January 2nd, 2017

New Year’s Eve terrorism in Turkey

When terrorist attacks occur outside of Western nations they tend to get less coverage here. But they are equally horrific, as the New Year’s Eve nightclub attack that has left 39 dead in its wake—and a perpetrator who is still at large—demonstrates.

And let’s not forget that such attacks outside the West occur with great frequency, and that most of the time they represent the internal war within Islam for control of the Muslim world. That internal war is of huge importance.

In Istanbul:

Sunday’s attack struck at the heart of secular Turkish nightlife, targeting one of the most famous nightclubs in Istanbul. Nearly 600 people from around the world were gathered to ring in the New Year when a gunman opened fire, killing nearly 40.

This was very specifically aimed at Muslims who aren’t strict observers of the more austere aspects of the religion. Among the dead are 11 Turks; 7 Saudis; 3 Iraqus; 3 Lebanese; two each from Jordan, India, and Morocco; and one each from Germany, Syria, Israel, France, Tunisia, Belgium, Kuwait, Canada, and Russia.

So you can see that another goal was to discourage international tourism in the country.

RIP to the victims.

4 Responses to “New Year’s Eve terrorism in Turkey”

  1. DirtyJobsGuy Says:

    I was at the club for a business dinner a few years back. The security was tight with big bouncer’s at the door and metal detectors at the boat dock. Great views and good food and drink. All these attacks are directed at both the Secular Turks and the current administration’s Russian allies.

    I’ve seen several international projects fail to get started due to outsider’s fears of both security issues and political instability in Turkey. The lure of running the show in the Islamic world seems to be too much for most local leaders.

  2. Brooklyn Boy Says:

    The Israeli vicitm was a female Arab citizen of Israel.

  3. blert Says:

    Facts are still in dispute, as some accounts report two or more gunmen.

    What we do know is that Erdogan is a tyrant — and that his propaganda crew has launched a major campaign against both X-mas and New Years.

    Go over to Geller for some of the artwork.

    It’s astonishing to view.


  4. parker Says:

    Not floating a conspiracy theory, but Erdogan is fully capable of arranging attacks of this nature to gain more power. He seeks absolute power in Turkey and desires to be the hegemon of the ME before assuming the throne of the caliphate.

    Turkey does not belong in NATO.

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