September 24th, 2016

Undercover Obama; undercover Hillary


President Obama used a pseudonym to communicate with Hillary Clinton via email through her private server:

President Barack Obama used a pseudonym in email communications with Hillary Clinton and others, according to FBI records made public Friday.

The disclosure came as the FBI released its second batch of documents from its investigation into Clinton’s private email server during her tenure as secretary of state…

The State Department has refused to make public that and other emails Clinton exchanged with Obama. Lawyers have cited the “presidential communications privilege,” a variation of executive privilege, in order to withhold the messages under the Freedom of Information Act.

The report doesn’t provide more details on the contents of that particular email exchange, but says it took place on June 28, 2012, and had the subject line: “Re: Congratulations.” It may refer to the Supreme Court’s ruling that day upholding a key portion of the Obamacare law.

I wonder what his pseudonym was. More importantly, it’s interesting that Politico managed to write that entire article without referencing the fact that previously Obama had explicitly denied any knowledge of Hillary’s private email system. Well, I guess he can always say it was his alter ego—the pseudonym—who knew about it, not him.

There were some other revelations in the Politico article that gobsmacked me:

[Monica Hanley, a veteran Clinton aide who worked for her in the Senate and at State]…revealed in her FBI interview that she had no idea where a thumb drive she used to store an archive of Clinton’s emails had gone. Hanley searched for the thumb drive, which the FBI described as “something she happened to have laying around the house,” several times but was unable to find it.

The interviews provide more insight into Clinton’s lack of technical acumen. According to the FBI’s Abedin writeup, she “could not use a computer”; Hanley said Clinton had no idea what her own email password was, and had to rely on aides.

There are two possibilities there, I suppose. One is that the whole story—lost thumbdrive, Hillary’s complete computer ignorance—is a lie manufactured for some tactical purpose. Another is that it’s the truth. I’m not sure which is worse.

I’m a bit disorganized myself, and I can imagine carelessly losing or misplacing a thumbdrive. They’re so small, right? But not—I repeat, not a thumbdrive with information of that magnitude. I would store that with extreme care, to say the least.

Like Hillary, I’m in an age range that isn’t exactly up to speed on all the accoutrements of modern life. But computers? Email passwords? I don’t give you a break on not knowing about that sort of stuff unless you’re in the 90+ age range.

I’m not sure how much capacity I retain to be surprised by all of this, but I certainly am disturbed.

22 Responses to “Undercover Obama; undercover Hillary”

  1. OM Says:

    Well it probably wasn’t “Carlos Danger.” Hard to keep up with all the lies and misinformation in 8 long years.

  2. Cornhead Says:

    1. And Obama’s secret email account could have been hacked via Hillary’s wildly unsecure private email server.

    2. How long did Obama know about Hillary’s private server?


  3. OM Says:

    Thumb drive is that bigger than the Rose Law firm records or the FBI background checks? Don’t worry they will all eventually turn up safe and sound. /s

  4. sdferr Says:

    Take a brief glance at James Madison’s quaint belief, expressed in Federalist 10:

    No man is allowed to be a judge in his own cause, because his interest would certainly bias his judgment, and, not improbably, corrupt his integrity.

    “Simpler times were productive of simpler thoughts,” would say our moral betters today — as for instance our wise PresidentPseudonym — in regard to Madison’s grave political error.

  5. Cornhead Says:

    And David Kendall’s law firm has ALL of the destroyed emails. The best insurance in the world for many things, including getting paid in full by the criminal Clintons.

    HRC, “Ten million is way too high David. You’d people padded their hours.”

    DK, “I kept a copy of the emails before they were destroyed.”

    HRC, “Huma will be delivering the check today.”

  6. sdferr Says:

    Wrote neo-neocon: “Well, I guess he can always say it was his alter ego—the pseudonym—who knew about it, not him.”

    PresidentPseudonym might also say (along with us as we all pass down this peculiarly recursive rabbit hole together), that his interlocutor Mrs. Clinton, with whom he was exchanging e-mails, knew it about him as well.

    Mrs. Clinton, on the other hand (just as did Politico), managed — Somehow! O Sophrosyne!— to never confess that she understood PresidentPseudonym’s lie about his ignorance of her private e-mail server was in fact a lie at the time.

    How we ought to marvel at such self-constraint. For these are the great exemplars of political prudence in our times.

  7. Big Maq Says:

    Maybe Monica left it in her safety deposit box, which is where experts recommend one ought to store an offsite backup copy of their important digital (and paper) documents?

  8. Ed Bonderenka Says:

    Laws and rules are so… vulgar, common.
    They clearly were never meant for the elite.

  9. Geoffrey Britain Says:

    It’s proof positive that Obama KNEW. Almost certainly from the first. Which makes him an accomplice in her violations of National Security. Which in turn makes him guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors.

    Not that any of that could ever be sufficient proof for those willfully blind. But in their heart of hearts, they sense the truth, which makes their willful blindness… complicity. What can be done when at least a third of a nation’s populace support criminality, placed in service of ideological ‘truth’?

  10. Ed Bonderenka Says:

    All too true.

  11. Frog Says:

    Amen, GB, Amen.
    Are we too far down the moral rathole to ever emerge back into the sunlight?

  12. Assistant Village Idiot Says:

    It’s amazing how often crazed right-wing conspiracy-theorists turn out to be right if you only wait long enough. I remember when Alger Hiss and the Rosenbergs were innocent; I remember when Joe McCarthy couldn’t possibly have names of communists in the State Department; I remember when media bias was considered ridiculous; I remember when the Religious Left didn’t exist: I remember when we thought Bill Clinton was telling the truth.

  13. Fausta Says:

    Slightly OT : How Cuba’s Greatest Cartoonist Fled From Castro and Created ‘Spy vs. Spy’.
    One day a Cuban illustrator walked unannounced into the MAD Magazine offices, and the rest is history.

  14. Walter Says:

    And we would know none of this if Director Comey had forwarded a recommendation of indictment to AG Lynch. This whole sorry mess is going to become even more “interesting” if Donald Trump is elected President. It is going to take a long time to clean out the sewer. Lets see if the Republican Congress has the stomach for it!

  15. bob r Says:

    I’m a bit disorganized myself, and I can imagine carelessly losing or misplacing a thumbdrive. They’re so small, right? But not—I repeat, not a thumbdrive with information of that magnitude. I would store that with extreme care, to say the least.

    In their position I wouldn’t even _use_ a thumb drive wasn’t A) purchased in person in a store and randomly selected from the available devices and B) _never_ allowed out of my control. I certainly would never allow it out of my control _after_ it was used. Being in a drawer in my desk when I wasn’t in the office would be an example of _not_ being under my control. In my sight, on my person or in a safe — and _never_ plugged into a computer that I didn’t absolutely trust.

    Look up Stuxnet in relation to Iran. It’s a dangerous world out there and with computers it’s like sex with a promiscuous person: you’re not only trusting the person (computer) you’re with, you’re trusting _every_ person (computer/thumb drive) that person (computer) has been with. It’s probably possible to be too paranoid but I think you’d really have to work at it.

  16. charles Says:

    “I don’t give you a break on not knowing about that sort of stuff unless you’re in the 90+ age range.”

    Well, you ARE more generous than I am Neo; as my 91-year old mother has a computer and uses it for email (and a lot of solitary – she loves that game!).

    Well, a couple of years ago her computer went on the fritz and while it was being repaired I told her that she could check her email using the webmail version of her account at the local library.

    No way, was her response, there could be spyware or other viruses on those public computers and they could easily record her password!

    Seriously, my now 91-year old mother knew this in her late 80s and Hillary doesn’t? And my mother isn’t in charge of anything as serous as national security. (or maybe she is and I don’t know it?)

  17. Richard Saunders Says:

    Walter — if Trump is elected, Barry will pardon Hillary. You can bet the house on it.

  18. geokstr Says:

    When the president pardons someone, does he issue a blanket pardon covering every possible illegal act the person may have committed during their term(s) of service, their entire life up to the date of the pardon, or does it only cover certain acts as named in the pardon? For instance, Obama pardons Hillary and it’s discovered in 2018 that she committed a murder while SOS, or during her Senate term, or even when First Lady (assuming the statute of limitations hasn’t run yet?)

    How all-encompassing would her Get Out of Jail card be?

  19. sdferr Says:

    Andrew McCarthy, at NRO today: Obama’s Conflict Tanked the Clinton E-mail Investigation — As Predicted
    Hillary couldn’t be proven guilty without proving the president guilty as well.

  20. CV Says:


    I was going to post the same link. McCarthy pegged this one correctly at the beginning.

    It’s obvious that the FBI and Dept of Justice can’t be trusted to do their jobs. And while I am not surprised at the latest document dump at EOD on a Friday, it’s making me even more disgusted (and I didn’t think that was possible).

  21. sdferr Says:

    In the distribution of justice to those deserving it CV, we might as well charge the Americans with an incapacity to “do their jobs”, in view of the forms in which power properly flows under our American organization of government.

    For the DoJ and the FBI each in their turn derive their powers from the office which controls them — namely, the Executive.

    The Executive, which here acts in multiple capacities as both miscreant and prosecutor of miscreancy is wholly empowered by those Americans who failed (themselves) in his election to office.

  22. Richard Saunders Says:

    Ford’s pardon of Nixon encompassed all crimes Nixon may have committed while President.

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