April 11th, 2017

Of all the campaign slurs against Romney…

this was probably the stupidest and most unfair.

And it worked. Which is probably the saddest thing of all about it.

Binders! Women! Romney binds women! He is an evil Republican who wants to make women slaves!

11 Responses to “Of all the campaign slurs against Romney…”

  1. Griffin Says:

    And they knew exactly what he meant and they pretended to be outraged.

  2. Geoffrey Britain Says:

    “A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.” … Winston Churchill

    “Reason is poor propaganda when opposed by the yammering, unceasing lies of shrewd, evil and self-serving men.” Robert Anson Heinlein

  3. blert Says:

    The thought that Romney was going to put women into binders….


    Word association propaganda.

    It works across the ad world.

  4. Big Maq Says:

    Seems rather cartoonish and lame now, juxtaposed “p*ssy grabbing”.

    Give people credit, they could easily see through the inconsequential “binders of women” mischaracterization by the left.

    By contrast, folks had to really twist themselves to ignore the latter though, as it wasn’t made up nonsense.

  5. Tatterdemalian Says:

    Except it was just as made up as “binders full of women.”

    And by “made up,” I mean “was an actual quote deliberately taken out of context.”

    And for the exact same reason, and in essentially the exact same way, unless you truly believe celebrities never attract female groupies who literally fight to shove their p*ssies into their idol’s hands.

  6. parker Says:

    Mitt is a real gentleman… “pretended to be outraged” is spot on. I am so glad, I’m glad, I’m glad to be flyover born. Every 4 years the world pays attention to Iowa for a couple of months, I would prefer it was every 400 years for one hour. For the children of course.

  7. mollyNH Says:

    As I recall we can thank Mika Bird brain Joes SO for giving viability to that absurdity.

  8. John Guilfoyle Says:

    Why should I care about this now?
    Romney himself didn’t seem to get too worked up about his pi$$-poor treatment by the D operatives in the MSM at the time. To quote someone famous, “At this point, what does it matter anyway?”
    Forget it Jake…it’s the left.

  9. I R A Darth Aggie Says:

    Hmmm…why do I get the feeling that more than a few of the women worked up about this just adored 50 Shades of Grey?

  10. Bilwick Says:

    I never understood the outrage over the “47 per cent” remark–especially since the outrage came from people who would like to expand the percentage of people dependent on the State to 57, 67 and beyond.

  11. n.n Says:

    pussy grabbing

    The conversation was real. That’s the extent of our knowledge.

    If anything, it was an expose of a culture, that could not be forgiven.

    The first rule of sex club is that you do not talk about sex club.

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