January 7th, 2017

Is anyone having trouble loading comments?

[UPDATE 2:20 PM, 1/8

Still working on a solution.

Just to describe the problem in a bit more detail—when I tried to view this post on my phone, it said there was one comment. And when I viewed it on my computer, it said the same thing. However, when I logged into the blog, I could see that there were actually eight comments.

So there are several problems going on. One is that some posts aren’t displaying, or are only displaying many hours after I publish them. Another is that comments aren’t displaying. There are also many fewer comments than usual, which makes me suspect some people are being blocked in some way.

In addition, when I tried to view this updated post on my computer, it only showed the older post without the update (at least, as of this writing). My guess is that in an hour or a few hours, the addition will show up as well.


I hope to have this resolved soon. In the meantime, I apologize for the inconvenience. I hate, hate, hate these technical glitches. I guess occasional ones go with the blog territory, though.]

There seems to be some sort of mild on-again-off-again problem with comments. Not a problem with making comments, but a problem with viewing them, particularly on a mobile device but also on some computers.

If you’re having any sort of trouble like that, let me know. And if your comment isn’t showing up, please send an email. I’d like to figure out what’s happening and get it fixed, pronto.

19 Responses to “Is anyone having trouble loading comments?”

  1. anonymess Says:

    Yes, I agree.

  2. physicsguy Says:

    I have on occasion. Is there some sort of shadow login going on? It seems to help if I make a comment, then from then on I can view other comments.

  3. Brian Swisher Says:

    On my Kindle, yes, the comments have been funky.

  4. CV Says:

    Under the Ft. Lauderdale shooter post, my iPad says there are five comments. However, when I click on “comments,” I can only see one comment. FWIW.

  5. brdavis9 Says:

    Oddly enough – given my history of technical problems (DNS related) with the site – I’ve not noticed any issues at all.

    …primarily using MS Edge as my go-to browser these days, if that helps. But haven’t noticed issue in IE and metro IE either (still occasionally use an older Surface RT tablet).

  6. charles Says:

    Yes, for me. Often in the last week or two I have not been able to read comments even though the post says that there are comments. I click to open the post and no comments appear. I get around this by clearing my cache and closing and re-opening my browser – that seems to work most of the time.

    On the 6th I posted a comment and it didn’t take; so, I posted it again (and couldn’t quite remember my exact words). As soon as I posted it again the first comment then showed.

    Also, for several months I have not been able to use the preview button. I click it but nothing happens.

    FYI, I’m on a desktop using IE 11.

  7. Kyndyll G Says:

    Starting about three days ago, pages (main page and story page, with comments) at your website don’t seem to refresh unless I manually refresh them. I hadn’t noticed this problem before and haven’t noticed it elsewhere. I’m using a desktop computer and IE. I would’ve thought it was something weird on my end, but at the time it first happened, I specifically noticed Artful making a string of repeat comments that clearly showed he wasn’t seeing the page update either.

  8. Big Maq Says:

    Had several posts over the past week or two where the Preview button did nothing.

    Over the past month has several posts where the Submit button did nothing (perhaps went to moderation, which has happened on a few in the past, where, usually, seemed to be a link that triggered it, but I usually see that it does go to moderation – not this past month though).

  9. Baklava Says:

    Using Brave browser on a Windows 10 PC. No I’m not having trouble

  10. Esther Says:

    On an iPad here, pretty recent os. Your post listed as having one comment, but when I clicked comments, there were actually 9. Back tracked and your post still listed one comment, refreshed the page, and it listed 9.

  11. Lee Merrick Says:

    Yes, I’ve been having these problems for the last week or so.

  12. ColoComment Says:

    Yes, and I thought it was my docked laptop so am glad that you asked about it!
    For viewing comments, all I see is blank white space.

    I’m using Chrome. Oh, yeah, and the “Preview” button generates no action. Nada.

  13. J.J. Says:

    I’m having the same problems as mentioned by others. I’m using a desktop with Windows 11 and Edge as my browser. Have to manually refresh to get all comments and mew posts. I am getting the Preview function now that I’m using Edge. Started using it about one week ago. 🙂

  14. Tim P Says:

    Yes, frequently.
    It is very frustrating to write something and have it ‘get lost’.

  15. neo-neocon Says:

    Testing to see how quickly this comment loads.

    Things are better, but not perfect. I have to “refresh” to get the new comments to load, but at least I’m getting them. More work to be done, apparently.

  16. Artfsldgr Says:

    me… since i said yesterday..
    dont know if this will arrive
    but im sure we will get by if we buy and say bye…

  17. Kyndyll G Says:

    New comment added at 1:43 Eastern time.

  18. Kyndyll G Says:

    I saw my last comment immediately after submitting, by the way, without having to refresh. However, when I first entered this page a couple of minutes ago, I had to refresh to see the two comments that preceded my first one…

  19. Geoffrey Britain Says:

    I’m using chrome and have had no problems commenting recently. But I did wonder at how few comments there were saturday night. Revisited the site several times and no increase in comments ???

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