eric, it will not work. The students are even more vulnerable than the faculty. Just this past spring I had to go to bat for students who were being blacklisted by the administration for not attending a “mandatory all-campus healing session”. They were afraid of being denied their degrees. A conservative student has no chance in the current state of higher ed to start such a activist agenda; they might as well just go ahead and place their head in the guillotine.

    To state again, to break the stranglehold of power the left has on colleges will require outside intervention. Denial of funding would get the weak spine administrator’s attention quick. That’s what’s driving the current Title IX craziness. Obama is forcing colleges to his agenda through threat of funding cutoff.

  40. Eric Says:

    Richard Aubrey: “Here’s the thing: My eight-year-old granddaughter is tougher-minded than these clowns seem to be.”

    “Seem to be” – that points to the nub.

    In fact, the campus Left activists are no less (and no more) tough than previous generations. They’re competitors – playing the game to win.

    Generally speaking, are they actually threatened and “unsafe”? Of course not. It’s just game play. As competitors, they’re simply exploiting a fertile opening with a tactic that’s proven effective.

    As competitors, they’ll keep exploiting the opening until it’s rendered ineffective, which can only be achieved by countering activists. When that happens, the Left activists as competitors will adapt to another better effective tactic. Countering activists will need to adapt in turn. And the game will go on.

    The real and existential social effects are the consequence – they’re the prize that activists compete for. But at its source, it’s just game play.

  41. ArtfldgrsGhost Says:

    Baklava Says: The only way we’ll see change is when these businesses (yes colleges and universities are businesses) see a hit to their pocket book. How many will enroll at Yale and Mizzou next year.

    Well Hillary and others have a platform of free college and so its not going to hit their pocket books, its going to hit their selection process, women and minorities will be favored, even if they become “majority minority”, and the one unprotected class will be pressed down by conscious effort the way that they claim others have been pressed down but cant show you the levers doing that and theirs will be written in law and policy you can look up.

    there is so much more that is outside the common pervue, but i dont want to be erased/ghosted, so i will just leave the two posts. the important one showing that this goes back to those times where we did not take them seriously and so did not oppose them, where the punishment was too great and the reason too small.

    live with it till you die, cause there is no way to turn a 50 year shift on a dime if you barely noticed the shift in the first place, and cant let go of the rules of the past to see the new rules – like colleges being paid by the state so that parents no longer can limit or reign in the next faster harder social changes that are needed to make complicit slaves vs free individuals…

    (a major reason western religion has to go, it makes the insignificant self important).

  42. ArtfldgrsGhost Says:

    snopercod, neo deletes some of my posts but never because the reason you put forth… unless its many posts with that same thing on it… or way too long which i agree to as i can write a book from any tiny theme…

    on another note, there are no real left activists in any real number because the teachers are dominated by one ideology front, so they are the fulcrum for any point you want to make as they are the forward force that dictates and controls. the domination of school goes back to bella dodd, the teachers unions, and of course women of the movement dominating schools and pushing out men, and hurting boys so they grow up dysfunctional (as was shown when a teachers online forum was revealed and their conversations were about how to harm boys so that they grow up broken and the women could win. horrible stuff, i posted a bit here but it never gained traction much and is mostly forgotten as its never brought up again)

    it was a group similar to journolist forum where journalists coordinated their article writing so that themes would pop up and be more influential to steering the public… the same was with some teachers who thought that doing things this way and manipulating outcomes would be insured.

    much of these themes are reverse discrimination, and more, so neo doesnt censor that way… maybe she thought your post was one of mine and i wrote too many…

    sorry, but snopercod’s comment had to be addressed.

  43. Eric Says:

    physicsguy: “The students are even more vulnerable than the faculty. Just this past spring I had to go to bat for students who were being blacklisted by the administration for not attending a “mandatory all-campus healing session”.”

    Well yeah. That’s part of the co-starring complementary role as faculty.

    Like I said, it’s an unpleasant game. I burned out playing it. So I appreciate that it’s easier said, then done.

    But the fact is it’s the only social cultural/political game there is. I call it a game to emphasize its basic competitive character, but the stakes are real. The stakes are existential.

    Recall, what personal risks did the successful student activists necessarily take in the 1960s in order to play their game? How did they and their supporters mitigate those risks?

    Now, as you point out, since the 1960s, the winning team mindful of their process have developed some institutional safeguards to make it harder for competitors that would threaten to unseat them by the same means.

    That’s just the nature of the game. That’s where you apply your creative intelligence and students apply their creative intelligence to adapt their game play.

    “Denial of funding would get the weak spine administrator’s attention quick. That’s what’s driving the current Title IX craziness. Obama is forcing colleges to his agenda through threat of funding cutoff.”

    Keep working backwards. Where and how does the Obama administration draw its influence. What do you think sets up and induces that course of action?

    How come Title IX makes a difference, yet the similarly designed Solomon Amendment made no difference whatsoever for restoring ROTC to schools like Columbia?

    As I’ve said before, electoral politics, while necessary, go to second-order effect on our social fabric. Activism goes to first-order effect.

  44. Eric Says:

    Fix: So I appreciate that it’s easier said , then than done.

  45. Eric Says:

    “And that is when the proper authorities need to step up and enforce the law.”


    For those who are new to FIRE and our mission, one thing that you will repeatedly hear us say in response to cries for censorship is: “The cure for bad speech is more speech, or better speech.” This admonition can seem singularly unsatisfying to those who seek the instant gratification of a decisive punitive response.

    How is French’s solution call for “more speech or better speech” practically applied in real-world conditions when threatened by totalitarian Left campus activists?

    Again, the only thing that can counter (student) activism is (student) activism.

    Heavy-handed LE is a pain med to treat a cancer. Pain management is part of cancer treatment. But it’s not a cure and carries its own risks. At best, it might help slow it down. Cancer must be countered on its level to even attempt a cure. Often, the cure is painful, too. That’s necessarily Right activism.

  46. Frog Says:

    The separatism of the black students at Mizzou is part of the natural order.
    The new interim Mizzou president, black, “said he had felt marginalized because of his race while at the university as a student, a faculty member and an administrator, and acknowledged that his race likely was a factor in the board of curators’ decision to name him interim president.” (taken from the WSJ)

    Left to ourselves, people segregate. I segregate; my friends, my neighbors are like me. It is mandatory integration that is the problem. It is why “historically black” colleges and universities remain black.It is why blacks like the interim Mizzou president have felt “marginalized” their entire lives at predominantly white Mizzou.

    There is no getting away from it. Racism is part of what we all are.

  47. ArtfldgrsGhost Says:

    physicsguy Says: A conservative student has no chance in the current state of higher ed to start such a activist agenda; they might as well just go ahead and place their head in the guillotine.

    Agreed 100% and more if it was possible. Even worse, they would be sacrificing their lives for a group that would wholly not appreciate their efforts.

    which is why i said what i said about what will happen when de wite wymen realize that they are targets too now that their demographic numbers are collapsing, and the people who will consider them the MAKERS of the evil white males that cause so much ill will then be allowed to flower when they are the majority minorities in under 5-7 years

    They are going then to find that the people that are really needed are and have been crippled, disenfranchised, hated, marginalized, emasculated, drugged, told to shut up (mansplaining), and more… and will look at them funny in that they are to save a system that does THAT to them? what the heck for?

    ie. what is happening to police protecting us as they fear reprisals and the public not supporting them is writ small what ladies have done to their sacrificial defenders. who else will fight? ladies? the ones crying that they cant see a poster, that others in their presence are scary, that they cant handle Halloween costumes, and on and on. THEY are going to expect what? the state to favor them when their numbers are not large enough and the numbers that are vote against them?

    That day is coming… you can see it now starting as the people who favored the hateful over the quiet, are now getting replaced by action. what happened to go with the flow, go along to get along, has now led to tar, feathers, and lots of rails to carry them out on, and its happening across states (and in coordinated by the movement to also be happening across all the western free states, like UK, Canada, Australia, etc)

    i have a few jars of popcorn saved to hear that wailing concert as there is nothing else to do but watch them get wacked like Robespierre, by their own efforts.

  48. ArtfldgrsGhost Says:

    Eric Says: Again, the only thing that can counter (student) activism is (student) activism.

    how hegelian of you… that’s whats going on and its game over… or didn’t you realize that these kids were in grade school when Obama was elected?

    the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world

    and they kicked out the men so there really is mostly one hand rocking that cradle..

    you are way past the event horizon to act, that was ten years ago, when i was more desperate about the message… now, not so much… you can go nutters and say lets change X, but by the time you got that going, changed X, the kids who are in the new prek and forward will be voting.

    i a two hundred year game, you have to move in decade moments, not years or months… you had to oppose this a couple of decades ago, to have something happening at all today. ACA is designed to kill off the boomers who might slow things down, so they cant do that… the answers are larger than the leaves in front of you ,the tree next to you or even the forest around you… you see the forest, but miss the continent.

  49. Eric Says:


    Life happens in the forest.

  50. carl in atlanta Says:

    A couple of modest proposals, or at least “food for thought” (with apologies to Jonathan Swift):

    How about a campaign aimed at alumni to get them to withhold contributions so long as this crap continues? Or condition or earmark any contributions they do make?

    How about a campaign to separate college football from the colleges themselves, in favor of a semi professional minor league, like MLB has successfully done? As more and more people are realizing, the myth of the student athlete is not only a myth; it’s exploitative BS.

    The adults may not be cool but they do have the money. It’s time for them to step up and use that power.

  51. carl in atlanta Says:

    And here are some students hitting back (Eric should like this one):

  52. neo-neocon Says:

    Eric, physcisguy:

    Have you seen this? Curious what you think.

  53. Eric Says:

    carl in atlanta,

    It’s a necessary start. If they’re sincerely committed, then now they’re rookies playing veterans. They’ll have to go through the normal competitive iterations of defeat and victory, failure and success, to learn the game and catch up to the competition.

    The few accomplished Right activists, such as the changers that Neo likes to feature, should reach out to the students to teach and support them as best they can.

  54. Eric Says:


    I left a comment there plus see my comment here to carl in atlanta.

    The Right needs to rally around the students. Most of all, the precious few genuine activists on the Right need to reach out and provide them practical instruction and support ASAP.

    Anti-left liberals need to rally and be rallied to the cause.

    As physicsguy highlighted, the students need local faculty and alumni teammates to rally to their cause for practical support.

    Assuming these students are sincerely committed to playing the game, see this 1st person account by a student leader of a recent counter-Left campus campaign to gather an idea of what the start of the game looks like. The details vary widely, of course, but the game is essentially the game.

  55. J.J. Says:

    Eric: “Again, the only thing that can counter (student) activism is (student) activism.

    Heavy-handed LE is a pain med to treat a cancer. Pain management is part of cancer treatment. But it’s not a cure and carries its own risks. At best, it might help slow it down. Cancer must be countered on its level to even attempt a cure. Often, the cure is painful, too. That’s necessarily Right activism.”

    Right side student activism is a mirror image of the left. You might agree with it, but it is also capable of becoming lawless and totalitarian. What you are talking about is a gang war between right and left leaning students. As physicsguy is saying, that is a war that can’t be won on campus because the right is outnumbered.

    We have laws. Peaceable assembly to redress grievances is established in our Constitution. However, we also have laws about interfering with the rights of others. These BLM and racially/sensitivity inspired on campus demonstrations are interfering with other people’s rights. Here in Puget Sound the BLM has had demonstrations where they have tried to block freeways and block access to stores. The police have used force (riot lines, teargas, tazers, arrests, etc.) to stop them from interfering with the rights of others. That is what is needed. What you are calling for is a counter-force of vigilantes who are not authorized to enforce the law or prevent demonstrators from harming the rights of others.

    I agree with FIRE about more speech being a good thing. I disagree with FIRE about allowing Ward Churchill to continue in his job. Allowing a man to impersonate an Indian and lecture students with provable falsehoods is like allowing a con man to rob a gullible citizen. It needs to be stood up to and stopped. Law enforcement by the proper authorities is always the best way to go. When the law is not enforced, we have anarchy and vigilantism. I don’t want to see us go there.

  56. Eric Says:


    Was the counter-insurgency “Surge” in Iraq essentially mirror-like the terrorist insurgency?

    Was the American Revolution essentially mirror-like the French Revolution?

    It’s a choice. In order for Right activists not to be a “lawless and totalitarian … gang” like Left activists, they simply need to choose not to be like that – while still choosing to play the game to win.

    Your solution call for non-content LE runs up against the same block as physicsguy’s solution call for denial of funding.

    They’re insufficient for the scope of the problem and they’re not decided free of limiting factors that are engineered by (you guessed it) activists.

    That’s not to say those solutions shouldn’t be on the table. It’s not either/or. But they can’t replace activism as solution.

  57. Eric Says:

    JJ: “As physicsguy is saying, that is a war that can’t be won on campus because the right is outnumbered.”

    Sure, the contest is asymmetric.

    As a military leader whose formative experience is from the middle-late 20th century, you understand better than most that asymmetry is not a competitive dead end.

  58. Ymarsakar Says:

    To state again, to break the stranglehold of power the left has on colleges will require outside intervention.

    They need to be liberated, the way the US invaded Iraq or Vietnam to do.

    An outside force, that hasn’t been outnumbered and neutered. But there are enough fronts where people are fighting the Left, that this isn’t unfeasible.

  59. Ymarsakar Says:

    What students on campus can do is to perform the role of the resistance, spy rings, and take videos and send it anonymous to the rest of us. Then we send them arms and cadre trainers, and after they have built enough of a force, they can launch their counter attack, in unison with outside liberation forces. Eric’s activist specialization surpasses politics, but total warfare also surpasses activism.

  60. Richard Aubrey Says:

    Eric. Presuming the kids aren’t as fragile as advertised, we have a job interview:
    “Nope, I’m not at all fragile. It was a big act. No problem.”

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