October 17th, 2016

Those who are ignorant of history…

are condemned to repeat it.

5 Responses to “Those who are ignorant of history…”

  1. sdferr Says:

    A few days back, four or so, Mr. Johnson at Powerline made a post about the journalist, author and Soviet and Russian subject-matter expert David Satter, together with Satter’s new book “The Less You Know, The Better You Sleep“.

    Included in the Powerline post — entitled “David Satter: Understanding Putin” — is an embedded video of Mr. Satter speaking at the Washington D.C. bookstore Politics and Prose, nominally about his new book, but more generally about communism, Soviet Russia and the background of Putin’s coming to power (dictatorship, that is).

    Young people and even older people would do well to spend a little time listening to Satter speak, or reading his book in order that they might properly lose a little sleep, the latter in their own ultimate interests, of course.

  2. sdferr Says:

    And then, (heh) there’s this:

    You have found me out: I am, in fact, a communist. https://t.co/1S5ICKNj7l— Ben Sasse (@BenSasse) October 17, 2016

  3. mike in ga Says:

    And now we are faced with the high likelihood of a presidential candidate being elected whose party is foursquare behind altering and erasing history in the unending effort to properly shape aberrant citizen behavior.

    Whatever shall we do?

    We shall do what we’ve always done – nothing, save complain whine and moan about the terrible lot which has befallen us. We shall continue the slide down the slippery slope of progressivism, then socialism, then outright tyranny as we hurtle toward a dystopian future in which we become grateful for the few crumbs the elites toss our way.

    Fortunately, with the erasure of history, our grandchildren will not know it was us who refused to get off our plump posteriors and fight the bastards like they fight us – dirty, and with extreme prejudice.

  4. The Other Chuck Says:

    Don’t be so sure about the lack of resistance going forward. It won’t come from congress, that’s a given. But there is a feeling of desperation on the right. That is a very bad sign which progressives ignore at their peril.

  5. Ymarsakar Says:

    IF US patriots actually believed in the Doomsday prophecies, fake or not, they would start shooting evil Leftists and TWANLOC pretty soon.

    Of course, that’s if they actually believed in it, and didn’t just PRETEND TO BELIEVE, the way they do about everything else in life on this decadent society.

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