September 30th, 2016

Ah, the trials of a blogger!

When I grind out a big big post like the one I just wrote (see below) I have a very strong urge to say “that’s it; I’m done for the day.”

But I also have a strong urge to balance it with something on another topic besides Trump, Hillary, the Republicans, the stressful 2016 election. What topic? Any topic.

Like this one.

13 Responses to “Ah, the trials of a blogger!”

  1. OM Says:

    No one expects the …. 🙂

  2. Alan F Says:

    What you just wrote is such an accurate discussion of the catastrophe that is still unfolding. I just donated $200 to you. Treat yourself to something you enjoy. More power to you!

  3. expat Says:

    Here is a neat story (via Powerline). It’s an example of how bottom-up ideas can save us:

  4. Geoffrey Britain Says:


    A yuge step in the right direction.

  5. steve.c Says:

    Given that there’s a lot of hyperventilating about “handing over control of the internet” to the UN (which is a yuuuuuge overstatement), there seems to be a bit of dialog popping up regarding how the “internet” has changed all our social and political interactions.

    (I say “internet” in quotes, because it’s only the stuff that runs on top of the internet that enables all this. The internet itself is just a fault-tolerant way to move information. Yes, I’m a pedantic techie.)

    Case in point: Ms. Noonan’s recent WSJ column decrying the shallowness of our current intellect, and how we got this way.

    Or other conversations I’ve noted about what we would do if it really was broken. (Which is not as easy as so many think.)

    Finally, I wish I had half the energy it takes to reason out and draft a post like your prior one. The time it takes to internalize one is but a fraction of what it takes to write one. I don’t know how you do it.

  6. parker Says:


  7. J.J. Says:

    Great link, expat. It made me all smiley inside. 🙂

  8. neo-neocon Says:



    This sheds some light on how it’s done.

  9. expat Says:

    Here’s another one for you:

    When people deal with people and not victim groups, you find a lot to love in our country.

  10. DirtyJobsGuy Says:

    The whole idea of Celebrity in current culture (Yes there is a Trump link to this but hey). Watching old bugs bunny cartoons you can see constant references to famous symphony conductors, operas and classic paintings. The broad movie house audience was expected to know them and get the joke. You also had famous military personages, sports figures, scientists (mad and not mad), aviators and aviatrixes and more.

    Has our spectrum of celebrities gotten narrower or is it too diffuse to recognize?

  11. expat Says:

    Dirty Jobs Guy,
    I think that rappers and models have replaced the people who were previously known for their accomplishments.

  12. charles Says:

    Expat; I went to public high school over 40 years ago – and ALL those involved in sports were required to wear slacks (not jeans) and a dress shirt and tie for game/event days.

    Even the girls involved in field hockey, cheerleading, etc. were required to wear dresses on those days.

    So, this isn’t new, or at least, it should not be.

  13. J.J. Says:

    Good stuff, expat. We are a decent people, but much of it is overshadowed by the progressive mantra of shame, loathing, and class division they project on our society.

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