April 27th, 2017

City of Portland to “protestors”: we can’t or won’t keep our city safe

I don’t see how this can possibly end well:

A threatening email has derailed one of the Portland Rose Festival’s signature events, and spurred new debate about the ongoing political protests in Portland.

Organizers of the 82nd Avenue of Roses Parade announced Tuesday that the event will be canceled, for fear that the east Portland parade could be disrupted by “the type of riots which happen in downtown Portland.”

Originally scheduled this Saturday, April 29, the parade is meant to highlight the local community and businesses along Southeast 82nd Avenue…

This year’s parade was once again set to feature the Multnomah County Republican Party as one of the many groups slated to march, but that inclusion drew ire from some of the city’s left-leaning protest groups.

At least two protests were planned for the day of the parade, one by Oregon Students Empowered and another by Direct Action Alliance. Both events were mentioned in an email sent to parade organizers on Saturday, threatening to shut down the event with hundreds of protesters in the street.

“You have seen how much power we have downtown and that the police cannot stop us from shutting down roads so please consider your decision wisely,” the anonymous email said, telling organizers they could cancel the Republican group’s registration or else face action from protesters. “This is non-negotiable.”

It’s not a good idea to cave to thugs, because it encourages more of the same. The article also says that “organizers pulled out after contacting Portland police…[who] said they couldn’t offer any additional security for the parade.”

I suppose the police were overwhelmed. Are they that shorthanded, that weak, that unable (or unwilling) to keep the peace? (In this they remind me of certain universities). It seems to me that giving the thugs what they wish is just asking for future trouble, and much more of it. I call them “thugs,” but what do they represent? This piece in the Atlantic features more of the text of the threatening email:

The email went on to speculate that right-wing extremists would march among the Republicans, and warned, “we will have two hundred or more people rush into the parade into the middle and drag and push those people out as we will not give one inch to groups who espouse hatred toward lgbt, immigrants, people of color or others.”

A Facebook post from a different group than the one that sent the email said the following:

The fascists know that we’ll keep shutting their marches down, they are now planning to march within other parades to protect their message of hate and white supremacy – it WON’T work. Nazis will not march through Portland.

The group we’re disrupting is #67. It is registered to the Multnomah County Republicans, but these infiltrators are the same folks from Lake Oswego, Salem, Vancouver, and even Berkeley. These are the folks that attacked a woman at PDX, they harassed Latinx parishioners with slurs and threats at a local church, they spew hate, threaten and curse young women at women’s health clinics. They seek to intimidate and harass our Latinx, Muslim and LGBTQ+ neighbors and friends. Their Trump flags, their red MAGA hats and their hate group badges are all intended to normalize support for an orange man who bragged about sexually harassing women and who is waging a war of hate, racism and prejudice against our Muslim, Latinx, Black and Native neighbors.

Nicely Orwellian. Call the opposition Fascists and then use Fascist methods to supposedly stop them.

Calling someone “Nazi” becomes a useful tool, and plenty of people buy into this. Leftist activists never rest, and right now they see their golden moment to radicalize others. I know plenty of people who wouldn’t issue such threats themselves, but who buy the argument that Trump and Republicans are Nazis at heart and must be opposed and “resisted.”

35 Responses to “City of Portland to “protestors”: we can’t or won’t keep our city safe”

  1. arfldgr Says:

    I was informing you guys of the prior history of this movement and how it works and who did it, and so on.. As this is what communized hollyweird more than frankfurt school…

    but preparation is not on the conservative ideal, winging it out of no where is better…

    Willi Munsenberg

    In order to broaden the Comintern’s influence, Münzenberg created numerous front organizations he termed “Innocents’ Clubs”

    These front groups, such the Friends of Soviet Russia, the World League Against Imperialism, and the International Worker’s Relief Fund, were superficially devoted to an undeniably benign cause such as famine relief, anti-imperialism, or peace, but Münzenberg created them to enlist the support of liberals and moderate socialists in defending the Bolshevik revolution

    The idea is that the people are wiling to fight against anything they think they hate, but not question what for or who for!!!!!!!!

    As he told a fellow Comintern member, “These people have the belief they are actually doing this themselves. This belief must be preserved at any price.”

    fun people… even more horrible than a nice person can imagine, which is why nice people cant work this out and understand it without knowing about that and them, their thinking is alien.

    The front organizations, in turn, helped fund the acquisition of the Münzenberg Trust, a collection of small newspapers, publishing houses, movie houses, and theatres in locations around the world. Münzenberg, referred to by some as the Red Millionaire, used the businesses to pay for a limousine and an elegantly furnished apartment for himself.

    yes, he was the FIRST limosine liberal…

    this is why you cant find connections to outside organizations as these all got started during the time of great spying, and they had worked out how to live and survive without money from their masters. that is, take over a organization or start one, give it a name, and fellow travelers would donate their money or get others to, to your organization, and NEVER EVER have to talk to you, conspire with you, or not..

    this is how he conspiracy works!!
    Collective action without specific direction..

    one of these terms i discussed wiht neo, and she denied was League

    the League of Nations, to communise the world
    became the United Nations when they lost that moniker… aldous huxley snitched to the public about his brother. but also, these books and such like that are how the ideas, ideals, and goals are distributed.

    and like the chinese army in korea, the termites do their thing while the “people” wont believe anything unless there is a hard link, and even if there is, they may even deny the links validity

    but at some point, even rosengrantz and guildenstern realized that a coin cant land heads every time forever, and so they did NOT conclude they were DEAD and in HELL

    Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead (Heads)

  2. Kae Arby Says:

    I said it here before and I’ll say it again.

    This is why we have the second amendment.


  3. arfldgr Says:

    With that set up, this becomes clear..

    After directing the Comintern’s handling of the Sacco and Vanzetti case in 1925, Münzenberg took charge of the League against Imperialism, created in Brussels in 1927.

    The World Congress Against War was held in Amsterdam on 27–29 August 1932 and was attended by more than 2,000 delegates from 27 countries.

    Following the meeting, Münzenberg formed the permanent World Committee Against War and Fascism, based in Berlin.

    The Executive Committee of the Communist International was uncomfortable with Münzenberg’s views and replaced him by Georgi Dimitrov.

    Early the next year, Adolf Hitler was appointed chancellor of Germany. The World Committee had to move its headquarters to Paris and Münzenberg resumed the leadership.

    So Russia was behind Sacco and Vanzetti, which is still argued today, but they dont bring up this man do they? also, they were behind the riechstag fire, but it wasnt for hitler, it was for THEM, but hitler took the opportunity and people later blamed him (which was the point of molotov rippentrop, to hide their complicity and part in things and have a scape goat… same with islam)

    oh, you dont believe me? well:
    Dimitrov was arrested and tried on a charge of responsibility for the Reichstag fire

    the man who took his place!!! removed and so, he was back in business with the
    ANTI FAscist league” – ANTIFA prior incarnation…

    or do we deny history repeats and i have not brought this up before ahead of this? its THAT predictable as they are following a script repeating history that works.

    and why do we think hitler did it?
    The League Against Imperialism organised a countertrial, which concluded that the Nazis had set the 1933 Reichstag fire themselves

    time to blow your minds:

    Barred from entering Britain during the trial, Münzenberg toured the northeastern and midwestern United States on a June 1934 speaking tour with Welsh Labour figure Aneurin Bevan, Babette Gross and SPD lawyer Kurt Rosenfeld. Speaking at well-attended rallies at venues like Madison Square Garden and the Bronx Coliseum, he appeared alongside Sinclair Lewis and Malcolm Cowley

    and then hollywood went more communist!!! cause they had to fight against fascism…

    Münzenberg instructed his assistant, fellow Comintern agent Otto Katz, to travel to the United States to garner support for various pro-Soviet and anti-Nazi causes, as part of the 1935 Comintern Seventh World Congress’ proclamation of a “Peoples’ Front Against Fascism”, aka the Popular Front.

    Katz made his way to Hollywood, and in July 1936 he formed the Hollywood Anti-Nazi League with Dorothy Parker.

    Many artists and writers in the U.S. flocked to join the Popular Front, the Anti-Nazi League, and related groups such as the League of American Writers, and movie stars such as Paul Muni, Melvyn Douglas, and James Cagney all agreed to sponsor the Hollywood Anti-Nazi League.

    it was after this the popular front became the united front linking up anarchists, communists, socialists, fabians, maoists, and all the otehrs into one force with a common enemy!!!

    now you need proof.. .

  4. arfldgr Says:

    you only have to read the books i keep recomending o know what is happening in yoru life today

    Antifa-Geschichte(n): eine literarische Spurensuche in der DDR der 1950er Jahre

    Antifa story (s): a literary search for traces in the DDR of the 1950s

    they didnt even change the name much so everyone in the know would know to support them, pull back the police (as they did in latvia, germany, russia, poland, china, and now maduro and USA)

    East Germany, formally the German Democratic Republic (GDR; German: Deutsche Demokratische Republik pronounced [ˈdɔʏtʃə demoˈkʀaːtɪʃə ʀepuˈbliːk], DDR), was an Eastern Bloc state during the Cold War period. From 1949 to 1990, it administered the region of Germany that was occupied by Soviet forces at the end of World War II—the Soviet Occupation Zone of the Potsdam Agreement

    yes, east german communists… 🙂
    and the book is about ANTIFA and Willi Munsenberg
    and i knew this was going to come up YEARS ago when i mentioned it to you all and crickets

    if you search google now knowing the pedigree

    you can find the books and help NEO make a dime or two.. 🙂

    Antifaschistische Aktion: Geschichte einer linksradikalen Bewegung

    Today the double flags of “Antifascist Action” are the most frequently used symbol of the left scene.

    Even under “Antifa” everyone can imagine something.

    Black block equal to Antifa; It is at least the media of the wrong shortening. For the history of this movement is far behind and is by no means to be reduced to militancy.

    Antifascism was introduced in Germany in the early 1920s as a polemic concept of struggle by the KPD. It was understood as being anti-capitalism. It was only in the early 1930s that the struggle against the national socialists became more and more the focus. With the founding of the Antifascist Action in 1932, this development came to a head.

    In the FRG Communist groups in the 1970s revived the emblem. Later, adopted and redesigned by Autonomists, it became the symbol of today’s Antifa.

    Undocumented, radical and system-critical, antifascism has always been much more than just a struggle against Nazis.

    This book provides the first comprehensive overview of the development of Antifa. A basic principle for activists and those who want to know the tradition of antifascism in Germany.

    Sooooo much more, but now you know the foundation, and now when you read the journalists trying to comment and say what it is and all that, remember, this is nearly 100 years old and just another repeat and reformation and even the GERMANS KNOW THIS

  5. Geoffrey Britain Says:

    The Roman statesman Cicero asked, “What can be done against force, without force?”

    The police allowing lawlessness is the gravest of threats to the Republic. ‘Bending the knee’ i.e. doing nothing… carries with it profound consequence; the end of free speech, the end of the right of assembly and a neutered right to petition government for redress of grievances.

    Once they are gone, America is no more and it becomes just a matter of time until the dogs of war will break free. Not because we would have it be that way but because the barbarian will accept nothing else. When dealing with the barbarian, there is no alternative to force.

  6. arfldgr Says:

    The police allowing lawlessness is the gravest of threats to the Republic. ‘Bending the knee’ i.e. doing nothing…

    was the thing i said years ago to look out for as this is the powers pulling back the forces that obey the powers, and letting the brutal class take over…

    its a PROCESS applied about 20 times successfully so far, with the process taking longer the harder the client is… but this is how it works…

    and i said you either learn how it works or your going to watch it happen and nothing you do will stop it as you will always be REACTING learning as you go, rather than ANTICIPATING and preventing…

    and there is a great example of how backwards this is, their leaders are following a 1940s game plan, which includes acting out and then lying to gain sympathy, of which their gameplan does not include pocket cameras everyone is holding!!!!! [THATS how dense and unimaginitive they are, they cant update the game to the modern era unless their thinking group does it… ]

    the Adventures of ANTIFA Moldylocks!!

    yes, moldylocks a leftist white girl that decided she was one of the boys since communism and feminism are the same now (read erin pizzey), and she was going to kick but like the feminists on TV.. when she met reality, it was then she went poor little me, and i was only holding a camera, and so on and so forth… myfavorite was her claim she had a cut on her nose like when you break your nose, but the video she did was 2 days after and there was no mark as she said it was gone.

    all i could think of was:
    how come your not a newt now?
    i got better?

    The Epic Lies of Moldylocks, Antifa Girl

    The New Face Of Antifa – Moldylocks

    Moldylocks Antifa girl was THROWING GLASS BOTTLES when she got punched

    Sorry guys, but there is no way to make missing history shrink to be as small as common historical reference!!!

    if you knew this, i could say, hey thats the old comiterm (which they restarted, another subject), and willi… and everyone would nod and no one would make up stuff as it would be ridiculous as explaining bush was born from a unicorn love for spoons and had sex in the dishwasher…

    which is what some people sound like to me when i sit there knowing what the darn history is and they are trying to explain it all from a lack of knowlege and of course who the heck admists they dont know and wants a real answer?

    i will send $10 to neo to give to anyone who can tell us what comes NEXT in this process…

  7. physicsguy Says:

    It seems we are inching towards a hot civil war. We are definitely in a cold version at present. In places like Portland, which is almost as bad as San Francisco, it’s not surprising the police are not willing to do their job.

    What to do? My first reaction is to not give in. As others have pointed out, this just leads the thugs to do more. At the same time maybe the thugs are trying to provoke the ultimate reaction because then all hell breaks loose, and maybe that’s the long term goal.

  8. DirtyJobsGuy Says:

    Remember this worked in 1968 and particularly at the Democratic Convention in Chicago. The perpetrators were pronounced heroes and did quite well for them selves afterwards. The difference then was that their targets were moderate Democrats like Humphrey. The new agitators want to bring that back, but like then it’s not clear what they want to accomplish.

    The left was responsible for the terrors of 1968 not the right. It is difficult to halt the actual protestors but a strong response to their celebrity and political enablers is required

  9. y81 Says:

    The Portland police could certainly maintain order if they wanted to, as could the administration at Berkeley or MIddlebury, but the City government actually supports the protesters. It’s like asking why Southern sheriffs couldn’t contain lynch mobs.

  10. parker Says:

    These self named anti fascists are not doing the dirty work of the MSM-DNC for free. They are being paid by Soros and others. Follow the money. Meanwhile, if these fools want a civil war, it will not end well for them. I recall crazy Jim Morrison saying, “They got the guns we have the numbers… we’re taking over.” This did not work well then and will not end well now.

    Sign me up for the geriatric sniper brigade. 😉

  11. Mr. Frank Says:

    The crazies don’t try that crap in Texas.

    At some point the left coast liberals will quit voting liberals in.

  12. J.J. Says:

    The Portland police are merely doing the bidding of the mayor, Ted Wheeler, who is as left as they get. He agrees with the protestors. If he didn’t he’d be outraged by their threats.

    Even deep blue Seattle with a far left mayor has a police force that can protect people from rioters. The Seattle police developed their riot control techniques after many years of having anarchists trash the city every May Day. They use large numbers of police on bikes. When they need to stop or move a crowd, the cops dismount and use their bikes as shields and fences. Backed by officers with Mace and a using their bikes to hold people in place or move them back, it has been pretty effective. Most major city police forces could adopt this technique, although it takes some training to get it right.

    Myself, I’m a big fan of water cannons as riot control gear. Simple and effective it doesn’t take much training or investment to put them to good use. And they clean the streets for you at the same time. 🙂

    As with the violence in the late 1960s and early 70s this will only end when some antifa blood is shed and it is no longer fun and games.

  13. M J R Says:

    Mr. Frank, 5:58 pm —

    I wish to h#ll you were right, but I fear you are not.

    The leftie loons are succeeding very well in taking over, and I see nothing out there stopping them — short of a hot civil war. Regarding the latter, I’m like a deer in the headlights: can it really be happening / starting??

  14. M J R Says:


    April 27, 2017
    “You have seen how much power we have downtown and that the police cannot stop us from shutting down roads so please consider your decision wisely.”


  15. huxley Says:

    I’ve wondered if the odd, unlovely name, Antifa, was a nod to the Palestinian intifadas.

    I know Antifa is from anti-fascist, but they could have called themselves the AF or picked another name entirely.

  16. huxley Says:

    Ann Coulter stood down from her speaking engagement in Berkeley, though I doubt we’ve heard the last on that sorry business.

    And “Dear White People,” a Netflix TV series based on the movie of the same name, becomes available tomorrow. There are the expected fawning reviews praising it to the skies for its intelligence and wit plus all the necessary conversations it will spark.

    I notice websites promoting books, movies and tv shows about race usually don’t allow comments on such materials.

    Perhaps they are not really interested in conversation.

  17. Jenk Says:

    “Antifa” as a title has a pedigree going back to the end of WWII if not farther. When the Allies won the war there was “De-Nazification” in the western zones of Germany–an attempt to remove former Nazis from public positions while rebuilding the country. In the Russian-controlled zones there was the “anti-Fascist” program–similar in intent, but the idea was that one had to be a Communist in order not to be a “fascist”. The Russians shied away from the term “Nazi”, for good reason.

    Without going into the deep background of how Naziism and Soviet Communism developed from a common Marxist background, it’s worth noting that Stalin’s program for Russia was “Socialism in One Nation”, which sounded an awful lot like “National Socialism”. Soviet literature on the Great Patriotic War (WWII) very seldom refers to the Germans as Nazis but instead as “fascists”; bowdlerizing the connection between Marxist socialism, Italian fascism, German Naziism and Soviet Communism. It’s worth noting that in Germany during the 1930s many former German Communists found a home in the Nazi Party; it would seem many lower-level Nazis easily switched sides when the Russians took over.

    American Antifas and probably most European ones are probably ignorant of this history, but it helps to explain why guys dressed in black with masks make people think of Brownshirts. It’s also worth noting how many of those Brownshirts ended up. Gross Lichterfeld, anyone…?

  18. parker Says:

    “… are probably ingnorant of this history..”

    I think we can say with absolute certainty they are totally ignorant of this history. These goons are no nothing people beyond the agitprop pablum that fuels their rage.

  19. parker Says:

    Sheesh… know nothing

  20. huxley Says:

    Jenk: Was there anything from the WWII era actually called “Antifa”?

    I remember how infatuated the left radicals were with the Palestinians and the Intifada in 80s and 90s.

  21. parker Says:

    huxley, reaxh back to 1948 if you want to taste the infatuation of the left. Its a never ending story.

  22. The Other Chuck Says:


    When you were in Eugene for your son’s PhD last year, you mentioned how beautiful the area was. The Rhododendrons and Azaleas in bloom, the tidy atmosphere, good restaurants, and generally friendly people make it a very desirable place to live, despite its leftist politics. Portland is a larger version of Eugene, with many more problems. I seriously investigated moving my business there 3 years ago, partly because of family, but it also seemed like a nice place to live. Wrong.

    The freeways are old, inadequate, and crowded, just the way the greenies want them. The local desire to keep a small city atmosphere in a burgeoning area has resulted in severe growth restrictions limiting available housing. Like Seattle to the north, prices are skyrocketing. There is no cheap housing but plenty of homeless living in the greenbelts the city has set aside for aesthetics. They’ve limited the population of the city to a little over 600,000 (about the size of San Francisco) but the greater metropolitan area is 2,300,000.

    Portland has one of the worst drug problems on the west coast. It is a major distribution center for heroin and meth. The old downtown area is drug central. Since they legalized recreational pot last year I can imagine it is only going to get worse.

    My oldest nephew is a recently retired Multanomah County Sherrif, and his wife was a dispatcher. They lived and raised their family in northeast Portland in a racially mixed neighborhood. Twenty years ago he had a basement “bunker” stocked with all the necessities, including a small arsenal. Way ahead of his time. As the neighborhood gentrified, they were able to sell for a nice profit and move the hell out – to neighboring Vancouver across the river. No state income tax, no drive-bys, and no racial mix. He wants no part of what Portland has become. You should hear the stories…

  23. huxley Says:

    Somehow the trailer for “Dear White People” turned off a lot of white people and many of the pigment-challenged canceled their NetFlix accounts.

    Which aroused the ire of properly Woke folks, who loved the trailer and couldn’t imagine how white people could possibly be offended unless, of course, they were RACIST.

    Well, I watched the trailer, at least one of them, and it is about as shallow, smug and vicious as gentle readers here can imagine without veering over the top into war propaganda. Talk about stereotypes and microaggressions!


    It begins with an exquisitely beautiful and well-coiffed black-but-blue-eyed female DJ lecturing about proper Halloween attire into her mic, while cutting to and from a fraternity party where the guys and gals of the white-privileged persuasion looked they had been freeze-dried in 1962 and reconstituted in 2016. The gals wore cashmere sweaters and pearls. The guys wore khaki and pullovers.

    After portraying the obvious cluelessness of these collegiate white crash test dummies, our black DJ intones that a “voice of reason” is needed — hold for a close-up of her gorgeous face — because the stupid white frat-sorrority kids are yucking it up in blackface.

    However, it’s not even blackface. They are wearing some tan grease-paint which looks far more like excrement than anything else.

    Then a buncha righteous black bruthas and sistas show and bust that party up.

    High fives!

  24. AesopFan Says:

    physicsguy Says:
    April 27th, 2017 at 3:52 pm..

    What to do? My first reaction is to not give in. As others have pointed out, this just leads the thugs to do more. At the same time maybe the thugs are trying to provoke the ultimate reaction because then all hell breaks loose, and maybe that’s the long term goal.
    * * *
    They have the win-win position in this game, unfortunately.

  25. huxley Says:

    They have the win-win position in this game, unfortunately.

    AesopFan: I’m not so sure.

    (1) Because short-term it provokes backlash which is how we got Nixon, Reagan, W. and now Trump.

    (2) Because long-term the right has the skills, guns and commonsense to prevail.

    I’ve been wrong about plenty. I still hold the left is as dangerous as a rattlesnake — you can’t take your eyes off it — but I think they are overplaying their hand.

    Unless Trump seriously screws up or, most especially, fails to revive the economy, I think the country is headed to the right.

    2020 could be the new 1972.

  26. DNW Says:

    Apparently, Americans, even American males, have gotten used to being manhandled and bossed about; and no longer consider their physical persons to be morally inviolate.

    In a cultural atmosphere wherein many celebrate buggery and unconditional “solidarity” as virtues, it may not be surprising. “Too many ‘boundaries’ “, as the progressives put it.

    The simplest solution of course is to recognize that no one has a legal right to lay hands on you; and that if these kinds of assaults had been perpetrated on men in the past, someone would have died as a result, and no one would have thought it out of order.

    But in a world of state-dependent masochists, the calculus comes out different.

    As Neo herself remarked with stupefied amazement in another context involving a physical battery: those on the side of the perpetrator shrugged, and claimed (once they no longer could claim it had not happened) that the victim of the assault should have taken the assault and battery leveled at him, “like a man”, rather than responding as he did, with deadly force.

    Socialism, rad-feminism, bestial culture …

    A presidential candidate once lost an election in part because he was humiliatingly unable to affirm that he would endorse an irrevocable death penalty for the killer if his wife Kitty were raped and murdered. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aUXz4wFDAo0

    I would suggest that now, no male Democrat candidate for president could even be nominated if he insisted that in order to avenge, or even cut short his own victimization at the hands of male rapists, he would use certain deadly force.

    After years of observation and study of the ideological literature and political arguments from across the spectrum, I have became convinced that most Americans, constituting a small majority at present, have lost any real, operative, sense of having an unalienable right to their own life.

    “The Government giveth, the Government taketh away, blessed be the name of the Government.”

    They do commonly believe that have an entitlement to privileges, to social affirmations, to comforts, to appetite satisfactions to your concern and forbearance: but all in the context of a socially conditioned and contingent endorsement of their life as having “social value”.

    There’s no arguing with people like that. They live in a different reality.

  27. ErisGuy Says:

    America failed to protect itself from the Left in the Red Scare of the 1920s and from the Left during McCathyism in the 1950s. Perhaps we’ll get one more chance.

  28. ErisGuy Says:

    At some point the people of the Left coast will be completely broken, and be governed by the likes of Brown (Willie & Jerry), Pelosi, Wheeler, and Milk for centuries.

  29. Richf Says:

    Kipling said it best :

    “It is always a temptation for a rich and lazy nation,
    To puff and look important and to say: —
    ‘Though we know we should defeat you, we have not the time to meet you.
    We will therefore pay you cash to go away.’

    And that is called paying the Dane-geld;
    But we’ve proved it again and again,
    That if once you have paid him the Dane-geld
    You never get rid of the Dane.”

  30. mollyNH Says:

    Let them conduct this lovely flower parade as a scaled down version with flower loving ladies garden clubs and dare the Leftists to beat them up.

  31. Kenneth Says:

    Anyone remember when the Left went to the mattresses for *actual* Nazis? From a quick Google search for “Skokie, Nazis, protest” revealed an article with this nugget on the Huffington Post:
    “The outcome of the Skokie controversy was one of the truly great victories for the First Amendment in American history. It proved that the rule of law must and can prevail. Because of our profound commitment to the principle of free expression even in the excruciatingly painful circumstances of Skokie more than thirty years ago, we remain today the international symbol of free speech.”
    Today – not so much.

  32. huxley Says:

    Kenneth: Great example!

    I was a liberal/leftist back then. I assumed the liberal commitment to freedom of speech was incontrovertible.


  33. Ymar Sakar Says:

    huxley Says:
    April 28th, 2017 at 7:30 pm

    You could have always blamed it on the euphoria of your high functioning drugs, if your pride had allowed it.

    Obama was also getting high in college and a Leftist, so you’re in good company, right.

  34. Ymar Sakar Says:

    What to do? My first reaction is to not give in.

    Stop reacting. Always a sure sign of a loser in a war.

    One of the benefits of seeing the future clearly is that it is easy to prepare ahead of time, since prior planning prevents pretty poor performance.

    Firearms are easy to learn and pick up, but the issue was always rate of fire and munition limits. The Left likes to use human suicide charges. Or perhaps that is just Lucifer.

    People can’t even protect themselves, yet they think they deserve to have a military protect them overseas or inside the US. It’s like the blind demanding that they are entitled to colors which they will never appreciate. Step one was always to safeguard your own territory and resources. For humans that can’t do that, the citizens have no one else but themselves to blame for being Burned.

    It won’t just be Divine Punishment that they will have to worry about. Many of them won’t even live to see it in this life.

  35. Frog Says:

    I think it will be OK. Portland is isolated, as are most of the Left Coast cities. What we have to worry about is the infection spreading to San Antonio, Houston, St Louis. As long as the disease stays on the periphery, it is relatively isolated. If it moves into the heartland, mobs will be met wilth mobs. I look forward to that as the realization of my expectation.
    Why does Portland have a force of cops, anyway? They are not beating up the right-wingers because there are very few none.

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