June 14th, 2017

Jeff Sessions’ Congressional testimony

Much ado about nothing:

It was said of the Seinfeld show that it was a TV program about nothing. It occurred to me, reading the transcript of Attorney General Jeff Sessions’s appearance before the Senate Intelligence Committee this afternoon, that the “Russia investigation”–this part of it, anyway–is also about nothing. Sessions must have wondered, at times, why in the world he was there. He testified that he knew nothing about the alleged Russian spear phishing of the RNC’s and DNC’s email accounts. That being the case, what questions did the Democratic senators have for him?

None of any significance, it turned out.

But it wasn’t really about “nothing.” Propaganda is not “nothing.” And the point of the Sessions session was to cement in the minds of people who don’t pay close attention to the actual content (which would be most people) the idea that he’s guilty of something.

For example, as legend has it, the inimitable LBJ once said:

The race was close and Johnson was getting worried. Finally he told his campaign manager to start a massive rumour campaign about his opponent’s life-long habit of enjoying carnal knowledge of his barnyard sows.

“Christ, we can’t get away with calling him a pig-f****r,” the campaign manager protested. “Nobody’s going to believe a thing like that.”

“I know,” Johnson replied. “But let’s make the sonofab****h deny it.”

And that’s essentially what the Democratic members of the Senate Intelligence Committee were doing.

Sessions is a smart man, and he acquitted himself well. But they made the sonofab****h deny the charges, didn’t they? If that’s not “mission accomplished,” it’s certainly “mission half accomplished.”

7 Responses to “Jeff Sessions’ Congressional testimony”

  1. arfldgr Says:

    yes, but you havent realized yet that the kabuki dance play can be stopped solidly very quickly by Trump, who wont do that…

    ie. the point is to win, not play tit for tat…

    what could trump do to really make the whole thing go away? easy… make an executive order to open up the books and show all the details of the democrats dealings with russia and their other stuff… he does have that power and there is no power that can stop him, even the courts…

    the question is and has always been, do you want to go there where once you do, then what? but note, if they do push things far enough that is where it WILL HAVE to go, because winners dont lose easy…

    Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia: After the testimony given by former FBI Director James Comey on Thursday, was there any evidence that Donald Trump or his campaign had colluded with Russia during the 2016 presidential campaign?

    Manchin bluntly answered, “We haven’t seen any of that.”

    and the pres can do this thanks to obama

    (c) Delegation of original classification authority.

    – – – – – – –


    (1) Delegations of original classification authority shall be limited to the minimum required to administer this order. Agency heads are responsible for ensuring that designated subordinate officials have a demonstrable and continuing need to exercise this authority.

    (2) “Top Secret” original classification authority may be delegated only by the President; in the performance of executive duties, the Vice President; or an agency head or official designated pursuant to paragraph (a)(2) of this section.

    (3) “Secret” or “Confidential” original classification authority may be delegated only by the President; in the performance of executive duties, the Vice President; or an agency head or official designated pursuant to paragraph (a)(2) of this section; or the senior agency official described in section 5.4(d) of this order, provided that official has been delegated “Top Secret” original classification authority by the agency head.

    (4) Each delegation of original classification authority shall be in writing and the authority shall not be redelegated except as provided in this order. Each delegation shall identify the official by name or position title.

    you know, showing this stuff may be needed as part of the execvutive duties needed to preserve the sanctity of the office of president and defend it and the constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic. eh?

  2. arfldgr Says:

    they are fighting to save hillary

    f that f – – – ing bastard [Donald Trump] wins, we all hang from nooses! [NBC’s The Today Show host Matt] Lauer’s finished…and if I lose it’s all on your heads for screwing this up.
    — Hillary Rodham Clinton, off-camera rant on September 7, 2016 // SR# 1271 NBC Crew – Crooked Hillary’s MASSIVE MELTDOWN at Commander-in-Chief Forum

    “Now I would contend, as a substantive matter, Hillary Clinton is very, very lucky that Director Comey was the director of the FBI. She may feel that he hurt her presidential chances, but let me tell you something, she should have been indicted” – Ex-chief of staff for AG Edwin Meese (1985-1988) Mark Levin

  3. arfldgr Says:

    forgot the link, sorry: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_NfFAaPZqs8

  4. AesopFan Says:


    “I think Michael Ramirez may have gotten the idea for this cartoon from my post, An Investigation of Nothing. In any event, it sums up the sad state of affairs in Washington very well. “

  5. arfldgr Says:

    Russian president Vladimir Putin on Thursday offered to give political asylum to former FBI Director James Comey, poking at tensions between Comey and President Trump.

    “If Comey will be under the threat of political persecution, we are ready to accept him here,” Putin said at a press conference, according to Russian state media outlet TASS.

  6. Ray Says:

    What is Mueller up to? I thought you had to have evidence of a crime before you appoint a special prosecutor There is no evidence of a crime. This is looking like the Fitzgerald investigation of the Valerie Plame case where no crime was committed but the investigation, AKA fishing expedition, went on for two years.

  7. NeoConScum Says:

    Hoooorrrraaaaaay for Jeff basically inviting Comrade Useless Franken to dial 1-800–BiteMe.

    Attorney General Sessions is a rock rIIbbed conservative of true honor. The simmering Al is a poster child for Lefty(Cough!!)Manhood: A VAST Testicular Concavity. VTC.

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