April 12th, 2017

Makeover: I don’t think she meant…

…20 years off her life. Maybe off her face, or her age.

She also seems to have gotten a load off her mind, a weight off her chest, and a burden off her shoulders:

3 Responses to “Makeover: I don’t think she meant…”

  1. Sharon W Says:

    I really liked what he did with her hair. Neo, you’ve mentioned your curls. I wear my hair just below my shoulders, a blunt cut, no bangs since 2007 (too much work to keep in place because of my cowlick-however because of my high forehead, I look better with them) and I blow it dry, straight. Just wondered what you thought personally in terms of the ease of her hairdo and how much better she looked with it.

  2. neo-neocon Says:

    Sharon W:

    I believe in freedom of hair choice 🙂 .

    But I also have a bias that goes like this: curls for the curly, straight hair for the straight-haired. I don’t think it’s wise (or necessarily attractive) to torture hair into doing what it doesn’t want to do. I believe in maximizing the potential of the hair you have. That means if it’s curly, to bring it out in a good way, and if it’s straight, to have a great haircut and style for that—and the wisdom to know the difference 🙂 .

    I see so many people try to make their hair bone-straight when it has some curl or wave. And yet straight hair is hardly unfailingly attractive or flattering. Hair dictates come and go. In the 80s (I think it was the 80s; maybe it was the 70s) those really bad perms were all the rage. That’s a case of people with straight hair torturing their hair to make it curly. Here’s one of the more attractive and successful examples.

  3. Norma Says:

    It’s her smile that makes her beautiful.

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