November 12th, 2015

There may not have been any KKK at Mizzou, but the poop swastika…

…appears to have been real.

That’s a load off my mind.

Apparently, there’s evidence of a police report, minus a photo* [see ADDENDUM below]. I still don’t understand why it wasn’t photographed or otherwise documented (DNA, anyone?), because if the perpetrator were to be located that would have been grounds for some sort of disciplinary action.

And I still haven’t a clue why this was seen as targeting black people. Wouldn’t the natural target be Jews? I’m assuming there are some Jews at Mizzou who might be ripe for some persecuting.

And then, lo and behold, because research is my middle name, I decided to find out. I located this article in the school paper written very shortly after the incident occurred, and amazingly enough, the appearance of the excremental swastika was indeed initially treated as being anti-Semitic in intent. But the Jews on campus and their spokespeople were relatively low-key about it. And here I thought Jews were supposed to be so emotional:

Jeanne Snodgrass, executive director of Mizzou Hillel, a nonprofit organization and Jewish campus center, said she was contacted by Residential Life about the incident.

“Unfortunately sometimes things happen, and I think that the university is responding appropriately and dealing with it very seriously,” Snodgrass said.

Snodgrass apparently successfully resisted the urge to instead say “unfortunately sometimes shit happens,” for which I salute her.


Jordan Kodner is an executive for both Zeta Beta Tau and Chabad, a Jewish student organization on campus. He said he found out about the incident when he was at Hillel and someone brought it up right after it happened.

“A lot of people are very confused, especially with this particular one — using feces,” he said. “I know that kind of confused a lot of people. It just seems very odd — were they trying to send a certain message with it?”

He said he hopes the incident will be a wake-up call about anti-Semitism on campus. He said he is upset that it is usually downplayed.

Kodner doesn’t feel threatened because nothing violent has happened yet.

I believe that Kodner may be referring to people’s confusion about whether the poop swastika was meant to be expressive of support for Nazi beliefs, or whether it was meant as a negative commentary on the value of those beliefs.

Thalia Sass, president of the Jewish Student Organization, was more emotional about the entire incident:

“I still think that when something like this happens, Jewish students feel threatened,” Sass said. “I was actually really mad about this because I heard about it from a Maneater* [student newspaper] reporter. It happened on the 24th, and we’re only talking about it now? Why wasn’t JSO contacted earlier by Residential Life?”

The group plans on speaking to the residents of Gateway Hall during a mandatory residential meeting on Monday evening. They said they plan on talking about the history of the swastika and how it relates to Jewish people and the Holocaust.

Let us pause here and say: college students don’t already know this history? I realize that’s a rhetorical question, because at this point it’s actually very possible that many college students don’t know this history. However, we can be pretty sure that anyone drawing a swastika in fecal matter on a bathroom wall actually was among those students who were aware of it.

The following explains how it might be that the black students got involved in the aftermath:

[The Jewish Student Organization] also plans on reaching out to the Legion of Black Collegians for a social media campaign using the hastag #hateliveshere.

An event was also planned which would be inclined to improve public relations:

The [Jewish Student Organization] also plans on organizing an event at Speakers Circle on Nov. 6 to hand out bagels and cream cheese. Slogans that were suggested for this event include “Spread Cream Cheese, Not Hate.”

Not a bad slogan, actually. Only I would prefer they include some lox.

[ * I’ve been wondering for days about the title of that student newspaper, The Maneater. Isn’t there some campus group that can object to that as sexist, or cannibalist, or upsetting vegetarians, or…well, I’ll stop right there? So once again, research is my friend:

The Maneater was founded in 1955 by Joel Gold, then a sociology student, as editor-in-chief…Gold took over the former newspaper, then named the Missouri Student…Gold renamed it The Maneater to reflect a more aggressive news angle and transitioned the paper into an independent watchdog of the university.

Regarding the name change, Gold wrote in the first issue of The Maneater, “The name ‘Missouri Student’ reflected the editorial policy of the former paper quite well. It signified nothing…. The Maneater by its very name cannot content itself with merely presenting the news…. The Maneater is a tiger with fangs bared and claws sharpened ready to analyze the facts and then to pounce. A tiger exists because it is, and not for one group or another.”

And that was way back in the 50s, an era that was supposed to be so placid.]

[NOTE: The title of this post refers to this.]

[ * ADDENDUM: Some rather underwhelming photos of the poop swastika have finally surfaces. Doesn’t look much like the classic Nazi swastika, but probably not just a random POS either.]

25 Responses to “There may not have been any KKK at Mizzou, but the poop swastika…”

  1. Cornhead Says:

    Note well that the Jewish students did not call for resignations and lead protests.

    The student body president should be impeached. Prove he is not immune due to race.

    I always thought Mizzou students were tough.

  2. Christopher B Says:

    DNA would likely only help authorities determine who donated the ‘artistic’ material which might not be the artist. I remain as puzzled as anyone as to why no photographs were taken given the ubiquity of digital photographic devices. In the absence of such documentation I’m still left with a slight bit of doubt .. was the smear self-evidently a swastika, or was that the observer’s interpretation of something ambiguous?

  3. Lizzy Says:

    Even if there was an actual poop swastika, the incident doesn’t pass the ‘smell test’.

    Not only is there a long history of hate crime hoaxes on campus (as NEO has referenced in earlier posts), but it is the Left who is obsessed with poop. There have been so many incidents of this that blogger Bookworm has been documenting it for years (see:

    Sorry, I just don’t see a white supremacist/KKK person depicting their own symbol in poop; would think they would show a teensy bit more respect for it.

  4. Lizzy Says:

    Oops – here’s the right link:

  5. ArtfldgrsGhost Says:

    i should have put the police poop report link here.. but it wasnt here when that was there, so now its not here, but i was there… heh…


  6. ArtfldgrsGhost Says:

    Those jewish students should not go to indonesia… they would go nuts with all the swastikas around there… (had to warn my wife not to use the bag from the tailor that made my suit for me… its covered in such… )… a lot of indonesians may even have it on their cars in the US… but its meaning is different…

    A broken cross is not always a swastica

  7. neo-neocon Says:


    Yes, the poop swastika is suspect on several levels. But now we can assume it was real, at least.

  8. n.n Says:

    The “poop swastika” is reminiscent of “Christ in urine”, and probably has the same significance to the same class of people. Whereas the motive of drowning Christ in a vat of urine was unmistakeable, the defacing a swastika symbol is ambiguous evidence of anti-Nazi, or anti-Greek, or perhaps anti-Indian prejudice.

  9. OlderandWheezier Says:

    Apparently most Jewish parents choose not to fill their children’s heads with memes of perpetual victimhood and oppression.

  10. Ann Says:

    I don’t think there necessarily has to be any historical awareness or logical consistency to the use of a poop swastika, since the swastika itself seems to have become an all-purpose symbol of hate among white supremacist types.

  11. Cornhead Says:

    I checked out the impeachment and removal provisions of the MSA student constitution. Dishonesty is one grounds for impeachment.

    Just allege he was dishonest about his KKK allegation and N word shout out. His credibility is then the issue. Twenty percent need to sign a petition. That’s about 7k. Then a vote in the Senate.

    Call him on the carpet.
    Try his credibility.

  12. Lizzy Says:

    The swastika is not solely a symbol of hate among white supremacist types. Arabs have been using it, too, such as:

  13. Matt_SE Says:

    Why the confusing mixed message of poop swastika? Because the probable hoaxster needed a quickie symbol to represent White Hate, and a poop Confederate flag would’ve taken forever to draw.

  14. DNW Says:

    “And here I thought Jews were supposed to be so emotional”

    If that is a stereotype, it is the first time I heard it.

    One can be expected in justice and charity to tolerate and understand many things. But the emotionalism of others is not one of them. LOL

  15. neo-neocon Says:


    My goodness–that’s really the first time you’ve heard of it?

    Ever see the Woody Allen movie “Annie Hall,” with the contrasting dinner tables between his family home and Annie’s?

  16. n.n Says:


    Victimhood is a debilitating disease caused by mal-nurturing. It lays waste to individuals, families, communities, and nations.

  17. Sam L. Says:

    Cartoon on Mizzou:

    PC on Campus:

  18. DNW Says:

    neo-neocon Says:

    November 12th, 2015 at 2:55 pm


    My goodness–that’s really the first time you’ve heard of it?”

    Yeah. And I saw Annie Hall too. I think. Or maybe it was the one with Lloyd Nolan as the old father.

    Now, Italians, I know, were reputed to be emotionally lively. And by their own account according to some of my childhood Italian (if 2nd and 3rd generation) neighbors.

    I remember that the mother and daughters next door used to shout back and forth in their house and you could hear it in our yard.


    In that section of the block, counting houses with kids, it was 4 3rd generation but noticeably Irish families, and 4 very visibly Italian families, and us. Somehow we wound up in the middle of that cluster.

    A kid never had it so good. The whole neighborhood was a welcoming open door. 30 and 40 years later the now well grown kids were still talking about how great the neighbors all had been.

    I wouldn’t want to live in a row house, or one of those little city lot houses you see from the freeway in Chicago. But though I know I would not like the confinement now, an 1100 sq ft house on a 55 foot wide lot on a tree lined suburban street, was not the worst way to spend the first ten years of one’s life.

    ‘Course lots of family and friends make all the difference too, eh?

    Here, have a look at the general area Too bad it’s not a sunny view.

  19. DNW Says:

    Hey Neo,

    I didn’t realize that particular street which was nearby was such a crap one.

    You need to go north and then west or east. LOL But too far east and you wind up in the lake.

    So much for the accuracy of idyllic reminiscences about childhood.

  20. parker Says:

    I remain skeptical of the veracity of the caca swastika story. No hazmat report? The youngsters are never without their cell, but no photo from the student suffering microaggression? No police photos taken from multiple angles? All police reports are neutral, free of political pressure? A janitor told to lie to keep his/her/its job in order to support the pc agenda is unbelievable?

  21. neo-neocon Says:


    Italians and Jews, essentially the same.

  22. Dang Says:

    Looks like a clear cut case of hate crime appropriation.

  23. JWnTX Says:

    I’m not into all this institutionalized grievance-mongering, but wouldn’t this be considered the black kids “appropriating” the Jewish kids’ culture? The absurdity of this folding back onto itself with competing aggrieved groups more interested in shouting who has the best case for victimhood is, well–sad. Pathetic. And really un-American in every way possible.

  24. Phelps Says:

    Step back and look at the big picture. Why WOULD they assume that this was anti-Semitic, and NOT anti-black?

    1) They had a suspect in mind immediately.
    2) That suspect was known to be anti-jewish
    3) That suspect had been in altercations with Jewish students.

    This suspect is most likely an Arab Muslim.

  25. Steve Says:

    “Wouldn’t the natural target be Jews?”

    What? That makes no sense. I suppose the Russians could argue that the swastika is an anti-Russian symbol … after all, the Nazis killed a lot more Russians than anyone else.

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