November 17th, 2016

David Axelrod tweets defense of Trump

Well, okay, it’s not exactly a defense of Trump. But it seems to be an implicit criticism of the way the MSM is treating him right now.

You can see for yourself:

We hadn’t made any major appointments at this point in 2008. I don’t remember being criticized for it.

Axelrod’s getting a lot of flak for that tweet, too, as he must have known he would.

[ADDENDUM: And some soothing words about Trump and America’s future from Tom Hanks.]

5 Responses to “David Axelrod tweets defense of Trump”

  1. Yancey Ward Says:

    Well, it is clear the Trump Administration has completely collapsed before it even started. The lack of transparency is shocking and worrying- I mean, a waiter at 21 reported that Trump had veal for dinner- really, veal!

  2. geokstr Says:

    Given the collective euphoria on the left, including the “unbiased”, “objective” “news” media, over the Ascension of the Bringer of Light, He Who can control the level of the seas and worthy of the Nobel Peace Prize on the come, any criticism of His Being would have been condemned as blasphemy.

    Eight years later, nothing much has changed.

  3. Meh Says:

    Interesting news out today about Trump considering Romney for a possible cabinet post. It’s nice to see that Trump is trying to mend fences within the GOP.

  4. Lizzy Says:

    The Left hates these comments from Axelrod and Hanks (and Oprah) because it “normalizes” Trump. Just look at how often that term is used with reference to fair coverage of Trump and his supporters.

    In addition to the group hysterics, there is a group effort to reject any acceptance of Trump a normal – probably because they had so successfully redefined deviance and insanity as “normal” over the past 8 years they. The fight against their Trump cognitive dissonance is quite a sight to see .

  5. parker Says:

    When not murdering the unborn, they also eat their own outside the womb. Cannalbism is nothing new on the left, just ask Trotsky. Oh, wait they din’t eat him, they just put an ice pick in his brain.

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