July 27th, 2017

Trump and the military transgenders

A Trump tweet is not an official presidential declaration. That is, although Trump is the president, and in his tweets he’s usually declaring something (unless he’s asking a question), tweets are not official statements of policy that he is enacting.

Trump’s tweets act more like testings of the waters, fingers in the wind, and as such they are part of the “mutable” aspect of his personality and his presidency. In them, he’s doing market research for his brand, as it were. In this case, Trump’s initial messages went like this:

On Wednesday morning, Trump wrote that “after consultation with my generals and military experts, please be advised that the United States government will not accept or allow transgender individuals to serve in any capacity in the U.S. Military.

“Our military must be focused on decisive and overwhelming victory and cannot be burdened with the tremendous medical costs and disruption that transgender in the military would entail,” Trump added. “Thank you.”

A predictable firestorm ensued, despite the fact that it was only one year ago that the military became transgender-friendly at the behest of Commander-in-Chief Obama. That article I just linked about Obama stated that it would take a year to “fully implement” that policy, and when I read it just now I wondered whether the policy had been fully implemented yet. I found the answer here: no, it had been postponed.

You may also have noticed that this article stated that there are “thousands” of transgendered people serving in the military. That’s a common assertion in the press and by proponents of Obama’s policy, but the fact is we haven’t a clue how many transgendered people actually serve in the military. That estimate is based on a set of extrapolations that go like this:

Lieu spokesman Jack d’Annabale said the congressman got his estimate (of thousands) from a May 2014 brief by researchers at UCLA’s Williams Institute on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Law and Public Policy.

They used responses to the National Transgender Discrimination Survey, sent to respondents by the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force and the National Center for Transgender Equality. The definition of transgender included “those whose gender identity or expression differs from those traditionally associated with their assigned sex at birth,” according to the study.

Extrapolating that 0.3 percent of the population identified as transgender, UCLA’s researchers estimated that there were “approximately 15,500 transgender individuals are serving on active duty or in the Guard or Reserve forces.” It also said that about 134,400 transgender people were veterans or retired.

Another study published in the New England Journal of Medicine in September 2015 used data from the UCLA brief and other sources to determine that 12,800 service member would be eligible for transgender health care. The study suggested of those, 188 would use benefits for transition services, at a cost of $4.2 million to $5.6 million.

You can study the results of that first survey here. Let’s just say it’s deeply flawed, and for various reasons I suspect the true figures are significantly smaller (I plan to write a separate post on that subject, but maybe not today).

The most meaningful real-world data we have is this:

About 250 troops have officially come out as transgender since the Obama administration lifted the ban on transgender troops in 2016.

That’s all we really know about this entire issue.

My opinion is that this should be handled by the military on a case by case basis. After all, transgendered people are hardly a unitary group. There are those who just feel vaguely uncomfortable in their own skin and yet are pretty quiet about it and not asking for benefits, although they might identify as transgendered in some general way (a definition in that survey, for example, included “those whose gender identity or expression differs from those traditionally associated with their assigned sex at birth,” and it includes people who call themselves “gender non conforming” as well as cross=dressers). Then there are those who entered the service with only vague feelings that they are “gender nonconforming” but whose feelings crystallized while in the service and they are now demanding transition services and even surgery. The opposite end of the spectrum would be people who were already fully transitioned on entry and who had the surgery some years ago.

It sounds as though the Joint Chiefs were unprepared for Trump’s tweets, and my guess is that it was because Trump made no effort to prepare them:

“There will be no modifications to the current policy until the president’s direction has been received by the secretary of defense and the secretary has issued implementation guidance,” Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Joseph Dunford wrote in a letter…

He stressed that “we will continue to treat all of our personnel with respect” while the military waits for further direction.

He also wrote that the issue should not distract the military from its warfighting mission.

Ah, but these issues have been pretty distracting for quite some time.

Trump indicated that the idea behind his ban was to save money and end “disruption.” I think the money involved is a mere drop in the bucket. I’m not sure how bad the “disruption” is, but I doubt it’s had the effect of sending general enlistment rates soaring. That said, Trump as Commander-in-Chief has the right to do this, and there are possible bona fide reasons for doing it, some of them listed here by Paul Mirengoff of Powerline.

60 Responses to “Trump and the military transgenders”

  1. Matt_SE Says:

    There are also always disgruntled troops, for a variety of reasons, who would not be too embarrassed to claim transgendered status if they thought they could get some benefit out of it. Then, there are always the shit-stirrers who do things out of boredom.

    So we can’t even be sure the 250 number is accurate.

  2. Matt_SE Says:

    When you get down to it, the things that motivate young men to be willing to die for are viewed by the left as quaint, passe, or bigoted and unenlightened.
    The problem is that very few people are willing to die for leftism.
    That’s why so much of the military votes Republican: they’re Republicans.

  3. Cornhead Says:

    This comment is tied into the previous post regarding what the MSM does and does not cover.

    A couple of months back the Omaha World-Herald ran a lengthy story about a trans at the local Air Force base. Lots of time spend reporting the story and lots of pictures. I think even a picture in a swimsuit or gym clothes. All very favorable and sympathetic. No mention as to who paid for the surgery and drugs.

    Today the follow up appeared and the member reported that she cried and cried when she got the news. Her coworkers were all supportive.

    My point is that this story was obviously ginned up by the Human Rights Campaign or some similar organization. Part of the narrative is that even in flyover Nebraska, the military accepts trans and it is just a normal deal.

    She worked as a teacher of linguists. We have to teach our people the languages of our enemies. Recall that Reality B. Winner (the leaker) spoke Pashtun and some other languages of the Muslims.

  4. parker Says:

    I am long ago tired of the topic of ‘transgender’. There is no such thing/person. XX or XY is the rule with extremely rare exceptions. ‘Transgenderism’ is actually a mental health issue. It is not something to be supported or pampered. These are confused and delusional people that need help, not hormones or surgery. The idea that they be allowed access to full auto weapons or in a submarine is absurd.

  5. Cap'n Rusty Says:

    If the ban on transgenderds in the military takes effect, it seems to me that we will get an accurate count of how many had been in the military. After all, it’s pretty obvious when your plumbing doesn’t agree with your choice. And if your plumbing does agree with your choice, well, then, you’re not really transgendered, are you?

    I expect the estimates are way too high.

  6. Mike K Says:

    I examine applicants to the military and we had a briefing in June. The problems with dealing with this are enormous. A lot of people heaved a sigh of relief when Mattis ended this with his “postponement.”

    Trump is just taking the heat for his generals. The left would have them testifying about their “bigotry” he hadn’t done this. How many remember Bob Stumpf whose career was destroyed by Tailhook in the Clinton era.

  7. Cornhead Says:

    This transgender issue became important once the LGBT lobby won on same-sex marriage. They needed grist for the fundraising mill. It is a big business.

  8. Big Maq Says:

    David French has a good take on this…

    “(trump) does good things, and he does bad things, but he does all things against a backdrop of impulsiveness, chaos, and divisiveness that undermines sound polices even as it does immense damage to the body politic.”

  9. steve walsh Says:

    Can transgenders do the job, as required, or not? Are there negative impacts on the performance of other soldiers due to the presence of transgender persons in the unit, or not?

    Let’s answer those questions and the rest will take care of itself.

  10. Oldflyer Says:

    I agree with Parker. If the chromosones don’t support the psychology; then there is a psychological problem. The military does not need to take on psychological problems.

    If there are 2.500 transgenders now in the military, they are obviously living in harmony with their biology.

  11. Geoffrey Britain Says:

    On a naval ship, there’s little to no privacy for enlisted personnel.

    When a ship arrives in port and liberty is called, why should it bother some guy to see the guy next to him slipping on a dress and high heels and then applying lipstick and makeup?

    Why should it make him uncomfortable that since the guy ‘identifies’ as female, ‘she’ might reasonably make a pass at him?

    Why should female sailors object to having to take showers with biological males?

    While a female who identifies as a male will have every right to demand that fellow sailors brought up on charges, when showering with ‘him’ and seeing a naked biologically female body, they react with an erection… after all, isn’t that at least a ‘microaggression’, right?

    Of course this is designed to disrupt the military, that’s the point.

  12. J.J. Says:

    I would like to be charitable and tolerant toward all people. When it comes to the military, I am much less tolerant.

    It all started with the women’s equality movement. Get more women in the military. Get them in airplanes, aboard combat ships, in ground combat units, in the SEALS and Rangers. All without examining the problems involved. And now the problems are covered up or denied. The Navy is constantly shorthanded aboard its warships because of unforeseen pregnancies. Put young people of the opposite sex in a confined space like a ship in the ocean and sex will occur – regs be damned.

    Back in the day I had admin departments that were all waves or all sailors. Both got the work done efficiently and on time. A department with a mix of waves and sailors working together was not as efficient. Too much sexual tension and gamesmanship. Yes, waves got preggers back then, but did not have to be shipped off to lighter duty until the late stages – unlike aboard ship or in a combat unit.

    Let women serve, but not in billets where female issues can hurt a unit’s readiness.

    Now it’s the gays and transgenders. Different set of problems, but still problems that detract from good order, readiness, and discipline. How many heterosexual young men want to be cooped up in close quarters in a shipboard berthing area with other men who are gay? Maybe I’m wrong, but my guess is that a majority of the heterosexuals would like to opt out. There are enough irritations in shipboard life without having to deal with some shipmate making unwanted passes at you or openly leering at you.

    Military life, especially aboard combatant ships and in forward deployed ground combat units, is all about doing the job, staying cohesive, and winning in battle. Social justice experiments to promote tolerance of the LGBT community are not wise use of taxpayer funds for the defense of the country.

    There are many physical and mental conditions that disqualify people from serving. The reason: The military does not want the expense and aggravation of dealing with such. Transgendered people fit that category. If they want to serve the country, there are other ways – run for office, join the Job Core, join the Peace Corps, go to work for a defense company, etc.

    Note: I have some gay friends. All nice people who keep what they do in the bedroom to themselves. We chose to associate with one another, unlike in the military where you have no choice. That works for me. But I suppose my comment is that of an old homophobic, anti-feminist curmudgeon. So, sue me.

  13. Oldflyer Says:

    For the most part, JJ, Parker, and I are on the same page. We may, or may not, be right but we have been in the environment.

  14. huxley Says:

    I too am weary of using the US military as a platform for leftist social justice experimentation.

    If Trump follows through on this TG ban via official channels, he’s got my support.

    However, I detect cloudy plumes of squid ink intended to obscure the current Sessions brouhaha as well as the ongoing Russia stuff, whatever that is.

  15. Ray Says:

    Sex is a term from biology and refers to a classification of individuals as male or female based on chromosomes.
    Gender is a term from linguistics and refers to a classification of nouns as masculine, feminine or neuter based on the language
    A long time ago a quack psychologist culturally misappropriated the word gender to promote what he called gender fluidity.
    I haven’t been able to find any definition of gender and transgender that made any sense. Look at the APA definition. Back when I was a college student we joked that the psychology majors were the most mentally screwed up kids on campus. The APA are obviously suffering from sex and gender confusion.

    Gender (n): the condition of being male, female, or neuter. In a human context, the distinction between gender and SEX reflects the usage of these terms: Sex usually refers to the biological aspects of maleness or femaleness, whereas gender implies the psychological, behavioral, social, and cultural aspects of being male or female (i.e., masculinity or femininity.)

  16. Dave Says:

    My dream was to be a lingerie model but I have never let Victoria’s Secret denying me of a chance to fulfill my dream get to me or Planning to organising campaigns to try to change the law to force lingerie stores using images of me in lingeries on their ads.

  17. Richard Saunders Says:

    Gender dysphoria is a serious mental disease. The military does not take people who are mentally ill. The military does not take people with flat feet, for Pete’s sake! Hell, I had to fight to get my commission because I had bad hay fever!

    I suppose once a person completes gender reassignment surgery I would be willing to consider relaxing the policy, although I still think he/she/it has serious mental problems. But under no circumstances should a “transitioning” person be accepted, nor should someone be permitted to stay in while transitioning. and especially neither the military nor the VA should pay for the treatments, including the surgery. That’s elective surgery, and the military medical system should not have to pay for it, the same as liposuction, a boob job, or a hair transplant.

  18. TommyJay Says:

    It might have been smarter and less abrasive if Trump had created an exception for those trans folks already serving with good fitness reports.

    Neo already said that one of the reports she mentions is suspect, but I find one factoid highly suspicious. 188 trans folks would (future tense) use transition services amounting to about $5M. Come on! I’d guess $0.5M per person, especially when lifetime VA services come in. The costs would not be negligible.

    One of the shocking things about the military/political history of many countries including the US is the refusal to pay for veteran benefits over the long term. I don’t think WWI vets were ever made whole.

  19. huxley Says:

    TommyJay: Gender reassignment procedures are quite expensive, never mind how effective they may or may not be.

    Count me as a taxpayer who didn’t appreciate paying for Bradley Manning’s “transition.”

  20. Dave Says:

    Progressives forcing every person in socity to believe transgender is normal because they are against society forcing everyone to believe transgender is weird. If Both actions involve forcing someone to believe in something against their will, why is one thing right and one thing is wrong?

  21. Geoffrey Britain Says:


    “Maybe I’m wrong but my guess is that a majority of the heterosexuals would like to opt out.”

    You’re not wrong, the greater the acquiescence to political correctness, the lower the enlistment and reenlistment of those on the right.

    But why wouldn’t the Left welcome a military that in time will be made up overwhelmingly of their victim groups?


    “I haven’t been able to find any definition of gender and transgender that made any sense.”

    It is your obsolete, reactionary biases that prevents you from grasping the new paradigm in understanding.

    Dave @ 8:51,

    Never give up! You go ‘girl’!

    Richard Saunders,

    “The military does not take people who are mentally ill.”

    This and this argue otherwise.


    “It might have been smarter and less abrasive if Trump had created an exception for those trans folks already serving with good fitness reports.”

    It might have been a bit less abrasive but given the nature of the people we are dealing with, IMO it would not have been smarter. We’re in a knife fight and fighting by the “Marquis of Queensbury rules” is a formula for defeat. Civility has to be a two way street or it’s just a license for getting mugged.

  22. Ann Says:

    Worth a read: “The Orwellian nightmare of transgender politics”

  23. Geoffrey Britain Says:


    Thank you for that link. Anyone who says it can’t happen here is in willful denial.

    Conservative students ARRESTED for handing out Constitutions

    From Ann’s linked article;

    “The problem with the gender-recognition tyranny is that it doesn’t only say ‘identify however you please’ – it also cajoles public institutions, and by extension the public at large, to accept an individual’s self-identification.

    And it cannot be long before we will face punishment for refusing to do so.

    In New York, employers who ‘intentionally’ misgender the man who identifies as a woman can be fined $250,000.

    Soon we might all find ourselves forced under pain of financial retribution to say something we consider to be a lie.

    Speaking the truth, or what a huge number of people consider to be the truth, could become a criminal act.”

  24. Ed Bonderenka Says:

    Would having a sex organ, where you don’t believe it should be, qualify as a serious birth defect?
    Should we enlist people with serious birth defects?

  25. Irene Says:

    xoxo, Gaga‏Verified account @ladygaga Jul 26

    . @POTUS Sincerely, did you know of the group you singled out today, 45% of them ages (18 to 24) have attempted suicide already?

    Just what the military needs….

  26. Csimon621 Says:

    Mike K –
    I’m amazed so few focus on the enormous complications even a tiny number of transgenders would cause under everyday peacetime operations, never mind war theatres. Why do so many focus on needs & rights of transgenders instead of the huge majority of troops who identify with “sex assigned at birth?!) I don’t think there are many male or female troops who would feel comfortable or be amenable to sharing bathroom and shower facilities with those physically of opposite sex. Why don’t we hear or read more about their feelings and needs? I am regularly amazed at the influence of the Left and political correctness successfuly forcing the many to change their behavior to comply with or adapt to the needs and wants of the few, even where its the very, very few.
    ( even as I write this a little voice in my own mind seems t

  27. groundhog Says:

    US is ordering Americans families of US embassy out of Venezuela.

  28. Csimon621 Says:

    seems to whisper and tug at my guilt reflex & I think “Am I being too mean? What about those poor different ones…” The psychological effects of political correctness have slowly but surely affected most of our thinking. I am annoyed by it but at same time my instinct to be a “good” & “caring” person seems just what Left counts on to change rest of us. And changing us is what they live to do.

    Neo– You have psychological background. What do you think?

  29. parker Says:

    There is NO SUCH THING as a ‘transgendered’ human being. PERIOD. End of discussion. Those Xx imaging they should be XY or those XY imaging they are XX are mentally ill. Stop using the made up word ‘transgendered’. These souls are mental and need thereapy, not hormone therapy or surgery.

    If anything they are male or female homosexuals that are afraid of their homosexuality and hide behind the myth of transexual. I have no problem with tolerationg homosexuality. I refuse to buy into the fantasy that there are these mythical people named ‘transgendered’. Stop surpporting this dangerous and utterly stupid narrative. It is impossible to be ‘transgendered’ it is possible to be a confused puppy.

  30. Csimon621 Says:

    I have no formal psychological or pschiatric training, but I am reluctant to make a declaritive statement that there is no such thing as transgenders. I believe it’s possible. Quite rare but not non-existent Mistakes do occur in nature: rare genetic conditions or syndromes or diseases… or something for which we have no explanation. I tend to be suspect when a condition is claimed to be so pervasive that it becomes a cause. Even more so when said condition is celebrated or used as a tool to shame others.
    That being said, I think “transgender” might be psychologically based, might be a biological condition or some combination of both. There are any number of situations in which various conditions make people unfit for duty because the accomodations required to support their needs are impractical in the great scheme of running such large operations as the military. Surely transgenderism falls in this category and the costs (not just the medical costs or even sex-change surgeries for those that want (need?) them, but even more, the sheer scale of adaptations necessary across all aspects of operations to accomodate a relative few outweighs the practical benefits of their contributions.

  31. Ymar Sakar Says:

    The person that ran Trum’s Republican grassroots campaign had a better clue of how to get focus group community feedback. Trum should go back to that family member, if he wants feedback from people he trusts.

    His paranoia and the whispers he hears at night, is leading him to be very cautious of people now.

  32. huxley Says:

    I find the transgender thing mystifying. I have my share of kink but somehow it doesn’t require surgery or 24/7 costuming or custom pronouns or accommodation by all my fellow citizens.

    Sometimes I wish I was taller, thinner, younger or more attractive. Sometimes I wish I was more like a romantic leading man in the movies. It’s sad my life isn’t more like my fantasies, but somehow I manage to carry on without it ruining my day-to-day experience.

    So I guess being transgender is deeper than that. However, the only things I can come up with as comparisons are anorexia and alien hand syndrome and those are both considered disorders, not colors on a Castro Street rainbow flag.

  33. Pandora Says:

    I love Lady Gaga’s tweet helping to make Trump’s point.

    Do you want to put advanced weaponry and the defense of this country in the hands of a population subset that is so mentally unstable that 45% of them have attempted suicide before age 24?

    We’ve already seen the havoc that this can play with national security vis a vis Manning’s massive treasonous leaks, all because “she” was upset over a breakup with a boyfriend.

  34. OldTexan Says:

    My military experience was 50 years ago and of course my thoughts about all this crap are based on my own experiences. The purpose of military units is to bring death and destruction or the threat of death and destruction on the enemy period.

    That is best done by young men from 18 to 24 years who are full of testosterone, full of themselves, rowdy, ready to go die for their brothers in arms. If there are young women today who can do that standing side by side with the guys then so be it, I don’t understand that but it might be a change that is real.

    I did know at one time how to take young men who had been through a year of training in the Army and help them become part of a small unit working together to get the job done. 50 years ago that was accomplished by putting them in their place, picking on them with some humor and threats of being shipped out to a different job if they could not perform.

    We were not worried about hurting anyone’s feelings because our attitude was if the government want soldiers to have feeling they would have been issued feelings. So shut up, do your job, pick up your part of the load or get the hell out of here and go peal potatoes for the next few years.

    How to fit some poor confused misfits into the mix is beyond me. Those people were trying hard to get out of the draft 50 years ago and now trying make everyone else who is serving bend their brains around to accommodate a person who is most likely to have difficulty dealing with grueling, life and death, at times kill or get killed situations is a road to disaster.

    It is hard enough to build an effective volunteer military today without added confusion. Along those lines, Trump needs to take a few minutes, talk to Mattis and find out how to change things, quietly make the changes and then announce them in conjunction with his joint chiefs of staff.

    That will be all.

  35. DNW Says:

    “If Both actions involve forcing someone to believe in something against their will, why is one thing right and one thing is wrong?”

    You logically posit that if a claim of right purports to be universal, then it must be reciprocal. If equal privilege or right to participate or not, then equal right or privilege to … well, participate or not.

    But as the petulant child who was whining about not receiving equal ice cream privileges informed me after he was directed to eat the same vegetables his brother did on the basis of his own equality claim: “Equal is only for things you like”.

    The fact is that the organisms of the left talk equality when it suits them, and then like Karl Marx will claim that equality really is unequal because man’s natural capacities differ individually.

    So their real premise is that you exist for their benefit, as an appreciative audience, as a sea of humanity upon which they may backstroke, as a tissue which they may use to clean up after themselves.

    It is nowadays called by the sacred name of “Inclusion”; meaning that your life is their life, your club their club, your genes, placed at their service, your will subsumed to their imagination, your life efforts dedicated to their “self-expression”

    It’s only right they say because that is what God wants. All for his special made in His image and likeness one-humanity. Except sometimes it is better to say that there is no God, and that there is no objective human nature, and therefore no core to humanness, as well.

    It all depends on how you feel, that day.

  36. DNW Says:

    “That is best done by young men from 18 to 24 years who are full of testosterone, full of themselves, rowdy, ready to go die for their brothers in arms. If there are young women today who can do that standing side by side with the guys then so be it, I don’t understand that but it might be a change that is real.”

    Yes I suppose “they” could. But why should they?

    Possibly something about reinterpreting the constitution and our social “obligations” in light of blah, blah, blah … probably.

    It’s the specious “seeing yourself in others” gibberish peddled by Obama.

    Take an easier case. Why should healthy young unobligated men, whose aim is to find a healthy and willing young woman; and then by marshaling and concentrating his efforts raise a healthy family up, spend one second of his life dealing with or aiding the propagation of, or enabling the realization of, lesbianism per se?

    It and they are of no per se use whatever to his aims and goals, and in fact may tend subvert his social aims. All cost: no benefit.

    Need a sexless drone? Build a robot instead.

    And if we wish to posit a more complex situation wherein the perverted already exist, and must be dealt with one way or another at least while they live out their natural lives; then why would it not at be reasonable to ensure that that they in future be excluded from among one’s circle of shared risks and aims associates, especially if a cure could be found?

    Is there some moral principle which states that it is incumbent upon any potential grouping of persons associating for mutual advantage, that they must make themselves endlessly liable to demands made by anyone and everyone for “solidarity”, on the claimants own terms?

    It is in trying to answer that question, i.e., the old “gay ram cure” question, that the real … and for lack of a better word … ‘metaphysical’ view of the hedonic nihilist organism come to be clearly visible.

  37. Big Maq Says:

    Sort of off topic a bit (women, not trans), but inspired by JJ’s comment:

    How does the Isreali military handle this for women?

    Seems they have women in their military, conscripted, no less, iirc.

    I get the argument about the challenges of having women, for a variety of reasons, and maybe the Isrealis assign to them a set category of roles or have other arrangements than having them on the front line with men?


    Do they have all the problems as suggested? Maybe they do, but have mitigated the impact somehow?


    Anyone knowledgeable here who can speak to this?

  38. DNW Says:

    Looks like our doughty maverick war hero McCain did it to the cause of American liberty again. Always there to patriotically short circuit our rights at the last moment.

    If I hear that someone is launching that self-serving closet-collectivist son-of-a-bitch from a trebuchet into a paved parking lot, I will be the first to buy a ticket.

  39. arfldgrs Says:

    out of an audience of thousands only a few people understand the magic of the magician… but no one will listen, because they truly LOVE being tricked and not getting it right…. predictability is soooo boring dahlink

    but you can hide in boring as obama hid in a church with offensive stuff… makes it easy to deal with others and never been seen, cause you have to put up with that other stuff to even be there.

    if things are never put together so they can be seen synergystically as functional parts in a whole, and are forever discussed as separate isolated concepts, no one will wake up… at least not until it doesnt matter whether they do or dont..

    “Dearly beloved, we are gathered here together to honor the memory of President Donald Trump, who was…. Well, what was he?” We are not sure. But now, of course, he is a poltical corpse (like the country itself).

    Because of the Republicans in Congress, it seems, Obamacare will remain the law of the land. Crony capitalism will continue to strangle us economically. Our China trade will gradually reduce us to Third World status. Political correctness will continue its march toward full blown Stalinism. The family will continue to disintegrate. The birthrate will continue to plummet. In the end, the Muslims will own it all — because even the Mexicans and Chinese will stop having babies.

    the Republic, which is dead, will not even be remembered; for the Muslims will not remember us. They will not honor our ancestors. That was our duty, which we refused to accept. Even our Constitution will be forgotten. And, of course, it already is. We have a Constitution in name only. We have Republicans in name only. Our Democrats are Bolsheviks and our Bolsheviks are doing for us what they did for Russia. They are killng us. They have elminated all our instincts. The critical instinct, of course, is the survival instinct; and that is long gone, long erased. The younger the citizen, the less instinct remains. Finally, there is no citizen at all. There is nothing.

    It is the “suicide of the West” writ large. No turning back. Because it’s all about convenience.

    The next generation of Americans? They are left with three ideas:
    (1) procreation is unnecessary;
    (2) having fun is all that matters;
    (3) don’t think about your country.
    – Nyquist

    we never uprooted Marxism. We never stopped the subversion of our country. It has infected us. It has taken over our schools. It has defeated motherhood. It has castrated the father. We are tranvestited. We are transexualized. In other words, we are neutered.

    Imagine reconstituting instinctual existence from scratch, with nothing but misguided political correctness to go by. There will be only one voice, one viable way out; and it will sound, at the eleventh hour, like the voice of Ann Barnhardt; full of contempt for what we have done to ourselves, for our weakness, for our degradation, for our fall from Grace.

    the job of saving a nation was never going to be entertaining. the building of the republic and the discussions to make it so, was so not entertaining. what makes everyone think that without whats missing in the omissions, and with the idea that it has to be enjoyable, and so on, that anything would go in anyh other direction, but for a small pull back as a dog will pull back on a leash only to in a short time be corrected back on track…

    but, the truth is, only our posterity will care
    cause its like the song says
    I may be going to hell in a handbasket, but at least i am enjoying the ride
    Posterity will never see the outside before that ride..

    and thats just how its going to be…
    you only have to put the separate pieces together to see how they work together to understand how benign things like glycerine can turn into something horrid and volotile… so much so, when a brother died, the nobel prize was created in memory (cause there wasnt anything left of the brother to remember).

  40. arfldgrs Says:

    the above slightly edited to make the point..
    not that it matters a whit

  41. Dave Says:

    Transgender people are a bunch of tyrants who’s way to fix their mental disorder is by using the power of the media and government to force everyone else to think their little disorder is normal. Go get help to try to have your root problems resolved instead of putting a gun at everyone else’s head and forcing them to tell you that you are normal. That is why I can’t stand democrats, instead of persuading mentally ill people to seek help, they indulge their disorders, and egging them to fight for their “rights” by making everyone thinks their illnesses are “normal” It is an disorder when an organ doesn’t function the way it is supposed to, if your ears can’t hear, you have a disorder, if your legs can’t walk, you have a disorder, if you are a man who was decided by nature to be attracted to women but not, you have a disorder and need to be treated.

  42. arfldgrs Says:

    Given the drift.. [besides the way they play the game being the same old thing from the 1930s its just we dont know it, its omitted… just as magyar struggle, and other things are… what i have also pointed out is that they will NOT under any circumstances, let someone take an office that isnt dirty in some way that can be controlled. IF someone did get in office, everything AND the kitchen sink would be thrown at them – a la trump. with washington holding less material than a seive trying to carry murcury, dont ya think that if something real at all, even a smidgeon, the hammer would have dropped? at the election? not this far out? Trump has had so many people on him trying to get him from childhood onwards, the ONLY defense is to be clean so anything they would come up with would be “trumped up”. the rest here is a distraction, get the kiddies of the enemies opposition all up and ruinning in the wrong directoin and their leaders stuck not being able to reign them in and be effective]

    anons have located a YouTube channel belonging to the notorious criminal who’s tied to the DNC and specifically Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Imran Awan.

    i will leave it at that as the contents of what it is and what he is into makes humma, weiner, clinton, and him just a bit more interesting…

  43. Dave Says:

    Transgenders will never be happy because the problem is that they have defects such as chemical imbalance in their brains giving them illusions, believing they would be happier in a different gender is just a syndrome of the mental disorder, the manifestation of it. gender reassignment surgery will not bring happiness, will not change anything as the root problem has not been fixed and the disorder will manifestation in some other ways…

  44. neo-neocon Says:

    Big Maq:

    Here’s some information on the role of women in the IDF.

  45. Dave Says:

    I have a very simple solution, have democrat voting liberal millionaires and billionaires pay for the reassignment surgeries. If so many social injustice problems in society can be solved by spending money I don’t understand why they still haven’t been resolved already when so many billionaires with money to spare are progressives, money should be no object when these billionaire socialists can just use their money to advance their social injustice fighting. Transgenders should have the surgeries and direct their doctors to send the bill to bill gates and Lady GaGa or George Clooney.

  46. Dave Says:

    Lady Gaga’s net worth is enough to pay for 1000 reassignment surgeries, George Clooney’s net worth is enough to pay for 10000 surgeries and Bill Gate’s net worth is enough to pay for 1000000 surgeries, Bill Gates alone has enough money to give every transgender person in world a transition operation, just do it.

  47. Kyndyll G Says:

    Based on my pre-fad experience with transgenders, it appeared to be less a sex issue than a profound internal unhappiness issue in which someone, for reasons long since forgotten, has formed a fantasy about being the opposite sex and decided that life would be better, complete, right, etc., if they could make that fantasy real. The problem is, the fantasy is not real, and that’s not really the underlying cause of the unhappiness to begin with, so even if they achieve their goal of (sort of) being the opposite sex, there they are … the same miserable, unhappy person they always were.

    It’s really no different than anyone else who has serious maladjustment and unhappiness issues and has obsessively decided that all their woes in life are due to some factor (which is a sort of placeholder rather than a realistic cause of any actual issues) and equally obsessively believes that some action or development related to that factor would magically fix their life. It won’t.

    It’s just that in this case, it crosses over to weird sexual situations that rightly or otherwise freak people out, such as penises in women’s locker rooms or the awkward social life a formerly male transgender friend of mine who was, before and after “the change”, attracted to women. (Yeah. So you had a fully equipped genetic male, who intentionally looked like a woman and did a fairly good job of it, who liked woman … and then became a surgically altered former male, who likes women. The dating pool is limited in this scenario. But that’s not the story here.)

    The issue, IMO, is in the left’s attempt to normalize what is obviously a mental disorder and literally encourage impressionable young people to think it’s cool. (Anyone who has recently decided that they’re transgender … isn’t. It’s just cool and it’s this generation’s hip new “look at me” way of handling unhappiness.) Ultimately, it’s a person’s right to live their life as they choose, but acting like this disorder is in any way normal or healthy – or actually fixed by changing outward appearance – is bad for everyone – especially miserable f’ed up people who go through “the change” and find out that doesn’t fix their problems, since their real gender was never the problem to begin with.

  48. Ann Says:

    How does the Isreali military handle this for women?

    According to a 2016 Times of Israel article, women in the Israel Defence Forces serve in combat units, but:

    Though more women are serving in combat roles, positions in infantry and armored brigades have been deemed too physically demanding for female soldiers.

    The equipment they have to be able to carry is too heavy, the distances the soldiers have to be able to travel are too far. At least this is what the IDF’s Medical Corps and the army’s gender affairs adviser to the chief of staff have determined.

    These are not decisions based on women’s intellect, determination, or desire to serve. They are based on simple equations of body mass, muscle type, bone density and other physiological attributes, Lt. Col. (res.) Dr. Yuval Heled, head of the Institute for Military Physiology at Tel Hashomer’s Sheba Medical Center, told The Times of Israel.

    “You need to be at this weight; you need to be able to run such and such a distance at a specific speed; you need to be able to evacuate a wounded soldier to such and such a distance; your muscle power needs to be that,” he explained.

    Female soldiers have been shown time and again to excel in a variety of military and combat fields, including marksmanship and team building, but carrying a stretcher with an injured soldier on it 50 kilometers (30 miles) is not one of them.

    “Physiologically, a woman is not necessarily suited for every position that a man is,” Shavtai [the army’s gender affairs adviser] said.

    “We’re not prepared to open every position no matter the cost,” she added.

    As it is, female combat soldiers suffer from stress fractures and other injuries at a dramatically higher rate than their male counterparts. In the IDF’s mixed-gender Caracal Battalion, 40 percent of the female soldiers had some kind of injury, and in the Artillery Corps, that number was close to 70%, the IDF revealed this summer in the army’s Bamahane magazine. Female soldiers suffered about twice as many injuries as the male soldiers in the same units did.

  49. huxley Says:

    Ann: Thanks!

    I hope you continue to post.

  50. Richard Aubrey Says:

    A separate issue is that whichever marginalized group happens to be the flavor of the month can demand and get special treatment and escape certain disciplinary issues by claiming or threatening to claim discrimination.
    Nidal Hasan’s appalling professional performance was well known as was his demonstrated islamic nutcasery. His presentations to others in the medical field were disturbing.
    He should have been passed over for promotion twice–physicians start as captains–and thence separated from the Army.
    Instead, he was promoted, which is to say that certain other captains were passed over and, although the details of their service are not known, it’s hard to think they were worse than Hasan.
    The Army announced they were going to investigate thirty-nine officers who might have been in a position to stop Hasan’s greased slide to the shooting gallery.
    Their most telling excuse–that it would be career suicide to give a Muslim officer less than superlative efficiency reports–would not fly, since nobody wrote it down. It was just known. Don’t want to be accused of islamophobia….you know what to do.
    There is no reason to think trans individuals wouldn’t do that.
    Most of us are old enough to recall feminists insisting that there would never be a call to reduce or gender norm physical requirements for femalle cops, soldiers, or firefightiers.
    We can recall when gay activists scoffed at the paranoia of ignorant bigots who said…next we’ll see gay marriage.
    And some of us are old enough to remember Hubert Humphrey saying that if affirmative action turned into a quota issue, he’d eat a copy of the bill.

  51. Ymar Sakar Says:

    Israeli women haven’t been serving on the front lines since the early Israeli wars of independence from the Arabs.

    As for homo gaystapo units, they run into the problem of it being against the Torah. Even non religious Jews not part of Judaism will accept that Moses was their founder and should be believed. Sorta like US Founding Fathers.

  52. Ymar Sakar Says:

    Most of us are old enough to recall feminists insisting that there would never be a call to reduce or gender norm physical requirements for femalle cops, soldiers, or firefightiers.

    That’ll be the next thing they erased. Which in fact, they already did for this gen of college students.

  53. Delilah Says:

    The money is NOT just a drop in the bucket, with sex change surgery costing over $250,000 a pop and drug treatment a lifetime expense.

  54. AesopFan Says:

    Dave Says:
    July 28th, 2017 at 2:12 pm
    I have a very simple solution, have democrat voting liberal millionaires and billionaires pay for the reassignment surgeries. If so many social injustice problems in society can be solved by spending money I don’t understand why they still haven’t been resolved already when so many billionaires with money to spare are progressives, money should be no object when these billionaire socialists can just use their money to advance their social injustice fighting.
    * * *
    Works for me.
    The biggest problem with the progressives is that they want to pick the “charity” and have the bill sent to me.
    The Left just wants to cause trouble.

  55. AesopFan Says:

    Cornhead Says:
    July 27th, 2017 at 6:52 pm
    This transgender issue became important once the LGBT lobby won on same-sex marriage. They needed grist for the fundraising mill. It is a big business.
    * * *
    The answer to lots of questions about “why the Left does anything”.

  56. AesopFan Says:

    Geoffrey Britain Says:
    July 27th, 2017 at 7:56 pm

    Of course this is designed to disrupt the military, that’s the point.
    * * *

  57. AesopFan Says:

    Csimon621 Says:
    July 28th, 2017 at 1:06 am
    seems to whisper and tug at my guilt reflex & I think “Am I being too mean? What about those poor different ones…” The psychological effects of political correctness have slowly but surely affected most of our thinking. I am annoyed by it but at same time my instinct to be a “good” & “caring” person seems just what Left counts on to change rest of us. And changing us is what they live to do.
    * * *
    The Devil always perverts some Positive emotion to create a Negative situation. Sometime you have to practice what used to be called “tough love” — doing things that are hard because that is what is needed.

  58. AesopFan Says:

    DNW Says:
    July 28th, 2017 at 10:34 am
    “If Both actions involve forcing someone to believe in something against their will, why is one thing right and one thing is wrong?”
    * * *
    As you demonstrate, this is the real core of every political agenda. The goal is always to be the one defining which is right and which is wrong.
    Thus we get florists and bakers and county clerks persecuted and prosecuted for following their conscience, but Manning and Yates and Comey et al. are lionized for following theirs.

  59. AesopFan Says:

    In re several comments strongly suggesting the bullying nature of the Left / transgenderists / etc.


    Michael Bonesteel says he resigned from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago after a “small cadre of militant LBGT students with an authoritarian agenda” created a “toxic environment” that led to him losing his health insurance.
    Bonesteel claims that several transgender students took issue with the materials he presented in class, as well as his lack of trigger warnings, and filed formal complaints against him for harassment.
    The school allegedly responded by cutting back his course-load to the point that he no longer qualified for health insurance benefits, and forced him to get rid of all controversial subject matter in his remaining courses.

  60. GRA Says:

    @ AesopFan: So the LGBT Gestapo makes one lose their jobs, their livelihood and their health insurance. It seems at the end of the rainbow there is an evil leprechaun.

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