June 14th, 2017

A Resister turns violent: the Scalise shooter

Shooter James Hodgkinson of Belleville, Illinois targeted Republican members of Congress and their aides in a shooting spree at a practice for a Congressional baseball game in which Republican House Whip Steve Scalise and an aide, as well as two members of the congressional police force, were injured:

At least five people including Scalise were hospitalized. Scalise, the third ranking member of House Republican leadership as the majority whip, appeared to have been shot in the hip, Rep. Mo Brooks told CNN. A congressional staffer, Zach Barth, was also injured. Matt Mika, a lobbyist for Tyson Foods who sometimes practices with the team, was also identified as one of the victims, and Sen. Jeff Flake said Mika was the most seriously injured. House Speaker Paul Ryan also identified two members of the Capitol Police who were injured, Krystal Griner and David Bailey.

As of 9:45 a.m. ET, Scalise was in stable condition but undergoing surgery, according to a statement from his office.

A much much worse result was narrowly averted. The shooter was killed by police, but his intent was clear:

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul told CNN “it would have been a massacre” without the Capitol Hill Police officers present.

“Nobody would have survived without the Capitol Hill police,” Paul said on CNN. “It would have been a massacre without them.”

We had nothing but baseball bats to fight back against a rifle with,” Brooks said.
Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake added that he saw a member of Scalise’s security detail return fire on the gunman for what felt like 10 minutes, even though the police officer was wounded in the leg.

In this case, police brought guns to a gunfight.

As for the deceased Hodgkinson, there is no question whatsoever of his political affiliation or motivations: it was hatred of Republicans and a desire to kill Republican politicians. He came to the right place for that, but fortunately he didn’t accomplish his aim.

When a shooting like this happens, Democrats and the press usually look to find a right-wing motivation. In this case and so many others, they find that it’s the opposite. However, often the political motivation seems secondary to the basic craziness (to use a non-technical term) of the shooter. In this case, however, the shooter’s political motivations appear—at least as best we can tell at this point—to have been paramount. Anti-Trump and anti-GOP political rhetoric has become so violent and practically mainstream that Hodgkinson only acted out the violence that so many talk about.

To be more specific, Hodgkinson was a Sanders supporter and worked on the Sanders campaign, as even Sanders has admitted in the course of his own condemnation of the attack. More importantly, I think, Hodgkinson was member of groups such as one entitled “Terminate the Republican Party” and “The Road to Hell is Paved with Republicans.”

Of course, plenty of people talk that way and don’t decide to make the “termination” literal. But it was apparently Hodgkinson’s fervent desire, and he decided to do something about it—which seems to have been his last act on earth.

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  1. j e Says:

    What may perhaps become clear is whether the shooter has ever shown signs of mental instability in the past; if not, it can reasonably be supposed that the incessant and highly inflammatory anti-Trumpian vituperation emanating from elected Democrats, almost all the MSM, and countless brainless celebrities pushed him over the edge into an act of madness.

  2. Griffin Says:

    Well, I think that it is imperative that every elected Democrat in the country all the way down to dog catcher in rural Massachusetts be made to answer for this nutjob. I mean that is how it always works for the other side from Akin to Foley to countless others.

  3. Griffin Says:

    And I especially enjoy the lectures from people like Chuck Todd saying that this incident shouldn’t be used for political gain. Cuz you know the left never does that.

  4. John Guilfoyle Says:

    And let’s not forget…the sentiment AND ACTIONS of the shooter are celebrated by many on the left.


    Got that link from Drudge…

    They’re not interested in debate…just your submission & subjugation or death.

  5. Dobbins Says:

    The Left has been throwing gasoline on the political fire since the election, and now they act they are suprised that a detonation has taken place.

    It’s always the left promoting political violence……. Berkley, Chicago, town-halls, where-ever. They never get called out on it, and the MSM won’t call them out on it now.

  6. Bill Says:

    What a terrible thing to happen.

    The eliminationist rhetoric on the left is going to result in more of these kinds of things – unless things change. (I’ve seen some of it on the right as well – we don’t have completely clean hands, but the violence these days seems more coming from the left side of the aisle)

    I hope and pray for my country – I feel like everyone has their hand on the hilt of their sword at the moment. Surely we can come together, not necessarily in agreement on the issues but certainly in agreement that the way we will bring change is through the ballot box, not through hurting/killing each other.

    As always, the amazing folks with the earpieces and guns and training came through in the clutch, doing amazing things to save lives.

  7. Bilwick Says:

    As Glenn Reynolds often sarcastically posts on jis “Instapundiit” blog whenever Abdul Abulbul Amir yells “Allahu Akbar!” and then goes off on a killing spree: “We may never know what his motives were.”

  8. Ymar Sakar Says:

    However, often the political motivation seems secondary to the basic craziness (to use a non-technical term) of the shooter.

    Judaism and Christian lines would say that evil spirits got hold of that body.

    Atheist Jews have a difficult time thinking like that. They always need a reason. So the Left wants to find a reason that benefits them, for this massacre, so they can milk it for PR and goodies.

    Then again, that is why they are Demoncrats. Rule by and for demons.

    This isn’t a joke. Plenty of evidence around.

  9. Ymar Sakar Says:

    Also, this is why DC is full of corruptocrats and is reliant on the DC police for protection/blackmail.

    They’re all in on it.

    So when the Dems want to disarm us, Make them Follow their Own Rules. Disarm their body guards and see what happens.

  10. Ymar Sakar Says:

    So now this civil war, which Ymar was too crazy to shut up about, now involves political assassinations numbering more than John F K and Robert Kennedy put together… okay, who is actually crazy now?

  11. arfldgr Says:

    Put all the data in the UV thread..
    as i put there also, the data would not be carried forwards
    [got tips from some news friends and put it up before anyone had it… even TMZ had it, but the posters thought it was great!]

    a bit of history from first person to give a clue

    The Sun Also Rises
    Escaping East Germany by Hot Air Balloon

    and remember, these things are repeats of the past and even extensions…

    This was somewhat prescient (which wasnt hard to do in this case)
    Kuhner’s Corner: Why liberals fantasize about killing Trump

    i said look to the white russian conversions and you will see copies of the process… we are at what stage? oh yeah, the stage where leftists start acting out and wont stop… where Resistance does the brown shirt thing. and east german antifa a la willi munsenberg is attacking police, crowds and such, and how much have you heard (this is the push down pop up ocncept of hegelian games).

    you all now have everything i spoke about except for the verging on the streets… will that come? no one can tell, as sometimes the powder is wet and it knocks people to their senses. but given the euophoria of the left a la the french revoltuoin which put in a despot napoleon, they are all happy..

    until they actually experience it..

    ‘The Wire’ creator David Simon advocates violence if Trump fires Mueller: ‘Pick up a g-d brick’

    and so did kathering mckinnon…
    and what about the other things..

    in this game, what is not opposed is thought of by them to be in agreement. so when there is a griffen, head, a ceaser play, wired publisher calling for bricks and the public and news is not appalled. a leftist liberal social justice warrior may volunteer to take out the enemy for his people.

    is this our van der lubbe?
    is this our new sacco?
    is this our Gavrilo Princip?
    (June 28, in 14 days, the history of 1914)

    what stage?
    anyone remember the Spartacist Uprising?
    Germany was in the middle of a post-war revolution, and two of the perceived paths forward were either social democracy or a council/soviet republic similar to the one which had been established by the Bolshevik Party in Russia. The uprising was primarily a power struggle between the moderate Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD) led by Friedrich Ebert, and the more radical communists of the Communist Party of Germany (KPD), led by Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg, who had previously founded and led the Spartacist League (Spartakusbund).

    note that rosa and others are very well loved by the left today..

    notice how no one mentions this part of the history… lots of other things, but the feminist rosa was a key player…
    Socialist Feminism: Rosa Luxemburg for Our Time – Europe Solidaire

    rosa luxemburg: first socialist feminist – Bibliothèque et Archives Canada

    Rosa Luxemburg and the women’s question – “Marxism in her Bloodstream”

    and you thought i was nuts about who did what in what time? nope… its well known it was the women who drive things, MARX SAID SO…

    the parallel comes…

  12. Mr. Frank Says:

    It sure took a long time after the shooting began for additional police to arrive.

  13. arfldgr Says:

    In this programme, she pointed out that the communists could never take power without the clear support of the majority of the people. On 1 January she again demanded that the KPD participate in the planned elections, but she was outvoted. The majority hoped to gain power by continued agitation in the factories and by “pressure from the streets”.

    this is the pressure from the streets… what above is:
    Dobbins Says:
    June 14th, 2017 at 2:48 pm
    The Left has been throwing gasoline on the political fire since the election, and now they act they are suprised that a detonation has taken place.

    no, that is by design, the only people suprised are the innocents being used.. the people who may change over when they realize they been played., but doubt it. they will become more furvent, only till it gets to the level in venzuela today will the opposite happan and the counter revolution has to be presented.

    “She had mastered the Marxist method like the organs of her body. One could say that Marxism ran in her bloodstream” These words written by Leon Trotsky are probably the best characterisation of Rosa Luxemburg

    in this case, the army is partially of different groups, but the most similar is ANTIFA

    In the afternoon the train stations and the newspaper district with the offices of the middle-class press and the SPD’s “Vorwärts”, which had been printing articles hostile to the Spartacists since the beginning of September, were occupied. Some of the middle-class papers in the previous days had called not only for the raising of more Freikorps but also for the murder of the Spartacists.

    FORWARDS, obamas call

    Vorwärts (German: [ˈfɔʁvɛʁts], “Forward”) is a newspaper published by the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD). Founded in 1876, it was the central organ of the SPD for many decades. Following the party’s Halle Congress (1891), it was published daily as the successor of Berliner Volksblatt, founded in 1884. Today it is published monthly, mailed to all SPD members.’

    see the repeats?

    i have been laying it all out but history will repeat because unless you read ALL of this and remember, you wont see… its why it works…

    Friedrich Engels and Kurt Tucholsky both wrote for Vorwärts. It backed the Russian Marxist economists and then, after the split in the Party, the Mensheviks. It published articles by Leon Trotsky, but would not publish any by Vladimir Lenin.

    During the First World War Vorwärts opposed the SPD’s Burgfriedenspolitik in favour of pacifism and neutrality until 1916 when, some time after Rudolf Hilferding had been drafted into the Austrian army, Friedrich Stampfer was introduced as editor-in-chief. He guided the central organ back towards the party line (prompting accusations from half of the Socialist camp that it had become chauvinist).

    The paper was staunchly opposed to the October Revolution, standing up for the attempt to bring parliamentarism to Germany.[2]

    In 1923, Vorwärts lost a libel trial brought by Adolf Hitler, and was ordered to pay him 6,000,000 marks. The paper had claimed Hitler was financed by “American Jews and Henry Ford.”[3][4]

    During the Nazi period, the Social Democratic Party of Germany was banned, and so the publication of Vorwärts in Germany had to stop in 1933, but it was continued in exile in Czechoslovakia until 1938 and subsequently in Paris until 1940.

    In 1948, the paper was refounded as Neuer Vorwärts (“New Forward”) and in 1955 renamed Vorwärts again. Today, it has a monthly circulation of about 515,000, because it is mailed to all SPD members.

    and the left sees themselves as fighting aginst the fascists!!! they think they are repeating rsa luxemburg and the sparticists who created hitler. not intentionally, but once you get the ball rolling you may not have it end up wher eyou wanted it.

    rosa wanted germany for the soviets.. and her games weakened it so that the fascists took over, but the stage was set for them by the marxist engels who layed out the world war holocaust to come in the magyar struggle…

    you dont get it, these people are fantasizing like Patton that this is the revolution of their period and that its repeating… including Vorworts and so on!!!

    as i said, reading certain things that we dont read is key to understanding, because the leaders read it, worship it, and know it in an dout, even if the followers dont.. they just trail behind like ducks…

    i dont know if this will set it off
    but right now the left is loving it
    and you can be sure there are a lot of narcisists on the left who willw ant to take up the banner and have all their people love them for this even if te world hates them. that was fine for rosa, and if they win, well, they will be loved.

    OBamas forwards was Rosa Luxumbergs
    not Vorwärts!, the 19th century journal of the Communist League or “Vorwärts! Vorwärts!”, the Nazi-youth song

    but they are all realated… they are variations on one theme. state slavery and how to make it work.

  14. Sam L. Says:

    Every Democrat should be told that THEY are personally responsible for this shooting.

  15. Cornhead Says:

    This shooter may have driven up to CB at that first Bernie rally I attended. License plates from all over.

    The rhetoric will cool for a short time but it will return. The Left never quits.

    The impeachment/collusion/obstruction of justice narrative will continue to be fueled by investigation. The only real crime that we know of is the release of Flynn’s name.

  16. Griffin Says:

    That raw video and audio from the scene is pretty messed up. There were a lot of shots fired in this incident. Of course many of them were from the Capitol Police but this guy must got a couple dozen shots maybe. It’s pretty fortunate that no one was killed other than the shooter.

  17. Ray Says:

    I live in Fairfax, VA and this was on the radio and TV all day. Naturally the Governor of VA, a democrat, said we need more gun control. I’d be willing to bet that the ballpark in Alexandria was a gun free zone.

  18. John Guilfoyle Says:

    “The rhetoric will cool for a short time…”

    I wouldn’t bet on that because… “The Left never quits.”

  19. arfldgr Says:

    they shut down his facebook and the comments are very telling… loads of warnings.


    ▪ Brian Nichols Maybe authorities should start taking these threats such as James posted, “Time to take down Trump and Co.” more seriously. Too many crazy psychos out there like this guy that actually follow through with their threats.

    ▪ “All this guys associates need to be investigated!!” wrote Jeff Smith of Reno, Nev.

    ▪ Lamonte D. Wilder Good Job kind sir!!!!!!

    ▪ Pete Lassen This is kind of funny, a liberal, gun hating idiot from Illinois, home of O has taken a hated gin and set back all the liberal arguments about 50 years

    ▪ Rene Hunter You sir are a sorry piece of humanity. I hope you get good help. Socialism is a disease.

    ▪ Darla Janeen White Let’s shut down this account asap comments are stirring up hate and strife. People you all too much

    ▪ Debra Ann Leach-Devlin Sick SOB!!! I hope you get what you deserve!!!!

    ▪ Logan Kennedy Hot damn y’all! This shouldn’t be turned into a “blast the left page” Jesus! It’s dialogue like this that hurts America. Sure what he did was uber wrong but don’t turn him into a spokesman for the left! I’m very certain the KKK are right leaning!

    A woman with Belleville connections, who may be Hogkinson’s wife, is also getting comments on her Facebook page. The woman’s public posts are all from the game “Fortune Wheel”; she has no public political posts.

    ▪ Joe Detroit (expletive) liberal communist rat bastards. Hope you happy helping your husband kill people. Hope he goes to Hell and you all go to jail for accessory to a crime.

    ▪ Rudolf Steinberg slut

    ▪ Barbara Cruz You knew your husband was a sick man.

    ▪ Abe Ra Ma’am, I apologize for these hateful comments on your wall. It is just not right. These people need to know better.

    ▪ Deb Barber As a fellow Trump supporter, I offer my prayers to the family as well. Hating on the family of the shooter solves nothing. I pray that God’s love surrounds this family and brings them peace.

  20. parker Says:

    I saw the video of McAulife stating 93 million Americans die from gun violence each day and we need more gun control. He was surrounded by a security team all undoubtedly armed.

    Today and for decades my guns have committed no violence except against deer, squirrels, rabbits, and pheasents. Now if I could just get them to clean and dress the harvest I would be saved a lot of work.

  21. OKBecky Says:

    I read in a Federalist blog post about the Portland, Ore., protests and counter-protests (published June 6, 2017). One of the Antifas was shouting “**** you, pig. I hope you m-f-s die!” as he marched into the park that day. The blogger had a chance to speak to one of the associates of that Antifa shouter, and asked if they really wanted the police to die, but he said – in soft-spoken, polite way – that they didn’t *actually* want anybody to die. It was basically just a rhetorical effect to express the depth of his anger. He just wanted to be “heard.”

    But that’s the problem: these Leftists are using inflammatory rhetoric as though it’s paint on a modern art exhibit. They think it will go where they want it to go, stick where they want it to stick, and can be tidied up later with no environmental reminder. Millions of Leftists shouting hysterically about Trump being the modern American Hitler, about their fear for their lives, about the necessity for Resistance, about impeachments, coups, and assassinations to prevent a new Holocaust (and/or “The Handmaid’s Tale”) from becoming reality… and now there are some hateful people out there *celebrating* that someone decided to “take action.”

    I remember reading “Hitler’s Willing Executioners: Ordinary Germans and the Holocaust” by Daniel Jonah Goldhagen. He filled three chapters with information on the modern German history of anti-Semitism, including its roots in Christianity, its shift to a “scientific” (Darwinist, eugenicist) anti-Semitism, and the expansion of the theory (by intellectuals and professors!) to a Final Solution that would eradicate the Jewish plague once and for all. Hitler didn’t invent the concept; he just put it into practice. In two more chapters, Goldhagen shows that Germans opposed all sorts of other policies Hitler wanted to put into action; *nobody* opposed his Final Solution when it was happening. Some felt some compunction about friends of theirs being subjected to cruel and inhumane treatment, but few took any steps to resist: the ideological soil had become clay, sticking fiercely to itself and not permitting much of any other substance to percolate. Many were actively violent; others were passively supportive of violence; others supported the ideology to some degree and did not oppose the policies because they just didn’t want to draw any of the rage onto their own heads.

    So I see many Leftists now, calling for violence, for Resistance, for the overthrow of the government, for denying civil liberties to Republicans and to conservative Christians, and so on, gleefully celebrating violent assaults (much as Pope Gregory XIII ordered a Te Deum to be sung in celebration of the St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre), and then proclaiming their personal refusal to commit violence. Rhetoric has influence, and they seek to be “heard” while washing their hands of the consequences.

  22. parker Says:

    BTW, I can’t take Sanders’ statement seriously. He does not care that republican legislators were targeted, he only cares that his name is associated with the perp.

  23. Geoffrey Britain Says:


    “Surely we can come together, not necessarily in agreement on the issues but certainly in agreement that the way we will bring change is through the ballot box, not through hurting/killing each other.”

    The left is happy to rely on the ballot box, as long as illegal immigration continues unabated, unlimited Muslim refugees are admitted, entitlements remain unaffected and academia and the media remain unaccountable. Those factors ensure that at some not too distant point they will permanently win at the ballot box. Trump is a bump in their road to the collective.

    The Census Bureau reports that if current trends continue, whites will become a minority in America by 2044. It’s not skin color per se but cultural loyalty to America’s foundational principles wherein the issue lies. Minorities and white young people are overwhelmingly on the left with each generation more reliably so, as indoctrination occurs at ever earlier ages.

    That’s just 28 years from now, a bit over a generation. The WWII generation, so reliably on the right, will be long gone by then.

    The tipping point may not have yet occurred but assuming it to be yet distant is a guaranteed formula for acting too late.

    How satisfying it must be for the Left to use America’s democracy to destroy her?

    Look to the EU for the future they envision, followed by the reality of Venezuela. While China sees its manifest destiny in our decline.

  24. Dave Says:

    The lefties want the president died but don’t have the gut to do put it into action. By constantly mentioning assassinating Trump in the media they hope their inflammatory rhetoric can finally push a borderline mentally ill useful idiot liberal over the edge, radicalizing someone into being their Manchurian Candidate to hopefully get rid of President Trump for them. they are basically doing exactly what the ISIS are doing.

  25. John Guilfoyle Says:

    “But I continue to say that if America wanted to drastically reduce mass shootings by way of a human ban, white men must be banned first.”

    That’s pretend black man Shaun King.
    Ban white men…that’s his strategy.

    What on earth could he possibly mean by that? /sarc

    And does he mean himself or does he get a pass because he’s “passing” as black?

    But I do believe he is serious.
    He means Ban. White. Men.

  26. blert Says:

    This assassin apparently left Illinois two-weeks ago with this attempt in mind.

    He just didn’t wander on over, rifle in hand.

    The GOP practice squad showed up at the CRACK OF DAWN.

    The extreme earliness may well explain why our boy couldn’t shoot straight.

    At such an hour, the baseball diamond is largely in shadow… and he figured to have the Sun harshing his vision.

  27. Geoffrey Britain Says:

    The white man must pay for their ancestor’s sins and the only way for them to absolve themselves of those sins is to commit civilizational suicide.

    The Chinese are laughing with delight. Few non-whites realize that should the Chinese rise to dominance, which America’s decline would ensure… the Chinese will not look upon them kindly. Chinese culture stereotypes everyone. No ‘brotherhood of man’ in that society. The darker your skin, the deeper the discrimination. Nor are the Chinese apologetic about it. “If you prick us, do we not bleed?” does not resonate with that culture.

  28. Frog Says:

    I regret to observe that “Bill” is consistently platitudinous, and not at all a Constitutional conservative despite his occasional claims, like today’s.
    He has been commenting here for some months now but seems to have absorbed nothing.

  29. AesopFan Says:

    And the Left is bewildered that some people are disturbed by their Trump=Ceasar production of Shakespeare’s play.

  30. AesopFan Says:

    OKBecky Says:
    June 14th, 2017 at 4:59 pm
    I read in a Federalist blog post about the Portland, Ore., protests and counter-protests (published June 6, 2017). One of the Antifas was shouting “**** you, pig. I hope you m-f-s die!” as he marched into the park that day. The blogger had a chance to speak to one of the associates of that Antifa shouter, and asked if they really wanted the police to die, but he said – in soft-spoken, polite way – that they didn’t *actually* want anybody to die. It was basically just a rhetorical effect to express the depth of his anger. He just wanted to be “heard.”

    But that’s the problem: these Leftists are using inflammatory rhetoric as though it’s paint on a modern art exhibit. They think it will go where they want it to go, stick where they want it to stick, and can be tidied up later with no environmental reminder.
    * * *
    Nice analogy.
    But the “tidying up” is always pushed off on someone else and involves plenty of environmental reminders, as is evident in everything the Left does, from the OWS squatters to the Dakota Pipeline squalor (which caused more damage to the river they were “saving” than the pipeline ever will); and the antifa (like all SJW rioters) commit massive damage without ever being forced to pay for it or clean it up.

  31. AesopFan Says:

    An excellent comment from a PowerLine reader here
    Scott Wallace · Dayton, Ohio
    One additional thing–when you demand, as a standard practice, that you be allowed to break the law as a form of protest, that you get to impose upon others an inconvenience, then a logical conclusion is what happened today. This is because some think the natural dividing line is “violence” or “non-violence”, and, well it is. But not the only natural dividing line. There is another one, and that is imposing upon others–“attention must be paid.” “My cause is more important than your rights.” And what is allowed to justify the second is “righteousness”, the ability to pull some kind of card. And we have allowed it. And today it morphed into “my cause is more important than your life.”

    When you allow people to think they have some kind of “holy sanction” for their cause, that an epic fight of good versus evil allows for them to take over streets and block buildings and occupy things…well…it’s a logical extrapolation that someone is one day going to buy into that “unchallengeable righteousness” and “footsoldier in struggle for justice” bit and take action. Because you have broken the natural dividing line between…”legal” and “illegal”, and left it to the individual to maintain the one between “violence” and “non-violence”.

    The best way to protest is via use of the power of reason, and not the power of physical force. And blocking something is use of physical force–for you are refusing to yield to others who have every right to be there as you do, and who in fact may be the only ones having a right to be there. And then often demanding the trespass be forgiven.

    We have got to stop normalizing the idea that it is acceptable for the Left to shut things down and block things if they say the magic word “protest”. Because it gives them the idea they are more special than others, and eventually, somebody will think they are, as I said, in an epic struggle of good versus evil, and will act upon it, as was done today.

  32. AesopFan Says:


    Jon Sommer · Bethesda – Chevy Chase High
    “..The media wants to say that every attack on a Republican is just random (even when it is planned carefully) whereas any attack on a Democrat is the product of right-wing hate (even when there is no connection). The left would love to say that this has nothing to do with the relentless venom spewed at conservatives by the media, the Democrats and in the broader culture such as college campuses.

    For example, I’m reading the NY Times article on the shooting this morning,… The story has been revised some to make it somewhat less absurd, but the basic tactics of distortion, deflection and false equivalence remain.

    … But here, where you have a progressive fueled by his self-professed hate of “Trump & Co,” the media treats it like a random shooting and there is no talk of how calling elected officials (only Republicans) “Hitler” fuels an atmosphere of hate. Of course, before Trump was called Hitler, Bush was called Hitler, and Reagan the devil incarnate.

    This all takes place in the backdrop of the hottest play in NY being the staged assassination of the President.

    Of course the media would like you to make no partisan issue of this, but the favor will never be returned in the future–you can bank on that.

  33. AesopFan Says:

    PowerLine Commenters are as astute and literate as Neo’s, and these were more than usually expressive of the putative conservative consensus.


    Darryl Tinney
    “If you really believe that Trump and the Russians and the GOP stole the election and that the Russians hacked the election. And you believe that pulling out of Paris will cause the death of millions and millions of people. And if you believe Trump fired the FBI director to cover this up. And you believe that Attorney General Session is a Russian agent then it is reasonable to shoot republicans. … Do you we look down on the French underground in WW 2? Do we look down on the Partisans in the soviet union. No. They were the Resistance! They were fighting Nazi’s. …This tragic event is the cause of the media and the Democratic Party which is basically the same thing. The media needs to come clean and say that this is all fake news and to ask for any other unhinged liberal to cancel any other murderous attacks. …”

  34. Bill Says:

    I know everyone will get back to hating each other soon, but this is nice:


    I do think we need to turn the temperature down on the tribal animosity in this country. The President could go a long way toward helping in that, and the left simply has to quit the irresponsible eliminationist rhetoric.

  35. AesopFan Says:

    Prophecy, which didn’t take a crystal ball to discover.

  36. AesopFan Says:

    Prophecy, which didn’t take a crystal ball to discover.

  37. om Says:

    To those who are sure we are already in a civil war, seem to forget that both sides in a civil war typically have little hesitancy to spill the blood of innocents. Some have spoke of little lists and those who won’t be missed. Many innocent will be collateral missing. Inconceivable.

  38. Ymar Sakar Says:

    Bill Says:
    June 14th, 2017 at 10:06 pm
    I know everyone will get back to hating each other soon, but this is nice:

    hating people is pointless. Hate evil, but few humans have the love required to control hate as a weapon. They are controlled by their hate, as the Alt Right has proven true.

    Just kill the zombies and let aO sort them out. What’s the harm, they’ll be resurrected anyways no matter what. When eternal life is promised, guaranteed, and delivered, who is going to care who got killed? Of course divine trials will carry charges of guilt, but you run the risk of law suits just by living.

    As always, count on me for good predictions and prophecies (maybe not so good).

    See, here is an example of Leftist Jihad “spray and pray” accuracy. But fear not, there is more. Once the LEft’s military personnel cadre is finished taking over the US military ranks, they will be available to offer advanced tactical marksmanship to these demonic Demoncrats, much like the BLM death squad had in Dallas.

  39. Ymar Sakar Says:

    Many innocent will be collateral missing. Inconceivable.

    Since when did you care about innocents. Hate is your bread and butter, except you can’t even control it vs Trum.

  40. om Says:


    Projecting again I see.

  41. M J R Says:

    Some or other congresscritter described today’s shooting as something tragic that happened to our (congressional) “family”.

    No. We’re not warring factions within a “family”. We’re warring factions.

    I don’t want people shot and no one of sound mind and good will wants people shot. But let’s not kid ourselves. It’s a cold war as of now, and we need for it to continue to be cold rather than hot. Nutcases like this Bernie Sanders activist don’t help *at* *all* — which brings me to one final point.

    Had this nutcase been a Trumpkin shooting at Democrats, somehow I don’t think the left would be as gracious as I’m being right now. Somehow, I *know* that the left would not at all be as gracious as I’m being right now. And that’s more than a pity. It’s a major part of the problem.

  42. Barry Meislin Says:

    “…as even Sanders has admitted in the course of his own condemnation of the attack….”

    His condemnation, yes. A real mensch!! (Cue applause!!)

    But hold on, lookee here:


    Sure seems like someone who’s been playing with matches and gasoline burns down the neighborhood and then expresses utter remorse…

    How could this have happened?, indeed….

    “BTW, I can’t take Sanders’ statement seriously.”

    No, alas. No.

  43. Geoffrey Britain Says:

    “the left simply has to quit the irresponsible eliminationist rhetoric.” Bill

    Given all that’s happened, that level of willful thinking is really quite astonishing. Get back to us when ready to discuss reality.

    “Platitudinous” indeed.

  44. Geoffrey Britain Says:

    oops, that would be “wishful thinking”.

  45. Richard Aubrey Says:

    Whether it’s politicians or the MSM, when somebody says, for example, that the republican health care bill will kill millions, they know better. They hope some of their base is dumb enough to believe them.
    Some are.

  46. Bill Says:

    GB – it’s platitudinous to want to do everything possible to avoid catastrophic violence?

    Many of you predict civil war. Thought experiment – go back to 1860 and show people on both sides what 1865 looks like.

    I know that sometimes there isn’t a choice. But how many of you are really suffering under the totalitarian yoke so badly that you’d be willing to kill, or be killed, or see your children killed. We are a million miles away from the point of no return. Republicans run everything now.

    On the other hand, your insurance rates are higher and liberals say mean things about you.

    The suffering….

    Vote. Speak up. Continue taking state houses and federal positions and continue fighting for what’s good and right. You have the freedom to do that.

    It’s better than engaging in civil war porn and revenge fantasies.

  47. Big Maq Says:

    @Bill – agree.


  48. Bill Says:

    I read the comment you linked Big Maq. Well said.

  49. Gringo Says:

    Geoffrey Brittain:
    The Chinese are laughing with delight. Few non-whites realize that should the Chinese rise to dominance, which America’s decline would ensure… the Chinese will not look upon them kindly.

    I had Chinese student roommates for years. They paid their rent on time, were quiet, and were neat housekeepers. However, I came to the conclusion that there was no one more ethnocentric than the Han. Han hung out with Han. And no, the Han do not like blacks. (Han – what the Chinese call themselves.)

    I worked for a year with a Bolivian who had graduated with an MS from a department with a lot of Chinese grad students. His reaction to my comment about the Han/Chinese being very ethnocentric: “Es una mafia.” No translation needed.

  50. Sergey Says:

    People who believe that they are in some Holy War for something imagined, are by definition crazy. Is it just a medical condition or the result of their crazy ideology, is not actually important. In both cases their behavior would be the same, and if it is impossible to lock them all in a lunatic asylum, it is possible to give them a rabid dog treatment.

  51. Big Maq Says:

    “When you believe — as Hodgkinson clearly did — that all of our problems can be solved by flicking a few switches in the Oval Office, it’s a short trip to believing that those who stand in the way are willfully evil enemies bent on barring the way to salvation. That belief won’t turn everyone into a murderer, but it shouldn’t be that shocking that it would turn someone into one.” – Jonah Goldberg

  52. GRA Says:

    “People who believe that they are in some Holy War for something imagined, are by definition crazy. Is it just a medical condition or the result of their crazy ideology, is not actually important.”

    – some Holy War for something imagined, are by definition crazy –

    Maybe I’m reading into it too much but this rubbed me the wrong way.

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