August 10th, 2016

The mer-mutts commercial

This one certainly grabbed my attention. Have you seen it?:

So here’s the question—how is it done? Is it some sort of trick, or are the dogs actually trained to do synchronized swimming?

Apparently the incident of a claim for house flooding because a dog turned on a tap was a real one.

5 Responses to “The mer-mutts commercial”

  1. Geoffrey Britain Says:

    Great commercial. Trained? CGI? Your guess is as good as mine.

  2. Sam L. Says:

    Greatly amused was I by it! My guess is it’s overlapping images, retimed for synchronicity

  3. Brian Swisher Says:

    Part training, part CGI, part clever editing.

  4. Lee Says:

    Definitely editing, CGI and training. My old place of employment had a commercial shot there and the end result was something like this commercial, but with humans. The swimming part of our commercial was in a water tank with clear sides, overlaid on the part shot at my workplace, and several water tank shots layered on top of each other. There was only three or four humans, but the end result had like twenty humans in it. It was very cool. But not as cool as this one.

  5. Japan Says:

    This also real

    Video for Pukeko New Zealand Bird in power saving ads
    Duration: 0:34
    Posted: Apr 16, 2008
    Energy commercial featuring the Pukeko. … A Boy and a …

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