February 2nd, 2017

Writing about the Trump administration

It’s not quite two weeks into the Trump administration and already I’m weary of a repetitive pattern: Trump says or does A, the MSM and the opposition responds B, and those of us who purport to write about these things have to scramble to quickly sort out the truth.

It’s tedious and time-consuming (witness today’s effort), and it’s beginning to get quite repetitive (but I repeat myself).

And it’s early yet.

I think the exercise has value, because I believe there’s a great deal of importance in attempting to get at the truth as best as humanly possible under the circumstances. But I don’t think I’ll be dealing with the Trump-was-awful story du jour every day for the next four years, or even for the next year. After a while it becomes not only repetitive (there I go again), but it reaches a point of diminishing returns. We get the picture; we get the pattern.

Blogging is sometimes like that. After all these years, what more do I have to say? So far, plenty.

[NOTE: Here’s a good piece by Piers Morgan (with a few caveats, such as a paragraph railing against Bush II):

…[T]he further away you get from the hysterical liberal elite conclaves of places like New York, Los Angeles and London, the more calmer common sense prevails.

Those people see a travel ban portrayed as a ‘racist Muslim ban’, then work out for themselves that 85% of the world’s Muslims aren’t actually banned, and shrug their shoulders…

To date, Donald Trump’s most monstrous act is to enforce a campaign pledge to suspend travel for people from seven very dangerous countries until a new, stricter VISA system can be established.

I don’t personally agree with the way he’s gone about it, and I’m glad to see he’s already reined back on banning any green card holders, but I absolutely respect his right to do it given that is what he promised to do.

This is how democracy works. You listen to election campaign arguments, you vote, and the winner gets to do what he or she said they would do if it’s within the law.

Amid all the furore over the travel ban, Trump has also unleashed a blizzard of other executive orders and statements that deserve bigger headlines.

Yesterday, he said he was supporting an Obama EO protecting LGBTQ rights in the workplace…

Nobody’s talking about this today because it doesn’t suit the ‘MONSTER!’ label…

In some respects, though, I accept that Trump IS a monster.

America has never seen someone like him bulldoze his way like this into the White House through sheer monstrous force of personality.

He’s done it with an undeniably monstrous ego, monstrous determination, monstrous chutzpah and monstrous doses of political incorrectness.

Now he’s applying the same tough, uncompromising strategy to his presidency.]

20 Responses to “Writing about the Trump administration”

  1. Cornhead Says:

    Much of what Trump says is the first bid in a negotiation. He is also the master of strategic ambiguity. People need to learn this.

    Just heard a leading tech reporter assert that “Trump is attacking all of tech” in the context of the so-called Muslim ban. MSM is consumed by Trump Derangement Syndrome. This woman, in particular, is hysterical.

    What is really laughable is the assertion by the Dems that this Executive Order is unconstitutional. Not even a close question. The President has exclusive powers in enforcing immigration laws.

  2. I'm with Decius Says:

    It was October before I got on the Trump Train. One of the reasons I didn’t want to was that I would feel i would have to defend everything he said for the next four years. I manfully stepped up to the task, but lately I’ve been thinking, Trump really needs me to defend him? He does a pretty good job by himself, and seems to relish it. Plus he’s more than talk– he does things. It’s been an impressive two weeks.

  3. parker Says:

    I can think of another ‘monster’ who ‘bulldozed’ his way into the Whute House; his initials are bho.

  4. Vanderleun Says:

    You need to take a Trumpcation.

    For that matter, so do I.

  5. OldTexan Says:

    The Orange Haired ‘Son-of-Bitch’ is doing what he said he would do if he was elected and I voted for him and I am rather happy to see the results.

    I have Never-Trump old conservative friends who are happier than they have been in years as they have seen the results of being nice to people who want to destroy what a lot of us believe in. Things like God and Country and being proud of serving our nation.

    Most all of my friends are old like me or older and we were proud to serve and we despised what happened in the 1960’s when we lost the war in the media.

    I don’t know how long this rapid change will go on or how far it will go but the time has come for the pendulum to swing and it is swinging and it seems to have a lot of momentum. These are exciting times and I have a younger generation in my family who switched over to the conservative side and these men and women in their 30’s and 40’s are happy.

    Where’s the national media to show those of us who are pleased to see some overdue changes?

  6. Geoffrey Britain Says:

    The Left is counting on our weariness. Told often enough, the Big Lie becomes received wisdom. Violent, continual protest guarantees an eventual reaction by the authorities, whereupon it can be portrayed by the MSM as a violent ‘overreaction’. With the truth of the matter being irrelevant, since perception is all. Repeat and rinse creating a self-sustaining ‘movement’.
    Result; midterm elections that create congressional gridlock. Followed by a return of the WH to a democrat.

  7. charles Says:

    “Trump says or does A, the MSM and the opposition responds B, and those of us who purport to write about these things have to scramble to quickly sort out the truth.”

    Thank you Neo!

    Thank you for doing the job that the news media should be doing, but they aren’t.

  8. Liz Says:

    I used to get up in the morning and read all these awful things about what Trump said or did. Now, I don’t worry since a lot of the tweets and stories will have to be walked back by dinnertime.

    Today’s issue was Gorsuch’s high school yearbook and something sarcastic that he wrote. I bet there are a lot of parents showing that to their kids and saying that social media is forever.

    I read that Iowahawk is leaving social media because someone hounded him for posting hot rod pictures from a trip out west instead of answering his tweets about the day’s issue.

    So Neo – keep posting whatever you want (film, dance, fashion, makeovers, music, books, etc) Please don’t get burned out…

  9. parker Says:


    You may be correct; but somehow this feels different to me. I am seeing something similar to what the OldTexan describes. People who have been ambivalent and somewhat browbeat by the pop culture narrative have perked up and feel energized. The crazed, violent response from the Soros funded, msm-dnc sanctioned thugs is making people in flyover country realize the left is truly dangerous and deranged.

  10. mollyNH Says:

    I’m agree with you Parker , social media and barely looking readily points to Fake News. Which works against the Dems. My hope is,that Sessions also exposes the tentacles of Soros and the entire seditious Chicago cabal. Plus the revamped DOJ becoming honest again. Hurray for Trump no body owns him !!!!!

  11. miklos000rosza Says:

    It’s Trump’s opponents who have radically changed my mind. I’ve come to dislike them so intensely that I don’t care if there’s a certain gangster element to how he performs. I just want his opponents to lose, to be annihilated.

  12. miklos000rosza Says:

    It’s emotional, irrational, hardly admirable, inspired by the constant name-calling on Facebook and by the masked neo-fascists in black exhibit themselves in Berkeley and then melt back into the admiring crowd.

  13. DNW Says:

    After generations now of strident antagonism from a no limits left, is there any reason to expect or even care, in the sense of wishing for balance or fair-play or civility, what the left and the media say?

    They are established and proven enemies of liberty and American security. Their notion of the good life, a managerial and collectivist vision, is fundamentally at odds, and has been known to be at odds for many years now, with American liberty ideals.

    What is the point, in a political world where ObamaCare was rammed through on a completely partisan vote at 11pm on a weekend night, and whereof the disastrous consequences for the stressed middle class were merely shrugged at as the – “wheel of ‘progress’ ” don’t you know – of even trying to get along?

    These are people who would use the power of the state to kill you if it suited their aims.

    Republicans have the Executive, the Congress, the majority of state houses, the principle of the rule of law, and the tradition of esteeming liberty all on their side.

    Why waste time or energy on radically anti-American people whose idea of vetting a bill is stating that you have to pass it in order to find out what is in it.

    Let them take to the streets if that is what they insist on. If they wish to provoke a war, then go about your rightful business until they do.

    Because you sure ain’t going to convert them or be able to make nice.

    What they want ultimately, is you in figurative chains, a termite in a heap they control.

    What’s to “get along” about, or hope for in the way of comity from them?

    Decades of history shout, “nothing”.

  14. Yann Says:

    What I don’t get is why all those analysts keep saying that Clinton was such a terrible candidate.

    She managed to frame Trump as the next Hitler, and she (or her team) was so good at it that people has literally lost their minds and are running in fear. She was that good as a candidate.

    Looking too bureaucratic? Dear god, we’re still in a global crisis with no end in sight. Looking like a professional politician has always been an advantage in difficult times. When things go bad, people turn to whoever looks more experienced.

    She didn’t lose because she was a bad candidate. That’s just people lying to themselves.

  15. Big Maq Says:

    Surprise! The msm / left are like they’ve always been… hypocritically biased.

    Even today there is the story about how KAConway “made up” the story of a “Bowling Green Massacre”. Few go on to say (but some do) that two radicalized individuals (immigrants? refugees? IDK) from Bowling Green, KY were arrested some time ago in connection to an IED event in Iraq. She maintains that was the impetus for obama’s “temporary ban”.

    So, yes, context is missing, and this type of reporting is clearly meant to mislead.

    Is it all that different than the “Bush lied, people died” mentality in the 2000’s?

    This is what commenters here were assuring us – the msm’s bias would be the counter to keep trump from being the worst of possibilities.

    Note that KAC went further and did imply that the media were covering up this “news”. Also, she was leveraging the uncertainty / lack of well known detail of what she called the obama “ban” (if it was, IDK).

    Misleading too?

    The difference in 2017 is that we now have an admin, and, particularly, a president, we KNOW plays fast and loose with the facts themselves.

    Of course, the msm do themselves a disservice by over-reacting. Might we say the same wrt trump?

    We can sort through the msm bias, like we have in the past (Didn’t GWB win a second term despite all this?).

    Not sure how it will go when we also cannot really trust the counter story from the WH.

    Will it change with a cabinet in place?


  16. Sergey Says:

    This bulldozing out of the blue remind me Kipling’s poem “The Wrath of the Awaken Saxon”:

    It was not part of their blood,
    It came to them very late,
    With long arrears to make good,
    When the Saxon began to hate.

    They were not easily moved,
    They were icy — willing to wait
    Till every count should be proved,
    Ere the Saxon began to hate.

    Their voices were even and low.
    Their eyes were level and straight.
    There was neither sign nor show
    When the Saxon began to hate.

    It was not preached to the crowd.
    It was not taught by the state.
    No man spoke it aloud
    When the Saxon began to hate.

    It was not suddently bred.
    It will not swiftly abate.
    Through the chilled years ahead,
    When Time shall count from the date
    That the Saxon began to hate.

  17. AesopFan Says:

    Yann Says:
    February 3rd, 2017 at 9:56 am
    What I don’t get is why all those analysts keep saying that Clinton was such a terrible candidate.

    She managed to frame Trump as the next Hitler, and she (or her team) was so good at it that people has literally lost their minds and are running in fear. She was that good as a candidate.
    * * *
    A useful antidote, via Scott Adams (for which, see the post on Berkely)

    I am not an expert on Hitler. But my father is.

    He toured post-war Germany extensively in 1957 and ’58 as a child performer. And he often recounts the stories. He befriended teenage Lebensborn children (if you don’t know what Lebensborn children are …well …before you post anymore about Hitler you should read about them). He visited an SS widow and got a peek at her husband’s uniform and Luger (that he’d committed suicide with), she had stored in an old trunk, in the attic.

    These and other intense experiences in Germany sent my father on a life-long quest to understand this sociopath (Hitler) and the country that allowed itself to be dragged into one of the darkest chapters in world history. My dad is a Hitler/Nazi buff the way Indiana Jones’ dad was a Holy Grail buff.

    As the son of a man with this hobby (one might call obsession) I learned a lot about Hitler and the Third Reich just by osmosis, growing up. My father would weave WWII stories into his sermons. He would talk about new books he was reading on the subject. When I was nine-years-old I bought him a book on the battle of Stalingrad for Christmas. Not a tie or a pair of socks. A book …on the battle …of Stalingrad. Yeah …it was kinda like that.

    The thing my father and I have often discussed, through the years, is the eye-rolling art of comparing American presidents to Hitler. It is such an absurdity we find it amusing …and frustrating. It’s often just a punch line. Like the Soup Nazi wasn’t really a Nazi. He was just mean. The Nazi part made it funny. You know …over-the-top. Like “grammar Nazi” or “spelling Nazi.” Nobody is really a “Nazi.” It’s our representation of something we consider jarring, strident, intractable and inhumane.

    But the truth about Nazis isn’t funny at all. It’s bloody and horrible and gut churning. And it involves machine guns and butchery and inhumanity on a scale that takes your breath away. Nobody is really a “soup Nazi” …unless they served it in a concentration camp.

    The idea of comparing an American president to Hitler is just as absurd …from any angle, in any context. The American system ITSELF pretty much prevents “Hitlers” from showing up. And America ITSELF is anathema to what Hitler was trying to create. An American ANYTHING or ANYONE is hard to fit into the Hitler model. It’s just not apples to apples.

    There are some fundamental things to understand about Hitler:…

  18. Yann Says:


    Thank you for the comment. Very insightful. I love those first-hand stories.

    I know Scott Adams blog. Indeed, it has become my favourite blog lately.

    By the way, I have a similar hobby (you could call it obsession too), not about Hitler or Nazism, but about understanding why people follow different political views (a bit in the way of Jonathan Haidt). And Nazism is a very interesting matter of study in that sense. Any book recommendation would be welcome.

  19. AesopFan Says:

    One that neo has mentioned from time to time is “They Thought They Were Free”.

    I never understood how the “civilized” Germans could fall so far into the Nazi madness, but watching the Left and Dem activiests react to Trump’s election makes it evident that the seeds were always there, and required only the right environment of support to sprout.

  20. Yann Says:


    The book has gone to the reading queue. Thank you.

    When it comes to Germans, they had really bad times in Weimar Republic, but really bad, and England didn’t give them any break with regard to Versailles conditions. Germans use to be very disciplined… until they can’t handle it anymore and they blow up. This is happening right now, the Alt-Right is growing far slower in Germany than in other countries, but when it finally grows… we’ll see. Farage or Marine Le Pen look like quite sensible leaders. I’m not that sure that a future Alt-Right leader in Germany will be such a sensible one.

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