June 26th, 2017

It’s the eighth anniversary of FredHJr’s death

[NOTE: The following is a re-edited and updated version of a post that has appeared previously on this blog.]

Unbelievable that it’s been eight years since commenter FredHJr died suddenly and tragically. As time passes, the number of readers here who don’t remember Fred must necessarily increase, so for those of you who don’t know who FredHJr was, please see this and this, as well as these.

Fred’s death was extremely tragic for his family. But it was tragic for this blog, too, because he was an invaluable and irreplaceable member of our community, a “changer” who knew a lot about the Left, and a keen observer of politics, history, religion, culture—of life itself. I still think about him often, wondering what he’d have to say about everything that’s happened in these last eight years.

One thing I don’t think he’d say, though, is that he was surprised by much of it. Every year on the anniversary, I offer some excerpts from his many comments here.

This comment is from October 18, 2008, just a few weeks before Obama was elected president for the first time:

It’s the Marxist/Leninist ethics of expediency. No regrets. Whatever it takes to discredit anything the other side does and excuse the sins of your own side.

…this reveals a lot about who is about to take power and how they will wield it against the rest of us. They get away with it and many will not at all be troubled by it because they are shaped by the post-modernism, cultural Marxism that they imbibed during their formative and educational experience. If we as a people cannot name this accurately and expunge its corrosive influence over our lives, then down into the wages of perdition and disaster we go.

The comment is from October 28, 2008. The election was getting close:

Obama is part of a nexus of interests. What the American dopes who will put him in office are getting is a NETWORK of alliances and interests, running the gamut from Finance (Soros) to academia to media to law. Thus far, in order to appeal to the Middle Muddle he has been packaged as a moderate or centrist. But once in office the venomous swarm of this network will burst out of the nest and devour the host. You wait and see. And I’m not eager for the moment to say “I told you so.” I really would it be the case that it never happens at all. Why? Because the lives of tens of millions of human beings hang in the balance of this and mushroom clouds on the horizon. I put the value of human life far above my own frustrated rantings.

This was a comment of Fred’s from the very beginning of the Obama presidency, but I think it’s worth mulling over today:

For me, Western Civilization is an incredibly complex work that has eclectically and also seamlessly borrowed the excellence and the virtues of Athens, Jerusalem, Rome, and the Enlightenment. The High Middle Ages and the Renaissance also made important contributions. In its totality it is a meritocracy and a liberation of humanity that has resulted in ever greater learning and material prosperity and health for most of the people who live under it. It is not an unblemished history. Yet in its totality it gleams with advancement when juxtaposed against civilizations which enslave humanity.

I think the beginning of the end of our civilization began with the French Revolution and The Terror. It was the beginning of the elaboration of totalitarian thought and throughout the 19th century this kept on finding newer permutations of elegant, intellectual terror. The 20th century was the culmination of the barbarity of totalitarianism.

Islam, to me, is a separate civilization and ideology of enslavement. Once they were stopped at Poitiers and later at Vienna…

Now, with the latter part of the 20th century behind us and the dawn of a new millenium, the totalitarians in both civilizations have mated and allied, creating a very large and powerful force. We are only now just beginning to grasp the enormity of what this is and what it is accomplishing…

I almost want to say that they have won this war already, because the West is caught at a moment when most of its people do not even know about the existence of this combined Beast, much less have the will to fight it. They are ahead of us. Way ahead across many dimensions. What most helps their cause is the willful self-loathing of our people for their own civilization and heritage. It is very difficult to win this struggle when you have this enervating, entropic force that is like a millstone around the neck.

These are chosen somewhat randomly, but so very much of what I looked at that Fred had written was on target.

RIP Fred, and may your family be comforted in their grief. We miss you.

There have been other commenters here who may have died, and I would like to mention them too, but for no one else did I actually get official word of that person’s death. One commenter who comes to mind is “strcpy,” who announced that he was very ill and then disappeared shortly thereafter, about six years ago. I wrote him an email but never heard back, and I fear he’s gone. But I don’t know for sure. Another prolific commenter who disappeared years ago was Occam’s Beard.

There may be others, as well. I wouldn’t necessarily find out. Sometimes people just stop commenting, but it stands to reason some of them will have died. So I’ll take this opportunity to say RIP for all of them, whoever they may be.

I have also recently alluded to the fact that a couple of weeks ago I sustained the loss of a loved one to whom I’ve been close for about 50 years. The culprits were cancer and ultimately pneumonia, and his death has been a very sad time for me. RIP.

One writes, that `Other friends remain,’
That `Loss is common to the race’—
And common is the commonplace,
And vacant chaff well meant for grain.

That loss is common would not make
My own less bitter, rather more:
Too common! Never morning wore
To evening, but some heart did break.

13 Responses to “It’s the eighth anniversary of FredHJr’s death”

  1. J.J. Says:

    Very astute, well-crafted comments by FredHJr. He described the left and its moving parts so well. We lost a treasure trove of knowledge when Fred passed on.
    RIP, FredHJr.

    The human brain is capable of many things. To have developed writing, mathematics, the concept of money, the clock, the water powered loom, and the steam engine, which all contributed to the industrial revolution, is what it is capable of at its best. The desire and schemes to control other people through treachery and violence is what it is capable of at its worst. If more people spent their time providing goods or services to other humans and less time trying to control the way others live, we would all be much better off. Heck, even a pleasant hobby like fishing, golf, hunting, hiking, or? is a better way to spend time than in the quest to control other people’s lives. The left is always trying to control others while the right just wants to be left alone. That is one reason why the left keeps moving the ball further down the court. They’re playing a totally different game than we conservatives.

  2. Sean Says:

    A neocon who quotes Tennyson! My kinda gal.

  3. parker Says:

    I miss occam too, he/she was a delight to read. Pithy, brief,and nailed it.

  4. David Foster Says:

    “Now, with the latter part of the 20th century behind us and the dawn of a new millenium, the totalitarians in both civilizations have mated and allied, creating a very large and powerful force.”

    Years ago, visiting an old restored industrial facility, I saw a machine called an Attrition Mill. It consists of two steel disks rotated at high speed in opposite directions, crushing the material to be milled between them.

    I was immediately struck by the metaphor: Western civilization is caught in a gigantic attrition mill, with one disk being the Islamofascist enemy and the other being the Totalitarian Left.

  5. MollyNH Says:

    Would that our legislatures could come up with a concept of being “left alone ” I guess we would give up a lot trying to live
    “Off the grid”so to speak. But I know some folks are trying to, it has to be hard though , A Ted Kaczyn ski life. The liberals
    treat us like insects we must belong to this hive or else.
    The Founders would be shocked,

  6. Lorenz Gude Says:

    I come an go from commenting on this blog but am always impressed by the quality of comment here. Truth be told I don’t think I saw as clearly as Fred the double jeopardy in 2009. And I would add with the benefit of viewing it from today that we really were looking at a double double. Until recently, we were being governed by leftists who are not only in an unholy alliance with the islamofascists, but also with the Liberal Internationalists who fancy themselves citizens of the world and have no loyalty to God or Country. For all his faults, Trump saw the perpetrators of this double double and is managing to have a go at them. He engaged the first with his promise to restore border control and the second by calling out the problem of a working class left to rot. The Obushtons had no intention of lifting a finger in either of those areas.

  7. F Says:

    I remember FredHJr and was saddened by his loss. Thank you, Neo, for remembering him. How time flies! If you had asked me to guess how long it was since we last heard from him, I would have answered 3-4 years only.

  8. arfldgr Says:


  9. Gringo Says:

    From the perspective of “been there, done that,” FredHJr’s comments on the left warned less knowledgeable readers where we were going.

    Neo and many of the commenters here- myself included- left the left, but few of us had the perspective of FredHJr.

  10. Yancey Ward Says:

    I had not yet ever visited this site at the time of his death, but the first time I saw Neo post on the anniversary (maybe 4 years ago?), the handle sounded familiar to me, and I looked in the archives here and saw that FredHJr was a well respected commentator at PajamaMedia, so that is probably where I first encountered him in the mid 2000s.

  11. Ymar Sakar Says:

    Western civ is too enamored of the gods that the 1st Commandment told the Jews not to worship. Demi gods = nephiliim

  12. Baklava Says:

    Time is flying by too quick. It seems like yesterday I wrote on this blog every day, read Fred’s words and yet I have my own battles to fight.

    Miss you Fred. I hope your family is doing well. Prayers for them.

  13. GRA Says:

    I came to this blog a couple of years ago, and I only comment now and then since I don’t have much to add, but Fred seems like a person I’d like to one day emulate in erudition, love the West and familial commitment. I suppose I have the time since I believe I’m one the youngest here. And maybe one day I’ll meet Fred once I turn to dust, where I’ll bring up neo’s blog – I’ll he’ll smile and give a quip.

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