August 10th, 2017

In their eagerness to skewer Trump…

the New York Times goofs again. Their desperation has caused them to relax their already loose standards to the point where they ought to be overcome with embarrassment.

They are not.

7 Responses to “In their eagerness to skewer Trump…”

  1. T Says:

    “In his eagerness to skewer Bush . . . Dan Rather goofs again.”

    Those who do not learn from history . . . .

  2. huxley Says:

    Please stop making me defend Trump!

  3. Barry Meislin Says:

    “They are not.”

    Of course not.

    Doubling down has become an art form.

    Hypocrisy has become the ne plus ultra of moral rectitude.

    Contempt for anyone with a different view (“diversity”, heh) has become an ethical imperative.

    This is what the a huge swath of the Left has become.

    And “No Shame” is their credo.

  4. blert Says:

    You missed it.

    This ‘goof’ is a labor protest.

    The Times just laid off a TON of editors whose role was to polish rough drafts to make certain such a goof didn’t happen.

    You should expect to find repeated goofs in the near future… with their pals in the Bezos Post highlighting them.

    The union wants those job-slots back.

  5. Ymar Sakar Says:

    Attacking the Left has nothing to do with Defending the State. Else people wouldn’t have been able to do it years ago.

  6. Big Maq Says:

    Drain the Swamp!

    Drain the Swamp!

    Drain the…

    Aw crap, FOR GET it!

    On something that should have been rather “easy” to deal with.

  7. Sam L. Says:

    NYT is embarrassment-proof, because they ARE
    “THE NEW YORK TIMES”, and “Don’t You Forget It!!!111111!!!!!!”

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