December 12th, 2016

What a tangled web

Don’t ask me why—but after skimming some gossipy clickbait article somewhere about Australian model Elle Mcpherson, I decided to look up one of her ex-partners and the father of her two children, Arpad Busson.

Maybe it was the name “Arpad”; I don’t know. Maybe it was the fact that among his partners numbered not just Mcpherson but also Farah Fawcett and Uma Thurman. Who was this guy and what were his attractions (besides being very rich, of course)?

But I never finished Busson’s Wiki entry, because I got bogged down in an early paragraph about his growing-up years. When I found that I had read the following three times trying to make some sort of sense of it, I decided it was time to give up this particular research endeavor:

Arpad Busson’s father, Pascal Busson, was a former French army officer and Algerian War veteran, who later turned financier. His mother, Florence “Flockie” Harcourt-Smith, was an English former debutante. His aunt, Joanna Harcourt-Smith, was a companion of Timothy Leary, who coincidentally was married in the early 1960s to the mother of Arpad’s partner, Uma Thurman. His parents met in Paris and named their son after the Hungarian-born banker Árpád Plesch (1889–1974), who was not only Florence Busson’s stepfather (he was the second husband of her mother, Marysia Ulam-Krauss Harcourt-Smith), but also her stepgrandfather (Plesch’s first wife was his second wife’s mother, Leonie Caro Ulam). Plesch was a mentor to Italy’s richest man, Gianni Agnelli, the late head of Fiat.

Get it? Got it? Good. Because I don’t.

7 Responses to “What a tangled web”

  1. J.J Says:

    Reminds me of the song, “I Am My Own Grandpa.”

    The Court Jester & Danny Kaye – pure gold.

  2. DNW Says:

    “20 most amazing never before seen color photos of secret German technology from WWII”

    “Click Here”


  3. DNW Says:

    “clickbait article”

    Der outta be a law …

  4. mezzrow Says:

  5. AMartel Says:

    Odd cross-pollination and aggrandizement (“companion to,” “mentor to”).

    Dad: veteran and banker from France

    Mom: debutante from England

    Aunt: dated Timothy Leary who later married Uma Thurman’s mom (but did not father Uma Thurman)

    Named after: Mom’s stepfather and stepgrandfather. The randy old goat, Arpad I, married the mother first and later the daughter. No fool, he also got next to big money and “mentored” the head of Fiat (now deceased).

  6. Sonny Wayze Says:

    Um… “former debutante”??? Is this now a profession that one quits?

    OK, it’s out of my SES, but aren’t debs just debs for the evening?

  7. parker Says:

    Not to be insensitive, but, well, boring.

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