January 9th, 2017

Just in case—here’s some information about my back-up blog

I’m still working on fixing the comment-loading issue I mentioned earlier today. I think it should be solved soon. But just in case you have any problem reaching this blog at any point (I always get nervous about these technical glitches, because I’m not a techie sort) remember that I have a back-up blog.

It’s my old blog. Those of you who’ve been around here a long time may remember that I started blogging at a blogspot blog. I still can post there, so if there’s ever a problem accessing this blog, please check it out at http://neo-neocon.blogspot.com/ . That should be extremely easy to remember, because it’s just the “neoneocon” name but with a hyphen, and then it follows the “blogspot.com” format, which is the same for all blogspot blogs.

I don’t expect to have to use it. I hope not to have to use it. But I think you should bookmark it, just in case.

6 Responses to “Just in case—here’s some information about my back-up blog”

  1. Tom G Says:

    I’ve been following you so long, I remember your neo-blogging as one of the most insightful commenters on Michael Totten’s blog!

    He’s still a great blogging writer, too.

    (This comment can’t be left on your old blog, because only “team members” can leave comments there.)

  2. neo-neocon Says:

    Testing to see if this comment shows up right away.

  3. neo-neocon Says:

    Tom G:

    I have the old blog set that way in terms of comments because otherwise it became a depository for spam. Of course, that was years ago—I think that Blogger (blogspot) now has a better spam filter.

    If I ever go back to actually using the blogspot blog, I’ll change the comments rules there to make it easier for real commenters to post.

  4. Geoffrey Britain Says:

    In the past I’ve had problems posting a comment here but not in quite some time…

  5. Geoffrey Britain Says:

    Cancel the above. I commented neo on your posts above and they’ve disappeared.

  6. Tom G Says:

    ok, here’s a test from Slovakia.

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