May 12th, 2017


I confess that I don’t read the Drudge Report all that often, although sometimes I do scan it for stories to write about. But I go there often enough to have become aware of the fact that, during the 2016 campaign, Drudge chose his headlines in a way that definitely leaned pro-Trump. In fact, he was one of the big internet sites that was in no small extent responsible for helping to popularize, nominate, and elect the man.

But in the last month or so when I’ve gone to Drudge I’ve noticed the links there trend more anti-Trump. What’s going on?

I Googled the topic and nearly all I got was this from February:

…[I]n the midst of the 2016 campaign, Drudge was freshly energized by Trump’s anti-establishment, populist candidacy; when the Washington establishment scoffed and snickered, Drudge was an early and eager adopter of Trumpism. And he has managed to maintain and even enhance his relevance, especially in the power precincts of Trumpworld…

[An unnamed person supposedly in the know] added: “Drudge is really very good at seeing trends and seeing where things are going much earlier than most people. A lot of other people got on top of the Trump phenomenon later, but Drudge was early in recognizing that ‘Damn! This Trump message is really resonating across America!’”

The article then describes Drudge as having become somewhat critical of Trump, and very critical of the GOP in Congress, for not fulfilling populist campaign promises. That’s about it for any light shed on the subject. And this from early May describes Drudge expressing concern about Trump’s low poll numbers.

Anyone know what happened?

15 Responses to “Drudge/Trump”

  1. Big Maq Says:

    “Do you know, the media was near death. … Trump saved media” – Drudge from Neo’s link to Zero Hedge article.

    Rather rich, coming from a guy who’s empire was also is in slow decline, but received a nice little up tick riding the trump train – see trend past 14 years…

    and, quite noticeable with the past five years trend, looks like it is now “mean reverting” along a declining line…

  2. TommyJay Says:

    What I noticed was the big uptick in links to WaPo and NYTimes, which I now try to scrupulously avoid. There was also an uptick in links that seize control with subscription splash screens and other garbage that gets through my pop-up blocker. My guess is that this is about the money honey; i.e. TDR’s bottom line.

  3. Big Maq Says:

    Had a relook at the last link… holy cow!

    Rather interesting that the next three countries, after the US, ranked by google “interest” are:

    Bosnia – Herzegovina

    What’s up with that? All more than Canada, our neighbor.

    And Poland follows Canada?

    Rather odd.

    Anyone have a good explanation, short of some conspiracy theory?

  4. Geoffrey Britain Says:

    I regularly visit Drudge and I too have noticed the change. Perhaps its somewhat about money but other than internet sources, what news outlets do not put up leftist slanted ‘news’?

    Here’s one of interest, “FBI No. 2 did not disclose wife’s ties to Clinton ally, records show”

  5. blert Says:

    Alex Jones & InfoWars has your answer.

    DJT went ‘sideways’ at day 70… the cruise missile strike, etc.

    Everyone from Cernovich on over was truly ticked.

    BTW, most of the hottest breaking news has been coming by way of Cernovich.

    This same crowd is THRILLED that DJT has given Comey the heave ho.

  6. blert Says:

    The Fake News coming out of the NY Times and Bezos Post has reached retching levels.

    So, I always check the links before clicking through to these two click baiters.

  7. blert Says:


    That’s been out there for months… yet the MSM = crickets.

  8. OldTexan Says:

    I have always enjoyed the dark side of Drudge because I like to know what the NYT and WaPo and others are saying about current issues. That way I have an idea about the information my good lefty friends are receiving and I can understand their point of view even though we will never agree.

    In the past when I was visiting and staying with dear friends in Dallas who are hard wired to the left and I tried to discuss the IRS debacle and the Fast and Furious gun scam I was met with blank stares. All of their information is funneled thought the left media and their brilliant daughters who live in NYC and Georgetown.

    It’s good to see the other side and I made sure I was noncommittal when Trump was elected while they were stunned. Now they are enjoying their sources turning Trump on a spit over hot coals and roasting him every day.

    The question now becomes does Trump, like Billy Clinton wear Teflon Suits and asbestos underwear?

  9. AesopFan Says:

    blert Says:
    May 12th, 2017 at 7:21 pm

    That’s been out there for months… yet the MSM = crickets.
    * * *
    It doesn’t help the narrative Dems good; GOP bad.

  10. AesopFan Says:

    Geoffrey Britain Says:
    May 12th, 2017 at 5:00 pm
    * *
    From the McCabe story, which I knew about but not these details: [me fisking]

    According to the OGE website, despite the box on the form for spouse income, it is not mandatory to fill in the blank, and it is not required to include contributions to a political campaign because there is a lower level of disclosure for the spouse.

    [Like, they don’t share incomes??]

    The chief of policy for Issue One, which describes itself as a “bipartisan organization dedicated to reducing the influence of money in politics,” said this is another example of how the disclosure system is flawed.

    “The OGE itself and operates as a ‘compliance’ agency — taking the information given to it by the covered government official and working with that. I have not heard of the office doing any further investigation to assess whether the information provided by the official is actually correct, unless that information is uncovered by outside forces like the media,” Meredith McGehee told Fox News, adding that her group is discussing possible changes with Capitol Hill offices.

    [anyone think they could get away with that on a security clearance application??]

    “There is a need to strengthen OGE’s authority — from clarifying its power to conduct investigations to giving it authority to conduct random audits to having it play a larger role for matters involving high-ranking executive branch officials,” she said.

    “If it’s not required, then why is there a spot on the form for spouse’s income?” retired FBI agent Jeff Danik said. Danik filed the FOIA requests with the FBI, and shared the financial disclosure forms with Fox News.

    “Isn’t it particularly convenient that loopholes in the ethics law are used to eliminate reporting hundreds of thousands of donated dollars benefiting the spouse of one of the most powerful FBI executives, while at the same time those laws demand that every dime in earnings on a minor stock account be disclosed?” he said. “That hardly seems transparent.”

    [Part of the swamp we’re supposed to be draining, but don’t get your hopes up.]

    [IIRC, Hilary didn’t have to list all of Bill’s various “income” streams either, the raison d’être of the Foundation.

  11. vanderleun Says:

    Just standard wise opinion leader triangulation moves. Nothing surprising.

  12. Molly Brown Says:

    This speaks directly to an issue that is very troubling. And I see no easy – and by easy, I mean Constitutional – remedy. The issue is the increasing influence of ‘political’ marriages. It’s beginning to seem as if everyone in office is married to someone else in politics or media. And this is on both sides of the aisle. We really are developing a separate ‘political class’. At best it creates an insular culture (think pre war British ruling class) and at worst it’s one big giant conflict of interest. I really would like to see an amendment limiting office holding and government appointments to a one per family limit. And no media positions for spouses of said officials as a security issue. Neo, any interest in a post on this? I’d like to hear your take and the replies.

  13. Lurker Jean Says:

    The first link for Drudge actually goes to the “Drudge Retort”. What happened?

  14. Big Maq Says:


  15. neo-neocon Says:

    Lurker Jean:

    Fixed. Thanks!

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