December 6th, 2016

Another makeover

At 70, she looks pretty good “before.” But even better “after.”

It helps to have such an energetic, upbeat personality, too:

6 Responses to “Another makeover”

  1. AMartel Says:

    I liked the before look better. I think it’s the hair. He gave her a helmet head, which is going to require a lot of maintenance, whereas before she had her own look. She seems happy with it, though!

  2. Cornhead Says:

    I think neo wants to fly to the Twin Cities for a makeover. I ordered from AMZ for that purpose.

  3. Ann Says:

    The makeover was so magical she no longer needs her eyeglasses?

  4. miklos000rosza Says:

    “Makeovers” to me now (in my imagination) include or prominently feature cosmetic surgery. Neo, I sent you an email showing just a couple spectacular examples of Korean Before & Afters. The surgeons there in Seoul seem to be the best in the world.

    I’m also probably somewhat jaded because of all the F-to-M and M-to-F transformations. My exwife was quite proud of an affair she had with a lesbian model who only posed in men’s clothes. (She looks like a rather prettier k.d. lang.)

    So “makeover” to me means going all the way.

  5. neo-neocon Says:


    I am somewhat behind in my emails, so I haven’t gotten to it yet, but thanks.

    Yes, the makeovers I feature here are rather sedate compared to MAKEOVERS. I wrote a little bit about cosmetic surgery here.

    I like the idea, though, of what a person can do with just the creative use of makeup and hair, and a little pampering.

  6. Ben David Says:

    Like AMartel, I also like the long hair of the before.

    Too many women hit a certain age and get a bob/pixie/brushcut – which may be a declaration of independence of sorts, but can be harsh on a face that shows the effects of 30 years of gravity, and sometimes yields a “butch” and unfeminine result (from a man’s perspective).

    I also like that this stylist does not usually go for extreme color changes – another mistake of the “declaration of independence” makeover seems to be bold hair color that really does not flatter most middle-aged complexions.

    Women still interested in male attention should think about how those short cuts, perms and dyes leave hair FEELING (and SMELLING.)

    A silky mane of silver hair can be magical and very feminine.

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