July 28th, 2017

Priebus out

Kelly in.

Well, it never seemed as though the Trump/Priebus nuptials were a marriage made in heaven. And I never cared much for Preibus anyway.

When voters selected Trump as president, they should have expected turmoil and drama to accompany him wherever he went. That’s his style. And I doubt this is the end of it.

37 Responses to “Priebus out”

  1. Big Maq Says:

    What’s with trump and generals and wall streeters?

    Preibus had to know going in that his tenure would be short.

    Frankly, he ought to be relieved in a way, as this must be one of the most scattered, rudderless, and volatile admins in generations.

  2. Oldflyer Says:

    I have no idea what the relationship between Trump and Preibus started out to be; or whether Preibus had a prayer of satisfying him, let along getting control of the Sandbox on Pennsylvania Ave.

    I think Preibus did a superb job at the RNC. Apparently Trump thought so as well. Bottom line Preibus was asked to serve, and he did. I imagine that after his stint at RNC he had other options–including staying at RNC. He deserved a modicum of respect, even if he had to go.

    After the tone set by the despicable tirade by Scaramucci, which Trump is reported to have liked, it may be become hard to get good people to come on board. Moreover, this episode will not make it easier to keep high profile Cabinet Secretaries , for whom Trump has shown little public respect by trampling on their turf and blind sliding them with reckless abandon. Men like Tillerson or Mattis don’t need to put up with that, let alone the kind of treatment accorded Preibus by a little New York hedge fund manager.

    I hope that General Kelly can establish some order and decorum, starting with the biggest kid in that sandbox. He can start by having a good old USMC style heart to heart with Scaramucci.

  3. Ann Says:

    I hope that General Kelly can establish some order and decorum, starting with the biggest kid in that sandbox. He can start by having a good old USMC style heart to heart with Scaramucci.

    Not sure that will be possible if the present reporting arrangement holds — from the article Neo linked to:

    When Scaramucci was brought into the White House last week, he notably stated during a news conference that he reports directly to the president rather than the chief of staff.

  4. Ed Bonderenka Says:

    “He can start by having a good old USMC style heart to heart with Scaramucci.” Roger that.

    I’m relieved that Priebus resigned before being fired.
    He’s not a bad guy.

  5. Ed Bonderenka Says:

    “he notably stated during a news conference that he reports directly to the president rather than the chief of staff.”
    I doubt that stands. I hope not.

  6. Griffin Says:

    I find myself caring less and less about this behind the scenes stuff as time goes on. Who knows what the real story is and I don’t really care.

    More and more I just want this to be a do nothing presidency along the lines of Coolidge or Cleveland. If they continue to undo regulations and get some tax reforms passed I’ll consider it acceptable.

    In the end the most basic fact is he’s not Hillary Clinton and that will have to do.

  7. steve walsh Says:

    All this turmoil is entertaining but also disruptive to his agenda, such as it is.

  8. Liz Says:

    I think this is a good move and I hope that Kelly will establish a good routine. I have to wonder if this is also a move to get a stronger military experience and presence in the WH since we have NK, Iran and Russia flaring up.

    I called my senators today and got voice mail. I left long messages. When I called my Representative, I got through and talked a bit. I think the intern enjoyed that I told him to tell the Rep to go kick the Senators into action!

  9. Matt_SE Says:

    I hope this is the beginning of a resumption of hostilities between Trump and the GOPe. I further hope to see him campaigning against RINOs in 2018, but I don’t expect it.

  10. Geoffrey Britain Says:

    No way this is the end of it. Tillerson may be next.

    I don’t think Scaramucci and Kelly are going to get along. The command structure is inherently confused. In allowing Scaramucci to report directly to him, Trump is undermining Kelly’s authority as Chief of Staff. To a military man, chain of command is vital to maintaining good order and discipline. Qualities badly needed by this W.H. Eventually, one or the other is going to go.

    Scaramucci has to be on Bannon’s shit list too. If Trump fires Bannon, Trump’s core supporters are going to start to question their perceptions of Trump.

    I also can’t imagine Kushner getting along with Scaramucci either, which is going to alienate Ivanka from him too. And, Scaramucci’s foul mouth has to be offensive to Pence.

    All of these attacks appear to be bringing out the worst in Trump, which should hardly be a surprise. Trump dropped himself into a snake pit and it increasingly looks like he simply hasn’t the smarts, patience and self-discipline to rise to the occasion.

    Then there’s the Congressional GOPe’s disgust with Trump over Sessions and now Priebus. I expect passive/aggressive resistance to notably increase.

  11. Mike K Says:

    Interesting that someone describes Coolidge as “a do nothing president.” Would that we could have a few more. Activist presidents have essentially destroyed the country,

  12. Mike K Says:

    Trump dropped himself into a snake pit and it increasingly looks like he simply hasn’t the smarts, patience and self-discipline to rise to the occasion.

    Yeah, just fantastic luck. With that kind of luck we could all be billionaires, right ?

  13. Griffin Says:

    Mike K,

    Yep Coolidge was the best example of what a president was envisioned by the founders in my opinion. Grover Cleveland also fits this mold. The rise of the administrative state is by far the most damaging development of the last 100 years in American life. And it will be our ruination I fear.

  14. Geoffrey Britain Says:

    Mike K,

    I try not to discount Trump. He did beat the odds big time in winning the election. So I hope he pulls it together and proves my doubts wrong. That said, I see a lot of self-inflicted errors and I don’t see many reasons to think things are getting better. Perhaps behind the scenes, moves are being made that will eventuate in positive outcomes a bit further down the road.

    As, if Trump isn’t the nominee in 2020 or isn’t reelected, I see little hope for America going forward. I think it’s delusional to assume that the Left is finished.

  15. om Says:


    A bit early to be loosing all hope, again.

  16. Yancey Ward Says:

    It may simply be that they know who is leaking in the White House, and Priebus either didn’t do anything about it, or was one of the sources himself.

  17. huxley Says:

    I know it’s a current media trope and consequently suspect, but I do believe Trump’s administration is disorganized and chaotic, which goes right to the top, to Trump himself.

    Yet Trump is still better than Hillary — so far at least — and the rest of us can only pray it works out as well as it can.

  18. Mike K Says:

    I have been reading for months that Priebus was a leaker and he was the link between Ryan and Trump. If the healthcare repeal had worked, he would probably still be CoS but McCain’s ego could not stand to be a team player.

  19. Mike Says:

    Appoint, Reince, Repeat

  20. Dennis Says:

    Mike K. I seem to remember that Preibus was brought in to be the contact between the GOPe and the Trump agenda to help translate the new administration to the “professional” politicians. Perhaps he wasn’t effective in that or that job is done.
    One of the desires of the Founders was that the country would be run by “citizen politicians” who would come in to public service for a short time and then move on with their lives. It seems Trump comes close to that, and the lack of re-election controls and his distain for the arcane rules that control how things are done in Washington both irritate and scare the “Professionals”. After all, it wouldn’t do for the people to see just how easy governing can be if you’re of a practical bent and you really want to get things done. I didn’t vote for Trump but I’ll support him as long as he continues to deliver on his promises. Just exposing the mendacity, lies and greed of the Uniparty and how they’re willing to sell the country out for a little power is worth the price of admission to me.
    To me the biggest import of the Preibus dustup is who is going to replace Kelly.

  21. Geoffrey Britain Says:


    20 years before Rome fell, there were people just like you dismissing those who warned of the barbarian threat.

    In 1937-38, many Britons repeatedly accused Churchill of engaging in hyperbole in his warnings about Hitler.

    Google “normalcy bias”.

    We are much closer to America’s fall than you credit.

    Should Trump fail, in 2020 the LIVs will turn back to the democrats and ‘Rome’ will be lost.

    That won’t happen immediately of course and so you’ll be able to continue to dismiss the threat. Until the day comes when you awaken to discover that the threat was indeed real and has arrived and that it’s far too late to escape it.

    Clearly, you haven’t learned the lesson of the Jews herded into railroad cars on their last trip to the camps. They who refuse to see the writing on the wall are blind and, the blind who reject those who do see are doomed to fall into the ditch.

  22. Liz SoCal Says:

    I was greatly disappointed with the appointment of Piebus and Spicer and am glad they’re both gone. May this be a fresh start.

  23. om Says:


    You are reverting to your old form before the election; all is lost, ….. and only I see it coming.

    Now President Trump is making a hash of some things, but has done a few good things, and your theme is all is lost unless President Trump is re-elected. Sorry, but he hasn’t even got through the first year. It is premature to play Eeyore. But if you must don’t expect to be taken seriously.

    Loose the willful blindness BS. This isn’t Rome or Europe under the National Socialists.

  24. Ymar Sakar Says:

    NASA was de facto made out of Nazi scientists the US imported in. All the Apollo Greek divinity names jibes with the Nazi obsession with the swastika religious symbol, Hollow Earth, and Antarctica.

  25. Ymar Sakar Says:

    When voters selected Trump as president, they should have expected turmoil and drama to accompany him wherever he went. That’s his style.

    I expected all kinds of chaos in DC, which was actually much of Trum’s selling point to the Alt Right and survivalists.

    But that didn’t mean he was going to “win” anything, nor that he would be “alive to win”, nor that he would get anything done against the Deep State Resistance.

  26. Romey Says:

    If Chief of Staff is the gate keeper for the President, and then there are people who report directly to the President, Scaramucci a few of the kids and their spouses, and who knows how many others, Why bother? Seems our Commander in Chief likes chaos. Let’s hope it works out. Really doesn’t seem like it is so far.

  27. om Says:

    Robert H Goddard came before Wernher von Braun and the other Germans and wound up working for the west the others (Germans) were scooped up by the Soviets.Do you remember Sputnik? Too complicated.

  28. om Says:

    All those Nazi names for military rockets produced by the US (just a few from memory):
    Atlas, Jupiter, Thor (oops not GreeK), Nike Zeuss, Nike Hercules, Polaris, Poseidon, Trident. Funny, the names are from Greek mythology. Predates the German Natiional Socialists by a few thousand years. But who’s counting.

    And of course there were the non-military manned rocket programs of the USA: Mercury, Gemini, Apollo (including the Saturn V). They were not named for the heroes of Wagner’s operas for some reason. There must be a deep, deep, hidden secret to explain it. Nope, try public relations by NASA as a concept, they had to sell the program to the US public.

  29. om Says:

    Worry about LIV and President Trump’s reelection

    “Should Trump fail, in 2020 the LIVs will turn back to the democrats and ‘Rome’ will be lost.” (Geoffrey)

    or choose to be concerned about something real, a present threat?


    How to choose? Another deep dark mystery?

    Time to find another dead horse to beat.

  30. Ymar Sakar Says:

    Greek mythology has many connections to Lucifer by way of the Tower of Babel, Nimrod, and Egyptian occult.

    The Indians didn’t just make up all their gods by themselves.

    The unified flood account across 150-200+ different cultures, attests to evidence of a language shattering from around the Tower of Babel timeline.

    As for Greek names, Apollo is another version of Apollyon. The “sun” god is also found in Aztec blood rituals and various ancient Sumerian/Babylonian/Egyptian ones.

    If the Tower of Babel and the shattering of human language is fiction, then of course one culture’s sun god is merely coincidental to the development in parallel of another culture’s sun god. The connections disprove that theory, however.

    Tarterus is used about once in the Christian New Testament.

    As for the authority and trust people place in NASA, what they should realize is that NASA and the various telescopes in the US, are not allowed to point themselves at the moon to view the Apollo landing site. Why would they do that when it would be a good PR photo shoot and bring in lots of funding? Some of these telescopes aren’t even in orbit or ground based, they are affixed to 747s flying on the earth. It would be as simple as twitching the wings by 5 degrees.

    The moon only has one face to the Earth, thus there is no need to time the rotation sequence on the “dark side”. The updated telescopes have higher image resolution than Hubble, while affixed to a 747 in atmosphere. It would produce many popular images.

    The Norse, Greeks, Hebrews, Sumerians, Egyptians, Babylonians, and to a certain extent the Jade/Chinese/Korean/Japanese and the sub cont of India, share the same root history. It all links back to the Genesis six experiment.

  31. Jim Says:

    Geoffrey Britain, the reason Trump is this way is because he was Chairman of the Board in his own companies. And he is still Chairman of the Board as POTUS.

  32. Ymar Sakar Says:


    If I have to pay attention to human testimony, it will be the primary sources, rather than the telephone game used by moderns.

    That’s NASA for you. An entire circus ring of people who heard it from someone who heard it from someone down the line 1000 persons away. Once they get back to the original sources, the source code crashes however. Similar to switching from metric to US measurements or vice a versa.

    If it hadn’t been for the internet, none of these things would have been reviewed by the people. Certainly DC, Hollywood, and fake news wouldn’t have allowed anyone to review the original records and come to a judgment on them.

    Had future generations merely heard about Trum and HRC from the Alt Right or the fake news, they would never have gotten to decide for themselves what was really going on. The propaganda would have killed them first.

  33. Ymar Sakar Says:

    Just exposing the mendacity, lies and greed of the Uniparty and how they’re willing to sell the country out for a little power is worth the price of admission to me.


    Putting the former President of Gold Man Sachs as the Sec Treasury is America’s version of exposing mendacity, lies, and greed of the Uniparty?

    It’s more like the federal reserve is going to crash the US economy now that finally they got the anti Thesis Republicans into the White house again.

  34. Geoffrey Britain Says:


    That you don’t consider the Left to be a “real, a[nd] present threat” speaks volumes.

    As for a cyberattack yes that’s a concern. But consider this; a disastrous attack will provoke retaliation and nuclear subs are not subject to cyberattack. Which is why neither the Russians nor the Chinese will launch a full out attack.

  35. om Says:


    Check under your bed, there are monsters there and in your closet, too. “That speaks volumes,” all is lost if President Trump is not reelected! Consider that Trump may not be running in 2020, what then? Why wait, just give up now. Speak some additional volumes.

  36. Geoffrey Britain Says:

    You’re being silly, just ISIS, Iran’s Mullahs and N. Korea’s Kim alone prove that monsters are alive and well.

    Trump may indeed not be running in 2020. The problem would then be that no one on the right could garner the support from a profoundly disaffected right. So in 2020, the democrats would win back the WH. And we would then quickly return to our March toward the Collective. Not that we’ve completely stopped moving toward that objective.

    “Giving up” never entered my mind. While our society isn’t quite at the point of voting to “go to hell in a handbasket”, it is on the precipice of doing so. Rather than wait for the hammer to fall, the prudent individual looks to his own personal survival.

    Facing reality has throughout history been contemptuously dismissed by those in denial of any aspect of reality they lack the courage to face. Dismissing it as “fear of monsters under the bed” gives away that denial.

  37. om Says:


    You started with the left (in the US) those are the monster you fear and warn us about. There are bigger threats, some which you point out above.

    Next you concede that Trump may not be running the leap to the dire condition that no one else could beat any of the Democrats. Cheery thought.

    What reality are you living in? It seems a pretty dark and hopeless place. And of course you finish off with the usual blindness/unpreceptive slam.l

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