September 9th, 2017

Florida waits…

…for Irma to strike.

There is virtually no doubt that there will be major property damage, particularly on the western coast of Florida. I hope that all who might be in major harm’s way in the personal sense have evacuated to safety rather than risk severe injury or death.

The storm is now considered Category 3, but it’s expected to rise again to 4 at some point when it hits Florida.

There has been widespread property devastation in some Caribbean islands (see the list at the link), but—at least so far—not so many deaths. I assume that can be attributed to modern forecasting.

These days, many storms are hyped to the skies that don’t end up being as bad as they say. There may be some elements of that with Irma, but I make no predictions and if I lived in the storm’s path I’d be heeding the evacuation warnings.

Stay safe, everybody.

9 Responses to “Florida waits…”

  1. blert Says:

    The freakish damage occurs around the eye of the hurricane.

    So the damage inflicted swings wildly based upon the exact track of the storm.

    Just ten-miles either way makes all the difference… not that being in a tropical storm is any blessing.

    In my Hawaii daze, the hurricane was headed straight for my house — in the AM.

    Then it bounced off and wiped out Kauai — with film of its assault folded into Jurassic Park. The cameras were bolted down, run by remote. The resort hotel was totalled.

    So, let’s cross our fingers.

    Irma may end up in Alabama, instead.

  2. parker Says:

    GB lives in Florida. I hope he is safe.

  3. blert Says:

    Parker, check this out:

    They won’t print it, but it’s pretty obvious that Pyongyang has ALREADY penetrated our power grid via cyber attack.

    As I previously posted, there is no chance of EMP.

    Kim is going to hack our power grid.

    1) Immensely cheaper.

    2) Results guaranteed.

    3) Deniable.

    So no American retaliation to speak of.

    I give you Sony and the Bank of Bangladesh.

    And these are just the fellas that have been publicly exposed.

    The tip of the iceberg.

    And, with autonomous cars, the VBIEDs will keep on coming.

    Congress = Idiots.

    Robotic trucking// cars is INSANE. It’s guaranteed to be hacked.

  4. parker Says:


    Exactly what does the above have to do with the safety of GB?

  5. mezzrow Says:

    The progression of forecasts has been favorable for us in Jax, but we never really rest until the storm passes. Neo, I have a friend from NH who has gone into “full Blizzard” mode with a few cans of B&M brown bread laid in as he hunkers down. We natives are all busy eating everything in our freezer that won’t grill.

    Keep an eye on Jose up there.

  6. huxley Says:

    Weirdly, all this talk about Irma makes me homesick for Florida.

    When my sister moived to New Mexico in the seventies, I asked her if she missed the beach. She said, “I pretend the beach is a few miles away but I don’t want to go just now.”

  7. NeoConScum Says:


    So far, so good, Neo. We’re in Winter Park(N. Orlando)and looks like our condo building came through the BLAST okay. The twin wing just 40-yards across from ours was badly damaged and our neighbors have been told to get-out and that it’s “condemned!!” Bad roof damage & ceilings caving with water. Bless them all. Curfew on until tonight. We had very brief power outages, but wings of the condo-complex on different grids than ours have been out since 8:00 last night.

    This lifelong So. California boy will take earthquakes over hurricanes anytime!! Just got news update that half of Winter Park has no power and 30+ streets have downed trees and are blocked.

    Nena and I are feeling very lucky and very blessed.

    (*Side Note: For 3-unprecedented days in a row, the Orlando Sentinel’s lead headlines aren’t about the Horrors of The Donald!!!*)

  8. neo-neocon Says:


    Glad you and yours are okay.

  9. AesopFan Says:

    This site was new to me, but they had a lot of interesting hurricane articles (including the obligatory obeisances to Climate Change, sadly). Most of them had great pictures, and this had some useful information.

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