October 14th, 2016

More fall photos

More photos from Fall 2016 in New England, taken by me with nothing more fancy than my cell phone camera.

This one could be any season (except winter), although the leaves on the ground are a giveaway, I guess:


It not all about the light. But a lot of it’s about the light:


These pumpkins already glow without being turned into Jack O’Lanterns:


And the sumac’s ready for its closeup, Mr. De Mille:


11 Responses to “More fall photos”

  1. carl in atlanta Says:

    Nice pumkin shot.

    Just starting to turn down here.

  2. Oldflyer Says:

    Aaah! We miss this time of year in Virginia.
    California, even in the North, will never quite be the same.

  3. Sharon W Says:

    #2 and #4 are my favorites.

  4. roc scssrs Says:

    Can’t help but notice that beautiful log-cutting saw. Back in May, a huge beech tree fell across the creek into the back end of our property. With the water authority, two townships and a homeowners’ association fighting over who pays for cleanup, I thought, “Free firewood.” I don’t have a chainsaw and I was determined not to spend much money, so all summer I’ve been clearing it away with axe, bowsaw, and the mighty Irwin Marathon 20″ handsaw I got at Ace Hardware for twenty bucks. Nothing to cut now but the main trunk, which is over two feet across. That saw just might do the job.

  5. Geoffrey Britain Says:

    The quality of light in the fall (angle of the sun to the earth and distance) and temperature of the air is different in the fall, than in other seasons.

    roc scssrs,

    This might be helpful. It makes getting the log up off the ground for safe and easy cutting a snap. A near-perfect, basically unchanged design for over 100 years.

  6. sdferr Says:

    Too, you might consider riving the trunk in its length roc scssrs, so into perhaps four sections (each now greatly reduced in width) prior to cross cutting with the tools you have. But as to this, “free” is hardly a term I’d use. As to that saw on the shed-door, yes, one of its type would work nicely (I own such a one), but the task of bringing such a saw back into working condition (removing rust, tuning, setting and sharpening the teeth), is a beast of a job all its own.

  7. Oldflyer Says:

    Talk of saws takes me back to about 1944 when my Grandfather put me on the other end of a two man cross cut. I suppose in retrospect it was a compliment that he thought I would be able to hold up my end; but he nearly pulled me off my feet. At the time I was simply chagrined that he was disappointed.

  8. parker Says:

    Maples, ash, and sumac are turning in my neighborhood. We had our first frost Tuesday morning. Nice photos, those smart phones are amazing.

  9. charles Says:

    I just know Linus is somewhere in that pumpkin patch waiting for the Great Pumpkin!

  10. Frog Says:

    Great pix!

  11. The Other Chuck Says:

    Neo, at the risk of prying which isn’t exactly my intention, I believe I saw that same closed up farm advertised at a real estate website. The windows next to the door in the second picture sure remind me of one of the rural estate pics. Not long ago I was perusing New England real estate with the vague idea of escaping the west coast for a retreat, or as they are calling them now, a redoubt. I’ve fond memories of a summer traveling in New England when I was in college. We ended up at Calais, ME and then jumped across to Canada and visited relatives in Truro, N.S. It was August. I doubt if January would be as enticing.

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