May 27th, 2017

The hottest grandpa

Or certainly the hottest 80-year-old. Freaky.

This is a holiday weekend, and you might want to leave politics for a while (I know I often do) and turn to the tale of Deshun Wang (or Wang Deshun), an 80-year-old Chinese man whose story I somehow missed when it went viral starting about two years ago.

Wang seems to be made of different stuff (physically and mentally) than just about anyone else, because I maintain that most humans—even if they had the will to work out at his intensity as long as he does each day—would not have a torso like his at the age of 80. Gravity eventually takes over on the skin of everyone—everyone except Deshun Wang, that is, although his face isn’t immune to its saggy effects.

It’s not just the way his body looks that’s notable. He also has an high energy level, with an immense focus and intensity.

But perhaps you’d like to see for yourself what on earth I’m talking about:

His torso doesn’t just look younger than 80. It looks about 18. The contrast between the elderly (but attractive) face and the extremely youthful body is why I used the word “freaky” earlier in this post.

And here’s an example of Wang’s art, his “living sculpture” performance, where Wang interacts with a statue of a woman and simultaneously becomes like a statue himself as the statue becomes more like a living person. I don’t know how long ago this was filmed, but probably not so very long ago at all:

Two longer articles about Wang can be found here and here.

[NOTE: I didn’t coin the phrase “the hottest grandpa.” That’s what he’s been called since the story went viral.]

6 Responses to “The hottest grandpa”

  1. J.J. Says:

    More power to him. Good genes and good living habits. But maybe he has a secret beyond that. If so, he could help many by sharing it.

  2. Matthew Says:

    He looks like a character from a kung fu movie.

  3. neo-neocon Says:


    I think he looks like a fantasy character in a video game.

    Or, alternatively, a chimera made of two different creatures.

  4. Yancey Ward Says:

    He actually looks a lot like the character Pei Mei from Kill Bill Vol. 2.

    As for skin, I have a theory that your skin visibly ages much faster if you never sweat.

  5. Irene Says:

    Wow, Neo! That living sculpture video was amazing!

  6. Matthew Says:

    Neo I originally thought he looked like a character from one of those arcade fighting games I spent a couple hundred bucks of quarters as a kid, but I wasn’t sure anyone here will get that.

    Yancey, Pei Mei was a recurring villain in a few kung fu movies.

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