April 3rd, 2017

Rename the blog? Suggestions?

I’ve been thinking of renaming the blog.

There are a number of reasons. The first is that I’m not so “neo” anymore. After all, my political conversion was pretty much complete in 2003, and that’s almost a decade and a half ago.

The second is that “neocon” has long been a word people throw around without knowing its meaning, and certainly without knowing my definition of it in writing this blog (which I’ve explained in several posts under the “neocons” category). So it attracts a lot of trolls who have no idea what I’m about. Now, they say that any attention is good attention, but I don’t think the people who say that know much about trolls.

The problem with changing the name of the blog is the usual problem with change: I’m known by this name and a change can confuse people. Plus, it’s a real nuisance to do it. Another reason is that I can’t think of a good alternative.

So I thought I’d throw the question out to you folks. What do you think? Should I change the blog name? And if so, to what?

138 Responses to “Rename the blog? Suggestions?”

  1. Lurch Says:

    I agree with the name change but have no good suggestion for you. I will only say you ought to use your real name here. Maybe come out from behind the apple and let the brilliance of your light truly shine.

  2. John Guilfoyle Says:

    I second Lurch’s motion.

  3. Cornhead Says:

    The Conservative Thinker.

  4. Chuck Says:

    Don’t. You will lose your brand presence that has taken a while to develop. Your name says much about your journey and perspective.

    You could give yourself a sub-title under your banner. Sorry, I can’t offer anything, but something witty would be nice.

  5. Cornhead Says:

    Chuck is right. You lose your URL and brand goodwill.

  6. Cornflour Says:


  7. limeyintheusa Says:

    Keep it as is. It’s memorable, cute, and distinctive. And it’s how we have come to know you. If you want to focus it more, maybe add a tagline expressing what you’re trying to do with the blog.

  8. groundhog Says:

    Neo, did you know Rodin also did a sculpture called

    “Eve eating the apple.”

  9. CV Says:

    Seething cranium! Only half joking.

    Like Chuck and Cornhead, I worry about the impact on your brand. But it might be worth the rebuilding effort to fend off the trolls.

  10. jim murray Says:

    Keep the name you came to the party with, changing the name will make a lot of “UN-neccessary” work for you and piss-off the following that you have built.

  11. miklos000rosza Says:

    I’ve recently read books about post-invasion Iraq from 2003 on, by such authors as David Kilcullen, Emmy Sky, Thomas Frank and Joby Warrick, and “neo-con” is used to designate Paul Wolfowitz, Donald Rumsfeld and Paul Bremer. Not in a positive way. I can remember my first exposure to the word, Wolfowitz again popping up, as well as I think Irving Kristol and a few others who had been lifelong Democrats but had split with the party over its increasingly “soft” and more or less pacifistic tendency in the realm of foreign policy.

    Scoop Jackson/JFK Democrats betrayed, in effect.

  12. Oldflyer Says:

    Don’t know that you need to change; but, if you want to I suggest: “Blog-for-thoughtful-consrvatives”

  13. miklos000rosza Says:

    New name for the blog? I don’t know. I’m much less focused on politics every day every hour all the time than many here are, so I’m probably not the right person to ask.

  14. miklos000rosza Says:

    Untimely Meditations. Oh, Nietzsche used that first.

  15. parker Says:

    If it ain’broke, don’t fix it.

  16. Oldflyer Says:

    Miklos000roza, whoever wrote the bit about Neocons was off base. I don’t question Wolflowitz, and possibly Rumsfeld (don’t know about him that he is so easy to categorize). Paul Bremer does not fit in any way. He was a creature of the Colin Powell–Richard Armitage State Department. They vociferously opposed Rumsfeld, and the DOD post invasion strategy, and unfortunately G.W. Bush deferred to the State Department. Bremer put his mitts all over post-invasion Iraq. He , and his enablers, are the ones most culpable in screwing it up, in my opinion. Then, of course, once it was finally back on track–Obama.

  17. chuck Says:

    You want to rename the blog “The Thinker?”

  18. OlderandWheezier Says:

    How about, “The Artful Dodger”?

    (just kidding, just kidding)

  19. Glen H Says:

    Why not just change it to “Neo”? You won’t lose any brand identity – I imagine that is how many people refer to you anyway. Kind of like how Sears Roebuck became Sears (not that Sears is a good role model for viability going forward).

  20. Wooly Bully Says:

    No change needed. Don’t feed the trolls.

  21. 8t7goihg Says:


  22. KLSmith Says:

    I’d vote for changing it if you can come up with something you like. I imagine you can redirect traffic to your new name if you go that route. I’d say change for the reasons you already listed and because your blog is so much broader than current name suggests. Might even up your traffic in the long run.

  23. parker Says:

    On a personal note my childhood friend passed away this afternoon before her adult children could arrive which is a sad thing to never get to say that final goodbye even if the loved one is too far gone to hear. I am content that I was able to hold her hand and say goodbye through my tears. I know she did not hear me given the extent of the damage, but it was the right thing to do. Up until now we remained in frequent touch all our lives. Mrs parker early in our marriage was a bit jealous until she meet my friend in person, then she understood that as neighboring farm kids we had a beautiful platonic friendship that could not be broken by time or distance.

    I needed to express this as I am now back in eastern Illinois more than ready to get up early and return home, “home where my love lies waiting”.

  24. huxley Says:

    I don’t consider “neocon” the term of abuse many believe it to be.

    Lefties are “reclaiming” labels all the time — queer, dyke, witch, faggot — why not neocon?

    I have no problem with being a neocon. I find most people who inveigh against it to be ignorant bigots.

  25. mezzrow Says:

    I agree with the estimable Cornhead.

  26. n.n Says:

    Ambiguous labels not withstanding, your principles (i.e. character) can be discovered in the content. Keep the name and word of mouth.

  27. huxley Says:

    parker: Condolences, I mean that as sincerely as one can in this one-dimensional medium.

  28. Vanderleun Says:

    Change it to Neo. Keep the url. Change the top illustration. Nice but dated and not easily explained.

    Neo keeps the short hand and also lets you suck in unaware fans of The Matrix trilogy.

  29. Kyndyll G Says:

    I’m inclined to agree that it’s your brand name and you should stick with it. I understand the reasoning and sympathize with wanting to shed trolls (goodness only knows how much garbage you have to fend off to keep this a civilized place for discourse), but .. but … it’s your name. 🙂

  30. huxley Says:

    neo: I know you like to do the offbeat topics and I like to read them too.

    Friendship, as parker reminds us, is a big deal. Friendship, more than family frankly, has made all the difference in my life.

    I don’t think friendship gets the credit it deserves.

  31. groundhog Says:

    Old blog name

    New name

    Neo Part Tutu.

  32. Cap'n Rusty Says:

    Keep it. Some of us have been with you so long now, that if you change the name, we’ll never remember it!

  33. parker Says:

    Thanks huxley, we lived a half mile a part. Her family and mine joined together to put up hay and cut/store silage. We got together to castrate hogs, calves, and slaughter what we kept of the livestock we raised for our own consumption. We both had chicken flocks and when the hens got to old to lay, we helped slaughter them and divided the chickens to put into our freezers. We shared machinery. We were both as close to family as one could get.

    She was my age, and in some ways as close to me as my own sister who is 3 years younger. We climbed trees together and were kindred spirits. We were best, platonic friends during the crazy days of puberty and we both felt it would be incest to be romantically invovled. If I ever had a twin, she was my twin.

    Arleen was a pretty, rough and tumble farm girl. A best friend and a keep you honest friend. I owe her for making me tough and honest. My little world is a bit less lively now. It will perhaps take more years than I may have to think of her without tears. RIP Arleen.

  34. John F. MacMichael Says:

    For myself, I would stick with your long standing name.
    If you feel you really want to change it, may I suggest “The Free Thinker”. As you display an independent and thoughtful intelligence I believe it would be a good fit.

  35. expat Says:

    If you change the blog name, won’t you also have to change your name? There are so many of us who love neo that I don’t believe we could transition to jelly bean (or even gelatin flowers). Besides, you exemplify the Churchill remark about having no soul if you are not a liberal when young and no brain if you are a liberal when you grow up.

  36. neo-neocon Says:


    So sorry to hear of your friend’s death.

    Friends like that cannot be replaced.

  37. Barry Wright Says:

    Please keep yourself as yourself – the one and only!

  38. expat Says:

    I am sorry for your loss, but it sounds like Arleen gave you a lot of blessings to count. They will always be with you.

  39. neo-neocon Says:


    I was thinking that 🙂 .

    But it’s a bit pretentious. It’s also taken—as are many names I’ve come up with.

  40. neo-neocon Says:

    To everyone:

    I’m taking all your suggestions under advisement. If I decide on a change, I’ll run it by you first.

  41. Brian Swisher Says:

    Happy Fun Sunshine Blog?

  42. Jill Says:

    Change is sometimes good. One name to consider is Green Apple which maintains a mnemonic link to neoneocon. If you do change, have this domain point to the new one for a couple of years anyway.

    Good luck

  43. F Says:

    I mention your blog to a lot of my friends, and it’s always been a bit of a mouthful to say “here’s what I read on neo neocon this morning.” More often than not I think they don’t understand who I’m talking about, even if it is someone I have told about you several times.

    With that in mind, and knowing that you would lose your old URL if you make a big change, I’m with the previous posters who have suggested “Neo”. Plain and simple. Possible “Neo Eon” if you need two syllables. And anyone who is waking out of a five year trance and trying to remember what your “handle” is, will be able to find you if they Google “Neo”.

    Finally, to Parker: you have my deepest condolences. Arleen sounds, in your words, to have been a really special friend. Thank you for sharing your memories with us. RIP, Arleen.

  44. Liz Says:

    Parker – sorry to hear of a dear friend’s passing. It’s hard to lose them….

    Neo, I agree with the previous ideas of keeping the name and adding a tag line to express your current thoughts.

    “Classically liberal, but politically for democracy and human liberty” Those words are from your link to how the name came about, but some tweaking might be needed.

    Then, if you still want to change, you can keep modifying the tag line until the new name is obvious and connected to you.

    Look to the “last lion” and Frost for more inspirations. Update the header photo to bring in new ideas. Change your description next to your picture to test new ideas.

    When it is right, it will feel good to you. Then change. We’ll follow.

  45. Ann Says:

    You’ve discussed Milan Kundera’s idea of circle dancing several times here, and how it predisposes folks to fall in line with a dominant point of view. How about a play on that, maybe something like “Outside the Magic Circle”?

  46. neo-neocon Says:


    One of the problems is that many obvious domains are not available. “Neo” is one of those, as is “neoneo.” Unless you go to dot net or dot org, which I don’t want to do because I think it confuses people.

  47. Mark Rasmussen Says:

    Neo Express maybe. But I like the way it is best. Keep your mystery too.

  48. Promethea Says:

    As Vanderleun said, “Change it to Neo. Keep the url. ”

    I haven’t commented for a long time, but I’m so glad you’re planning to keep your blog. I always enjoy your thoughtful and well researched posts, even when I don’t agree with them.

    I don’t comment much because I rarely have anything to add beyond what others have already said. I thought repeating Vanderleun’s comment above would influence your decision.

    Why waste a perfectly good url?!?

    But, since I’m already commenting, I want to give my opinion on political labels: in America they are 99% worthless. Few people ever knew what a neocon was.

    My own personal label is that I want politicians to “try to follow the Constitution and the Ten Commandments.” Not very catchy. 🙂

  49. mizpants Says:

    How about, with a nod to Albert Camus, “The Changer”?

  50. CV Says:


    So sorry for the loss of your friend. What a beautiful friendship it must have been to last so many years.

  51. Roy Lofquist Says:

    Apple Sauce

  52. AManOfTheWest Says:

    Don’t change the name. Add a link or subheading explaining why it is what it is

    You won’t want to lose your brand and the history.

    The United States shouldn’t change its name just because it evolved (and became less ‘united’).

  53. huxley Says:

    neoneocon is catchy and unclaimed.

    Unless you want to leap out into the “nottrumpbutstillsane.com” world, what are you gonna do?

  54. carl in atlanta Says:

    Neo: I couldn’t post earlier because for some reason I’m unable to view the comments on my office desktop. I’m writing this from home.
    I will just add my $0.02: I think a lot of accumulated goodwill (in the the business law sense of that term) is probably associated with the brand “neo-neocon” and I don’t know that it would be a smart move to intentionally ditch or impair that. Some kind of transitional approach might work but danged if I know what that approach should be. If you do change I agree that you should use your real name at some level.
    Do you think the current moniker is having any kind of negative effect? You know your site’s stats…

  55. carl in atlanta Says:

    Parker: Sorry for the loss of your friend.

  56. zat Says:

    Daily Neo

    The Daily Neo’s

    Neo’s News


    Neo’s pros and cons
    (could be a subtitle)

    (there is already a lifestyle blog with that name)

  57. F Says:

    Oh, I like “Neo&Cons” I think I’d leave off the “s”

  58. Yankee Says:

    Don’t change anything. Branding, familiarity, and simplicity are all important.

    The occasional concise explanation of the blog’s name and origin is good, as all too often, changes in one’s political outlook and insights are often overlooked or disregarded.

  59. OKBecky Says:

    I don’t like the idea of you changing your name. Trolls gotta troll. Changing your name would either bring the same trolls, or different trolls. I like the name as it is: it’s unique, easy to remember, it is visually appealing in print, and rolls off the tongue. 🙂

  60. Tom F Says:

    Can’t you buy a second URL from your web host, and have both it and ‘neoneocon.com’ point here? Existing bookmarks and blog links would continue to work. No need to migrate old posts to a new web site. Update the Title Banner at the top of the page. Use the new name at Pajamas and Legal Insurrection.

    The term ‘neocon’ is practically a swear word now, on both the left and right. It is hard to attract new readers, and the label hurts that effort. People asking you to stay with Neo Neocon are asking you to stay a small cozy neighborhood club, with just the old regulars. If you want to make a serious effort at a wider audience, a new name is needed.

    You are known for the apple you hold up in front of your face. Cortland Jean is a neutral name. It doesn’t bring people running to hear what you have to say, but it doesn’t scare people away either. All the Neo fans won’t dare object to the name Jean.

    It’s been a long time since I heard your name. I hope I remembered it correctly.

  61. Frog Says:

    “Mere Ruminations”, or something similar, which will give you the latitude to do Jell-O, ballet, music, poetry as well as contemporary political issues and whatever else (Ebola…)

    Neo-neocon is beguiling but not accurate anymore.

  62. Nick Says:

    If I were a successful internet marketer I’d know the answer to this question. My guess is that you don’t want to confuse the loyalists more than you don’t want to confuse the potential newcomers. I have no idea how well-known you are in conservative circles.

    Parker, my prayers and condolences.

  63. Susanamantha Says:

    The Artist formerly Known as Neoneocon?
    World Affairs, the Dance, and Jello?

  64. The Other Chuck Says:

    I rarely agree with Vanderleun, but on this one yes. If you want to change it, go with Neo which is what we all call you anyway.

  65. Asher Abrams Says:

    First, let me say that although I don’t comment here frequently, I am very pleased that one of the very best of the old-school bloggers is still rolling ahead at full speed.

    Like some of the previous commenters, I do not share the negative reaction to the word ‘neocon’, but it is arguably passe. And of course, redundant redundancy is redundant.

    But ‘neo’ – well, it’s true, none of us are as ‘neo’ as we once were, but it’s memorable and fresh. And I think the association with the red-pill-popping Neo of ‘The Matrix’ fame is particularly apposite.

    So for what it’s worth, that is my suggestion. Drop the ‘-Neocon’ and go with Neo.

  66. Doug Says:

    Don’t give up the brand, or the banner image. Agree with whomever suggested that you come out from behind the apple. Introducing an adjunct title and carrying it a while might permit a successful change of brand eventually. The trolls you will always have with you, no matter what you do.

  67. Cornflour Says:


  68. parker Says:

    Thank all for your kind comments about Arleen. I just got off a phone conversation with my sweetheart of 48 years. I cried half the time. The missus understood and gradually calmed me down. I know Arleen lives on through my memories and those of her children and grandchildren. We live on through the memories of our children, grandchildren, and if we are lucky our great grandchildren. We all have to become comcortable with mortality and accept we are born to die.

  69. The Other Chuck Says:

    Deepest sympathies, Parker. You have shared a lot of your personal life on this blog and in the process created new alliances, and even friends. Know that we understand – and care.

  70. ligneus Says:

    Since Neo is unavailable, how about Neon?

  71. MofHollywood Says:

    HivHive? oh, no. ThinkingThinkers. I like the double-doub bit that neo-neo provides. TheRightRight? ConserveConservatism.

  72. lynndh Says:

    How about “Second Bite of the Apple”.

  73. Ed Bonderenka Says:

    Usually I read all the comments so I don’t repeat a thought.
    I will now repeat a thought.
    Don’t change the name.

  74. jon baker Says:

    Neo’s Plethora of Thoughts.

  75. jon baker Says:

    (I can’t stop thinking.)

  76. Beth Says:

    I appreciate your blog and will continue to read it whatever name you go by. I’m voting however with those who suggest you keep your blog name the same. Everyone knows it’s the name of your blog and that you are not a static being. Good idea to add a tagline that feels more up to date to you. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us through the years!

  77. Cornflour Says:


  78. eve Says:

    The Last Lioness?

  79. Brian E Says:

    While Neo would be a good change, if you are determined to change, but it would cause confusion if you didn’t have the domain name neo.com.

    Maybe you need a tag line why you’re a new neocon.

    Do you think it’s limiting your potential readership?

    If not, I don’t see it as an issue, trolls aside.

  80. steve.c Says:

    (Yes I know I haven’t chimed in since November. I’m still trying to process it.)

    Keep it what it is, change the look and add a tag line if you like, but don’t change it. Why?

    (1) Trolls are trolls. It won’t change them. Hard leftists are great at repurposing the language to fit their own ends anyway. Once you start to change to suit them, they win. Don’t give them the pleasure.

    (2) I think one of the most important messages you have is, in essence, this: I came of age with a system of beliefs that I found to be inconsistent with truth – so I learned to adjust and grow, and this is my continuing story.

    (Or something like that)

    Point is, there’s a whole lot of folks out there who’ve come to question their assumptions over the last year, and it’s a very necessary evolution. They’re a little lost, and sometimes scared because of this. Yet, you did it, and you were bold enough to make that evolution public, and that makes you a unique role model. I think the continuity of that is really important.

    So, tweak it or refresh it, but, please don’t change it.

  81. J.J. Says:

    Lots of ideas. I might as well chime in.

    How about Neo’s Place? Keeps your identity but sounds like a cozy bistro with an eclectic menu. Lots of nutritional meals (politics, international relations, culture wars, etc.), some nice side dishes (health, nutrition, science, etc.), and some sweet desserts (ballet, jello, fashion, etc.). 🙂

  82. parker Says:

    I feel like a big crybabay other chuck, but away from close conga t wigh my family where I can break down an moufn, I more here, my home zway from home.

    I feel deep sorrow and loss. I see in the loss of Arleen, the loss of my innocence and my connection to that farm kid innocence where the world was based on practicality and common sense. Her death has been a powerful strike to my heart. Now I pledge to die before Mrs parker. I could not live a life without her.

    I can’t be coherent, I am going to drink a bottle and get ojt of here in ghe morninv…. xorry to be xuch a weepy fellow.

  83. Cornflour Says:

    Six Days on the News?

    Stop Limping Left?

    Sanity Minus Politics?

  84. Ralph Kinney Bennett Says:

    Dear Neo,
    You have made a name for yourself. Think about that. YOU have made a NAME for yourself. Very few people are ever able to do that. Neo-Neocon is a self-defining, self-contained phenomenon of the Internet. The photos at the top are refined, deep, and fillled with subtle and intriguing information. They are an alluring draw into your biography and background. Stay steady amid the buffeting winds of the world. In this world’s “maze of heat and sound,” it is reassuring to find Neo-Neocon. Keep it. Keep it all.

  85. neo-neocon Says:

    Tom F:

    I’ll look into your suggestion. That way I could have two URLs both directing to the same place.

  86. neo-neocon Says:

    I have no desire to change the name. Thing is that I’m pretty sure a lot of people are put off by the name and fail to come here because of it.

    There’s no way to be sure, though, because there’s no way to measure traffic that would have come but never did.

    As I said earlier, I won’t be making any changes without discussing it here again.

  87. neo-neocon Says:

    Nice to see some old friends coming out of the woodwork.

  88. Stubbs Says:

    I favor your keeping the name you have. Lots of things, places, etc., have outgrown their names without changing their names. You have established an authority and approach to the subjects you deal with that is continuous. You didn’t just show up yesterday.

  89. Cornflour Says:


    Despite my nominations for new names, I agree with everybody who’s cast a vote against change.

    If you decide on a different name, then you should make sure that all traffic going to the old URL is redirected to the new URL. I’ve worked at places where this was done, but haven’t done it myself. Still, it’s common practice, and shouldn’t be a problem for whoever manages your site.

  90. AesopFan Says:

    Jill Says:
    April 3rd, 2017 at 6:26 pm
    Change is sometimes good. One name to consider is Green Apple which maintains a mnemonic link to neoneocon. If you do change, have this domain point to the new one for a couple of years anyway.

    Good luck
    * * *
    Made me think of this song by Roger Miller

    and then I thought that maybe Parker might take some solace from the ideas it embodies, which are about Miller’s wife but express the core of friendship as well.
    Deepest sympathy on your loss.

    * * *
    And I wake up in the mornin’
    With my hair down in my eyes and she says “Hi”
    And I stumble to the breakfast table
    While the kids are goin’ off to school, goodbye
    And she reaches out ‘n’ takes my hand
    And squeezes it ‘n’ says “How ya feelin’, hon?”
    And I look across at smilin’ lips
    That warm my heart and see my mornin’ sun

    And if that’s not lovin’ me
    Then all I’ve got to say
    God didn’t make little green apples
    And it don’t rain in Indianapolis in the summertime
    And there’s no such thing as Doctor Seuss
    Or Disneyland, and Mother Goose, no nursery rhyme
    God didn’t make little green apples
    And it don’t rain in Indianapolis in the summertime
    And when my self is feelin’ low
    I think about her face aglow and ease my mind.

    Sometimes I call her up at home knowin’ she’s busy
    And ask her if she could get away and meet me
    Maybe we could grab a bite to eat
    And she drops what she’s doin’ and she hurries down to meet me
    And I’m always late
    But she sits waitin’ patiently and smiles when she first sees me
    ‘Cause she’s made that way

    And if that ain’t lovin’ me
    Then all I’ve got to say
    God didn’t make little green apples
    And it don’t snow in Minneapolis when the winter comes
    And there’s no such thing as make-believe
    Puppy dogs, autumn leaves ‘n’ BB guns…

  91. T Says:

    Finally got around to reading the post and the comments.


    It has been said many times already, but my deepest and most sincere condolences. I’m sure you both realized your good fortune to have a friendship like that. It happens so rarely in this life.


    I favor keeping the original name. Your own transition may have been some time ago, but is has become an online identity as much a any given name. Keep in mind that they thought New Coke and the Edsel would be good ideas, too. And while automobile appearances have changed, the blue oval still identifies all Fords, likewise the enduring logos of Chevrolet and Cadillac.

  92. M J R Says:


    God bless, (e-)friend.

  93. miklos000rosza Says:


  94. OldTexan Says:

    My two cents worth, NEO-NEOCON, all caps in your header with the green apple, toe shoes and books is a distinctive, well know trade style. Add your Green Apple picture on the side bar and that’s who we all know and love.

    You have assembled an interesting family of followers over the years, some I really like, some I don’t much care for and some who just baffle the crap out of me but they are yours. My suggestion is to stay with your name even though at times it has different meanings to different people and stay with your story which attracted me to your site a long, long time ago.

    But Hey!, that’s just me and do what you want but leave some bread crumbs behind so I can follow you whatever you do.

  95. Laine Says:

    Call it “New Coke”. After the inevitable backlash, rename the blog to Neoneocon.

  96. DaveMay Says:

    Just don’t get rid of the apple!

  97. DaveMay Says:

    Literary Conservative? Cultured Conservative?

  98. Yancey Ward Says:

    I would advise you to keep the name, Neo. While it might seem dated to you, it is your brand. I think most of your readers know your real name from some of your essays published elsewhere online, and you might put that visible in your byline, but I would not change the blog’s name- it has its historical value.

  99. Gringo Says:

    Keep it. You are known by it. Recall that there was once a Japanese car named Datsun which had earned a reputation in the US for being a well-built auto sold at a reasonable price. When the name of Datsun was replaced with Nissan, sales went down.Behind the Birth, Death, and Rebirth of Datsun

    For decades, Nissan continued using the Datsun brand everywhere but in Japan. Then, in 1981, the company resolved to rebrand all Datsuns as Nissans, as part of a global strategy to strengthen the company name. It proved to be a disaster. “Datsun signs came down, Nissan signs went up, and all the cars became Nissans. Overseas sales plummeted,” recalls Jackson Sellers in an e-mail exchange. Sellers is a retired Los Angeles Times writer who became friends with Yutaka Katayama, or “Mr. K” as he was known while Nissan USA president during the ’60s and ’70s. “Nissan? What’s that? It took several years for Nissan to recover.”

    Hall estimates that the change cost Nissan hundreds of millions of dollars in terms of signage changes, marketing costs, and lost capital. “It was arguably a stupid thing when they did it because [Datsun had] great name recognition in the U.S.” And despite an aggressive name-change campaign, brand recognition long remained higher for Datsun than for Nissan. Today, Nissan has slipped to the No. 3 Japanese brand in the U.S., behind Honda, and, according to Hall, Nissan’s name change is one factor that worked to Honda’s advantage.

    Keep it. That’s how people know you.

  100. Mac Says:

    I have to admit that when I point other people to this blog or pass on something from it, I often add something to the effect of “not that kind of neo-con”. For a lot of people on both left and right the word became almost a synonym for “warmonger” during the Bush administration. So I understand why you might want to change it, and in principle I’m not opposed, if you come up with something better (not easy to do).

    But the considerations voiced by others about having an established “brand” are significant. In any case, please don’t get rid of the apple. 🙂 That’s sort of your logo, and since it doesn’t have anything to do with the name could be used with any.

    I will register an objection to “The Free Thinker”, which someone suggested. It may be accurate but historically it refers specifically to a certain sort of old-school atheism/agnosticism.

    One thing you have to consider–maybe you’ve already decided this–is whether you want the name to be descriptive, as “Neo-neocon” is, or colorful and poetic, without any obvious connection to the content, except maybe via some sort of allusion. “Now And Then Elated”, for instance, pops into my head as a possible name for some kind of blog, though not this one–some kind of personal literary one.

    If I think of anything cool I’ll let you know.

  101. Cornflour Says:

    SallyLoose dot com ?

    “ESSAY — A loose sally of the mind; an irregular indigested piece; not a regular and orderly composition.”
    ―Samuel Johnson

  102. C D Stewart Says:

    Ce n’ est in blog

    Along the Magritte line

  103. C D Stewart Says:

    Un blog

    Dang auto correct

  104. Brian E Says:



    inscrutable neocon


  105. DNW Says:

    What Carl in Atlanta said.

    Maybe. your name, possessive form round stamped on the apple, referring to the blog.

    G.K. Neocon.

  106. DNW Says:

    Occurs to me that I am not sure if your name is spelled with a G or a J.

    JK might even be better.

  107. stu Says:

    How about something as basic as “The Right Corner”. It suggests a gathering place for people of similar interests and world views.

  108. Brian E Says:


    making neo-cons great again

  109. TrueNorth Says:

    I agree with the conservatives: stick with NeoNeoCon.

  110. neo-neocon Says:


    A “J.” The male form of Jean—Gene—is spelled with a “G.”

  111. MofHollywood Says:

    imho Brian E at 10:46 has the viable change suggestion:

    neoneo-neocon … and a “re-direct” from neo-neocon is easy.

    neoneo-neocon gives you an opportunity to neo-define the terms, re-fresh but also keep the brand, re-invigorate the family, and keep the apple.

  112. Patrick Says:

    Even though the Neo is no longer exactly neo after 15 years, as you said, it still lets people know that you did have a conversion at some point in your life, if you want to think of it that way as a reason to keep the name.

  113. Julia Says:

    Well, you can change it and not change it.

    Like Vanderleun said, keep the URL, change the title. One conservative Catholic priest I follow faithfully used to write a column for a conservative Catholic newspaper.

    The title was called ‘What Does the Prayer Really Say?’ (examining the original Latin for many Mass prayers through the various translations – as expected the original translations done by liberals in the 70s were sooo watered down, but I digress). He called his blog wdtprs.

    Since he expanded his topics as well, stopped writing his column, and developed a following outside of the newspaper, he renamed it ‘Fr. Z’s blog’. Same URL though, with this as a smaller byline pretty high up: Formerly entitled: “What Does The Prayer Really Say?”

    If you google ‘Fr Z’s blog’, the google listing comes up:
    Fr. Z’s Blog | Formerly entitled: “What Does The Prayer Really Say …

    If you google wdtprs or ‘What does the prayer really say?’ the same result comes up. Therefore, you can access him either way. So you CAN have your cake and eat it too!

  114. Sonny Wayze Says:

    Keep the old name, and wait for it to go through the ‘ironic’ and ‘retro’ phases.

    But seriously, keep it.

  115. Sergey Says:

    To keep your well-earned name is a very conservative thing to do. What fools and ignoramuses could think is irrelevant.
    “If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
    But make allowance for their doubting too;”

  116. Nick Says:

    If I were doing a personal blog, about the only change I’d consider to boost my hits would be to join with another blogger/s of similar or complementary style. Those are hard to come by, but if you’ve got friends you trust (as both friends and bloggers) you might be able to do it.

  117. KLSmith Says:

    Not surprised most want you to keep the name. Am fairly surprised that it seems to be running something like 98-2 for keeping it. I wonder if people are afraid they would be disrespecting you, hurting your feelings, or think that by saying it might be time for a change that you might think they don’t like the old name. I don’t dislike the name but I would guess that it might limit traffic. Also think this should be an important part of the decision v just keeping something for the sake of preserving something you may have outgrown. Unfortunately I’m not very creative so I don’t have much to offer for replacement names. The only thing so far that’s occurred to me is “Green Apple Musings”.

  118. expatriate Says:

    I like your current name but if you must change it, combine it with a type of “dish” for tribute to Andrew Sullivan who you say started you on this labour

    “The discovery of a new dish confers more happiness on humanity, than the discovery of a new star.” ~Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin

    “I tell everybody the same thing: You have to make every dish so when you taste it, you should remember it when you go home.” ~Wolfgang Puck

  119. Webutante Says:

    Neo, I totally agree with Vanderleun: He’s right of course—Neo is shorter, more up-to-date, and compelling on many levels.

  120. MollyG Says:


  121. Sam L. Says:

    Change it to

    Formerly Neo-Neocon.

  122. DNW Says:

    neo-neocon Says:
    April 4th, 2017 at 1:07 pm


    A “J.” The male form of Jean—Gene—is spelled with a “G.”

    I’m sure I knew that, but had forgotten.

    Have never known a “Gene”.

    You actually have a good name for an advice-giver. Sounds like a 1950’s Television host who’s an expert on something or other.

  123. rigeldog Says:

    Ballet Hayek? Dancing Outside the Box? Oh dear I think I am not very good at this!

  124. M J R Says:

    I wonder if you might keep “neo-neocon”, for reasons already (and exhaustively) covered above, but go with an alternative explanation of “neocon”, in this instance specifically the “con”.

    Where I’m going with this is that as you know, the “con” part is an abbreviation for “conservative”, but I hereby propose that you explain that in “neocon”, the new explanation for “con” is henceforth “constitutional”.

    “Neocon” would then signify a new understanding of the benefits of adhering to the USA Constitution. This is to be contrasted with adhering to the latest fad, which can then be (ummm) read into the Constitution via creative and bordering-on-fanciful “interpretation”. (“Penumbras and emanations”, anyone? [Griswold v. Connecticut, 381 U.S. 479 (1965)])

    Friend neo, after 24 hours, that’s what I have for ya.

    I value both the blog and you very, very highly. Thanks for all you do.

    Very best,
    M J R

  125. Dobbins Says:

    The Green Apple Blog

  126. Eric Says:

    I say keep the title as is.

  127. Cathy Says:

    I think you should change it. I’ve changed from liking the neo-cons. Who knows, maybe if you changed your name you might alter some attachment to their thought. You might redefine your interests. But neo-neo is so unique, maybe something like neo-neo blog or neo-neo scribe.

  128. Cornflour Says:

    With a nod and a wink to Eric:
    The Inactivist dot com

    For some reason, I can’t quite take this seriously, and I keep thinking of funny(?) alternatives.

    If you really believe that the name should be changed, I’d say keep it simple: Jean Kaufman dot com.

    Now, I’ll try to keep quiet.

  129. Francesca Says:

    From JJ: I like this also.

    How about Neo’s Place? Keeps your identity but sounds like a cozy bistro with an eclectic menu. Lots of nutritional meals (politics, international relations, culture wars, etc.), some nice side dishes (health, nutrition, science, etc.), and some sweet desserts (ballet, jello, fashion, etc.). 🙂

  130. rigeldog Says:

    True Gritte?

  131. Mac Says:

    “Neo’s Place” is good. And re M J R’s suggestion, that the “con” be construed as “constitutional”: “Con-con”?–“Constitutional conservative”? It maintains a connection to “Neo-neocon.” Too close to “can-can” maybe.

  132. Jim Kiehne Says:

    I’d keep your brand. So-called neocons haven’t been favorites of mine, but after the recent liberal hair-on-fire meltdowns I’ve been trying to figure out where I fall on the spectrum. Neo-neocon seemed an interesting twist on the concept, and I really appreciate your take on things. So keep it coming!

  133. Tom Murin Says:

    Wow. I can’t believe how many comments your question generated. So, I have to add to it.

    Bottomline – we’ll follow you by whatever name you go by.

  134. Tom G Says:

    As one who’s been happily following you since BEFORE you had your own blog (in MJT’s comments), I’ll keep following you.

    Please use your own name.

    If you’re not yet ready to be … “you”, then don’t switch yet.

    See the great story in the book, not movie, of Ender’s Game — where it was possible to be anonymous and influential on “the Nets”.

    I stopped my own, far less successful blogging, due to fear of work issues. I even reduce my pro-Christian, anti-promiscuity screeds on facebook to reduce negative feedback.

    Are you ready to own your extremely thoughtful opinions with your conservative hating liberal friends? None of your “new friends” can fully replace some of your long time friends.

    But you can more easily become an intellectual leader, like Thomas Sowell or Arnold Kling (?!) or even Michael Totten, using your real name and writing more for other pubs, especially PJ Media, maybe. (I thought Roger Simon missed out a bit on not having more “monthly bloggers” with columns.)

  135. neo-neocon Says:

    Tom G:

    I wrote for PJ for about 10 years, the first few years as “neo-neocon” but in later years as Jean Kaufman. Then about a year or two ago they reorganized themselves and started using more in-house writers and dropped me and some others. (By the way, that link to “as neo-neocon” turns up not just my articles but some others in addition, for some reason. But my articles are also in there.)

    I also have written for the Weekly Standard online edition.

    Come to think of it, maybe I should put up links to those on the right sidebar.

    My friends and family all know about my blog and my writing, although the vast majority never read the blog. So none of this is a secret among my friends and family. I don’t get into it with people I meet casually, or people who are just acquaintances.

    I started the blog anonymously, and several years later I stopped being anonymous for other venues. I like to keep the blog name descriptive, though. “Jean Kaufman” doesn’t describe anything.

  136. Judith L. Says:

    I’m a very long time reader. I visit just about every day, but I rarely comment. I’m a “changer”, too, although I changed about ten years before you did, Neo. But then, I’m older than you are. After reading this thread and thinking about it, my vote is against any change. I love the books and ballet shoes etc. I think your picture is charming and also a visual representation of the way some of us still keep silent about our political ideas in many of the circles in which we socialize. I always think of you as “Neo.” My guess is that anyone who is too close-minded to visit this blog because of its name, is too close-minded to learn anything new or appreciate either the writing or the comments.

  137. Corinthian Leather Says:

    You definitely need to change. Its one thing when the term neocon only pisses off half the country, but now almost everybody in America, save Bill Kristol, hates them. I think too many of the old-timers here really don’t understand how toxic that word is now. Of the suggestions so far, “neo’s place” gets my vote. Has some continuity with your history but eliminates the toxic branding of neocon.

  138. Chris Says:

    If you choose to rename the blog, I think using some variation of your real name would be the best course. And a redirection from the old URL.

    I was going to give an example of a name I wouldn’t want to use, but regained my sanity just in time.

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