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…Those who refuse to acknowledge the truths of these works we know as Holocaust deniers, but those who persist in comparing Adolf Hitler with any U.S. politician reveal themselves as members of a group just to the side of the Holocaust denier—the Holocaust trivializer. There are no lower categories.

It’s worth one’s time to read the entire article –

By: AesopFan Fri, 17 Mar 2017 03:58:30 +0000 Artfldgr Says:
March 16th, 2017 at 10:47 am
Why not give Oates a white feather and see if she gets it?
* *
I’m presuming you are referring to the WWI SJWs’ attempts to shame men into enlisting — I see on Google that there are a number of other meanings now, some diametrically opposed to that of branding someone coward.

The stories at Wikipedia were interesting – I’ve put some here, because maybe Oates needs some new material 😉
One of the many sad stories to come out of that conflict is that of the Welsh poet posthumously awarded the Bardic Chair for his epic poem submitted to the Eisteddfod the year he died in the trenches.
There is a very good movie about him called “Hedd Wen” (his bardic pseudonym) which includes a white feather episode, IIRC.
(first of 4 parts)
(caution for brief episode of nudity)
In August 1914, at the start of the First World War, Admiral Charles Fitzgerald founded the Order of the White Feather with support from the prominent author Mrs Humphrey Ward. The organization aimed to shame men into enlisting in the British army by persuading women to present them with a white feather if they were not wearing a uniform.[2][3]
This was joined by some prominent feminists and suffragettes of the time,
While the true effectiveness of the campaign is impossible to judge, it did spread throughout several other nations in the Empire. In Britain it started to cause problems for the government when public servants and men in essential occupations came under pressure to enlist. This prompted the Home Secretary, Reginald McKenna, to issue employees in state industries with lapel badges reading “King and Country” to indicate that they too were serving the war effort. Likewise, the Silver War Badge, given to service personnel who had been honourably discharged due to wounds or sickness, was first issued in September 1916 to prevent veterans from being challenged for not wearing uniform. Anecdotes from the period indicates that the campaign was not popular amongst soldiers – not least because soldiers who were home on leave could find themselves presented with the feathers.
One such was Private Ernest Atkins who was on leave from the Western Front. He was riding a tram when he was presented with a white feather by a girl sitting behind him. He smacked her across the face with his pay book saying: “Certainly I’ll take your feather back to the boys at Passchendaele. I’m in civvies because people think my uniform might be lousy, but if I had it on I wouldn’t be half as lousy as you.” [7]
Private Norman Demuth, who had been discharged from the British Army after being wounded in 1916, received numerous white feathers after returning from the Western Front, and decided that if the women that handed them out were going to be rude to him, he was going to be rude back.[8] One of the last feathers he received was presented to him whilst he was travelling on a bus, by a lady who was sat opposite him. She handed over the feather and said, “Here’s a gift for a brave soldier.” Demuth replied, “Thank you very much – I wanted one of those.” He then used the feather to clean out his pipe, handed it back to her and remarked, “You know we didn’t get these in the trenches.” The other passengers subsequently became angry with the woman and started shouting at her, much to Demuth’s amusement.[9]
The supporters of the campaign were not easily put off. A woman who confronted a young man in a London park demanded to know why he was not in the army. “Because I am a German”, he replied. He received a white feather anyway.[10]
Perhaps the most misplaced use of a white feather was when one was presented to Seaman George Samson who was on his way in civilian clothes to a public reception in his honour. Samson had been awarded the Victoria Cross for gallantry in the Gallipoli campaign.[11]
Roland Gwynne, later mayor of Eastbourne (1929–1931) and lover of suspected serial killer John Bodkin Adams, received a feather from a relative. This prompted him to enlist, and he subsequently received the Distinguished Service Order for bravery.[12] The writer Compton Mackenzie, then a serving soldier, complained about the activities of the Order of the White Feather. He argued that these “idiotic young women were using white feathers to get rid of boyfriends of whom they were tired”. The pacifist Fenner Brockway claimed that he received so many white feathers he had enough to make a fan.
The white feather campaign was briefly renewed during World War II.[13][14]

By: AesopFan Fri, 17 Mar 2017 03:41:53 +0000 Mac Says:
March 16th, 2017 at 1:05 am
For what it’s worth, I also assumed the 24 million remark was about the health care bill.
and Kyndyll —

No one ever mentions the people who LOST their insurance under Obamacare and either had to replace it with worse & more expensive plans, or do without.

My preference: repeal the PPACA and every other government interference in health care and insurance, other than policing fraud.

By: Sergey Thu, 16 Mar 2017 20:32:24 +0000 The present divide is not anymore just political or even ideological. We are faced with a kind of religion, and at that, a pagan one. The humorous part of the situation that the members of this cult do not understand neither that they are members of a cult not that this cult is essentially pagan and so deeply antithetical to Judeo-Christian worldview on which USA were founded. So such acrimony: religious conflicts are always the most bitter and insoluble.

By: Sergey Thu, 16 Mar 2017 20:20:38 +0000 Strange, but I remember her early short stories A Garden of Earthly Delights, in Russian translation, when she certainly was a devoted Catholic. I had not a high opinion about her kind of Catholicism, which seemed to me a rather ideologically charged moral preening, more becoming to Puritans, but her later evolution into outright atheism still surprised me. So, nowdays all these Puritans became virtue-signaling Liberals. Interesting development, indeed.

By: DNW Thu, 16 Mar 2017 18:11:33 +0000

” Janetoo Says:
March 16th, 2017 at 2:02 pm

Kyndyll: Thank you for articulating what has happened to employer provided healthcare! Mine is absolutely AWFUL. My deductible is so high, I am sure I will dither about going to the ER if I feel like I am dying and end up dying. I have a heart condition and was in the hospital for a week last year and it was ruinous.”

Yours is a common story. The left’s view is just that you have lived too long already; and that their ailments are more meritorious than yours, and their victimization by life, is more deserving of consideration than your victimization by the government … which after all is merely done to eliminate the unfair privilege you enjoy as a result of your undeserved enjoyment of personal talents and gifts which you have no socially justifiable claim to keep for, or enjoy, yourself.

This is the psychology you are up against when “your niece” (to make up a case) defends ObamaCare.

By: Janetoo Thu, 16 Mar 2017 18:02:12 +0000 Kyndyll: Thank you for articulating what has happened to employer provided healthcare! Mine is absolutely AWFUL. My deductible is so high, I am sure I will dither about going to the ER if I feel like I am dying and end up dying. I have a heart condition and was in the hospital for a week last year and it was ruinous.

By: Ray Thu, 16 Mar 2017 15:54:24 +0000 I read that the female college professor at Middlebury College who was assaulted by the students is blaming Trump for the attack. Poor Donald gets blamed for everything but Obama was always an innocent bystander.

By: Artfldgr Thu, 16 Mar 2017 14:47:45 +0000 Why not give Oates a white feather and see if she gets it?

By: Artfldgr Thu, 16 Mar 2017 14:46:17 +0000 We used to say much the same thing about Obama—that he could strangle a puppy on the White House steps and his supporters would figure out a way to defend him.

yeah… he was just making a traditional indonesia, or asian chinese meal… was the dog a sharpei or not?