April 8th, 2017

Warning: this is not a joke, it’s just feminists gone completely round the bend

I’m issuing a warning, and I’m not kidding: If you’re at all sensitive to disgusting stories, you might want to skip the entire rest of this post, and you certainly might not want to click on this link about a new fringey-feminist folly known as free bleeding.

I said it was new because I’d certainly never heard of it before. But it’s been with us for a couple of years, as I discovered from Googling the phrase. Apparently, it started in 2014 as a hoax, and radical feminists fell for it:

So in 2014 — inspired by some crazy idea they’d read somewhere on the internet — the pranksters decided to fake an even more ludicrous trend designed to discredit the radical feminist movement. ‘What is free bleeding? It consists of us womyn bleeding with no restriction … Being able to menstruate is something that is a [sic] undeniably female characteristic. How DARE they try and oppress it,’ read their working notes.

A few helpful tweets later from fake Twitter accounts and ‘free bleeding’ had become an urgent new cause of radical feminism. Eventually word got out among some women’s interest websites that they’d all been had: ‘Free bleeding is not a thing,’ warned one. But it appears the memo didn’t get through to everyone. Hence Kiran Gandhi’s marathon [padless] protest.

Unless the entire thing is a hoax—which I first thought when I read about it, but which sadly enough does not appear to be the case—this is an example of how far some people have come in mainstreaming a type of narcissism they’ve been taught that says “any product of my body is wonderful, and any attempt to say otherwise is oppression.”

Parading body effluvia in front of others is almost never, never ever, a good idea. There used to be some sort of complete consensus on that fact, but apparently the fringe of feminism is now an exception.

[NOTE: There is a tiny germ of a little something called a point in all of this, but it’s lost in the offensive obnoxiousness of the result. The tiny germ of a little something is to counter the ancient idea that menstruating women are unclean not just in the sense of needing to use some sort of sanitary product, but in the ritual sense. Those days are long gone in Western society, however—although the free bleed movement could tempt some people to lobby to bring the taboo back.]

18 Responses to “Warning: this is not a joke, it’s just feminists gone completely round the bend”

  1. F Says:

    I’m not disgusted by this, but it certainly does strike me as pointless posturing. AND, it will certainly draw a bright line between anatomical women and trans-women, which is bound to be a point of contention for people on both sides.

    I have lived in countries where women didn’t have access to feminine hygiene products, and for the most part (perhaps always) confined themselves to a private place during their period. Feminists appear to have carried that to the opposite extreme, and I can see no reason for it when solutions are available to contain and dispose of the products of their period. But I’m not a woman, so perhaps I don’t really appreciate the magical bond some women share with it.

    Last word: if a product exists to make menstruation less noticeable, I’d say use it!

  2. John Guilfoyle Says:

    This reminds me of the woman who shoved a ball of yarn up her vagina & knitted for the month & called it art.


    I’m always glad these folks self-identify. Makes it easy to keep my distance.

  3. liberty wolf Says:

    This is too much! Obviously. Totally wacky and another example of why feminism is losing its cred in the larger world. Well, let’s hope it is. That’s a shame in some ways since the “equity feminism” of people like Christina Hoff Sommers is a viable type of thinking about gender and law and culture. But these fringes – no.

    It also shows how feminism has won most of its major battles and so they concentrate on this goofy stuff. Yes, and ah — gross stuff.

    It is funny it was started by a hoax. You can’t make this shit up.

  4. liberty wolf Says:

    Reading the article though it is alarming that an Olympic athlete is apologizing that she doesn’t feel the “confidence” to run around bleeding in public. That’s not confidence, that is just madness! Or it is plain silly. Staining clothes and creating a spectacle — a messy one– with menstrual blood seems totally counter-intuitive. But then, some forms of feminism celebrate being grossly overweight as well. So there’s a lot of weird stuff happening in feminism these days. I don’t think this trend will catch on. I mean, it is just too weird.

  5. Geoffrey Britain Says:

    So by the ‘rationale’ that public menstruation is acceptable, wouldn’t public evacuation of other bodily waste also apply? It’s ‘natural’ too.

    All part of the Left’s societal dissolution.

    “the erasure of the American Republic is the core agenda of the Democrat Party>” David Horowitz

  6. parker Says:

    I read about this topic a while back and thought what a crazy, stupid fad. Thanks to neo-neocon I now know it began because of a hoax. So now I can add laughable to the characteristics of these wacky women.

    The ‘transgendered women’ must be p*ssed off over this weird movement. Perhaps there is a market for used menstrual blood that they can pretend to leak. As strange as things are in our society nothing seems to be beyond the leftists.

  7. Artfldgr Says:

    although the free bleed movement could tempt some people to lobby to bring the taboo back

    Which would prove to them that these oppressors are still around and must be fought and march over change law over and receive funding and donations to do

  8. Artfldgr Says:

    Last night was hard. It was my first bonafide red carpet in LA (at the Beverly Hilton of all places, where they host the Golden Globes) and for some reason I felt really alienated from my body. Last night it really started to dawn on me just how much further we have to go. While gender nonconforming and nonbinary people are making progress in some ways, it’s generally only been people who fit a certain androgynous, hairless, youthful look. Last night on the red carpet, I felt the weight of just how radical my chest hair and armpit hair and leg hair continue to be. I felt out of place because I refuse to get rid of the hair that’s on my body. I felt the weight of what it means to push back against the idea that hairlessness equals beauty. And I started to get a sense of just how hard it’s going to be to make it as a hairy nonbinary femme in this industry. I’m not saying that there’s anything wrong with choosing to wax or shave, but last night I felt like the only girl in the world who doesn’t choose to do so. I’ve always known that my beauty will take time for others to grasp, that my light will be too bright at first for some. But I also know that we will endure and persevere; that we will create a world together where our beauty can be celebrated, our inner light magnified 🌟Until then, I will strut any red carpet they put me on, my hairy chest and fluffy legs out for all to see


  9. OM Says:

    We must not be concerned about transmission of various blood born maladies, because feminist blood is pure as the driven snow? Scratch that, pure driven snow is white. We already know about that yellow snow.

  10. liberty wolf Says:

    Artfldgr, I honestly thought that your comment was a very well written satirical take on non-binary identities Then, I saw the link! AGGGH! LOL I gotta laugh though, this is totally over the top. BTW, what happened to “rebels” to people wanting to shock and disturb instead of be included in some kind of mushy new standard of beauty? In my day, drag queens and other people who played with gender roles in public were often very funny and sarcastic and were both making fun of gender roles and reenacting them in odd, interesting and artful ways. They weren’t pushing for the acceptance of some new queasy making “standard of beauty”. They knew they mostly looked ridiculous but that was part of the point. Nowadays everyone is on crying in their milk wanting people to LIKE how they look, even if they know they look weird or — just plain awful. Heh —

    As someone who has been through the transsexual process, I am going to begin (I’m an author and so on) a call to for people like myself to align ourselves more closely and openly with the right Yes, the right. Why? Transsexuals have often been “called out” by the far left as an example of people aping outmoded and essentialist gender roles. Many of our loudest voices have spent a lot of time trying to prove this wrong. Of course, ultimately, transition or changing sex is not a political act and in no way part of left or right – but possibly we need to hang a bit more right wing and celebrate our outmoded right wing essentialist ways. Yes, the gender binary! I mean, this is embarrassing. Haha-

  11. liberty wolf Says:

    Also, I doubt this free bleeding thing will gain too much steam. If nothing else, having bloody underclothes is messy and weird. It might become a fad though. I hope they have a way to hose off the seats on the bus if it does. As a former Bay Area person, I don’t drive and take public transport mainly so — I really don’t want to have to deal with this.

  12. AesopFan Says:

    So why was there all this liberal pearl-clutching over Trump’s comment about Megyn Kelly.. — maybe he was just a supporter of this particular gaggle of feminists.

    FWIW, the OT mandate for women to reside in separate places for the time looks like a pretty good deal to me: no chores, no kids, no hassles with the menfolk.


  13. FD Says:

    These sorts of actions or calls covered falsely under term of “feminism” which totally out of minds, so disgusting and offences for human being specially women.

    Even the enamels behaviors reflect some sort of privacy and self-respect, I read the Male Pigeon if his “wife” died will stay alone not company any female for a year. In other words, Camel if he/she discovered a human watching them while have love the male will be very angry and may kill himself!!

    Therefore, these are not “feminism”, some just to pick attention by media and news or social network that nowadays full of these acts and behavior what far from norm of average human being behaviors.

    Let the see this case of amillionaire property developer Charles Kane and think about what this have to do will whatever name of cat may be used to take cover.

  14. richardaubrey Says:

    Possibly ominous. There’s an old saying I made up:
    The further out the outliers lie the further out the inliers can lie without being outliers.

  15. Susanamantha Says:

    F Says: “AND, it will certainly draw a bright line between anatomical women and trans-women, which is bound to be a point of contention for people on both sides.”

    The Coen brothers were ahead of the curve on this one.

    From the great movie “Raising Arizona”,


  16. DNW Says:

    ” … this is an example of how far some people have come in mainstreaming a type of narcissism they’ve been taught that says “any product of my body is wonderful, and any attempt to say otherwise is oppression.”

    Parading body effluvia in front of others is almost never, never ever, a good idea. There used to be some sort of complete consensus on that fact, but apparently the fringe of feminism is now an exception.”

    Some of your commenters may recall a book called, “An Ungodly Rage”.

    The liturgical orgies of self-worship, as described as practiced by rad-fem Catholic nuns read something like this.

    That was back in 1991.

  17. Esther Says:

    Why privilege menstrual blood? Free the sneezing! coughing, dripping noses, poopie pants and legalize public urination–(which I guess is actually a thing too.)

  18. Wordy1 Says:

    1977 Michigan Womyns’ Music Festival -held in a pasture with no facilities but port-a-potties. Most women were nude or topless. A few women were openly bleeding.

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